Martial Peak

Chapter 677 - The Tree Seeks Calm, Yet The Wind Continues To Whip

Chapter 677, The Tree Seeks Calm, Yet The Wind Continues To Whip

After a closer look, Yang Kai’s expression couldn’t help becoming awkward because he found that this newcomer’s life aura was familiar to him.

Only thinking about it for a moment, he quickly made his decision, walked to the house, and pushed open the door.

A slight yelp was heard as the one who was meditating in the house was obviously startled, quickly jumping up and turning towards the door with a look of vigilance, but upon seeing Yang Kai’s face, she was dumbfounded and called out involuntarily, “Why are you here?”

“We meet again,” Yang Kai smiled back at her.

Never had he anticipated that the assistant Duan Hai would send him was actually the woman he met in the Snow Mountain Range, Ji Meng.

The golden robes she wore couldn’t hide her attractive figure, the magnificent height of her chest, or her long, shapely legs. Her ponytail of soft, supple, black hair flowed down behind her, stretching all the way to her thin waist and round hips, giving her a youthful and radiant look.

Ji Meng stared at Yang Kai with a surprised look, seemingly never having expected to see this person again.

All of a sudden, her look changed as her eyes darted about wildly, hurriedly asking, “How come you’re here? This isn’t a place you can just casually show up!”

“Huh?” Yang Kai was stunned.

Ji Meng acted swiftly, rushing over to his side and pulling on Yang Kai’s clothes, “You aren’t one of my Spirit Religion’s disciple, and this peak is reserved for one of my Spirit Religion’s Honored Guests. You need to leave quickly, if he sees you here, I’m afraid it won’t be good for you.”

“An Honoured Guest?” Yang Kai revealed a weird smile, “What kind of Honoured Guest?”

Seeing Ji Meng like this, Yang Kai realized that she knew nothing about his identity or arrival and had only been told to wait here for the new ‘Honoured Guest’.

“Apparently he’s a Spirit Grade Alchemist, and his background seems to be quite profound. Elder Duan ordered me to attend to him,” As she spoke, Ji Meng noticed that Yang Kai still hadn’t moved and didn’t show any signs of leaving, so she inevitably became anxious and shouted, “What are you still standing around for, do you want to die?”

“Is it really that serious?” Yang Kai smiled even more interestedly.

“It’s very serious! Entering the residence of my Spirit Religion’s Honoured Guest, any Spirit Religion disciple can immediately put you to death! What are the disciples guarding the mountain doing? How could they have let you in in the first place?”

“Then why aren’t you attacking me?”

“Why should I attack you? You’re so strange! In any case, you need to go, quickly, before he comes back, if he sees you there, it will be troublesome.”

Saying so, she actively walked over and began pushing Yang Kai towards the door, her face filled with worry.

“You being so anxious to drive me away, is if because you’re afraid that Honoured Guest will have some kind of misunderstanding seeing us together? Are you sure that person’s a man?” Yang Kai asked teasingly.

Ji Meng’s face went red as she quickly shot back, “What does it matter to you, are you so bored you have to meddle in my affairs?”

“I was just asking casually,” Yang Kai shrugged his shoulders and chuckled, “I heard that the assists your Bright Thunder Spirit Religion send to serve Honoured Guests have to meet all the requirements of those Honoured Guest, and there’s a good possibility of becoming intimate and even getting married in the end. Aren’t you worried that this Honoured Guest is some bald old man?”

Ji Meng’s tender body couldn’t help trembling, a bit of panic flashing across her eyes as she shook her head, “No, Elder Duan said that this person isn’t old, or else I would not have agreed to come here in the first place. Although I don’t know what kind of person he is, but I at least know he’s not some old man. You’re really hateful, why are you slandering others for no reason?”

Yang Kai stared at her deeply before nodding slightly.

“What was that for?”

“Oh, nothing.”

“Fine, whatever, just leave. Don’t force me to take action against you!” Ji Meng grumbled; Yang Kai pestering her endlessly was really beginning to annoy her, so her tone became somewhat impatient.

