Martial Peak

Chapter 712 - So it’s Him

Chapter 712, So it’s Him

Under the protection of Cang Yan and the others, Yang Kai was able to safely rush into the chaotic battlefield.

A team with four Third Order Transcendents was still a very powerful force in this situation and everyone in their surroundings seemed to realize Cang Yan and the others weren’t easy to deal with, so most tried to avoid provoking them for no reason.

Screams rang out one after another. In this kind of large-scale melee, naturally there were injuries and deaths; blood and broken limbs were scattered about miserably.

The distance of several dozen kilometers to the mountain’s base was crossed by Yang Kai’s group in less than half the time it would take to burn a stick of incense.

When they arrived here, Yang Kai and the others paused and watched as others continued rushing towards Ascending Heaven Cliff.

Cang Yan turned around and asked in a deep voice, “Little Martial Nephew, is that person who agreed to collaborate with you not here?”

“Not yet,” Yang Kai shook his head as he could not spot Di Yao.

“Should we continue heading up?” Li Wan asked slightly anxiously.

“Let’s wait a moment,” Cang Yan’s brow wrinkled, “If Little Martial Nephew’s inference is not wrong, then that boy must know some secrets that others don’t. If we act together with him, it will definitely be to our advantage.”

The first ones to rush up the mountain would not necessarily be the ones to laugh in the end, the mountain had plenty of potential dangers so whether they could reach the summit of Ascending Heaven Cliff was still unknown.

Standing in the same place and waiting quietly, Yang Kai and his group saw some other teams consisting of two or three masters excitedly rush up the mountain from time to time.

After the time it would take to boil a cup of tea, Di Yao’s voice suddenly called out, “Brother Yang!”

“Over here!” Yang Kai quickly waved his hand as he turned around and saw the lineup the other side had brought, his eyes immediately flashing brilliantly.

He discovered at this moment that he had still been underestimating Di Yao’s ability as a whole seven masters were accompanying him.

Six of these masters belonged to the Three Clans and each of them was either a Second or Third Order Transcendent while the last one was somewhat a mystery; Yang Kai couldn’t spy on his cultivation and the other party’s face was also concealed by a cloak. It seemed this individual was not willing to expose his true face.

However, from the small bit of skin he exposed, it was easy to tell that this person was an old man.

After staring at this old man for a moment, Yang Kai’s expression changed as he faintly guessed something, but he did not take the initiative to ask.

The masters from the City Lord’s Mansion and the four Soaring Heaven Sect Protectors stared at each other, both sides seem quite satisfied with the other’s strength, suddenly wearing happy expression as they felt the opposite party would not drag them down.

“This event is of great importance, so I hope everyone here can cooperate sincerely to insure we are all satisfied in the end. I want to remain friends with Brother Yang when this is all over after all,” Di Yao said with a smile.

The six masters he brought all nodded firmly, “Young Master Di can rest assured.”

Cang Yan also nodded, “Little brother is too polite, but despite that, I must take this opportunity to confirm, the Thousand Year Demon Flower’s medicinal liquid, do you truly not need it?”

“Indeed, I have already explained this to Brother Yang,” Di Yao confirmed.

“Good, then there should not be any issues,” Cang Yan said in a satisfied tone, “Since that is settled, let’s go.”

“There’s no rush,” Di Yao smiled and shook his head, “Wait a moment, it’s not time yet.”

“Wait a moment?” Cang Yan’s brow wrinkled, although he also knew that this kind of opportunity could not be obtained simply by rushing forward, now that the Heavenly Manifestation had emerged, it was certain the Thousand Year Demon Flower was about to bloom, with so many people rushing forward, if they were to delay too long, forget about eating meat, there wouldn’t even be soup left for them to drink.

“It’s still too early, all of this is just a precursor to the Heavenly Manifestation. When the real Heavenly Manifestation emerges, it won’t be too late for us to go up,” Di Yao didn’t explain too much as he replied with a relaxed look, not showing any signs of tension at all.

Cang Yan and the others were puzzled and couldn’t help but ask, “Little brother, it’s not that we don’t believe you, but we’re somewhat curious, how much do you know about the Thousand Year Demon Flower?”

“En, well, more than any of you at least, heh heh,” Di Yao grinned confidently.

As they were talking, Yang Kai couldn’t help glancing suspiciously over at the old man who had covered his face with a cloak. He instinctually thought this person was Di Yao’s mysterious Master!

Di Yao knowing so much about the Thousand Year Demon Flower was definitely because of this old man.

The old man also seemed to be aware of Yang Kai’s gaze and the corners of his mouth slightly rose as he said, “Is this little brother the one who won the final victory in the Alchemy contest the other day?”

Yang Kai nodded lightly.

“En, the younger generation is filled with talent,” The old man commended lightly.

Cang Yan and the others also glanced over at this old man suspiciously, somewhat unable to understand what this person’s background or status was that allowed him to have such a big tone.

“Yang Kai!” Suddenly, a sweet sounding voice called out. Yang Kai turned around to state at the source and sure enough, he saw Mi Na and Old Man Du both approaching. Before they had even arrived, the little girl was exchanging enthusiastic greetings.

But when they arrived in front of one another, Yang Kai couldn’t help staring at her solemnly and asking, “How come you’re here?”

Old Man Du let out a helpless sigh and explained, “This little girl really can’t sit still and insisted on coming to take a look at the excitement, so this old master had no choice but to come with her.”

“You’re deliberately causing trouble!” Yang Kai reproved her seriously.

Mi Na couldn’t help spitting out her tongue and replying coyly, “I just came to watch, I won’t be going up so there shouldn’t be any danger.”

“All the same, be extra careful,” Yang Kai sighed.

