Martial Peak

Chapter 726 - Didn’t You Die?

Chapter 726, Didn’t You Die?

It had been three years since Yang Kai parted ways with Shui Ling in Bold Independent City.

After learning that Yang Kai was Young Lord who the Little Princess had once spoken about, He Pu quickly dispensed with his previous careless attitude and immediately became enthusiastic and respectful.

He Pu was a smooth talker and spared no expense in praising Yang Kai as a talented, handsome young man with extraordinary strength.

After no longer being able to stand He Pu’s prattling, Yang Kai interrupted and asked, “I want to meet with your Sect’s Little Princess, can you take me to see her now?”

He Pu suddenly looked a little embarrassed, “Under normal circumstances, with the prior urging of the Little Princess and given the fact that brother has this token, this He Pu would have taken you to meet her right away, but… Little Princess apparently isn’t on her private island right now. Would Brother be willing to let me send some people to inquire about Little Princess’ current location before I lead you to see her?”

“Of course!” Yang Kai nodded; in any case, he had found Water Spirit Temple already, so long as he could meet with Shui Ling now, he could obtain news about Meng Wu Ya, Su Yan, and Old Demon. Since it was just a matter of time now, Yang Kai could not do anything but wait. “Then I’ll have to trouble you with this.”

“It’s no trouble at all! Brother should have a seat for now, I’ll be right back,” He Pu said hurriedly before stepping away and ordering someone to bring some refreshments and courteously entertain Yang Kai before bringing a group of people and hastily departing from Dark Clouds Island.

Dark Clouds Island was the natural barrier at the outskirts of Water Spirit Temple, a place where many goods and people flowed through, so it was quite lively.

Yang Kai waited for half a day before He Pu returned, a big smile upon his face as he laughed and said, “Brother, fortunately I did not fail my task. When I found and reported to her about brother’s arrival, Little Princess seemed quite anxious to see you as well and urged me to bring you to her right away, are you prepared to leave now?”

“En,” Yang Kai stood up and walked off with He Pu.

Usually, those who arrived or departed Water Spirit Temple via Dark Clouds Island had to take a boat, because once they left the ground and tried to fly, the Lightning Attribute Qi gathered in the clouds above the island would fall on them, but earlier today, all of this Lightning Qi had been absorbed by Yang Kai, so He Pu boldly and confidently led Yang Kai through the skies.

On the road, He Pu introduced Water Spirit Temple’s various features to Yang Kai.

In a several thousand kilometer radius, every island, large and small, all belonged to Water Spirit Temple. Many of these islands had rich World Energy and abundant spirit grasses and herbs, making them excellent environments for cultivation in.

Because there were so many islands spread out over such a large area, it was often quite troublesome to find a single individual.

As the Little Princess of Water Spirit Temple, it was natural for Shui Ling to have her own island. Her private residence was also one of the best in all of Water Spirit Temple, but today she was not on her own island but instead in a place called Cloud Wind Island.

The foundation of Water Spirit Temple was set on the sea, away from the mundane turmoil and the hustle and bustle of the mainland. This environment was pristine and filled with natural beauty, but there was one aspect that was a constant thorn in the side of Water Spirit Temple’s members.

That was the sea beasts that would, from time to time, invade and rampage across the islands.

The Monster Beasts of the sea were very different from the Monster Beasts on land. Aquatic Monster Beasts were generally large in size and proficient in the Water Attribute Qi manipulation, making them quite troublesome to deal with. If it was just some weaker Aquatic Monster Beasts causing trouble, the problem wasn’t difficult to solve, but when a powerful Monster Beast surfaced, even the elite cultivators of Water Spirit Temple would have to expend a lot of effort to repel or kill it.

At this moment, on Cloud Wind Island, Shui Ling was commanding a group of cultivators to fight off a sea beast the size of several houses.

The reefs around Cloud Wind Island had been smashed to pieces and great waves surged back and forth. The scene was extremely dangerous.

This Aquatic Monster Beast had eight long tentacles and was surprisingly nimble for its size. From its great mouth, it was constantly spitting out water arrows, each of which contained significant power.

Although there were a large number of masters under Shui Ling’s command, this sea beast’s vitality was extremely strong and it could not be defeated in a single blow so it was impossible to drive it away in short order.

When she received He Pu’s report a moment ago, Shui Ling could hardly believe her ears and her thoughts immediately became somewhat chaotic, impeding the smoothness with which she issued her commands. This cause her scattered subordinates to fall into a dangerous state, some of them nearly losing their lives as a result.

“Liu Zhuo, you take command!” Shui Ling’s heart was in a mess, how could she possible calmly direct this Monster Beast subjugation? Her beautiful eyes filled with a look of pleasant surprise and anticipation, although she remained in place, she all but stood on her tip toes as she scanned the distant skies, seemingly searching for someone.

The cultivator named Liu Zhuo’s heard Shui Ling’s order and quickly nodded, swiftly assuming command and re-establishing order amongst the faltering troop, quickly calming the chaotic battlefield.

Quietly glancing over, Liu Zhuo found that his Little Princess’ mood seemed to be fluctuating quite a bit and appeared quite happy, prompting him to ask, “Young Lady, what kind of person is the one He Pu just mentioned? Why does Young Lady seem so concerned with him?”

“He’s a friend!” In Shui Ling’s mind, Yang Kai’a appearance surfaced, but upon remembering all the rude behaviour he had shown her back in the Central Capital, she couldn’t help grinding her teeth and spitting, “A very hateful friend.”

Liu Zhuo was stunned, if he was a friend, why was he also hateful? Shaking his head, he wasn’t able to understand what the Little Princess was thinking.

