Martial Peak

Chapter 577 – The Mighty Capital

“Is Ms Qiu jealous?” Shan Qing Luo glanced over at Qiu Yi Meng with a mischievous grin.

Qiu Yi Meng spat disdainfully in response.

“You have to leave, or else I really will eat you up.” Shan Qing Luo looked at Yang Kai again, her beautiful eyes flickering brilliantly as her small scarlet tongue licked her bright red lips, like a starved predator eyeing its prey.

“En, I don’t want to die.” Yang Kai instantly understood why she was acting this way. The secret of Shan Qing Luo Poison Widow Body special constitution, only he and the Beguiling Demon Queen knew, her physique’s particular trait was now influencing Shan Qing Luo’s rational thoughts.

“I’m going to enter retreat.” Yang Kai said as he turned around to leave.

“Didn’t you just exit?” Qiu Yi Meng snorted, thinking that Yang Kai was looking for an excuse to leave, a tinge of bitterness plucking at her heart.

“I just could not leave the situation as it was.” Yang Kai commented, not bothering to explain any further.

Back inside his room, Yang Kai quickly sat down and immersed himself into his Knowledge Sea once more, continuing his examination of his newly acquired mass of Spiritual Energy.

The energy of this cloud was quite chaotic, very different from the pure energy left behind by the Ye Family’s Grand Elder; it contained the thoughts and experiences of over seventy masters.

If he were to absorb it as is, Yang Kai estimated that his own memory and thoughts would be negatively affected by these confused thoughts, even possibly causing him to forget who he really was.

This was no trivial matter. A person who didn’t remember who he was destined to lead a sad life.

Looking up at the closed Solitary Golden Eye, Yang Kai concentrated on using his Divine Sense to connect with it.

This mass of energy had been drawn into his Knowledge Sea by the Solitary Golden Eye and coupled with his previous experience; Yang Kai now knew what to do. All he needed to do was have the Solitary Golden Eye shoot that golden light once more and purify the residual thoughts from this energy.

However, Yang Kai didn’t know if he could successfully actuate the Solitary Golden Eye.

After a long period of persistent effort, Yang Kai’s Divine Sense formed a connection with the Solitary Golden Eye, and suddenly, like he had cracked open a once tightly shut door, a blinding and devastating golden light burst forth.

The closed Solitary Golden Eye slowly opened at this moment.

Just like the first time, this majestic golden eye gave him an overwhelming impulse to bend down and worship it.

The devastating golden light burst forth from the eye and swept over the chaotic mass of Spiritual Energy.


A sound like soldering iron being dropped into a vat of water rang out.

Along with this grating noise, a strange black aura emerged from the energy mass and violently struggled, but it could not escape the golden light, disintegrating a moment later.

This black gas should have been the various fallen masters’ residual thoughts, all of which were purified under the golden light.

In the next instant, the golden light faded and the open eye slowly closed.

Inside his Knowledge Sea, the originally chaotic mass of Spiritual Energy had now become exceptionally pure.

Yang Kai laughed joyfully.

He finally understood how to use the Solitary Golden Eye from the seventh page of the Black Book.

The only thing that made him regret was that when the seven old men from the Seal Temple died, he had not yet managed to establish a connection with the Solitary Golden Eye. If he could have absorbed the Spiritual Energy from those seven Grand Elders, how great a fortune would that have been?

However, now that he knew how to use the Solitary Golden Eye, it wasn’t too late to make use of its.

Arriving in front of the pure Spiritual Energy mass, Yang Kai enthusiastically absorbed it.

Soon, this pure energy transformed into Yang Kai’s own formidable capital.

His Immortal Ascension Boundary Fourth Stage cultivation was immediately consolidated and he had even made great strides towards the Immortal Ascension Boundary Fifth Stage!

This result made Yang Kai slightly dissatisfied though, he had thought that by refining such a huge amount of pure energy, his cultivation would at least advance a Minor Realm.

But now it seemed like he was expecting too much; after all, this lump of energy was the residual Spiritual Energy that had leaked out of the Knowledge Sea of fallen Immortal Ascension Boundary masters. In terms of quality it couldn’t be compared with the energy left behind by the Ye Family’s Grand Elder, so although the amount was indeed quite large, it wouldn’t create such a great qualitative change.

Yang Kai also faintly felt he had reached a kind of bottleneck.

Naturally, the bottlenecks Immortal Ascension Boundary cultivators encountered were related to their understanding of the Martial Dao. Fortunately, when he absorbed the energy left behind by the Ye Family’s Grand Elder, he had also accepted their understandings of the Martial Dao and Heavenly Way, turning it into his own, otherwise, at the speed Yang Kai was breaking through, his foundation would have already become unstable.

