Martial Peak

Chapter 628, Charm Monster

The three teams originally had more than twenty members in total, but now less than half that number was still alive.

All of the Immortal Ascension Boundary cultivators realized at this moment just how fragile they were.

Although everyone felt sorrowful about the loss of their friends, there was no time for them to mourn as the priority right now was to escape.

Yang Kai followed behind the survivors, not daring to release his Divine Sense too strongly because although the enemy that killed Sun Ying had yet to make an appearance, his instincts told him that a pair of eyes was still watching them closely.

This hidden gaze was seemingly calm and composed and even contained a hint of mockery, like a predator that was enjoying the scene of its prey desperately trying to escape.

Yang Kai’s heart sank when he realized this because it meant the trouble they were facing right now was bigger than he had initial anticipated.

But unable to judge the true strength of his enemy and unable to even locate their position, Yang Kai could only take one step at a time.

The survivors from Bold Independent Union were also incredibly uneasy.


A sharp whooshing sound flew past them, causing everyone’s face to tighten. Freezing up for an instant, everyone quickly and silently assumed a defensive posture as they stared around their surroundings.

No one say anything.

But a moment later, Ji Hong screamed, “Young Lady, Zheng Wu, he… he…”

Hearing this, the crowd all turned towards the young man named Zheng Wu and saw that his eyes had glazed over and his body had gone limp as he stood there absentmindedly, the vitality quickly draining from his body.

“Zheng Wu…” One of the others who had a good relationship with him called out, but he received no response.

After Zheng Wu’s shoulder was tapped by this youth, the former fell straight to the ground, kicking up a small cloud of dust.

“Ahh…” Ruan Xin Yu screamed, her hand reaching up and covering her lips as all the colour drained from her face.

“He’s dead!” Ji Hong’s eyes widened as he stared at this scene in disbelief.

Yun Xuan was also greatly frightened, her pretty face drained to a pale white as her eyes darted around, desperately seek for the enemy’s whereabouts yet getting nothing for her effort.

Zhou Luo also couldn’t help trembling in fear.

The man named Zheng Wu was a member of his team and was a strong Immortal Ascension Boundary Sixth Stage cultivator, yet right in front of the eyes of so many others he was silently killed and bore no sign of any injuries or wounds on his body.

This unexpected development cause a cold chill to shoot up everyone’s back.

Their hidden enemy being able to silently kill Zheng Wu meant that any of them could also easily be killed.

After realizing this fact, everyone suddenly began to panic.

“Keep moving!” Yang Kai’s expression darkened as he shouted.

A moment ago, he noticed a strange and sinister Spiritual Energy attack pass by.

That Spiritual Energy attack was so powerful that even he felt uneasy. Such a powerful Divine Sense attack from the hidden enemy was definitely capable of silently killing anyone below the Transcendent Realm.

If the enemy wanted to, they could take the lives of everyone here in an instant.

But they hadn’t done this.

Yang Kai could only think of one possibility for this and that was that their enemy had a twisted personality that revelled in watching their victims struggle and panic.

Such an enemy was very difficult to deal with! Yang Kai had to find some kind of flaw in the enemies plans; he didn’t expect to be able to kill him, simply escaping would be enough.

While he was pushing his brain for an answer, Yun Xuan finally regained her composure, taking a deep breath to calm her nerves before waving her hand, “Let’s go!”

The small group continued forward and soon reached Sun Ying’s barrier. Originally, Sun Ying had arranged this barrier to completely encircle the mine in order to prevent any of the Metal Devouring Beasts from escaping, but now it had ironically become the barrier to their escape instead.

If they wanted to get out, they first had to bring down Sun Ying’s barrier.

Yun Xuan, Ruan Xin Yu, and Zhou Luo quickly joined forces to open the barrier.

But just after they began, another wisp of wind passed by.


Just like Zheng Wu before him, another Immortal Ascension Boundary cultivator fell lifelessly to ground.

With their Knowledge Sea completely destroyed, there was no way this person could survive.

Yun Xuan and everyone else shivered and didn’t dare make any movements for fear that the hidden enemy would target them next. In this environment, none of them could find any sense of security.

After waiting for a long time, nothing happened.

Everyone gasped for breath, glanced at each other, and then began opening the barrier again.


A third person fell.

Ruan Xin Yu suddenly began crying, her tears falling down like raindrop, her shoulders trembling as she whimpered, “What is happening, just who is it that’s secretly picking us off?”

Yun Xuan took a deep breath and despite her fear, still tried to maintain her calm, calling out the void, “Which respected Master is here? Please show yourself. We are disciples of Bold Independent Union and have only come here to execute a mission assigned to us by our Sect. If we have somehow offended you, we deeply apologize and ask you to please be broadminded.”

“Hehehe….* A string of silver bell-like laughter that seemed to contain an endless sense of charm suddenly reached everyone’s ears. Anyone who heard this sound, regardless of who it was, couldn’t help feeling a heat well up inside their body.

“Since you dared try to catch my Monster Beasts, you’ll have to pay an appropriate price,” The voice seemed to drift from place to place so none of them could determine where it was actually coming from , sometimes it seemed to be right next to their ear yet in the next instant it was far away.

