Martial Peak

Chapter 671, Conditions

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Every wrong had its justice, every debt its collector, the man who had cheated him had already died so Yang Kai hadn’t really planned on holding these two women accountable. He had just wanted to give them a bit of trouble for the role they had played. On top of that, Yang Kai really did need someone to acquire information from.

Hearing Yang Kai say this, Ji Meng was overjoyed and exclaimed, “Really?”

Yang Kai nodded, “But I have conditions!”

“What conditions?” Ji Meng asked hurriedly, with their lives hanging in the balance, she decided that no matter how excessive this man’s requests were, she would agree to them, as long as Zhu Ying Yue wasn’t hurt.

“Shouldn’t you replay a life-saving grace with your body?” Yang Kai touched his chin and smiled evilly.

Ji Meng’s expression suddenly became cold; although she had been mentally prepared for this, she hadn’t expected this young man to really make such shameless demands!

Although she was infuriated in her heart, she didn’t dare show it on her face, blocking a strike from the Ice Crystal Wolf before shouting out, “It doesn’t matter what happens to me, but… don’t get any ideas about Ying Yue!”

“Oh?” Yang Kai stared at her in surprise. He had only said those words in jest and had no real intentions towards these two women, from the conversation they had during this second meeting, he could tell that these two weren’t really malicious or treacherous in nature, saving them wasn’t an issue.

“Are you going to help us or not? If you don’t take action soon when we die you won’t be able to get anything!” Ji Meng had finally been driven beyond the limits of her forbearance, and so too had the Ice Crystal Wolf apparently, its attacks becoming more and more fierce, to the point where she and Zhu Ying Yue weren’t able to resist at all. If Yang Kai continued to idle any longer, the two of them would definitely be defeated.

“Very well,” Yang Kai shook his head before his figure flickered and disappeared from the sky.

The huge Monster Beast rapidly closed in, it’s fangs fully bared as a foul smell burst from its mouth. Seeing it approach, Zhu Ying Yue screamed in terror as tears poured down her face.

But before she knew what was happening, her body suddenly became light, and in the next moment, she found herself slung over someone’s shoulder and the surrounding scenery quickly receding behind her. Everything happened too quickly and she couldn’t help shutting her eyes in fear.

Ji Meng also had a similar encounter. Before she could respond, she too was grabbed by Yang Kai and taken away.

Obviously not having anticipated such a development, the Ice Crystal Wolf was temporarily dumbstruck before it roared angrily and hastily chased after the trio, but the distance between them was slowly opening. Seeing this, Ji Meng still didn’t feel relieved and constantly urged, “Faster! It’s still trying to catch up!”

Yang Kai coldly snorted in response, “Easy for you to say, this is already my fastest speed.”

Ji Meng decisively shut her mouth and simply stared at the Ice Crystal Wolf and only after seeing it slowly fall further and further behind, she couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief.

After a while, the Ice Crystal Wolf finally stopped chasing them, stopping in place and howling towards the sky, its voice filled with unwillingness and anger.

Somewhere in Snow Mountain Range, Yang Kai stood calmly as he stared towards the two raggedly dressed women bustle about.

They seemed to have a lot of experience living in this snowy environment and quickly dug out a subterranean hollow. The interior was spacious while the outside was hardened and sturdy.

A short time later, a fully formed snow cave appeared.

Ji Meng glanced over towards Yang Kai vigilantly and said in a somewhat weak voice, “We have to change our clothes and apply some healing medicine to our wounds. You should not come in until we’re done, if you peek, I’ll dig your eyes out!”

“Hey, you’re already my women now, what’s wrong with me taking a peek or two?” Yang Kai teased.

“You…” Ji Meng was so angry that the sound of her teeth gnashing was audible, eventually shouting out, “If it’s just me I don’t mind, but Ying Yue is off limits!”

Saying so, the two women ducked into the snow cave and soon after, the sound of rustling clothes could be heard. Apparently, they had removed all of their bloodstained robes.

