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Chapter 679 - What’s the Meaning of This

Chapter 679, What’s the Meaning of This

Time passed by and Yang Kai had now been in Bright Thunder Spirit Religion for two months. These two months were neither long nor short but Yang Kai had still yet to determine whether he should entrust Bright Thunder Spirit Religion with the task of finding his Senior Sisters.

Throughout his investigations though, he discovered that Bright Thunder Spirit Religion had participated in a number of shady activities so he was somewhat less inclined to believe in them.

After handing over the pills he had refined this month to Ji Meng, Yang Kai was surprised when she returned soon after with a message, “Elder Duan wants you to see him in the Sect’s headquarters.”

“Oh?” Yang Kai’s brow rose slightly, “What for?”

“Elder Duan didn’t say,” Ji Meng shook her head, “He just told me to ask you to see him as soon as possible. Apparently he had something important to consult you about.”

“En, alright,” Yang Kai nodded. Duan Hai had never met with him ever since bringing him here, but as the Great Elder of Bright Thunder Spirit Religion, he definitely had a lot of things to attend to, so Yang Kai hadn’t cared.

“Can we leave now?” Ji Meng asked.

“Might as well,” Yang Kai didn’t have any reason not to go so he simply nodded and flew off together with Ji Meng in the direction of the Sect’s Main Hall.

This was the first time Yang Kai had visited Bright Thunder Spirit Religion’s headquarters, so he was unfamiliar with the route. Naturally, he needed Ji Meng to lead the way. After flying for a while, the pair eventually arrived above a bustling area.

Looking down from the sky, there was a group of buildings below with a large number of cultivators wearing golden yellow robes walking to and fro, many of them were also flying, seemingly in a rush.

Bright Thunder Spirit Religion’s core region seemed to be teeming with activity with countless cultivators and masters emerging one after another.

Seeing this scene, Yang Kai couldn’t help offering some silent praise in his heart.

Bright Thunder Spirit Religion was by no means a big force in Tong Xuan Realm. It couldn’t even be considered top notch within the local region, that honour belonged solely to Soaring Heaven Sect, which was helmed by a powerful Saint Realm master. Luo Sheng Sect and Ancient Moon Heaven’s Cave were also considered stronger than it as well.

Amongst the four big forces in the Snow Mountain Range region, Bright Thunder Spirit Religion was actually the bottom most existence; however, it’s heritage was still quite good, at least several times more outstanding than any force from the world Yang Kai came from.

As Ji Meng landed directly in front of a magnificent building, Yang Kai took out his Honoured Guest token and showed it, causing the disciples on guard duty to hurriedly cup their fists and bow respectfully. Seemingly never having seen such a young Honoured Guest before, Yang Kai was drawing frequent surprised glances from the surrounding crowd.

“You should be able to find your way from here, Elder Duan is waiting inside you there,” Ji Meng gestured.

“You’re not coming too?”

“I’m not qualified to go in,” Ji Meng stammered slightly.

Yang Kai nodded slightly, “Then wait her a moment for me, we’ll go back together.”

“Good,” Ji Meng said happily.

Walking up the stairs and into the building, after a while, Yang Kai eventually came to a large hall with its doors wide open, so he calmly walked in.

Duan Hai was waiting inside, and seeing Yang Kai arrive, he quickly smiled and stood up.

“Elder Duan,” Yang Kai cupped his fists.

“Honoured Guest Yang, it’s been two months since I last had a chance to speak with you. Have you been well recently?”

“Well enough.”

“Has my Spirit Religion’s disciple not been serving you appropriately? If Honoured Guest Yang is not satisfied with her, I can send you a replacement. I will certainly satisfy any need you have.”

“No need, Ji Meng is just fine,” Yang Kai shook his head.

“As you wish,” Duan Hai smiled and asked Yang Kai to sit down. A disciple quickly offered tea and after enjoying it for a moment, Yang Kai asked, “I wonder what instructions Elder Duan has to summon me so suddenly?”

