Martial Peak

Chapter 66 – Please teach me

Chapter 66 - Please teach me

Seeing Li Yun Tian and the others kneeling on the ground, Wei Zhuan’s look of arrogance became even more pronounced. Laughing out heartily he said: “But kneeling alone doesn’t show your sincerity!”

Li Yun Tian and others became ashen faced as they clenched their teeth together before saying, their voices full of grief: “We ask that Senior Wei please be lenient.”

Wei Zhuan narrowed his eyes and his smile gradually disappeared. Li Yun Tian and the others had shown great courage, making him slightly moved.

“Wei Zhuan!” Su Mu called out as a belly full of blood rose up, “Between you and I, we cannot exist together!”

“You really are resolute!” Wei Zhuan clasp his two hands together and smashed down towards Su Mu’s abdomen.

With a loud bang, Su Mu spat out a mouthful of blood before fainting from the pain.

“Young master Su!” His followers bellowed out because they hadn’t predicted that Wei Zhuan would break his promise in front of such a audience.

“Don’t spare a single one!” Wei Zhuan cruelly commanded his men. Then he stood up beside Su Mu and kicked him like he was kicking a dead dog to the side.

The Sky Tower disciples that were previously facing Li Yun Tian and the others, sneered out and rushed over to them issuing challenges!

(TL: lololol, even when they are beating up people, it’s like: “Wait! Let’s first issue a challenge, because we need to obey school rules.”)

Just as they were going into a rage, not knowing how to vent their anger, their enemy came knocking. Was there any reason to reject the challenges?

This was a open and wild group fight, but each person had a set opponent. Wei Zhuan stood to the side as he watched and mocked: “Whoever refuses to comply, beat him to death. You might as well kill him to avoid a fuss!”

He clearly wanted to teach a good lesson to the people following Su Mu, to show them what lay in store for them when they followed the wrong person.

Because Kai Yang had been standing close to Li Yun Tian, he was also targeted by a disciple under Wei Zhuan. This person scuttled in front of Kai Yang, stated his name and, without waiting for Kai Yang to respond, he attacked.

Kai Yang sent out a kick accompanied by a thunderous sound into that person’s stomach causing them to immediately crouch down.

(TL: Don’t mess with his waifu SM. ED: I thought KY was done with sweeping trash, appears not.)

It was only because of his bad luck, with his cultivation at only the tempered body eight-ninth stage, and according to rules, he didn’t have the necessary qualifications to even challenge Kai Yang. But since he had asked for a beating, he could only blame himself.

Dodging through the battlefield, Kai Yang walked step by step to Su Mu.

“En?” Squinting his eyes towards Kai Yang, Wei Zhuan sized him up and a flash of suspicion passed through his eyes.

How many people were under Su Mu, what were their names, Wei Zhuan naturally knew all this. But Kai Yang he had never met, so he temporarily didn’t know Kai Yang’s identity.

Kai Yang silently approached Su Mu with a stoic face. Moving his hand, he went to feel for Su Mu’s breathing and found out that Su Mu had only fainted; leaving him at ease.

“Who are you?” Wei Zhuan wasn’t happy. With the differences between Su Mu and himself, when this person appeared to check Su Mu’s condition, it clearly showed that they didn’t put him in their eyes.

Standing up, Kai Yang calmly looked at Wei Zhuan.

“This master asked who you are.” Wei Zhuan lifted up his chin and stated in a stern voice.

“Trial disciple Kai Yang, please teach me!” Kai Yang cupped his hands at Wei Zhuan because this was the battle etiquette between Sky Tower disciples.

“Kai Yang?” Wei Zhuan looked blankly before quickly recovering himself, “You are the Kai Yang that won against Storm House?”

“I don’t dare, but if there are no other disciples called Kai Yang in the Main Gate, then that is I.”

“What a joke! An insignificant trial disciple dares to come and challenge this master! Do you have the right?” Wei Zhuan sneered.

