Martial Peak

Chapter 583 – Winning Over

After drinking a cup of bitter tea, the Patriarchs from the Eight Great Families gradually lost their patience. When all was said and done, they were still the respective heads of the Central Capital’s super forces. Whether it was in terms of status or their own cultivation, they were far from average people. They were used to acting aloof and arrogant, but after arriving at Yang Kai’s house they were forced to behave cautiously. Naturally, they felt some dissatisfaction and anger.

In particular, the calm and confident expression on Yang Kai’s face at the moment appeared particularly smug in their eyes. Sitting at the head of the table, he didn’t utter a single word, seemingly waiting for them to speak to him first.

Unable to stand it any longer, Gao Mo suddenly stood up and shouted, “Little Nephew, we Patriarchs have come here to discuss important matters with you as representatives of the Eight Great Families, but you’ve actually allowed this enchantress to sit here as well? What do you mean by this?”

“Enchantress?” Shan Qing Luo eyes flashed a trace of cold light, suddenly wearing a icy smile, “Patriarch Gao should be careful with his words, I may not be able to contain myself after being insulted so.”

“Hmph, once an enchantress always an enchantress. If it weren’t for us giving Little Nephew Yang face today, we old masters would immediately take your pitiful life. You should gratefully accept our benevolence and leave quickly, or do you plan on forcing this old master to take action here?”

Gao Rang Feng had died at the hands of the Poison King and Ghost King, so the contradictions between Gao Mo and the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land’s Great Evil Kings was naturally irreconcilable.

“In my mansion, no one may take action against anyone else without my permission!” Yang Kai coldly snorted, snapping his fingers.

In the next moment, the faces of all of the Eight Great Families’ Patriarchs changed greatly. They felt as if a mysterious energy had suddenly appeared around them and suppressed their ability to use their True Qi.

Thoroughly amazed, all of them quickly stared at Yang Kai in terror.

They couldn’t understand just what method Yang Kai had used to completely restrain their Above Immortal Ascension Boundary cultivations. It was simply too frightful.

Yang Kai remained indifferent, only meaning to give them a small warning, soon after signaling Meng Wu Ya to release their imprisonment.

Inside this Heavenly Palace, Meng Wu Ya was able to control everything. Even if it was a Transcendent Realm master who entered this place, their life or death would be firmly grasped by Meng Wu Ya. Because of this, he had wanted to draw the Tyrannical Force King into the Heavenly Palace and kill him; unfortunately, the Lightning Flash Shadow King had swiftly rescued the latter, causing Treasurer Meng’s plan to fall short.

Anger welling up in his heart, Gao Mo stared at Yang Kai stubbornly, but knowing now was not the time to lose his temper, he somehow held down his rage and asked with an ugly expression, “Little Nephew, you are still a member of the Yang Family are you not? Could it be you want to side with the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land now? “

The other seven Patriarchs all wore dignified faces as they stared towards Yang Kai.

“Colluding with devils and demons, cultivating a Demonic Secret Art, attempting to overthrow the rule of the Central Capital…” Yang Kai casually spoke, listing off one charge after another, “These are the one sided statements of the Eight Great Families, now you’re one-sidedly asking if I want to stand on the side of the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land? My Good Uncle, do I have any option to refute?” Yang Kai glanced around coldly at the eight old men.

The eight Patriarchs immediately made awkward expressions, their faces feeling somewhat hot with shame.

At that time, their Eight Great Families had used every method possibly to smear Yang Kai’s name while he was unable to resist, but now? Now he had the qualification to sit on the same level as the Eight Great Families.

In fact, the power he held in his hand right now was more than capable of sweeping away any one of the Eight Great Families.

Yang Kai’s cold tone as he spoke to them sent chills up their spines.

“However, there is one point among the rumors that is not wrong. I have indeed colluded with people from the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land before.”

The eight Patriarchs immediately went pale as the stared at Yang Kai in horror.

