Martial Peak

Chapter 692 - Ancestral Founder?

Chapter 692, Ancestral Founder?

Soaring Heaven Sect, inside a secluded room.

Cang Yan stood respectfully and reported to his Martial Ancestor about the things that happened after he had found Yang Kai.

After hearing that Yang Kai killed Duan Hai and Xu Qi right before Xia Cheng Yin’s eyes, Soaring Heaven Sect’s Martial Ancestor’s eyes couldn’t help shining, revealing a deep smile.

Later, when Cang Yan reported to his Martial Ancestor about what transpired inside the ancient cave mansion, the latter couldn’t help asking in surprise, “He has a Conflagrated Knowledge Sea?”

Cang Yan’s brow rose slightly as he asked, “Martial ancestor didn’t know?”

“En, I didn’t,” The old man slowly shook his head, “My intuition simply told me that this matter could be resolved by him, so I sent Fei Yu out just as you were returning.”

“Has Martial Ancestor really never met that kid before?”

“En, I’ve never met him, but… he has some connections to this old master!”

Cang Yan looked confused as he apparently couldn’t understand what kind of connection there could be between Yang Kai and his Martial Ancestor.

“Good, besides the two of us, Du Wan, and Xia Cheng Yin, is there anyone else who knows about him having a Conflagrated Knowledge Sea?” Soaring Heaven Sect’s Martial Ancestor asked lightly.

Cang Yan’s expression became solemn as he nodded sternly, “Yes, a little girl from the Alchemist Guild knows and on the way back, Fei Yu also saw it.”

“I understand, you’re dismissed.”

“Disciple will now take his leave!” Cang Yan stepped back, turned around, and left. Once outside the secluded room, Cang Yan unconsciously turned his gaze towards the direction of Bright Thunder Spirit Religion and a cold; callus grin slowly crept onto his face.


Yang Kai stayed in Soaring Heaven Sect for two days. During that time, only Fei Yu came to see him once. As for Cang Yan, Yang Kai had no idea where he had gone, and obviously, no one else came up and called out to him.

Fei Yu had actually delivered him a bottle of Thousand Safflower Wine, saying that it was a thank you gift for his help back in the ancient cave mansion.

This beautiful woman was somewhat unconventional. When she came to see Yang Kai, she was clearly drunk, her face and long slender neck dyed an intoxicated shade of red, giving her a particularly tempting glow.

“Don’t drink too much at once. With your small build, you won’t be able to handle it,” Fei Yu smiled as she put down the bottle of Thousand Safflower Wine before disappearing somewhere.

Yang Kai couldn’t help but smile; he didn’t even have the opportunity to ask her anything about the current situation and could only put the bottle of Thousand Safflower Wine into his Black Book space before continuing to walk around his courtyard slowly.

From a bystander’s perspective, he was just pacing around freely, his speed neither fast nor slow; however, if one looked closely, his muscles were all fully tensed, as if his body was bearing some kind of tremendous pressure.

But what was even stranger was that wherever he stepped, he left no traces behind, everything seemed completely ordinary.

Three days later, Cang Yan suddenly appeared beckoned towards Yang Kai, “Martial Ancestor wants to see you.”

Yang Kai smiled happily and quickly walked over.

He had too many questions he wanted to ask, and he also wanted to know what kind of person Soaring Heaven Sect’s Martial Ancestor was.

Before they had gone very far though, Cang Yan stared at him strangely and asked, “Are you nervous?”

“No,” Yang Kai shook his head.

“Then why is your True Qi always surging? And your physique seems to be drawn taut… no wait…” Cang Yan’s expression suddenly changed as he stared at Yang Kai deeply and inquired, “Did Fei Yu give you her Primordial Shackles?”

“So these things are called Primordial Shackles?”

Cang Yan nodded lightly, “The more True Qi you pour into them, the heavier they become, how much weight are you currently carrying?”

“Somewhere between four and five thousand kilograms.”

“Kid, you’re really a strange one,” Cang Yan was shocked, “Have you also practiced body cultivation?”

“En, I have.”

The Unyielding Golden Skeleton’s Tempered Body Record was a Secret Art dedicated to the development of physical strength so now even though he was carrying an additional four or five thousand kilograms, Yang Kai could still move about unhindered. Besides feeling a little unnatural, even if he was walking around casually, he wouldn’t leave any kind of noticeable imprints on the ground.

