Martial Peak

Chapter 668, Tremendous Gif

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Amidst towering snow-capped mountains, under layers of ice that were several hundred meters thick and thousands of years old, a great blizzard that seemed as if it would never end raged, making it impossible for one to see more than a hundred meters in front of their face.

The temperature here was extremely low. Even powerful cultivators, without special reason, would not be willing to step into this place. If one stood high up in the sky and scanned their surroundings, the only thing they would be able to see all around them was an endless world of snow and ice

Half-way up one of these snowy mountainsides was a hidden cave that led deep into the mountain’s belly, the interior of which was covered in pure, translucent ice that exuded a profound chill.

The power of the void suddenly filled the air, and immediately after, a red light burst forth, illuminating the entire cave, making everything inside seem extremely gloomy.

A figure emerged from the void, and as if unable to control his strength, crashed face first into the ice.

After picking himself up and established his foothold, Yang Kai immediately sent out his powerful Divine Sense to check his surroundings, a moment later his expression relaxing as he took back his Divine Sense.

“Sure enough, I’m really in the snowy mountains,” Yang Kai had used his Divine Sense to examine the terrain around here and couldn’t help muttering to himself.

Before exiting the Mysterious Small World, Li Rong told him that Coffin Slave Senior was most likely hiding in an extremely cold and desolate environment.

It seemed that her speculation was correct.

Coffin Slave Senior had been dead for innumerable years now, but even so, before his death, he was a powerful Saint Realm master and a member of the Ancient Demon Clan, so his body possessed incredible physical strength. Nevertheless, over the centuries, rot and decay would still occur and the only viable way to preserve his body would be to spend most of his time in a frozen, isolated area.

A cave deep inside a snowy mountain in the middle of a glacial dessert was undoubtedly the ideal location.

Li Rong had said that Coffin Slave Senior would go out once every ten years to search for cultivators that possessed Conflagrated Knowledge Seas, continuing until he either found one or could no longer maintain his strength before return to his resting place to restore himself.

Then, a decade later, he would set out again.

Li Rong didn’t know how many times Coffin Slave Senior had repeated this cycle, but he had sent in more than a dozen cultivators with Conflagrated Knowledge Seas over the years she knew about.

Turning his head to the side, Yang Kai immediately saw Coffin Slave Senior sitting cross-legged, his body exuding an unbearable rancid smell that made his stomach turn, his skin filled with old wounds, sores, scabs, and pus.

It wasn’t clear how much longer his body would be able to last.

Seeing him like this, Yang Kai instinctually understood that although he didn’t know what kind of obsession Coffin Slave Senior had that compelled him to loyally carry out this mission millennia after his death, such a person was worthy of respect!

Behind Coffin Slave Senior was the blood red coffin.

The world didn’t know what was hidden inside this coffin or what mysteries it concealed, but Yang Kai knew that in fact what was inside was the Mysterious Small World he had been a guest in for the past year and a half.

After reaching an understanding with Li Rong and the other Great Commanders, it took Yang Kai only half a month to refine all the remaining herbs into pills and after taking a day to recover, and the three leaders worked together to break the void of the Mysterious Small World and send Yang Kai out.

[I wonder if they found the gift I left them yet?] Yang Kai thought to himself, a smiling appearing on his face as he slowly stepped forward, keeping a watchful eye on Coffin Slave Senior.

He definitely didn’t want to wake up this living corpse Saint Realm master from his meditation.

Although he could use his Demon God Transformation to suppress Coffin Slave Senior, if there were any powerful masters nearby that detected his aura it would expose this hiding place.

Fortunately, Coffin Slave Senior seemed to be in a deep sleep and showed no signs of waking up.

After a long climb, Yang Kai finally exited the cave.

The bone-chilling wind blew past Yang Kai’s skin, alerting him to just how cold and unforgiving the surrounding environment was. Shivering from the cold, Yang Kai couldn’t help circulating his True Yang Secret Art to dispel the chill around him.

Seeing the blowing snowstorm all around him, Yang Kai gave up the idea of trying to find his bearings.

Although he had been in Tong Xuan Realm for more than a year and a half now, he had spent most of that time in the Mysterious Small World, so it wasn’t an exaggeration to say he was completely unfamiliar with this world. Even if he could figure out his bearings, he still wouldn’t know where to go next.

With no better option available, Yang Kai simply decided to set out, shooting off into the snowstorm like a lighting bolt, quickly disappearing.


Above Demon God Citadel, the three Great Commanders stared up at a slowly closing crack in the sky.

“He’s gone,” Han Fei muttered.

“En,” Li Rong nodded, “But he’ll be back.”

Hua Mo hesitated but was unable to stop himself eventually, “It’s not that I wish to play the gentlemen while thinking like a villain but, Senior Li, why are you certain he will honour his oath?”

“Instinct!” Li Rong smiled faintly, “That day, when he swore to us, the look in his eyes was very sincere, so I chose to believe in him. Just wait, he will definitely come back and lead us out of this world as he promised.”

Hua Mo’s brow furrowed but he no longer said anything.

Although he also wanted to believe Yang Kai’s promise, the idea that humans were cruel, cunning, and untrustworthy was deeply ingrained in his mentality, so who knew if Yang Kai had just said such words in order to deceive them.

“Mistress, Mistress!” At that moment, Guan’er suddenly ran over in a fluster.

“What’s happened?” Li Rong turned her head and gently brushed her hair back behind her ear.

“Look at this,” Guan’er said, reaching out and holding up something in her hands to the three Great Commanders.