Yang Kai pointed at the Beguiling Demon Queen and grinned, “Shan Qing Luo and I are old acquaintances. When I found myself thrown into the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land and encountered misfortune, I received much care from her. Every graciousness must be repaid with gratitude and ever grudge must be settled with revenge! Therefore, if anyone tries to act disadvantageously to her, don’t blame me for not giving them face!”

Hearing these words, the Demon Queen’s face filled with happiness, a sense of pride rising in her heart.

The man she had chosen, even in the face of pressure from the Patriarchs of the Eight Great Families had refused to back down when it came to protecting her, forcing the latter to not dare show the slightest resistance. Shan Qing Luo secretly thought about all of this to herself as her beautiful eyes blurred slightly.

“Such events are only Little Nephew’s and this ench… The Beguiling Demon Queen’s personal relationships and can’t be considered as colluding with the devils and demons. Public and private matters are separate issues, we all understand that much.” Kang Rui quickly said, taking the initiative to defend Yang Kai.

Yang Ying Hao sighed gently and continued, “Yang Kai, six months ago, my Yang Family and the Central Capital’s Eight Great Families were unfair to you and for that I apologize. Regarding these past events, after we weather these difficult times, my Eight Great Families will offer you appropriate compensation and meet any demands you have.”

“Great Uncle,” Yang Kai hesitated for a moment before solemnly replying, “Let’s not mention the events from half a year ago, I don’t care about that any longer. If I want something, I will take it for myself, there’s no need for the Eight Great Families to offer me any kind of compensation.”

Yang Ying Hao paused and then nodded lightly, knowing that by him saying this, Yang Kai was indicating that he had thoroughly lost faith in the Eight Great Families but simultaneously really didn’t care about what had happened half a year ago.

After all, the people who had openly acted against him back then were all basically dead!

“What do all of my Good Uncles want to discuss with me today?” Yang Kai asked, getting down to business.

The eight old men adjusted their expression and Yang Ying Hao lightly coughed, “It’s not anything urgent. Since the Beguiling Demon Queen is also here today, she obviously has some matters to discuss with you as well, why don’t you discuss with her first?”

Yang Kai smiled lightly, not forcing the issue, he knew that they were all feeling uneasy about why Shan Qing Luo had appeared here and wanted to hear what she had to say first before they acted.

Turning his head to look at Shan Qing Luo, the latter smiled and made to effort to conceal her intentions from the eight Patriarchs, bluntly saying, “Yang Kai, I came here today at the command of the Demon Lord to win you over.”

The looks of Yang Ying Hao and the other Patriarchs’ faces quickly became sullen. Although they had their speculations, after hearing Shan Qing Luo really come out and say it, they were still worried, all of them perking up their ears and listening carefully.

“Sir Demon Lord hoped you can join forces with him to destroy the Eight Great Families and control the world.” Shan Qing Luo spoke freely and easily, seemingly not putting the eight Patriarchs across from her in her eyes.

Yang Kai raised his brow and showed a look of interest, “What are the benefits?”

“After this war, this world will belong to you.”

Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling a bit stunned, “What does the Demon Lord want?”

“His only goal is to wipe out the Eight Great Families.” Shan Qing Luo replied with a slight frown, her tone somewhat forced. Obviously she didn’t believe that Yang Bai had brought so many masters to invade the Central Capital simply to slaughter. If he didn’t obtain any benefits from this action, would he have bothered doing it at all?

“Sir Demon Lord also said…” Shan Qing Luo’s cheeks suddenly filled with an intoxicating blush as she glanced towards Yang Kai, “If you can promise him, he can give you the Beguiling Demon Queen first as a thank-you gift.”

“Hahaha!” Yang Kai laughed and stared back at Shan Qing Luo meaningfully, “Aren’t you already mine? What qualifications does he think he has to offer you to me?”

“I think so too.” Shan Qing Luo smiled charmingly and nodded.

The Patriarchs of the Eight Great Families all suddenly had weird expressions. Why did it seem like the relationship between Yang Kai and the world-famous Beguiling Demon Queen seem so… intimate?

“Then are you willing to agree with his request?” Shan Qing Luo asked.