“This one wouldn’t dare!” Duan Hai quickly waved his hand and wore a modest look, “I have no specific reason for summoning Honoured Guest Yang this time, it’s just that every Honoured Guest that comes to my Spirit Religion is precious and spending some time becoming acquainted with them is something I should do.”

Yang Kai’s expression remained indifferent, knowing that Duan Hai was simply looking to build some kind of relationship with him in order to further rope him into Bright Thunder Spirit Religion as all major forces would use this routine.

“I heard once that Honoured Guest Yang doesn’t intend on staying long in my Spirit Religion. Could it be that Honoured Guest Yang has some important matter he needs to attend to?” Duan Hai asked with a smile, “If that is so, Honoured Guest Yang need not be polite, just say the word and my Spirit Religion will do it’s best to assist you.”

“When the time is right I certainly won’t be polite,” Yang Kai replied lightly.

“En, good,” Duan Hai gently nodded, “Right, Honoured Guest Yang had once said on more than one occasion that when the time is right you would ask my Spirit Religion for a favor, dare I ask when that time might be?”

Yang Kai shook his head.

“I understand,” Duan Hai laughed frankly, “It looks like Honoured Guest Yang does not have much attachment to my Spirit Religion and possibly even holds some distrust towards us.”

Yang Kai’s brow wrinkled as he stared deeply towards Duan Hai. He couldn’t help raising his vigilance after Duan Hai’s spoke such meaningful words.

“If it were possible, this Duan truly hoped that Honoured Guest Yang would join my Spirit Religion and become one of our core disciples,” Duan Hai expression suddenly sank , his tone becoming solemn, “But it appears Honored Guest Yang has no such intentions, so this Duan must use some other means to inquire about your secrets!”

Saying so, Duan Hai tapped his foot gently on the floor.

Suddenly, with Yang Kai as the center, a series of Spirit Array lines lit up and spread out. These Spirit Array lines quickly contracted and sunk into Yang Kai’s body.

Yang Kai complexion went pale as he hurriedly tried to circulate his True Qi.

But the moment his True Qi began revolving, a sharp pain came from his meridians, like there were hundreds of millions of ants biting them, causing him to shudder violently and the strength he had just gathered to instantly collapse.

“Elder Duan, what’s the meaning of this?” Yang Kai didn’t panic and simply stared coldly towards Duan Hai while carefully examining his own situation.

Duna Hai simply shook his head in disappointedly, a look of hesitation surface on his face as he coldly replied, “My apologies, Honored Guest Yang. In truth, this Duan actually would have preferred not to do this. Being able to attract such a young Spirit Grade Alchemist is definitely a huge good fortune for my Spirit Religion, but unfortunately you have no intention of joining my Spirit Religion, thus even if I was to try even harder to convince you, the chances of winning you over are too slim.”

“Hahaha,” Yang Kai laughed, “Elder Duan, have I done anything to harm your Bright Thunder Spirit Religion?”

“You truly haven’t, but as I said, this Duan is also helpless,” Duan Hai shook his head heavily.

Yang Kai’s eyes flashed. Although he didn’t understand the reason for it, the fact that Duan Hai had set a trap for him was a fact.

The reason he had come to Bright Thunder Spirit Religion in the first place was entirely because of Old Man Du, so did this matter have anything to do with the latter?

Thinking about it, Yang Kai turned his attention to the screen behind Duan Hai and said coldly, “Can this friend also come out and talk? Hiding yourself now doesn’t have any further meaning.”

Yang Kai faintly felt that Duan Hai’s suddenly change in attitude towards him had a lot to do with the person hidden behind the screen.

Hearing this, Xu Qi was shocked, he hadn’t expected Yang Kai’s senses to be so sharp, but now that things had reached this point, he simply decided to show himself.

After seeing Xu Qi’s face, Yang Kai suddenly understood.

This person, he had seen him before.

Outside Raging Flame City in Bold Independent Union’s territory, this man had been amongst the crowd of masters following the Coffin Carrying Man.