“The Main Gate rules state that as long as the difference in cultivation between disciples doesn’t surpass three stages, then they are able to duel!”

“This master is at the initial element third stage, what can you be considered as?” Wei Zhuan looked at him with contempt. A trial disciple, he was only a disciple that had yet to breakthrough into the initial element stage. Since he had yet to breakthrough, then their stage difference would naturally have surpassed three stages already.

“I am also at the initial element third stage!” Kai Yang replied indifferently.

A sound of bewilderment echoed.

“That can’t be possible. Kai Yang has already reached the initial element third stage?”

“Didn’t they say it took him three years to reach the tempered body third stage? Was it because he had said the wrong thing? Or did I just remember incorrectly?”

“That’s strange, Kai Yang only just recently challenged me. When he did so he was still at the tempered body eighth stage, so how could he reach this stage in less than a month?”

All types of questions, by no means few in number arose.

Wei Zhuan was also full of suspicions regarding Kai Yang, constantly wondering if he was lying or not. If he had reached the initial element stage, then why was he still a trial disciple?

What he didn’t know was that it was only last night that Kai Yang broke through. Furthermore, he had gone from the tempered body ninth stage directly to the initial element third stage.

“Don’t I have the right to challenge you now?” Kai Yang narrowed his eyes as he asked, there was an ominous glint in them.

“If you really have this level of cultivation, then you have the necessary right to challenge me.” Wei Zhuan nodded his head and laughed maliciously: “Only if you are not afraid of death!”

Kai Yang laughed indifferently: “I hope that you are also not afraid of death!”

“Talking big!” Wei Zhuan was angry as he thought about the fact that he was still wearing his defensive artifact. So even if he was an initial element staged martial practitioner, he still wouldn’t be able to break through his defense; this made him practically invincible. While only being at the initial element third stage, how could he possibly win against me?

“Come. I’ll allow you to punch me as a test!” Wei Zhuan waved his hand towards Kai Yang, full of arrogance and anger.

Would Kai Yang be courteous? Rushing forward, he directly sent a fist straight into Wei Zhuan’s chest.

Boiling hot Yang World Qi erupted. Not only was Wei Zhuan unharmed, Kai Yang’s body instead shook as he retreated quite a few steps. Lowering his head, he saw that his hand was red; it was clear that he had been injured by his own World Qi.

“Hehe! You overestimated yourself!” Wei Zhuan was very proud of this outcome, but his face soon fell because he discovered that this Kai Yang’s eyes had become red in colour. He started to emit violent and boiling hot fluctuations of World Qi from his body.

In his eyes, there wasn’t the slightest hit of a desire to retreat or fear, rather only excitement beyond compare. His eyes were like those of a terrible beast, looking at its prey; the slightest bit of movement would make him pounce.

Without warning, Wei Zhuan started to move but Kai Yang had already pounced on him. Within his dantian, a drop of Yang Liquid disappeared and appeared in his fingers. With a simple thought, it became a blade as thin as a cicada’s wing and as red as blood.

A blood red ray of light flashed by, accompanied by slicing and cutting sounds as Kai Yang and Wei Zhuan exchanged blows.

Wei Zhuan only felt his stomach turn cold. As he looked down, his heart dropped and he shrieked out: “My Embroided Cloud Locking Mail!” 

This Embroidered Cloud Locking Mail was an ordinary grade middle class artifact. Although it’s rank wasn’t high, it was very suitable for someone at his level. He didn’t know where the Grand Elder obtained it from, but he had given it to him. Back then, the Grand Elder had said very clearly that normally, a initial element martial practitioner would be unable to break through this defensive artifact’s defenses, unless they used a great killing weapon.

But now, this treasure that he had such faith in, had been cut by a fellow disciple in a duel; one who was only at the initial element third stage.

What martial weapon did he just use! Was that red blade also a secret weapon? And its grade should also be higher than the Embroidered Cloud Locking Mail? If not so, how could this shocking event occur?

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