Cang Yan silently expressed his admiration, he had also tried out Fei Yu’s Primordial Shackles before and understood them well. When he thought about when he was at Yang Kai’s cultivation realm, he couldn’t help thinking he wouldn’t be able to perform as well having to carry so much additional weight.

[But Yang Kai is an Alchemist. Why was his physical strength so intrepid?] Cang Yan thought.

Alchemist are normally immersed in their studies of the Alchemic Way all year round and spend very little time on cultivation, so basically, all Alchemists possess lower than average combat strength. When an ordinary cultivator and an Alchemist in the same cultivation realm fight, the one who suffers defeat is almost always the Alchemist.

However, earlier, Cang Yan had watched as Yang Kai killed Duan Hai and Xu Qi, and dove into the Wind Eye and Thunder Eye to cultivate some mysterious, so the former faintly felt that this kid seemed to be more than just a Spirit Grade Alchemist with a Conflagrated Knowledge Sea. At the very least, he was not a simple character.

Sometime later, Cang Yan came to a small out of the way house and stopped, turning to Yang Kai and saying, “Go in, Martial Ancestor is waiting for you inside.”

Yang Kai nodded slightly, took a deep breath, and strode forward.

Entering the house, he turned a corner and entered into a solitary room deeper inside. The candlelight seemed to be swaying in the faint breeze, as if it could be snuffed out at any time.

The illumination in the room wasn’t bright but that could not conceal an old man with a thin body and snow white hair who was silently sitting cross-legged. This old man gave off no aura and appeared as tranquil as an ancient well, as if he was just an ordinary mortal.

But Yang Kai still stared blankly for a moment for he knew without a doubt that this was Soaring Heaven Sect’s Martial Ancestor; carefully sizing him up, Yang Kai cautiously but firmly stepped forward.

Arriving in front of the old man, he cupped his fists and bowed politely, “Junior Yang, greets Senior!”

The old man slowly opened his eyes and stared at Yang Kai, soon smiling as he commented, “Excellent aptitude, steady will, and a bold and courageous temperament. Good, nowadays, such young people are a rare sight.”

“Senior’s praise is too generous.”

“En, sit down!”

Yang Kai sat cross-legged on the futon in front of him, but upon taking a seat, his expression tightened as he smelled a faint bloody scent lingering in the air.

“I know that you have a lot of questions, but there’s no need to be anxious, first open the package in front of you and have a look,” The old man said with a smile.

Yang Kai looked down and saw a small box in front of him; there were obvious fresh blood stains on it so there was no doubt it was the source of the bloody scent he had just smelt.

Yang Kai frowned slightly, but didn’t hesitate and proceeded to open the package. Upon seeing the contests though, his hand shook slightly before he turned his eyes towards Soaring Heaven Sect’s Martial Ancestor in surprise.

It was a human head!

Moreover, it was actually Bright Thunder Spirit Religion’s Religion Master, Xia Cheng Yin’s head!

“Before you have grown up, no one should reveal the existence of your Conflagrated Knowledge Sea,” The old man smiled and said.

“Many thanks Senior for taking action!” Yang Kai hastily expressed his sincere gratitude.

Originally, Yang Kai had been planning to quickly break through to the Transcendent Realm and then silence this remaining witness, but he had not thought that Soaring Heaven Sect’s Martial Ancestor would actually take the initiative to help him clean up this matter ahead of time. This allowed Yang Kai to put down a great burden that was weighing on his heart.

At that time, Yang Kai really had no other choice but to reveal the secret of his Conflagrated Knowledge Sea, because in his view, information about the Ancient Demon Clan and the Coffin Carrying Man absolutely could not be revealed.

“A minor matter,” The old man just lightly shook his head.

With his strength and means, killing Bright Thunder Spirit Religion’s Religion Master, a mere Third Order Transcendent, was indeed a minor matter. Before Xia Cheng Yin had even responded, his head had already been separated from his body.

“Senior,” Yang Kai sat in a respectful manner and solemnly said, “May I ask, why have you done all this? Why did you send Cang Yan to look for me? Why did Cang Yan take such good care of me? And why are you even willing to kill Bright Thunder’s Religion Master? I don’t believe we’ve ever met, have we?”