Yang Kai stared blankly and suddenly felt that this woman had actually meant what she had just said.

Was she really willing to offer up her body just like that? Yang Kai’s face went black, thinking to himself that if he got tangled up with her, it would be more trouble than it was worth.

Now he was in a bit of an embarrassing situation, who told him to have such a cheap mouth and propose such conditions? Now it seemed he had caught himself in his own trap.

After roughly half an hour, Ji Meng’s voice called out, “You can come in now.”

Yang Kai smiled wryly before jumping into the snow cave.

The inside was really quite spacious and was neither chilly nor damp, on the contrary, in the contrast of the outside environment, this snow cave actually gave off a warm, cosy feeling.

The two women had processed their wounds already and donned clean dresses, allowing Yang Kai to secretly nod.

The first time he had encountered them, Qi Chao had intentionally blocked his view, so Yang Kai didn’t really notice what they looked like, and during their second meeting, the two women were dishevelled and covered in blood so their true appearances were completely masked.

But looking at them now, the taller one had an outstanding figure and an elegant look, while the shorter one had a delicate face and a cute, innocent air about her.

Of course, right now, the taller woman was glaring towards Yang Kai with smouldering anger, seemingly wanting nothing more than to eat his meat and drink his blood, her teeth grinding heavily. Meanwhile, the little girl was currently shrunk behind her Senior Sister, only daring to peek out once in a while, appearing quite weak and helpless.

“Well, for the time being, hello,” Yang Kai offered this strange greeting before sitting down cross-legged across from them.

“I thought you were some kind of powerful master, but facing that Ice Crystal Wolf all you were capable of was fleeing,” Ji Meng said with a sneer.

Before, when she noticed how calm Yang Kai was acting, not showing the slightest fear in front of a Seventh-Order Monster Beast and even having the mind to toy with her, Ji Meng had mistakenly thought that this guy was capable of defeating it, so this outcome had inevitably disappointed her.

It turns out this young man was just a little bit faster and didn’t actually have the courage to fight with the Ice Crystal Wolf.

“My ability to run away is what saved you,” Yang Kai didn’t care about her little display.

Facing unfamiliar outsiders, especially ones who had tricked him once before, he was not willing to show all of his strength.

A Seventh-Order Monster Beast was equivalent to a Transcendent Realm powerhouse, if he killed it in front of these two women, the full extent of his combat strength would likely be exposed.

Yang Kai was not willing to show them all of his cards until he had a better idea about their identities and dispositions.

“…Fair enough. Thank you for saving us,” Ji Meng suddenly relented, her expression quite sincere, gently urging Zhu Ying Yue behind her forward.

Zhu Ying Yue was apparently still in a state of shock and she noticeably trembled upon being pushed forward, but quickly understanding Ji Meng’s intentions, she somehow managed to whisper with a blushed face, “Thank you.”

“It was just a slight effort, no need to be too polite,” Yang Kai’s mood became significantly better upon seeing their frankness.

“In addition, we apologize to you about the previous incident,” Ji Meng bit her thin red lips a look of guilt surfacing on her face, “When Qi Chao lied to you, we wanted to remind you, but we didn’t know who you were, what your intentions for entering the Snow Mountain Range were, or what your strength was, so…”

“It’s all in the past, when one goes out, having a heart of vigilance is a necessity,” Yang Kai laughed, “In any case, that guy is dead so this matter should end here.”

Ji Meng gently nodded, suddenly discovering that this youth was actually quite easy to speak to and not as cold and ruthless as he had first appeared.

“We are the disciples of Bright Thunder Spirit Religion, my name is Ji Meng and she’s Zhu Ying Yue, what about you?” Ji Meng introduced herself and then turned to ask Yang Kai.

Yang Kai casually reported his name.

“What Sect do you come from?” Ji Meng asked curiously.

“I have no Sect, I’m just a lone wanderer.”

“No Sect?” Ji Meng was a little surprised, “Seeing your methods, you don’t seem like someone who isn’t from a great force. You’re not strongest I’ve ever seen, but you’re still quite good.”

