Martial Peak

Chapter 579 – Could It Be For Revenge?

Two separate worlds from north to south, the greatest city under Heaven.

This sentence had long been used to describe the immensity of the Central Capital, but after the invasion of the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land, these words had ironically become a reality.

The north and south sides of the city really had become two separate worlds…

The northern side of the Central Capital had been conquered by the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land while in the south, the Eight Great Families, led by the Yang Family, had concentrated their forces in an attempt to repel Yang Bai and the five Evil Kings.

The war had raged for half a year and had reached a tense stalemate.

In terms of peak level powerhouses, the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land had Yang Bai, a Third Order Transcendent, which gave them an absolute advantage.

But when it came to the number of masters, the Eight Great Families were far ahead and even though a number of their Transcendent had been killed over the past six months, this gap had not been shortened.

There was no way for either side to overwhelm the other, so they could only bitterly confront each other, neither side willing to give up the Central Capital.

A skirmish every three days, a battle every five, this had no become the norm for the Eight Great Families and the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land’s cultivators. By now, everyone deeply understood their opponent’s details.

At this moment, at the boundary dividing the Central Capital into north and south halves, a fierce battle was raging.

With every breath, more would die, but a constant flow of reinforcements ensured that the battlefield never fell silent.

However, the two sides still showed some restraint. Only those at or below the Immortal Ascension Boundary fought while the Transcendent Realm masters remained behind, issuing commands and coordinating their sides’ assault.

Even the strongest of the Transcendents, after such a long tug of war, had become fatigued and were unable to go to the battlefield constantly.

From the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land’s camp, the five Great Evil Kings watched the tragic battle indifferently, the Ghost King and Poison King even smiling eerily, actually happy to see this bloody scene, not care one bit about the life or death of their underlings and unceasingly issuing orders for more to go forth and fight.

Meanwhile, on the Eight Great Families side, Ye Kuang Ren, Kang Rui, Gao Mo, and Meng Xi Ping all starred with red eyes towards the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land forces, constantly sending in their own elite forces to meet the enemy invaders.

These four were the Eight Great Families Ye Family, Kang Family, Gao Family, and Meng Family’s current Patriarchs.

Half a year ago, the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land had first destroyed War City.

In that brief battle, the Gao Family’s Gao Rang Feng had died a tragic death at the hands of the Ghost King and Poison King while the Ye Family’s Ye Xin Rou and Kang Family’s Kang Zhan had been taken prisoner and were held captive by the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land even now.

At that time, only Meng Shan Yi had been clever enough to disguise himself as a common disciple and escape, but after being affected by the poison and Yin Qi of two Transcendents, he had been all but crippled. After managing to reach the Central Capital, he was treated by the best healers in the Meng Family and consumed numerous Precious Treasures, but he still showed no signs of improvement.

The heirs of the four Great Families had died, been captured, or become wastes, so their fathers, these four Patriarchs, responded in a particularly ferocious manner. Over the past six months, these four had been far more radical and militant than the other four.

For today’s battle, the main force from the Eight Great Families was composed of cultivators from the Ye, Kang, Gao, and Meng Families.

Suddenly, the two sides that were locked in mortal combat suddenly felt a strange yet powerful energy fluctuation quickly approaching from the horizon.

Perceiving this unknown aura, everyone couldn’t help stopping their respective battles and opening up some distance with their opponents, turning to look off into the distance.

Soon, a small black dot appeared in everyone’s eyes, but as it was too far away still, no one could quite make out what the approaching object was.

After a short while though, when they began to make out a fuzzy outline, all of their jaws dropped in shock.

The unidentified flying object was actually a house!

Suspended mid-air, this mansion quickly flew over, like a giant floating fortress, giving off an intense imposing aura.

Outside the mansion, a transparent palace-shaped barrier flickered brilliantly and pulsed with terrifying energy, further enhancing this solemn and majestic sight.

“What is that?” The Profound Yin Ghost King stared at this floating mansion, unable to comprehend what he was seeing.

Cultivators who had reached the True Element Boundary were all able to fly, but even with all his experience, he had never heard of a house that could fly.

“Ghost King, don’t you think that palace-shaped barrier looks familiar?” The Annihilating Poison King’s green eyes flickered like wildfire as he hesitantly muttered.

Listening to these words, the Ghost King knit his brow and thought for a moment before calling out in shock, “You don’t mean…”

“En, it’s also approaching from that direction.”

“That thing can fly!?” The Ghost King screamed in disbelief. He was a well-informed master, but the scene playing out in front of him right now far exceeded his knowledge.

“That artifact was incredibly powerful and profound, it having functions we don’t know about is understandable.” The Lightning Flash Shadow King suddenly chimed in.

“What about that slut? Didn’t Sir Demon Lord order her to monitor that place’s movements? Why haven’t we received any contact from her after such an earth-shaking event?” The Tyrannical Force King bellowed loudly, his booming voice echoing throughout the Central Capital.

“Heh heh, that little bitch’s heart apparently isn’t one with ours.” The Poison King smiled and said profoundly.

“Hmph, I know that.” The Thunderbolt Beast King coldly snorted, “One day I will force that cheap whore into submission beneath me!”

While five Great Evil Kings pointed at the floating house and discussed, the Eight Great Families side were also engaging in speculation.

None of them knew what had transpired in War City, so when Yang Kai’s mansion suddenly flew over towards them, all of them became extremely nervous, fearing that this floating fortress contained the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land’s reinforcements.

Only Yang Ying Hao showed a dignified expression as he stared towards the approaching flying mansion.

He had already learned from the Yang Family Fourth Master that Yang Kai and his allies were safe and sound. Although he was unclear what method Yang Kai had used to protect his mansion, inexplicably, Yang Ying Hao felt that he had this ability.