No wonder he felt the name Bright Thunder Spirit Religion sounded familiar, it turns out he had heard about it previously from Yun Xuan.

At this moment, Yang Kai suddenly felt enlightened.

The root of everything was the Coffin Carrying Man incident.

“So that’s how it is!” Yang Kai smiled bitterly. Tong Xuan Realm was so vast, he hadn’t expected that the moment he came out of the Mysterious Small World someone would already have their eyes on him.

At Raging Flame City, there were only a few people who had witnessed the scene of him being taken away by the Coffin Carrying Man, who would have thought one of them would show up today?

Even if Yang Kai was more vigilant, this kind of coincidence couldn’t have been avoided.

“En, Honored Guest Yang understanding is for the best, you should also know that you are currently under the affects of my Sect’s unique sealing technique. Don’t try to break free, the more you use your True Qi, the more pain you’ll have to endure,” Duan Hai stared at Yang Kai somewhat regretfully, “This Duan does not want to embarrass you any further, as long as you cooperate with us, I promise we won’t harm you!”

Yang Kai sneered, “Elder Duan, taking such actions, aren’t you worried Old Man Du will investigate and hold you responsible?”

Duan Hai shook his head, “Although Old Man Du is optimistic about you, if he inquires about you, I can offer him any number of explanations. Honoured Guest Yang need not worry himself over such issues.”

Yang Kai felt his heart unclench slightly, knowing that Old Man Du should have no knowledge of this matter.

If even Old Man Du had been involved in this plot against him, Yang Kai could only admit that he was too stupid.

Sensing Duan Hai and Xu Qi’s cultivations, Yang Kai chose to hold down his temper and endure for now.

Both of these two were Second Order Transcendents, so even if he were to exert his full strength, it would still be impossible for him to escape from here. What’s more, Yang Kai knew he was currently in the very heart of Bright Thunder Spirit Religion, so there were no doubt, countless other masters, nearby. With his True Qi sealed right now, rashly taking action would only make the situation worse.

“Can I ask, why did Elder Duan wait until today to act against me? You could have done this the moment your brought me here,” Yang Kai asked, trying to stall for time while he searched for some way to escape.

Duan Hai reluctantly shook his head, “It is just as this Duan had said, I am very optimistic about your future and would have preferred not to take such actions. Old Man Du also told me that you have a strong background, but after two months of dedicated persuasion and observation, I concluded that you will leave here sooner or later and that unlike what Old Man Du said, you are just a little brat from some remote backwater.”

“So Elder Duan no longer had any scruples?” Yang Kai sneered sarcastically.

Duan Hai neither agreed nor disagreed, “Honored Guest Yang, I won’t speak anymore nonsense with you. The reason why I did this is just because I want to know the secrets of the Coffin Carrying Man. What happened to you after he seized you? How did you escape from his clutches? Where was he hiding when you finally managed to flee from him? If Honoured Guest Yang can tell me these things, I promise to let you go.”

“I don’t know,” Yang Kai laughed and flatly said, silencing the witness to the crime was even Yang Kai would do in this situation, naturally it was impossible for him to believe Duan Hai’s ‘promise’. Since Duan Hai dared to do this, he would make sure to clean up all lose ends. As long as Yang Kai kept his mouth shut, these two wouldn’t act rashly and he could buy himself some more time, but the moment he told them what they wanted to know he would definitely die.

“Senior Brother, there’s no need to pointlessly bargain with him, a little Peak Immortal Ascension Boundary brat, just let me use my Soul Searching technique to directly dig up the secrets in his Knowledge Sea,” Xu Qi came over and said coldly.

Duan Hai let out a faint sigh, “Honored Guest Yang, as you can see, my Junior Brother is not as good-natured or patient as I am. If you don’t want to become an idiot because of his Soul Searching technique, you should simply cooperate with me and save yourself some pain.”

The two men played out this carrot and stick farce to a tee, trying to use a combination of threats and enticement to break down Yang Kai’s psychological defenses so he would obediently tell them what they wanted to know.

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