Martial Peak

Chapter 605 – Return To the Central Capital

Inside Tranquil Phoenix Pavilion, Yang Kai closed his eyes and absorbed the Spiritual Energy left behind by the Spider Mother after her death, enhancing his strength and his understanding of Heavenly Way and Martial Dao.

Suddenly smelling an enchanting fragrance that wafted past the tip of his nose, Yang Kai slowly blinked, only to discover Bi Luo half-squatting in front of him, a strange light smoldering in the depths of her beautiful eyes as she stared at him curiously.

“What?” Yang Kai asked somewhat vigilantly. This little girl had always been hostile to him so now, suddenly seeing her stare at him with a curious and almost fascinated look made Yang Kai somewhat uncomfortable.

“I suddenly thought that you’re quite fierce,” Bi Luo grinned, “How did you kill the Spider Mother alone? It was a Seventh-Order Monster Beast. Even Mistress said that she wasn’t confident she could defeat it. The Thunderbolt Beast King and Spider Mother only had a partnership of equals because he was unable to subdue it. Just what method did you use to kill it and extract its Monster Core.”

It seemed like after Yang Kai rescued Shan Qing Luo, Bi Luo’s hostility towards him had vanished.

However, Yang Kai still furrowed his brow and didn’t answer, instead asking, “How is your Mistress now?”

“Everything is fine. She still has her Poison Widow Body Special Constitution, but the toxic backlash has been solved,” Bi Luo smiled charmingly as she stared into Yang Kai’s eyes. Bi Luo was an enchanting woman in her own right and because she had spent many years in Shan Qing Luo’s service she had even cultivated a very profound Seduction Technique. Even if it wasn’t to the same degree as Shan Qing Luo, the charm Bi Luo had as a woman was far from ordinary, “Mistress is currently attacking her bottleneck so when she next comes out her strength will have increased dramatically.”

“That’s good,” Yang Kai finally put down the burden in his heart, “Then the matters between her and I have been solved.”

Pausing for a moment, he continued, “En, since she is in retreat, I won’t bother her. I should head back to the Central Capital and have a look at the situation over there. I’ll have to ask you to inform her of my whereabouts when she exits her seclusion.”

“You can’t go!” Bi Luo suddenly rushed up and grabbed one of Yang Kai’s arms.

Yang Kai stared at her with a dumbfounded look, “Why can’t I leave? There’s nothing more for me to do here.”

“Well… In any case, you can’t go. When Mistress exits her retreat, the first thing she’ll want to do is see you! If you just leave now, she’ll definitely be sad.”

“You’re not serious, right?” Yang Kai suddenly felt a headache coming on.

Bi Luo’s eyes shifted a few times before she suddenly smiled, “If you stay here, I’ll show you something nice.”

“Something nice?”

Bi Luo’s face turned bright red as she suddenly stood up resolutely, her tender body trembling slightly as she lifted her arms and slowly removed her robes, unveiling her perfectly proportioned snow-white body to Yang Kai’s eyes. It was as if the most exquisite jade carving had appeared before him out of nowhere.

Her proud peaks that seemingly defied gravity were dazzlingly soft and her waist was thin and delicate without the slightest excess fat. Further down her most intimate place flashed in and out of view as her two long, slender legs shifted back and forth charmingly. The entire room slowly began filling with an intoxicating fragrance that seemed to gently waft from her naked form.

Standing in front of Yang Kai without a stitch of clothing on her, gently twisting her hips, showing off her exquisite curves, such a scene was enough to arouse the flames of passion from any man. Bi Luo was truly as beautiful as an Immortal Fairy, causing any male who saw her to want to embrace and devastate her maliciously.

Her pretty face was dyed red while her normally pure white neck had a healthy pink tinge to it as well, biting her luscious lips gently, she didn’t dare to look directly into Yang Kai’s eyes.

“Beautiful?” Bi Luo asked, her voice as quiet as a mosquito.

But this tiny voice finally shook Yang Kai out of his daze, his dumbstruck expression instantly being replaced by one filled with burning passion and lust.

