Martial Peak

Chapter 697 - Really Bad Luck

Chapter 697, Really Bad Luck

Soaring Heaven Sect and Old Man Du were both quite good to Yang Kai, but if they knew he had a relationship with the Ancient Demon Clan, they would most likely try to convince him to betray if not exterminate them!

Yang Kai didn’t wish to see such a scene.

During his stay in Demon God Citadel, Yang Kai had received much care from Li Rong and Han Fei and he felt that the Ancient Demon Clan was worth his trust and respect.

After their chat, everyone rested.

Late that night, as their dying campfire was providing only some scattered light in the wilderness.

Mi Na snuck over to Yang Kai’s tent and woke him from his meditation. Yang Kai slowly opened his eyes and looked at her suspiciously.

“Follow me,” Mi Na whispered before walking off towards the dark forest nearby.

Yang Kai got up and followed her.

A thousand meters or so out, beneath a big tree, Mi Na sat down, her back to the trunk, patting the spot next to her, signaling Yang Kai to also sit down.

“What’s the matter?” Yang Kai asked curiously.

“Nothing much, I just wanted to chat with you. If we talk over there we’ll disturb them,” Mi Na smiled and said.

“What do you want to talk about?” Yang Kai plucked up a long stalk of grass and rolled it about his fingertips casually.

“Nothing in particular,” Mi Na stretched out her arms and legs, assuming a relaxed posture before she turned and asked, “Who did you learn Alchemy from? Why is it that you’re even younger than me yet already a Spirit Grade Top-Rank Alchemist?”

“If I told you that I learned everything through self-study, would you believe me?” Yang Kai smiled faintly.

Mi Na snickered lightly, apparently not believing his explanation.

“Then I can’t help you,” Yang Kai shrugged his shoulders.

“Old Man Du said that the master who taught you must be a top-level Alchemist, one much more skilled than even he is.”

“Fair enough.” Yang Kai nodded lightly.

Yang Kai’s True Alchemic Way was something left behind by the Great Demon God. It could be said that Alchemy really was something he had learned through self-study, but it was also fair to say he had inherited his knowledge from the Great Demon God.

“Regarding that person, Old Man Du very much wants to meet him,” Mi Na said hurriedly after hearing Yang Kai’s words, “But Old Man Du also understands that such masters don’t show themselves easily, much less provide guidance to outsiders.”

“Heh heh…” Yang Kai chuckled. Old Man Du wanting to see this imagined masters of his was understandable to Yang Kai, most likely the former’s Alchemy skills had reached a bottleneck. As such, he wanted to receive some pointers from a higher ranked master in hopes that it would spark some kind of epiphany which would allow him to break through his current bottleneck.

Old Man Du’s trip to Floating Clouds City this time probably also had such a purpose; after all, there would be a great many powerful Alchemists gathered there.

“If there is an opportunity, can you introduce Old Man Du to your master?” Mi Na turned towards Yang Kai and asked sincerely.

Yang Kai fell silent and did not speak for quite some time.

This request, he really had no way to fulfill it.

“Is it not possible?” Mi Na saw him fall silent and subconsciously thought her request was a bit too excessive, becoming confused as to what to do now.

“En, the person who taught me Alchemy, is already dead.”

“Ah…” Mi Na covered her small mouth and quickly apologized, “I’m sorry, I didn’t know.”

“It’s alright…” Yang Kai shook his head.

At that moment, the pair’s faces both changed dramatically as they focused their attention on a spot in the night sky. A mass of Spiritual Energy that radiated a thick malicious intent was rapidly approaching them and in the blink of an eye arrived in front of Yang Kai and Mi Na.

Facing this critical situation, Mi Na hurriedly summoned a number of artifacts to protect herself.

Her combat experience was incredibly thin, but her response was still quite fast. Although she was in something of a panic, she still managed to fully protect herself in an instant.

Yang Kai glanced over at her frantic behaviour strangely before turning his gaze back towards the void, his eyes gradually becoming cold.

He felt that this mass of Spiritual Energy was a bit strange and seemed to be different from a Divine Sense attack one would normally release.

As he thought about it though, this mass of Spiritual Energy actually swept past Yang Kai and Mi Na and in the next moment rushed into Yang Kai’s Knowledge Sea and disappeared.

”Yang Kai!” Mi Na’s beautiful face paled as she called out in shock.

Yang Kai’s pupils became blurry as he sat in place, not moving.

*Shua Shua Shua…*

Attracted by the burst of noise, Cang Yan quickly rushed over and asked worriedly, “What happened?”

Just a moment ago, he also felt a burst of Spiritual Energy an immediately rushed over after hearing Mi Na’s cry, but upon arriving he found nothing.

Mi Na was badly frightened and quickly said what had happened.

“Seizing a body?” Li Wan’s face changed, suddenly becoming aware of the truth of the matter.

Obviously a master had suffered a mortal wound somewhere nearby and then abandoned his body. That master’s unbound Soul must have coincidentally come across Yang Kai and was now attempting to take over the latter’s body for his own use.

“Seizing one’s body, is it…” Fei Yu pursed her lips and giggled, “In that case there’s nothing to worry about.”

Cang Yan also relaxed and nodded lightly.

Li Wan and Fei Jian both just snickered.

“You… how come none of you seem worried at all?” Mi Na was so anxious she could barely keep herself from crying; she too understood this was a case of body seizing and what the consequences of this could be. If things went poorly, Yang Kai’s very Soul may be destroyed.

However, the four masters from Soaring Heaven Sect not only didn’t seem worried, they were even grinning mockingly, like they were taking pleasure in someone else’s misfortune, which greatly confused Mi Na.