Yun Xuan’s face sank even more as she desperately tried to put on a forced smile, “We weren’t aware that these Monster Beasts already had a master, if we had known…”

“There’s no need to explain, now I just want to have a little fun killing you. All of you, do struggle hard and give me some fun. hehehe…” The voice was soft and silky, stirring up the deepest most base instincts of any man who heard them, causing them to want nothing more in life than to find the voice’s owner and wantonly ravage them.

Yang Kai quietly circulated his Joyous Unification Art and quickly dispelled the fire in his body with a small sneer forming on his face.

He discovered that this hidden enemy really was as he thought a twisted person who enjoyed toying with her food. This kind of enemy was very dangerous, but also very arrogant, as long as he held out; she would definitely show some flaws.

What Yang Kai was most worried about right now though was if she would target him.

Once she tried to use her Divine Sense to attack him, Yang Kai wouldn’t be able to conceal his real combat power and would instantly become her primary target.

Hearing this mysterious woman’s voice, Yun Xuan was dumbfounded and hurriedly shouted a few more words, but she no longer got any response; instead, a fourth Bold Independent Union disciple was killed right in front of her eyes.

A huge sense of panic spread throughout the survivors and Yun Xuan and everyone else sped up their efforts to open the barrier.

One after another, the cultivators fell down, and as time passed the hidden enemy no longer seemed content to kill one person at a time, sometimes taking two or even three at once.

The number of Bold Independent Union disciples plummeted, and the members of Yun Xuan’s team fell one after another.

Seeing the companions she had been together with for so many years slowly die one by one, yet never once being able to lay eyes on their killer, Yun Xuan couldn’t stop her tears from flowing out as unbearable pain filled her heart.

Ji Hong finally couldn’t handle it anymore, hefting his great axe in both hands over his head and roaring in anger, “Damn slut, show yourself! Or what, are you so ashamed of your ugly face you don’t dare let others see you!?”

The moment he spoke these words though, Ji Hong’s body shivered violently before freezing in place. Although he remained standing in front of the remaining survivors, his giant axe still lifted high, appearing akin to a great fortress that could shelter them from wind and rain. However, in a matter of seconds, his vitality had disappeared and Ji Hong had died.

“Ji Hong!” Yun Xuan cried out in agony.

Yang Kai shook his head as his expression became bitter, annoyed in his heart.

This big bearded man was simple and honest. Although somewhat lewd, but he treated others fairly and Yang Kai had a fairly good impression of him…

Sweeping his eyes over the crowd, Yang Kai discovered that only three members of Bold Independent Union remained.

He didn’t know if it was the enemy’s intention or not but the remaining three people were the three team captains.

With the addition of Yang Kai, that made four.

Having remained safe and sound until now was a pleasant surprise to Yang Kai and made him feel slightly lucky, but now that only these four people remained, if their hidden enemy attacked again, her target would likely be him.

After thinking about it for a moment, Yang Kai shouted, “Miss, don’t you think it’s about time you come out? Even if I die, I’d at least like to see who it was that killed me.”

“Are you insane?” Zhou Luo roared as he glared at Yang Kai.

This hidden enemy’s methods were cruel and merciless; she killed people like killing flies. Now that the barrier was on the verge of opening and they could flee from here, the last thing Zhou Luo had expected was for Yang Kai to say something so stupid.

Wasn’t this just adding fuel to the fire?

If she were to really appear… Just thinking about it caused Zhou Luo to tremble.

A few meters away, the air suddenly began to distort and a blurry figure strangely appeared, gradually solidifying.

Upon seeing this figure though, all the anger on Zhou Luo’s face suddenly disappeared and was replaced by a of pure infatuation, as if he couldn’t wait to throw himself to the ground and worship this woman.

Not only Zhou Luo, but even Yang Kai’s eyes flashed a hot light, his heart suddenly giving birth to a strange desire.

This young woman was incredibly beautiful, a shapely face with long supple black hair, a tight waist and rounded hips along with thin red lips, she was slender and graceful beyond words, and she gave off a somewhat soft and weak image, causing one to unconsciously want to care for and protect her.

Especially charming was her pair of clear, innocent eyes that seemed to draw in the soul of any man who saw them, shackling his heart to her.

Her skin was a soft white and gave off a delicate feeling. Her thin waist seemed tender while her hips were the perfect shape. Her twin peaks were neither too big nor too small, just the perfect size to accentuate her figure. She wore a one piece leather outfit that exposed her lower abdomen and lovely navel. She wore no shoes, allowing one to see her exquisite feet that seemed to be cared from the finest jade.

Zhou Luo’s eyes burned with desire and hot steam leaked from his nose as he stared at this woman, his breathing quickly becoming ragged.

Yang Kai on the other hand wore a cold expression as he became even more vigilant.

He had seen many beautiful women before, but even the bewitching Shan Qing Luo couldn’t suddenly eliminate all the anger and hostility in his heart simply by appearing before him.

But this woman could, the instant she showed her face, Yang Kai suddenly discovered that all negative emotions he had in his heart had vanished and all that remained was a desire to protect her.

His first instinct was that if such a weak yet beautiful woman had no one protecting her, she would soon fall into danger.

“A Charm Monster!” Yun Xuan cried out in alarm, her face instantly going pale.

Ruan Xin Yu also seemed to understand the true identity of this woman and her tender body couldn’t help trembling, a strange feeling of inferiority and self-deprecation suddenly welling up in her heart.

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