“Heh heh,” The old man chuckled, “This old master doing so, naturally there is a reason, en, first of all, this old master is called Chu Ling Xiao. After hearing this, have you understood anything?”

(PewPewLazerGun: This doesn’t translate into English but ‘High Heaven’ is in his name so… well you know =))

Yang Kai’s expression changed, faintly realizing something as his eyes stared towards the old man, the vigilance in his gaze gradually melting and being replaced with a bright light.

“It seems you have some idea but are still not sure, then let this old master show you some evidence,” Chu Ling Xiao smiled and suddenly stretched out his hand, sending a pulse of energy into Yang Kai’s body.

Before Yang Kai could react, the sound of a clinking chain rang out inside the chamber.

A shining golden chain had suddenly strangely appeared above Yang Kai and flew over to Chu Ling Xiao.

“The Devil Sealing Chain!” Yang Kai called out in surprise.

This was the evil suppressing artifact he had acquired beneath High Heaven Pavilion’s Coiling Dragon Stream. Since he obtained it, Yang Kai had used it twice, the first time being when he killed Demon General Meng Ge’s Soul Clone in the depths of the Evil Cavern.

The second time was beneath the Central Capital, where he used the Devil Sealing Chain to deal with Demon Lord Yang Bai.

After the death of Yang Bai, Yang Kai had taken back the Devil Sealing Chain and not used it since.

But now, the Devil Sealing Chain was summoned out by Soaring Heaven Sect’s Martial Ancestor!

“This thing belongs to this old master!” Chu Ling Xiao smiled as he said to Yang Kai.

The last remnants of confusion in Yang Kai’s eyes faded and he finally understood everything.

Yang Kai scratched his head lightly as asked the old man hesitantly, “Ancestral Founder?”

Chu Ling Xiao nodded lightly, “This old master didn’t expect that after a few hundred years someone from that world would arrive on Tong Xuan Realm. You must have encountered a lot of hardship, you’ve worked hard.”

“I haven’t suffered much hardship, many people have assisted me on my journey here,” Yang Kai’s was subtly excited as he looked at Chu Ling Xiao, feeling a sense of warmth and comfort, as if he had returned home.

“If so then that’s for the best,” Chu Ling Xiao sighed slightly, “A few hundred years ago, this old master also traveled to that side, so I know just how barren that place is, you being able to arrive here is really quite surprising.”

“Then, was High Heaven Pavilion really founded by Senior?” Yang Kai’s eyes flashed brilliantly.

“En,” Chu Ling Xiao nodded, “I established the Sect using my own name. Originally, while I was pursuing a Demon General, I crossed a Void Corridor and arrived at your world. After fighting him there, I finally managed to scatter his Soul but was unable to destroy his physical body, so I could only use the Devil Sealing Chain to bind and seal it in a deep ravine. I then founded High Heaven Pavilion so there would be someone to stand guard over that Demon General’s body. After a couple dozen years had passed, I determined that the last remnants of that Demon General’s Soul had finally dissipated and then I found my way back here,” Chu Ling Xiao explained, asking curiously in the next moment, “Time has passed by so quickly. Are you one of High Heaven Pavilion’s current disciples?”


“Good, good, you being able to obtain the Devil Sealing Chain means there is some fate between you and I,” Chu Ling Xiao smiled happily, pausing for a moment before asking, “What is the situation like on that side now? Is the Sect still alright?”

“Everything over there is fine now, but a few years ago the Sect was nearly wiped out.”

“Oh? It seems this old master was too irresponsible with the Sect he created. Tell me about it.”

Yang Kai spoke about how he joined High Heaven Pavilion and all the various events and trials, big and small, he and Sect had overcome these past few years. Having not been able to be so open with anyone for so long, Yang Kai did not try to conceal anything. After all, the old man with a gentle temperament and kind smile in front of him was not just Soaring Heaven Sect’s Martial ancestor, he was also the Ancestral Founder of High Heaven Pavilion. Yang Kai naturally did not need to hide anything from him.

Chu Ling Xiao also listened with great interested; seemingly quite concerned with the successors of his legacy he had left over on that side.

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