However, this animalistic gaze only lasted a moment before his eyes became clear again, a strange smile slowly spreading across his face, “This situation seems a bit off doesn’t it? Don’t you like women? Why are you suddenly showing so much enthusiasm towards me?”

Bi Luo somewhat coyly replied, “Oh… Men aren’t so bad either… Is there something wrong with having a taste for both men and women?”

Yang Kai face went black.

“Fine fine,” Bi Luo suddenly snorted, “Mistress said in her current state she’s unable to serve you, so she sent me here to replace her, firstly to take care of your ‘needs’, and secondly to thank you for everything you did for her. Mistress pledged that when she exits her retreat she’ll personally go forth into ‘battle’.”

Having spilled the truth already, Bi Luo no longer acted shyly and instead boldly stepped forward and pushed Yang Kai down onto the bed, smoothly mounting his body as she grinned teasingly, licking her red lips as a look of debauchery flashed across her face, “However, if you want to play today, I’ll accompany you. There’s no need to hold back.”

Yang Kai smiled back at her, extended his hands towards her and gently held her waist, only to in the next moment lift her up, sit her onto the bed, and wrap the nearby beddings around her, covering up her figure and stepped aside without saying a word.

“You…” This time it was Bi Luo’s turn to be dumbstruck as she stared blankly at Yang Kai.

The last time he was a guest at the Tranquil Phoenix Pavilion, he obviously wasn’t such a gentlemen and had even forced her to taste something she had never experienced before, yet this time when she took the initiative to seduce him, he was actually completely indifferent?

Did he lose his manhood or something?

“I’m not in the mood.” Yang Kai shook his head gently and sighed.

Su Yan had been brought to an entirely different world by Meng Wu Ya and Yang Kai had absolutely no idea how she was. On top of that, there were so many things he had to deal with that Yang Kai really didn’t have time to enjoy the company of women, especially one whose tastes were as ‘exotic’ as Bi Luo’s. He was afraid that if he really got involved with Bi Luo, the consequences would be beyond his ability to withstand.

“Qing Luo…” Yang Kai called out suddenly.

Shan Qing Luo’s voice quickly resounded in his mind, “Little bastard, since when did you become such a gentleman?”

How could Yang Kai not have detected that her Divine Sense had been paying attention to the movement here since the beginning?

“I’ve always been a virtuous gentleman.” Yang Kai righteously declared.

Shan Qing Luo giggled happily, obviously not believing a word he said.

A while later, Shan Qing Luo sighed quietly, “Are you really leaving?”

“En.” Yang Kai nodded gently.

“Then go, when I come out, I’ll come find you.”

“I’m afraid this time you won’t be able to find me, the place I’m going to is not in this world.”

Shan Qing Luo curiously asked, “You’re going to that higher world?”

“You know about it?” Yang Kai asked in amazement.

“I heard about it from Yang Bai, but I don’t know very much. However… you still have my Soul Seeking Seal within your body, even if you travel to the ends of the earth, or even beyond, I’ll still be able to find you.” Shan Qing Luo said smugly.

Yang Kai grinned, “If that’s what you think, then you’re welcome to try, in any case, take care of yourself!”

Saying so, Yang Kai glanced back at Bi Luo, who was no lying down atop the bed, and sent out a whip made of True Qi that gently struck across her smooth white bottom.

Bi Luo let out a half yelp, half moan, her face instantly flushing bright red as a trace of excitement flashed across her eyes.

Seeing her reaction, Yang Kai laughed happily and flew out the window, a moment later disappearing across the horizon.

Bi Luo slowly got up, wrapping a thin sheet around her body as she walked over to the window and leaned against it, staring off in the direction Yang Kai disappeared as she muttered, “Mistress, letting him go just like that, are you alright with that?”

“You took the initiative to seduce him whole-heartedly yet you couldn’t even force him to remain for a single breath. Obviously, he has many important things weighing on his heart right now. Although that little bastard likes to act shamelessly, a woman’s body alone isn’t enough to confuse him. Trying to seduce him with only beauty isn’t possible. In his heart I have some weight, but that weight isn’t very great. Later, when that weight becomes heavy enough, we’ll naturally be together.”