Mi Na glanced all around and smiled happily as she commented, “If you don’t go up, you’ll probably not be able to obtain a spot.”

“We’re waiting,” Yang Kai replied casually.

“Waiting for what?”

“For when the real Heavenly Manifestation appears.”

“The real Heavenly Manifestation?” Du Wan also wore a blank expression, even he knew very little about the Thousand Year Demon Flower. But after mulling over these words, his eyes suddenly stared at the old man in the cloak pensively and after hesitating for a moment, he nervously asked, “May I ask your Excellency’s honoured name?”

His tone of voice clearly conveyed a sense of tension.

Yang Kai’s eyes also couldn’t help but flash.

“Ho ho, the name of this old master is not worth mentioning,” The old man said with a chuckle.

Du Wan’s body shook as if he had been struck by lightning, his eyes going wide as he stared at this old man incredulously as he muttered, “You… you are…”

“Shh…” Di Yao quickly raised his finger to his mouth.

Du Wan, however, was too excited, as if he was a devout believer who had met his spiritual leader, in the next instant bowing deeply as he shouted, “Disciple Du Wan, humbly greets Grandmaster!”

Yang Kai, Cang Yan, and everyone else all froze on the spot, completely dumbstruck.

Du Wan was the head manager of the Grand Boulder City’s Alchemist Guild branch, a figure famous throughout the entire realm. Saint Grade Alchemists were incredibly rare, so someone of Du Wan’s status would be regarded as an honoured guest wherever he went, others would treat him with reverence and respect but now, this famous Saint Grade Alchemist, had actually not hesitated to bow down before this old man and even claimed to be his disciple.

This was all simply too shocking.

Everyone was stunned silent, even the six Transcendent Realm masters that Di Yao brought with him were completely ignorant, they had only been ordered to come here and didn’t know much about Di Yao or the identity of this old man.

The old man suddenly smiled wryly, “There’s no need for you to do this, haven’t you seen this old master hiding his face so as to avoid attracting too much attention?”

As if he had awoken from a dream, Du Wan stood up straight, sweat pouring down his forehead as he harshly blamed himself, “Disciple has been negligent in his conduct and hopes Grandmaster will not take offence.”

“It’s fine,” The old man waved his hand lightly and chuckled, “How did you recognize me?”

“Does Grandmaster not remember?” Du Wan said with excitement, “When disciple was young, he had received some guidance from Grandmaster, and although it was only a short ten days, disciple has always remembered Grandmaster’s teachings and voice.”

“So that’s how it is,” The old man gently nodded.

Cang Yan’s face also suddenly changed as he cried out in a voice much higher pitched than normal, “So it’s him!”

Listening to Du Wan’s words, Cang Yan immediately guessed who this venerated old man really was, he also understands why Ao Gu had to take such good care of Di Yao, even sending six Transcendent Realm masters to escort him to Ascending Heaven Cliff.

It turns out Di Yao’s Master was a true top-tier character!

Only such a person could teach a disciple like Di Yao. At this moment, Cang Yan understood everything.

“Who is he?” Fei Yu whispered as Li Wan and Fei Jian also looked at him curiously.

Cang Yan glanced over at the old man and saw that he didn’t intend on stopping him so he moved his lips silently.

Understanding these silent words, Fei Yu, Li Wan, and Fei Jian were all dumbstruck once more.

Yang Kai also read Cang Yan’s lips and couldn’t help feeling shocked.

Old Man Of Heaven’s Keep!

The Grandmaster Alchemist who had earned the respect of Human, Demon, and Monster Race alike, and, like Yang Kai, a possessor of a Conflagrated Knowledge Sea.

Cang Yan recognized his identity because Du Wan had once mentioned to him a long time ago he had studied under the Old Man Of Heaven’s Keep for ten days when he had begun his Alchemy career.

When Du Wan mentioned this just now, Cang Yan had naturally pieced things together.

Cang Yan couldn’t help feeling excited, in fact, everyone here was so.

After all, the legendary Old Man Of Heaven’s Keep was in front of him. Cang Yan and the others unconsciously converged their strength and momentum and became respectful, their eyes filling with a look of worship.

Yang Kai also secretly examined this legendary figure, his mood somewhat turbulent.

There were very few people with the Conflagrated Knowledge Seas, and even fewer of those were high level Alchemist. In this world, it was likely that he and the Grandmaster in front of him were such cases.

This commonality made Yang Kai want to hear from this old man about the secrets of the Conflagrated Knowledge Sea.

Yang Kai’s current use of his Conflagrated Knowledge Sea was still somewhat rough, but this Grandmaster was different. The latter had lived for countless years and whether it was in terms of experience or knowledge he had countless times more than Yang Kai. If Yang Kai would gain a massive amount of benefits if he could discuss this with him.

However, Yang Kai was still somewhat uncertain about whether he should disclose the secret of his Conflagrated Knowledge Sea.

While he was debating this idea in his head though, the Old Man Of Heaven’s Keep suddenly laughed, “Since you have all recognized me, this old master won’t bother with these cheap tricks.”

Saying so, he lifted the hood from his cloak and revealed his face.

“Grandmaster, disciple has long wished to see Grandmaster again, to listen to Grandmaster’s teachings face to face, and now, finally…” Du Wan was so excited that he was actually sobbing between his words.

“When this matter comes to an end, we will have some time to talk. You having your current achievements greatly pleases this old master. This old master taught you for only ten days, and you being able to reach this step is all thanks to your own skill and efforts,” The Old Man Of Heaven’s Keep said lightly.

Du Wan was extremely flattered and continuously thanked him.

“Don’t call me Grandmaster, if people were to hear it things would only become more complicated. En, this old master’s real name is Li Rui, you call me Old Man Li.”

“Yes,” Du Wan respectfully responded.

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