“Good good, I’ll stop here, for now,” Yang Kai slowly shook his head, losing interest in continuing to tease her, reaching into his shirt and pulling out the token Duan Hai had given him before he had left and handing it to Ji Meng, “Do you recognize this? It seems Duan Hai really didn’t tell you much.”

“An Honoured Guest’s token?” Ji Meng couldn’t help covering her mouth as she stared at Yang Kai in amazement, “How come you…”

Suddenly, her beautiful eyes flashed a complicated light as she wore an expression of disbelief and shouted, “You couldn’t be the new Honoured Guest, could you?”

“En,” Yang Kai nodded, casually taking back the token.

Ji Meng was dumbstruck; she had been waiting here for two whole days, constantly wondering what kind of person this new Honored Guest was, and how much older than her he would be, but never had she dreamed it would be Yang Kai. Forget about how much of an old man he was, Yang Kai was actually even younger than her!

“Greetings, Honoured Guest!” Ji Meng’s hastily adjusted her face and respectfully welcomed him.

“No need to act so polite,” Yang Kai shook his head, seeing Ji Meng suddenly become so respectful after learning his identity made him feel somewhat uncomfortable.

“I’m so sorry, I had no idea you were the one Elder Duan mentioned… I thought you had secretly snuck in, I really didn’t know…” Ji Meng hurriedly tried to explain.

“No need to explain,” Yang Kai glanced at her and smiled before turning around a walking inside.

Back in the outer room, Ji Meng stared blankly, desperately wanting to cry but unable to shed any tears. She had hoped to leave a good first impression on the new Honored Guest, but little had she thought that not only was that impossible, she actually had a terrible relationship with him in the first place.

Thinking about how she had just inadvertently revealed her true intentions here, Ji Meng was filled with regret, wondering what he thought of her now, afraid he saw her as a cheap woman who would resort to any means to gain benefits.


Bright Thunder Spirit Religion headquarters.

Inside one of the side halls, Duan Hai, who had just sat down, had not had time to settle in before he heard someone hurriedly walk in.

Duan Hai looked up and laughed, calling out, “Junior Brother Xu!”

“Senior Brother Duan, how did the matter I told you about go?” Xu Qi quickly asked, an obvious hint of anxiety in his voice.

Duan Hai smiled happily, “Doesn’t Junior Brother usually not pay much attention to our Spirit Religion’s matters? How come this time you seem so anxious? However, this time you really gave me some good news and thankfully I did not fail in my mission and successfully brought that person over.”

“Really?” Xu Qi exclaimed joyfully.

“Naturally, he has already arrived in my Spirit Religion three days ago. Right now he should be settling in on one of the mountains reserved for Honoured Guests. I have also sent a female disciple with excellent looks and aptitude to serve him, so I believe it won’t be too long before he develops as sense of attachment to this place,” Duan Hai said, standing up and walking over to a nearby table, pouring a cup of tea for Xu Qi and thanking him, “Junior Brother, this time, thanks to you, my Spirit Religion has managed to win over an excellent seedling. He will definitely have great use in the future, I’ll be certain to report this merit to the Religion Master who I’m sure will reward you handsomely.”

Xu Qi expression became slightly strange hearing these words, not showing any signs of happiness, causing Duan Hai to be slightly confused, “What? Is something wrong?”

“Senior Brother Duan, I’ll be honest with you, I didn’t request you personally invite that youth here because of his Alchemist identity.”

“Really? Then why?”

Xu Qi quietly released his Divine Sense and after sweeping the surrounding area to insure they were alone, motioned for Duan Hai to come closer.

Seeing him act so cautiously, Duan Hai couldn’t help becoming slight serious as well, quickly realizing there was more to this situation than meets the eye, leaning in close to listen.

“Because of the Coffin Carrying Man!”

Duan Hai’s trembled slightly before he turned a blank stare to Xu Qi.

