Martial Peak

Chapter 633, You’re A Real Animal

Inside the forest, Yun Xuan and Ruan Xin Yu leaned against a big tree, both of them feeling incredibly weak.

Yun Xuan was both emotionally and physically tired while Ruan Xin Yu was mentally and physically tired. Both of them took to resting against this big tree for quite some time before they gradually recovered.

There was still one big lingering question on Ruan Xin Yu’s mind though, and that was how the Charm Monster, who had easily killed Sun Ying, ended up dying in such a miserable fashion?

At that time, she was unconscious, and Yang Kai and Yun Xuan were concealed inside the Charm Monster’s barrier, so even if she was awake she wouldn’t have known what had happened.

After taking care of the aftermath around here, Ruan Xin Yu asked Yun Xuan about this.

Yun Xuan hesitated for a while before briefly explaining what had happened. Ruan Xin Yu of course was immediately shocked, “He killed her?”

“En,” Yun Xuan nodded lightly, glancing over at Yang Kai who was still meditating not far away, a look of confusion flashing across her face.

“You’re kidding right?” Ruan Xin Yu quickly realized something wasn’t right, “Even if that Charm Monster’s body wasn’t strong, her Spiritual Energy is much stronger than an ordinary Transcendent, before she died, if she had used any kind of Divine Sense attack, it should have been enough to kill him, what kind of ability does he have to be able to survive such an attack?”

“I don’t know,” Yun Xuan shook her head, “I only saw the scene where he killed the Charm Monster, I don’t remember anything else.”

“Then when you and him…”

“Don’t ask,” Yun Xuan’s face suddenly became awkward. Although she was poisoned at the time and her memory was quite vague, she would still remember some blurry images from time to time, and while her mind many not remember much, her body’s feelings were still quite vivid. Especially the tearing pain she felt in her most private depths.

Remembering that one instant caused Yun Xuan’s face to blush red.

“He’s really a strange person,” Ruan Xin Yu seemed to have some interest in Yang Kai, “Only a trivial Immortal Ascension Boundary Seventh Stage cultivator yet capable of killing a Charm Monster. On top of that… even Zhuo Luo couldn’t take a single blow from him.”

Zhuo Luo was the captain of a small team in Bold Independent Union. Regarding his strength, neither Ruan Xin Yu nor Yun Xuan were his opponent. Therefore, Yang Kai easily being able to kill him meant if he wanted to, he could also kill both of them.

“You’ve really picked up a treasure, if you can pull him into the Union…” Ruan Xin Yu’s eyes flashed as she thought about such prospects.

“Even if I could win him over, what of it? Ji Hong, all of them, they’re all dead…” Yun Xuan’s face sank, remembering how the team members she had been together with for over three years had all died, none of them having even seen their enemy before being cruelly murdered. She couldn’t help feeling a deep pain in her heart, “On top of that, I don’t know if he would even be willing to join Bold Independent Union.”

“If you don’t want to win him over, then let me try,” Ruan Xin Yu leapt up, an eager look of excitement appearing on her face, “So many of our members died, so there’s a need to do some recruitment.”

“You’re not allowed to have any ideas about him!” Yun Xuan immediately objected.

“Tch, such a fickle woman… You say you have no interest in him and don’t want to rope him in, but you also won’t allow me to try? What is this?”

“In any case, you’re not allowed!” Yun Xuan said seriously.

“Fine fine, I won’t argue with you since you’re wounded right now. I’ll give you some face,” Ruan Xin Yu laughed.

Although the two of them had been at odds before, after surviving this life threatening crisis, the bad feelings between the two of them had diminished significantly and their mutual grudge has basically disappeared, allowing them to interact far more harmoniously.

As the two were speaking, they suddenly heard a long breath. The two women glanced over towards Yang Kai and saw him open his eyes. Although his injuries hadn’t fully healed yet, his complexion was much better than before.