Old Man Du smiled faintly and comforted, “Mi Na! Just be patient.”

“But Old Man Du, they…” Mi Na stamped her foot angrily.

“Little friend Yang’s body won’t be seized, did you forget about his special trait?” Old Man Du said meaningfully as he lightly tapped his head.

Mi Na thought about it for a moment before suddenly understanding, “That’s right, this bastard’s Knowledge Sea is…”

Old Man Du nodded slightly, “As long as it wasn’t a Saint Realm master’s Soul, little friend Yang will be able to easily handle it, all we have to do is wait.”

“This poor guy really has bad luck, of all the people he could choose, he just had to pick little Martial Nephew. If it was me, I would have chosen this tender, soft skinned little girl instead,” Li Wan smiled dreadfully.

Mi Na glanced at him and snorted angrily, “So old yet so rude!”

“Hey, I’m still very young!” Li Wan immediately became disgruntled.

Inside his Knowledge Sea, Yang Kai’s Soul avatar’s mouth curled into a thin smile as he stared at the Soul that had become trapped and helpless the moment it invaded.

This guy had wanted to devour Yang Kai’s Soul and seize his body, but the instant he broke into this scalding how Knowledge Sea, he realized something was wrong.

It was as if he just stepped out of purgatory straight into the depths of hell!

All around him was a burning sea of ​​fire. The scorching aura made him scream out in pain as his Soul was slowly roasted, it was a type of suffering he had never even dreamed possible before now.

“If you don’t want to die, show yourself right now,” Yang Kai said indifferently.

The mass of Spiritual Energy shook slightly and soon a clear Soul avatar appeared in front of Yang Kai, it’s face twisted in agony as it grit its teeth and stared at Yang Kai in fear and terror.

This person seemed to be fifty or sixty years old, but his Soul strength was only at the level of a Second Order Transcendent. In other words, when he was alive, he should have been quite a powerful master.

“You have really bad luck,” Yang Kai shook his head and snickered sarcastically.

Perceiving Yang Kai’s hostility, the man endured his pain and let out an awkward laugh, “Little brother, this is all a misunderstanding; it’s not at all what you think.”

“Oh really?” Yang Kai grinned, his Knowledge Sea becoming more turbulent as the intensity of the flames increased.

“Please allow me to explain,” The man screamed.

Yang Kai turned a deaf ear to his pleas though, since this person wanted to seize his body, naturally Yang Kai had no reason to be polite.

Inside his Knowledge Sea, Yang Kai’s Conflagrated Knowledge Sea rushed towards the invader’s Soul, wanting to incinerate it in one fell swoop.

“Wait, wait, if you let me live, I can tell you a secret.”

“Not interested,” Yang Kai shook his head, his expression as cold and ruthless as ever.

“It’s related to your safety!” The man shouted desperately.

Yang Kai’s eyes narrowed slightly, calming his turbulent Knowledge Sea somewhat as he stared at this person’s Soul avatar deeply, a moment later saying, “If you’re just stalling for time, or if you lying to me, I won’t just kill you, I’ll let you suffer a fate worse than death.”

“I wouldn’t dare!” Seeing that Yang Kai did not immediately try to kill him, the man couldn’t help calming down slightly, quickly continuing, “Are you also going to Floating Clouds City?”

“What of it?”

“If so, you’d better go turn around right now, there’s a large group of masters up ahead who are hunting those traveling to Floating Clouds City. Several groups have already been wiped out by them, including my own. We were all on our way to Floating Clouds City, but now all of us dead, only my Soul managed to escape…”

“How many people do they have?”

“A dozen or so, and a number of them are Third Order Transcendents, moreover each one of them is extremely brutal and vicious.”

“Not a small number,” Yang Kai muttered to himself.

“It’s like that, so… little brother, you see… I told you the truth, can you…” The man pleaded miserably but in the depths of his eyes there was still a smoldering vigilance; if Yang Kai still decided to attack him, he would immediately go all out and try to drag him down with him.

This kind of threatening gaze was normally enough to scare most people off, and he believed that Yang Kai, whose realm was much lower than his own, would certainly not make things difficult for him.

Yang Kai however just showed a faint smile and stared at him.

The man’s heart suddenly jumped and he was about to launch a last desperate struggle when suddenly, a burst of golden light struck him.

In an instant, this person’s Soul was completely purified.

After absorbing the energy from this Soul remnant, Yang Kai slowly opened his eyes.

Glancing around, Yang Kai noticed that everyone in his group was currently staring at him curiously.

“It’s him alright,” Li Wan slapped his thigh and laughed, “That guy really has bad luck.”

“Are you alright?” Fei Yu asked kindly.

“I’m fine, but it seems we have a small problem,” Yang Kai shook his head and told them about the information he had just acquired.

“A dozen?” Cang Yan raised his brow, “There certainly are a lot of them.”

“En, if you didn’t accidentally obtain this information, we would have walked right into their trap. That might have been a little troublesome,” Fei Yu nodded lightly.

“So, do we take a detour?” Mi Na asked faintly.

“Why should we make a detour?” Li Wan grinned menacingly.

“Ah… Then how are we supposed to get passed them?”

“Let’s rest up first and then continue on our way. If they don’t come to provoke us, we won’t bother with them, but if they dare attack…” Cang Yan’s aura suddenly changed, his eyes becoming sharp like a sword, his whole body radiating an ice cold killing intent.

He knew no fear!

He was even quite looking forward to it!

Li Wan and Fei Jian were the same, and even Fei Yu, who was a woman, was no exception.

Yang Kai’s eyes flashed as he secretly thought that his four Marital Seniors from Soaring Heaven Sect were really a group of fighting madmen.

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