Being able to calmly rescue two people from an Ice Crystal Wolf, Ji Meng was certain that Qi Chao couldn’t do that if Yang Kai really was a lone cultivator who had never received any teaching or guidance, how could he be so powerful?

“How come you lost your way in the Snow Mountain Range, where were you headed?” Ji Meng continued to ask, seemingly wanting to know more about Yang Kai.

“I accidentally entered this place and became lost, as to where I was headed… I haven’t decided that yet. Do you have any recommendations?” Yang Kai said thoughtlessly.

“En,” Ji Meng nodded and explained, “This ten thousand kilometer Snow Mountain Range isn’t considered the territory of any one force, but because there are only two or three large forces nearby, my Bright Thunder Spirit Religion being one of them, it’s almost as if this region belongs to my Spirit Religion. Many disciplines from my Sect enter the Snow Mountain Range to look for opportunities like rare herbs or other valuables. If you don’t have any specific destination, you might as well come with us for the time being.”

Yang Kai glanced between the two women and immediately understood that Ji Meng’s invitation was not because she had a good impression of him or because she wanted to fulfil their previous agreement, but because they were currently injured and needed someone to help protect them.

“Sure!” Yang Kai nodded.

“Many thanks!” Ji Meng’s shoulders relaxed, a bright smile appearing on her face.

Over the next few days, the trio slowly explored their surroundings.

The Snow Mountain Range was vast and stretched in all directions; with the two women being injured, the groups’ speed was naturally not quick. Also, while they walked, the trio would occasionally come across some spirit herbs buried deep beneath the snow which further delayed them.

Yang Kai wasn’t in a hurry though. Having someone lead the way was always much faster than him walking about aimlessly.

After five days of such wandering, the group finally left the more dangerous region of the Snow Mountain Range.

As they were walking, Yang Kai suddenly stopped and turned his eyes towards a spot in the distance, a moment later saying to Ji Meng, “There are people who seem to be from your Bright Thunder Spirit Religion over there.”

“Really?” Ji Meng was very surprised and also turned towards the direction Yang Kai was looking but was unable to see anything.

“En, their clothes are similar to the ones you were wearing when we first met, pure golden yellow in colour.”

“They’re definitely from my Spirit Religion then,” Ji Meng clenched Zhu Ying Yue’s hand, her nerves which had been quite strained these past few days finally relaxing while Zhu Ying Yue also smiled.

Yang Kai’s brow furrowed slightly and asked, “Is it going to be a problem if they find an outsider like me in this area of the Snow Mountain Range?”

Ji Meng was slightly startled but quickly replied, “It shouldn’t matter. As long as we say you’re together with us there won’t be any problems.”

“That won’t be necessary; perhaps we’ll meet again if there’s a chance.” Saying so, Yang Kai turned around and quickly flew off.

Ji Meng didn’t even have time to react before he disappeared into the distance.

“Ah…” Zhu Ying Yue looked towards the spot on the horizon Yang Kai disappeared over and said in a somewhat lost tone, “How could he just leave like that?”

Ji Meng’s expression was also somewhat complex as she thought back on the past few days they had been together, suddenly gritting her teeth and grumbling, “That bastard, turns out he was just messing with me this whole time! Hmph, causing me to worry for so long while he secretly laughed at me!”

“He was deceiving you, how?”

“He said that he wanted me to repay him with my body, and I really thought…” Ji Meng blushed bright red, only now realizing Yang Kai had just been joking with her.

If Yang Kai had really had such intentions, how would he have just left so easily?

“He’s a good person,” Zhu Ying Yue smiled mischievously, “Is Senior Sister Ji tempted now? If you chase after him quickly you can still catch up.”

“Stop speaking nonsense!” Ji Meng pouted.

However, in her mind, she also felt like Yang Kai wasn’t so bad. After getting along with him for a few days, Ji Meng found that he wasn’t really as hateful as he had first appeared to be.

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