As if aware of their gazes, Yang Kai also glanced over at them, and when his eyes met with Yun Xuan’s, his expression became a little unnatural. As for Yun Xuan, she quickly averted her gaze as her tender body slightly trembled.

Remembering the fierce battle the two of them had fought; her entire body couldn’t help becoming somewhat hot.

Ruan Xin Yu obviously saw their reactions and faintly smiled, beckoning to Yang Kai as she called out, “Little brother, come over here.”

Yang Kai coughed lightly and stood up, walking over to the two young women and sitting down in front of them, his expression calm and composed.

Ruan Xin Yu’s pair of beautiful eyes swayed as she glanced over Yang Kai’s naked upper body, a touch of admiration flaring up inside her. She had never noticed before but this young man’s physique was really quite good, his muscles were firm yet not bulky and seemed to contain an explosive power, it was no wonder he had dared to lure the Charm Monster in close in order to find an opportunity to kill her.

“How is your injury?” Ruan Xin Yu asked.

“I won’t die,” Yang Kai grinned.

“Your body’s not bad,” Ruan Xin Yu said, throwing him a coquettish look.

Her overt actions obviously made Yun Xuan unhappy and earned her a gentle pinch.

Yang Kai awkwardly scratched his nose and began to say, “Yesterday…”

“Nothing happened yesterday,” Yun Xuan quickly interrupted him, trying to deceive both him and herself.

Hearing this, Yang Kai was stunned but quickly laughed, “That’s for the best.”

He thought this woman would cling to him and make a tearful scene but unexpectedly she reacted so calmly and indicated she didn’t want to bring up yesterday’s episode again. Her thoughts lined up well with Yang Kai’s intentions.

The event of yesterday was not something Yang Kai had done willingly, but under the influence of the Charm Monster’s Spiritual Energy toxin. Both of them were unable to help themselves, and Yang Kai also intended on luring in the Charm Monster, so he could only make the best of a bad situation.

Dealing with an enemy like the Charm Monster, if he couldn’t get close to her and get her to drop her guard, Yang Kai wouldn’t have been able to kill her.

“Hmph…” Ruan Xin Yu immediately became disgruntled and glared at Yang Kai, “Nothing happened? Do you intend on eating a meal and then skipping out on the bill? Yun Xuan saying so is barely acceptable but what about you? Do you not dare admit your own mistakes?”

“What do you want to say?” Yang Kai asked. The concerned parties were willing to let the matter drop yet now this Ruan Xin Yu suddenly decided to butt in, obviously this made Yang Kai feel a bit bewildered.

“I want you to take responsibility of course,” Ruan Xin Yu said crisply, “The innocence Yun Xuan protected for thirty years was robbed by you, don’t tell me you don’t feel the slightest bit responsible?”

Yang Kai’s brow furrowed as he looked at Ruan Xin Yu with great interest, “Weren’t you both enemies? Why are you suddenly fighting for her?”

Ruan Xin Yu simply sneered, “How I relate to her is none of your damn business. Right now, I’m standing up for her as a fellow woman. Helping her seek justice is only natural.”

“Are you also a virgin?” Yang Kai evilly chuckled.

Ruan Xin Yu’s face went stiff as she scolded, “Bastard!”

Raising her hand to smack Yang Kai across his face, she suddenly stopped and thought her actions weren’t quite right. She was definitely not his opponent so she could only retract her hand and gnash her teeth indignantly, blushing.

“Good,” Yun Xuan interjected, “Xin Yu, this is my own matter, I’ll solve it myself. You don’t have to say anymore.”

Ruan Xin Yu was helpless, shooting a hateful glare towards Yang Kai before turning her gaze away and snorting.

Turning her attention to Yang Kai, Yun Xuan’s beauty eyes clouded over somewhat as she stared absentmindedly.

After a long time, Yun Xuan finally said, “I want to ask you a few things, and seeing how I’ve just eaten such a big loss, I hope you can answer me honestly.”