After a long time, he lowered his voice as well and asked, “What do you mean? What does he have to do with the Coffin Carrying Man?”

“I don’t know if Senior Brother remembers the last time I went out I accidentally encountered the Coffin Carrying Man?”

“Of course I remember.”

“I followed the Coffin Carrying Man along with several others and eventually came to Raging Flame City in Bold Independent Union’s territory. There, the Coffin Carrying Man stopped; as for what happened afterwards, Senior Brother should have heard.”

“If I recall correctly, the Coffin Carrying Man captured a disciple of Bold Independent Union and then disappeared.”

“In fact, he wasn’t a disciple of Bold Independent Union. Afterwards, we found out that this person’s origins were unclear and that he just had some small friendship with two female disciples of Bold Independent Union. However, the important point is the one who was taken away by the Coffin Carrying Man, is that new Honored Guest Senior Brother Duan just brought back!”

“What?!” Duan Hai complexion changed greatly, “Is it really him? Are you sure you’re not mistaken?”

Xu Qi shook his head, “To be honest, I also thought I was mistaken. When I saw him in Grand Boulder City that day, I could hardly believe my eyes, but after observing him for a while I am 100% certain that he was the one taken away by the Coffin Carrying Man.”

“How is that possible?”

Everyone thought that those seized by the Coffin Carrying Man would only have one end, death, but rather than dying, Yang Kai had now appeared in perfect condition, naturally drawing Xu Qi’s attention.

“Senior Brother, you also know what the Coffin Carrying Man means. There are rumors that the Coffin Carrying Man guards a shocking treasure that can bring a force enough wealth and treasure to allow it to grow into a true behemoth. Since this person can survive after having been caught by the Coffin Carrying Man, perhaps he knows something about that treasure. At the very least, he’ll know the location of the Coffin Carrying Man’s hiding place. If my Spirit Religion can successfully obtain that treasure, we can sweep away the Soaring Heaven Sect, Luo Sheng Sect, and Ancient Moon Heaven’s Cave and eventually rise to a dominate position in this world!”

“That’s only a legend though…” Duan Hai slowly shook his head.

“But it’s worth a try.”

“He’s a Spirit Grade Low-Rank Alchemist though!”

“What? Seriously?” This time it was Xu Qi’s turn to be shocked.

“En, and Old Man Du of Grand Boulder City is very attentive towards him. Before he left with me, Old Man Du intentionally reminded me to not be negligent towards him, saying that his origins may be extraordinary!”

“Even Old Man Du appraised him so?” Xu Qi was stunned, “But according to the information we dug up more than a year ago, although his origins weren’t clear, they shouldn’t have been anything important.”

“Because his origins are unclear, they are worth paying attention to!” Duan Hai said solemnly.

Xu Qi also seemed to have been splashed with cold water at that moment, the eagerness in his expression converging rapidly. When he thought back about the information he was able to collect about Yang Kai before, he also suddenly discovered several questionable points.

“I’ll let Senior Brother decide what we should do next. Whether we vigorously cultivate him into one of our Spirit Religion’s future pillars or stake everything on a single roll of the dice, Junior Brother will listen to you,” Xu Qi no longer persuaded, but instead handed over the decision to Duan Hai.

Such a young Spirit Grade Alchemist was truly a rare talent, and after just managing to invite him here, if they were to offend him, it would be a great loss for their Spirit Religion.

Duan Hai nodded slightly and waved.

Xu Qi nodded, got up, and walked out.

After Xu Qi left, Duan Hai closed his eyes and sunk into contemplation, his brow knit tightly and his expression somewhat hesitant.

The legends about the Coffin Carrying Man had circulated throughout all of Tong Xuan Realm for countless years, and there were countless rumors about him. However, many masters believed that at the very least, the Coffin Carrying Man hid some kind of shocking secret in the blood red coffin he carried that was worthy of their attention.

If that wasn’t so, how could so many Transcendent Realm masters waste so much time trailing the Coffin Carrying Man just for the chance to spy on this mystery?

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