“Love and sentiment are really troublesome,” Bi Luo mumbled.

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“Good, he seems to have left something behind, it’s probably for you, have a look at it yourself,” Shan Qing Luo gently reminded before focusing her attention back on her own cultivation.

Hearing this, Bi Luo turned around and walked towards the bed, lifting the ruffled beddings she quickly found a small sealed bottle and picked it up, curiously looking it over.


Central Capital.

The vast majority of the Central Capital City was still in ruins. Although many cultivators from all over the Great Han Dynasty’s forces had come here to help in the reconstruction due to the now incredibly rich World Energy that pervaded the Central Capital, the work still proceeded quite slowly. At this rate, it would likely take more than a decade to restore the Central Capital to its former glory.

The masters from the Eight Great Families were also participating actively in this reconstruction work.

As for the eight young family heads, with assistance from the older generation masters, were now smoothing commanding the situation and everything was proceeding in an orderly fashion.

Qiu Yi Meng also busied herself, wearing a silk scarf tied atop her head; she now looked like an ordinary village girl, or rather a beautiful village girl.

“Matriarch, there’s no need for you to personally handle such menial labour, you can simply direct operations here from the sidelines. What would happen if you damage your delicate skin by slaving away in these dirty ruins under the hot sun?” A old Qiu Family female Elder kindly advised Qiu Yi Meng who was currently digging through the rubble with her bare hands.

However, Qiu Yi Meng just shook her head with a smile, “It’s alright, in any case, I’m bored just sitting around signing paperwork. If I don’t do something to keep myself occupied… I always have some unwanted thoughts occupying my mind.”

“Is Matriarch still thinking about that little brat from the Yang Family?” The old woman grumbled before suddenly sighed, “To die so young, the Heavens truly must have been jealous of his talents.”

“Grandmother!” Qiu Yi Meng’s face suddenly became upset as she quietly rebuked, “He’s not dead.”

The old woman opened her mouth and wanted to console Qiu Yi Meng, but she couldn’t find any words to say.

After more than half a year, the Yang Family’s little brat had yet to appear; if he was still, he should have shown up long ago.

Ninety nine percent of people now firmly believed he was dead.

Only the youths who had resided in his mansion during the Inheritance War were still convinced that Yang Kai was alive, but obviously none of them could say where he currently was.

Only the young could have such unwavering trust in a person, the old woman lamented endlessly.

Suddenly, a piercing eagle came echoed throughout the sky, a hint of surprise and joy apparent within its resounding tone. When she heard this eagle cry, Qiu Yi Meng instinctively looked up and saw a giant Golden Feather Eagle transform into a streak of golden light and quickly dash beyond the Central Capital’s borders.

In their search for Yang Kai, naturally they had utilised the unique sensing abilities of the Yang Family’s Golden Feather Eagles.

However, a dozen or so Golden Feather Eagles had been searching for half a year and had yet to produce any results.

Only the Golden Feather Eagle that belonged exclusively to Yang Kai had been constantly hovering over the Central Capital since Yang Kai disappeared- until today, when out of nowhere it suddenly shot off.

“What happened to that eagle?” The Qiu Family Elder muttered, slightly surprised.

Qiu Yi Meng, who was still staring in the direction the eagle disappeared, suddenly became incredibly excited, a brilliant light flashed across her beautiful eyes as she shouted joyfully, “He’s back, he’s finally back!”

Shouting so, her body flickered as she hastily chased after the Golden Feather Eagle.

“He really didn’t die?” The old woman called out in shock, releasing her Divine Sense towards the direction Qiu Yi Meng had just flown. Unfortunately she was not able to detect anything out of the ordinary.

Thirty kilometers or so outside the city, Yang Kai noticed a streak of golden light flying towards him from Central Capital, causing him to smile warmly as he flew forward to meet this old friend.

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