“Go ahead. If I can, I won’t conceal anything!” Yang Kai gently nodded and replied frankly.

“Who exactly are you? What is your true cultivation?” Yun Xuan asked seriously, obviously she wanted to know more about this young man who had obtained her purity.

“Like I told you before, I’m just a traveler from a very remote place. As to where exactly I’m from, I can’t describe it clearly. As for my cultivation realm, it’s exactly as you can see, Immortal Ascension Boundary Seventh Stage, I haven’t made any attempt to conceal this point,” Yang Kai replied truthfully, pausing for a moment before adding, “Well, but my Immortal Ascension Boundary Seventh Stage cultivation isn’t quite the same as an ordinary cultivator. In the Immortal Ascension Boundary, I’m probably an invincible existence.”

“Shameless boasting!” Ruan Xin Yu snorted. Although she felt he was somewhat exaggerating, remembering his previous performance, he indeed had some impressive strength.

“What is your relationship with Shui Ling of Water Spirit Temple? Why does she care so much about you?” Yun Xuan asked again.

“My relationship with her… is not what you think, we can only be regarded as normal friends. The reason she cares about me is probably because I helped her when she found herself in a difficult situation.”

Yun Xuan gently nodded, seemingly satisfied with this answer, thinking for a moment before continuing, “Why did you insist on following us on this mission? Inside the mine, why didn’t you clearly state what kind of danger there was. Since you’re so strong, when my Bold Independent Union disciples were being killed, why didn’t you take action sooner and instead waited until… until… she dropped her guard.”

This time, as Yun Xuan asked, her tone gradually became somewhat excited.

However, Yang Kai just calmly shook his head, “You’re suspicious of my intentions, right? You suspect that I have some kind of ulterior motive for entering Bold Independent City. However, you can rest assured that everything I’ve told you is the truth. Deciding to follow you on this mission was really because I wanted to return the favour I owed you for delivering me that piece of Sky Cicada Jade, and now that I’ve saved your life, I’d say our debts are cleared. As for not warning you back inside the mine, if you recall, I did try to warn you, but you didn’t trust me and I couldn’t provide any evidence. If I had tried to say anything more you would have only become even more suspicious of me, so I decided to say nothing. In any case, our relationship wasn’t that close, we couldn’t even be considered friends, so the lives of your Bold Independent Union disciples were irrelevant to me!”

“Finally, regarding me waiting for the Charm Monster to drop her guard… If she didn’t show any opening, how was I supposed to kill her? If I had really tried to fight her head on, I might not necessarily have been her opponent; you should have realized just how powerful her Spiritual Energy was. As for obtaining your innocence, although it wasn’t my intention, that truly was my fault, so however you want to beat or curse me I won’t object. In any case, what’s done is done.” Saying so, Yang Kai’s attitude became one of a dead pig that doesn’t fear boiling water.

Hearing his gruff dismissal, Ruan Xin Yu ground her teeth and wanted to curse, but also secretly rejoiced. Fortunately, Yang Kai had chosen Yun Xuan, if he had instead picked her, she would have been the one to suffer. Thinking so, Ruan Xin Yu couldn’t help feeling some lingering fear.

Although she was quite optimistic about this boy’s potential, it wasn’t to the point where she would freely offer up her body to win him over. If such a thing had really happened to her, Ruan Xin Yu felt she would probably have tried to hack him to pieces with her sword.

In comparison, Yun Xuan’s tolerance was quite strong.

Yun Xuan was also quite upset. Obviously, she was the one who had suffered the biggest loss here, but now Yang Kai was the one putting on a wronged expression.

Taking a deep breath, Yun Xuan slowly calmed herself, and upon opening her eyes, she gave Yang Kai an indifferent glare.

“Yang Kai…” Yun Xuan muttered softly.

“Hm?” Yang Kai replied softly.

“You’re a real animal!” Yun Xuan’s said gently.

“En…” Yang Kai blushed somewhat awkwardly.

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