Now seeing this nigh incomprehensible scene, all his confusion disappeared.

Soon, Yang Kai’s flying mansion reached the Central Capital City and the many figures standing at the edge of the mansion became visible to the eyes of everyone below.

After seeing the appearance of these people, the members of the Eight Great Families suddenly shouted in surprise.

“That’s Yang Kai, the Yang Family’s youngest Young Lord, Yang Kai!”

“Didn’t he die? Wasn’t it said a long time ago that everyone in War City had been massacred?”

“What’s going on with that mansion? Why can it fly?”

“He brought a lot of people with him.”

Yang Kai stood at the front of his allies at the edge of the mansion, overlooking the Central Capital. Behind him were the thirteen Transcendent Yang Family Blood Warriors, all of them lined up like stars surrounding a bright moon.

Behind them stood Old Demon, Ling Tai Xu, Lu Si, and Li Yuan Chun, the other four Transcendents.

Finally, a massive gathering of Immortal Ascension Boundary masters assembled in the rear.

Beside Yang Ying Hao, the Blood Warrior Hall’s Hall Master, Feng Sheng stared at the thirteen Blood Warriors who had participated in Inheritance War for a moment, his brow slowly wrinkling as he whispered to his Deputy Hall Master, Zhou Feng, “Doesn’t it feel like, the auras Tu Feng and them are giving off… are somewhat different from before?”

“It’s been said that all of them broke through to the Immortal Ascension Boundary Ninth Stage. The difference is probably because of that.” Zhou Feng was also slightly confused.

“No!” Feng Sheng shook his head, “Each of them right now gives me a sense of intimidating pressure that’s not something a Peak Immortal Ascension Boundary can have.”

Feng Sheng, as the Blood Warrior Hall’s Hall Master, had reached the absolute apex of the Immortal Ascension Boundary, so if Tu Feng and the others were only Immortal Ascension Boundary Ninth Stage cultivators, logically he shouldn’t feel pressure from them.

Yang Kai’s mansion was still wrapped in the Heavenly Palace’s barrier which isolated everyone inside from any kind of Divine Sense probing, so Feng Sheng could only vaguely sense that his fellow brothers and sisters had undergone a great change yet was unable to say exactly what that change was.

Could all of them have actually gone a step further beyond the Immortal Ascension Boundary Ninth Stage? Feng Sheng, who was always calm, was greatly shocked by this idea but immediately shook his head slowly, thinking that such a possibility was unrealistic.

“Brother Yang, why did he decided to appear here?” Meng Xi Ping and the others quickly turned to look at Yang Ying Hao, hoping he could give them some answers.

“If you want to know, ask him by yourself,” Yang Ying Hao replied faintly. In truth, he also didn’t know why Yang Kai suddenly came here.

“Could it be to retaliate?” Ye Kuang Ren muttered the thought in his heart.

Listening to these words, the Patriarchs of the Eight Great Families all wore grim expressions.

After all, it wasn’t impossible. Eight months ago, the Eight Great Families had all used various methods to bully and coerce Yang Kai. He was still a young man less than twenty years of age, he being hot-blooded, holding a grudge, and seeking revenge wasn’t outside the realm of possibility.

Given the current state of the Eight Great Families, if he were to join forces with the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land, then…

“If he dares to do this, Father here will make him suffer a fate worse than death!” Gao Mo coldly snorted.

Kang Rui followed up, “Brother Yang, regardless of what’s happened, he’s still a member of your Yang Family. You have to handle this.”

“Handle what? When the seven of you joined forces to attack him, my Yang Family didn’t interfere, if he really wants revenge now, my Yang Family will still not interfere.”

“What are you all worried about?” Meng Xi Ping sneered, “While Yang Kai may have a lot of powerful masters with him, with his strength, what spray can he turn? If he really wants to retaliate against my Eight Great Families, he will only be seeking his own death! Besides, aren’t his parents still in your Yang Family?”

Yang Ying Hao turned his head and stared at Meng Xi Ping, his eyes filled with the meaning of warning, “Don’t get any ideas about his parents, enraging him now will only result in bad consequences.”

Meng Xi Ping shook his head and felt that Yang Ying Hao was making a fuss over trivial matters. Was there any need to treat a mere Yang Family Young Lord so seriously?

As they spoke, Yang Kai’s mansion had already come to a stop at the central location of Central Capital and begun to descend to the ground.

A few breaths later, along with a loud bang, the Yang Kai’s house which had originally been a hundred kilometers away in War City set down inside the Central Capital.

Meng Wu Ya gasped for breath as beads of sweat dripped down his forehead, it was as if he was about to collapse.

Actuating the Heavenly Palace with an Immortal Ascension Boundary cultivation had been extremely taxing for Meng Wu Ya. Fortunately, he only had to make it fly a hundred kilometers or so. If the distance had been any further, he probably wouldn’t have been able to handle it.

“Many thanks for your hard work, Treasurer Meng.” Yang Kai said seriously.

Meng Wu Ya simply nodded once before immediately sitting down and controlling his breathing.

The mansion had actually landed right in the middle of the battlefield, with its front entrance facing the Eight Great Families side and the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land behind it. Like a sharp knife, it directly pierced the region between the two factions.

This extremely arrogant gesture not only indicated that Yang Kai didn’t put the two sides’ battle in his eyes, it was also his way of saying he would not attach himself to either side.

“Interesting,” The several Evil Kings laughed as they stared towards Yang Kai who stood at the front of the crowd.

“Bold!” The Patriarchs of Eight Great Families coldly snorted, their dislike of Yang Kai increasing once more.

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