“Of course I’ll agree, such a good thing, why would I not agree?” Yang Kai nodded.

Yang Ying Hao and the other Patriarchs all went pale as the stared at Yang Kai with great vigilance. They hadn’t thought that he would be so easily moved by Shan Qing Luo.

But just as they were about to speak up, Yang Kai’s face suddenly became cold as he said, “However, I have a condition.”

Shan Qing Luo said, “You can tell me, but I’m only responsible for delivering the message.”

“En, go back and tell your Demon Lord, I want his head, my Grand Master is very interested in his head, as long as he can deliver it to me, I’m willing to join forces with him!”

Shan Qing Luo’s expression didn’t change at all and just nodded gently, “Then I’ll go back and convey your words to him, but I somehow doubt he’ll agree.”

Saying so, she stood up elegantly and left with Bi Luo as if she was really just here to deliver the Demon Lord’s message, not making any attempt to convince Yang Kai.

After she left, the Patriarchs of the Eight Great Families breathed a sigh of relief now understanding that it was absolutely impossible for Yang Kai to stand together with the Demon Lord.

The Demon Lord originated from High Heaven Pavilion and was technically Yang Kai’s Martial Uncle, but High Heaven Pavilion’s Sect Master, Ling Tai Xu, wanted nothing more than to take Demon Lord Yang Bai’s life. As long as this relationship existed between Yang Kai and Yang Bai, it was impossible for them to become allies.

Knowing all this, the eight old men secretly relaxed a lot.

“Now then, what matter do my Uncles’ want to discuss with me today?” Yang Kai turned to look at the eight Patriarchs.

Yang Ying Hao hesitated for a moment before plunging in, “We hope that you can return to the Yang Family. After all, you are still member of the Yang Family!”

Nowadays, the Central Capital was split into three influences with Yang Kai’s house stuck between the Eight Great Families and the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land, his attitude ambiguous, so naturally the Eight Great Families hoped that Yang Kai could move closer to them.

This past month, Yang Kai had also received a lot of elites from all over the Great Han Dynasty, including ten Transcendent Realm masters. As long he could truly unite with the Eight Great Families, it would not be difficult for them to repel the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land’s invasion.

“Great Uncle, I won’t go back.” Yang Kai shook his head.


“The power in my hands gives me the right to speak, but if I go back with you now… would I still be able to talk to you like this?” Yang Kai sneered.

Once he returned to the Yang Family, the forces in his hands would be fully assimilated by the Eight Great Families. At that time, what kind of waves could Yang Kai stir?

“My Grand Master wants to take Yang Bai’s life, and I intend to help him do so. Rectifying my Sect’s name is something I must rely on my own strength to do. Uncles, if I return to the Yang Family, can you hand over control of the Eight Great Families to me? If you can do this, then I don’t mind returning to the Yang Family.”

“Impossible!” Gao Mo shouted decisively, “At most we can give you some more say and authority, as for the planning and deployment of the war, the final decision must rest with us.”

In Gao Mo’s view, Yang Kai was too young and impulsive. Such impulsiveness would easily cause him to make mistakes. How could he allow the Central Capital’s entire foundation to be just handed over to him?

“Then there’s no need for further discussion, I like being able to act arbitrarily.” Yang Kai slowly shook his head, indicating there was no room for negotiation.

“Do you insist on this?” Yang Ying Hao asked.

“En!” Yang Kai nodded firmly.

Yang Ying Hao fell into contemplation and after a moment of silence said, “I have to go back and discuss this with the Elder Hall. It’s impossible for me to give you command of the Eight Great Families, but if it’s just the Yang Family, I can try to meet your conditions!”

“Brother Yang?” Gao Mo turned and stared at Yang Ying Hao like he was a fool, never having imagined he would ever say such a thing.

These few words essentially meant that ownership of the Yang Family was going to change hands.

“One can fail to see once or twice, but they cannot be blind their entire life… Yang Kai, what do you say?” Yang Ying Hao asked meaningfully.

“What Great Uncle said is correct.” Yang Kai smiled confidently.

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