“A Crystal Stone?” Li Rong was surprised, “Where did you get it?”

Although Han Fei had brought back a lot of Crystal Stones last time, compared to the demand of their entire clan it still wasn’t enough, so these Crystal Stones were currently being strictly managed by the three Great Commanders and were only given out at certain times to those who could truly make the best use of them.

Guan’er had also received a few pieces during the last distribution but she had quickly used them up and shouldn’t have any extra on her hands now.

“I found it in the stone room Yang Kai was using to study Alchemy! You should come and take a look, there’s still a lot of them there!” Guan’er’s face was filled with excitement as she quickly urged them.

Li Rong and Han Fei exchanged a dumbfound look before hurriedly flying off.

Soon, the three Great Commanders came to Yang Kai’s stone room, and after seeing the situation inside, they couldn’t help feeling stunned.

In the corner of the stone room, there was a mountain of Crystal Stones, the number too great to estimate!

“These…” Li Rong could hardly speak, her tender body shivering as she stared excitedly.

“These should be the ones he collected beneath the volcano last time,” Han Fei explained.

“This many?” Hua Mo almost bit his tongue as his face twitched awkwardly.

When they came back from the volcano last time, Han Fei had told them about the experience she and Yang Kai had under the volcano and also that Yang Kai had acquired a huge amount of Crystal Stones, but none of them had ever mentioned the issue again, much less asked him for them.

But apparently, before he left, he had decided to leave behind such a massive fortune to them.

The amount of Crystal Stones here was at least four times as many as the amount Han Fei had brought back.

“After giving us so many, he probably doesn’t have much left for himself,” Han Fei muttered, her pretty face showing a grateful look, her eyes suddenly fixing on a couple dozen crystal blocks that were placed in a more conspicuous position and gave off a much stronger aura, “He even left behind these Saint Crystals, he…”

When she recalled the little Crystal Stone mining episode she shared with Yang Kai under volcano, and how she had even conned him into giving her his shirt so she could carry more, Han Fei suddenly felt her cheeks become slightly hot.

“Senior Li…” Hua Mo took a deep breath, calming his excitement, and quickly said, “This old man also believes that he will definitely come back now.”

“En, definitely,” Li Rong smiled happily, tears of joy welling up at the corners of her eyes as she spoke her heartfelt thoughts.

If Yang Kai didn’t plan on returning, he would never have left them such a tremendous gift.

The reason he had left them such wealth was obviously because he hoped these Crystal Stones would be able to help the Ancient Demon Clan improve their strength, so when they finally left here, they would be better able to protect themselves.

[We can’t let down his expectations!] Li Rong secretly thought. Now, if anyone in Demon God Citadel wanted pills, they could have pills, if they wanted Crystal Stones, they could have Crystal Stones. Within a few years, these would lead to a comprehensive improvement in their Ancient Demon Clan’s strength.

When Yang Kai returns next time, the Ancient Demon Clan would also give him a big gift! Li Rong took a deep breath and reaffirmed her commitment.


Above the snowy mountains, Yang Kai continued his lonely journey. This glacial field was simply too big and the bone-chilling wind was relentless, he could only fly for so long before becoming physically and spiritually exhausted.

Yang Kai landed and started walking to conserve his strength, yet no matter how far he went he didn’t see another living soul, no humans, demons, or even Monster Beasts.

It was as if he was the only person in this endless white world.

The density of World Energy in this place was quite extraordinary, but the environment was completely desolate. Even cultivators skilled in Ice Attribute Secret Arts and Martial Skills would find it extremely difficult to endure such harsh conditions.

Yang Kai showed neither joy nor sadness, simply trudging along indifferently across the snow-capped mountains and fields of ice. The only time his expression changed was when he occasionally felt an unbearable burst of pain from his shoulder blades, the result of the Wind and Thunder Wings rampaging inside his body.

It had been some time now since he first absorbed the Wind and Thunder Wings and his progress in refining them was still progressing, but Yang Kai instinctually felt that refining the Wind and Thunder Wings was not as simple as nourishing them with his True Qi and that he needed some special method to truly complete the process.

After a few days in the snow-capped mountains, the wind and snow gradually began to weaken.

Atop a particularly high mountain, Yang Kai stood motionless, basking in the warm sunlight he had not seen or felt in many, many days, feeling particularly refreshed.


All of a sudden, he noticed several auras a few dozen kilometers away.

Yang Kai couldn’t help but smile happily. Currently, he had no idea where he was, so naturally, he wanted to seek out someone to ask for directions. After walking for several days though, he had yet to come across a single person, but now he had finally found someone.

Inferring from the strength of these people’s auras, they should not be Transcendent Realm masters, allowing Yang Kai to relax somewhat.

Smiling lightly, Yang Kai didn’t act hastily, leaving his perch atop the snowy mountain and slowly flying towards this group.

Several dozen kilometers away, atop the snow, a group of three people, one man and two women, all of whom were Immortal Ascension Boundary Seventh or Eighth Stage, were slowly walking along. The male was handsome while the females were beautiful, all three of them wearing matching golden robes which appeared particularly eye-catching above the pure white snow. Obviously, they were from the same Sect or family.

At the moment, the two women were walking in front with linked arms. Even in such a cold environment, one of the women’s clothes was still very thin, showcasing her slender figure and well-developed curves, drawing the heated eyes of the young man following behind her as her graceful waist and round hips swayed back and forth attractively.

The other woman was a little shorter and her pretty face contained a trace of curiosity and wonderment, once in a while pointing in various directions and giggling happily, seemingly innocent and cute.

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