However, as the Little Princess’ retainer, he knew it wasn’t his place to pry into her private affairs so he simply let the matter drop. In truth, he was somewhat curious about this person. He had been serving the Little Princess for a few years now but had never seen her show such a wide range of expressions before.

About half an hour later, two small black spots appeared on the horizon. Noticing this, Shui Ling trembled slightly and quickly looked over only to see He Pu leading someone towards her direction.

As the distance shrank, Shui Ling finally saw the person’s appearance.

Her heart clenching up, Shui Ling’s clear eyes quickly became somewhat watery.

His appearance hadn’t changed much since a few years ago, only seeming a bit more robust and mature.

Still up in the air, Yang Kai spotted Shui Ling and suddenly increased his speed, leaving He Pu behind and in the blink of an eye arriving in front of Shui Ling.

“Beautiful woman, it’s been some time since we last met,” Yang Kai gave a snarky greeting with a friendly smile upon his face.

Shui Ling could be considered as one of his few friends.

“You bastard!” Shui Ling ground her teeth as she stared at Yang Kai menacingly, rushing over in the next instant and punching and kicking him.

Liu Zhuo, who was still commanding the beast subjugation, and He Pu, who had just caught up, were both stunned by this scene.

How could they not be stunned seeing their aloof Little Princess openly flirt with a young man?

“What?” Yang Kai did not evade, letting her get in a few good hits before asking in confusion.

“Didn’t you die? How are you still alive?”

“Who said I died?” Yang Kai asked back angrily.

“That beauty from Bold Independent Union told me,” Shui Ling said in a huff, “Last time, when I went to Bold Independent Union to find her, she told me you had been abducted. Since then there had been no news from you so she said you were probably dead!”

With so many others around, Shui Ling didn’t openly say anything about the Coffin Carrying Man, obviously afraid of causing Yang Kai trouble.

“Oh, that did happen,” Yang Kai nodded, not making any attempt to deny it.

“How did you escape?” Shui Ling was shocked.

“My luck was good, he just let me go,” Yang Kai replied thoughtlessly.

“Haa… Good people really don’t live long while scourges lasts a thousand years,” Shui Ling sighed forlornly, “When that beauty told me about you, she was crying almost inconsolably; did something happen between the two of you? Or else, why would she be sad that you died? When I left, your relationship wasn’t so good, quickly tell me what all of that was about, don’t tell me, to her, you actually… em?”

Seeing Yang Kai rise from the grave, Shui Ling was particularly happy and without any pause began bombarding him with various questions.

“You little girl, why are you asking so many questions all of a sudden?” Yang Kai stared at her somewhat dumbfounded.

“Fair enough, I already know the answer anyways,” Shui Ling spat disdainfully, “You shameless bastard, wherever you go you are surrounded by women, I really shouldn’t have let her approach you back then, I really harmed her!”

“It was an accident, just an accident,” Yang Kai said awkwardly. At that time, under the influence of the Charm Monster’s Spiritual Energy toxin, he really had been helpless.

“Hmph, who would believe you?” Shui Ling snorted, suddenly wearing a solemn expression as she sincerely said, “In any case, you being alive will definitely make many people happy.”

“Are you also happy I’m alive?” Yang Kai asked, a sly look appearing on his face.

“I’m looking forward to you dying sooner!” Shui Ling pouted, her face blushing slightly.

Seeing this scene, He Pu and Liu Zhuo only became more and more surprised. From this brief interaction, it was obvious to them that the relationship between their Little Princess and this young man was not shallow. What kind of origins did this youth have that caused their Little Princess to lose all trace of her usual etiquette? It was really mysterious.

“It’s quite lively here,” Yang Kai glanced around and this sea-side region was occupied by a group of cultivators fighting against a giant Monster Beast. These cultivators weren’t weak, with a Transcendent master in command and the rest having at least reached the Immortal Ascension Boundary, but the Monster Beast they were fighting seemed to be a Seventh-Order one and was perfectly suited to fighting in the water, it’s eight long tentacles possessing incredible strength and lethality, able to summon waves and split the seas.

The group of cultivator had inflicted many large and small wounds on this Aquatic Monster Beat, but they had been unable to kill it. Blue blood flowed from wounds that were opened on its skin but after its flesh squirmed a bit, its injuries would be healed.

Yang Kai only observed for a moment before determining that this Monster Beast could not be killed by this group.

Its vitality was simply too tenacious.

“En, this bastard seems to be eyeing the spirit grasses on Cloud Wind Island and has already stolen quite a few,” Shui Ling said in a somewhat annoyed tone as she glared angrily at the Monster Beast.

“Young Lady, I’m afraid we’ll need reinforcements if we want to drive it off,” Liu Zhuo also saw that the situation was not good and quickly advised.

Shui Ling nodded in agreement.

“Why don’t you go up?” Yang Kai turned to look at Liu Zhuo blankly. This person was a First Order Transcendent, if he joined the subjugation, their group should be able to kill this sea beast, but it seemed as though he had no intention of doing so and was only standing back and issuing commands.

Liu Zhuo glanced over at Yang Kai and coldly snorted, “If I go up, who will protect the Young Lady’s safety?”

Yang Kai was stunned by this comment and no longer said anything.

It seemed like Shui Ling had yet to break through to the Transcendent Realm and was still just a Peak Immortal Ascension Boundary cultivator. In other words, her cultivation was the same as when she had separated from Yang Kai. After three years, she had still not broken through this barrier, it could be seen from this how difficult taking that single step was.

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