Slowly opening his eyes, Yang Kai fell into contemplation, an eagerness slowly welling up in his heart.

Half a day later, Yang Kai left his room and walked outside the mansion.

A few dozen meters away, the Lu Family people were still loitering about under the leadership of Lu Si, seemingly waiting quietly for something.

“Grand Elder, are we just supposed to wait here?” A Lu Family Immortal Ascension Boundary Eighth Stage master named Lu Mu asked.

“En, we wait.” Lu Si nodded decisively.

“Do we really need to do this?” Lu Mu didn’t understand. He too was an Elder in Lu Family, but compared with Lu Si, the family’s only Grand Elder, regardless of age or status, he had no way to compare. Although he disapproved of Lu Si’s current practice, he didn’t dare question him too aggressively, instead politely inquiring, “Even though my Lu Family and the Huang Family and Radiant Palace traveled together and only their two families suffered heavy losses, that was a fate they brought upon themselves, they can’t blame our Lu Family for that. Would the Eight Great Families really sanction us over such a matter?”

“That was just a convenient excuse this old master gave to the Yang Family’s Young Lord,” Lu Si smiled, “The people of the Eight Great Families aren’t fools, so long as we explain clearly what happened, how would they suspect us?”

“Then why…” Lu Mu was even more confused.

Lu Si sighed faintly and said, “I ask you, if we rush to the Central Capital now, what will be the result?”

Lu Mu thought for a moment before replying, “We will fight against the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land!”

“Correct. We will engage in battle with the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land’s forces, and we will certainly be placed in a vanguard position on top of that.” Lu Si turned his head and looked around, “The Lu Family this time has sent out thirty five Immortal Ascension Boundary masters. If we were to fight such a battle, how many of you do you think will survive?”

Lu Mu went silent. Of these thirty five Immortal Ascension Boundary masters, if even three or four of them could survive, it would already be a great blessing from the Heavens.

“However, if we were to work with Young Master Yang and go to the Central Capital under his leadership?” Lu Si continued.

Immediately, everyone from the Lu Family thought back to the scene they just witnessed. The appearance of nine ‘Above Immortal Ascension Boundary’ masters had left a profound impact on them.

“This Young Master Yang is neither a traitor nor a demon like the rumors claim, and as far as I know, all of his allies received tremendous benefits during the Inheritance War. If we can grab hold of this great tree, regardless of whether our Lu Family can obtain any merits, at the very least, we won’t be sacrificed as disposable foot-soldiers. My Lu Family has spent a great deal of time and effort training you… I do not wish to see all of you fall here.”

“Grand Elder is wise.” Lu Mu now understood why Lu Si had been waiting here outside Yang Kai’s mansion. Originally, he had such considerations.

Indeed, if Yang Kai could lead them to the Central Capital, their prospects would not be nearly as grim as they were now.

During the Inheritance War, he had repeatedly created miracles and rumors of his accomplishments had resounded throughout the Great Han Dynasty.

“But this Young Master Yang… will he actually go to the Central Capital?” Another Lu Family member asked.

“Not likely!” Lu Si shook his head.

The Eight Great Families had treated Yang Kai too unfairly, resulting in him being quite disheartened. Otherwise, with the number of top level masters he had gathered around him, would he still not have made any moves? He himself had just said that the life and death of the Eight Great Families and the fate of the Central Capital had nothing to do with him.

If he had even a little attachment to the Central Capital and the Eight Great Families, he wouldn’t just sit back and watch.

“We’ll wait three days. If it is still hopeless by then, my Lu Family can only go to the Central Capital to render aid!” Lu Si sighed and smiled helplessly.

But as he spoke, Yang Kai suddenly emerged from his mansion again, causing Lu Si to be stunned for a moment, hastily putting on a welcoming smile and cupping his fists. “Young Master Yang!”

Yang Kai had actually come out! This was far beyond Lu Si’s expectations.

Everyone from the Lu Family also hurriedly greeted Yang Kai, their expressions all very respectful. All of them had heard what Lu Si had just said: Yang Kai was their life-saving straw, so how could they dare not show respect?

Yang Kai swept his eyes over the crowd for a moment before grinning slightly, “Senior Lu, regardless of what’s happened, your Lu Family and I at least share some small friendship. Seeing you, a Senior, standing around outside my house, I am somewhat embarrassed.”

“A minor matter!” Lu Si quickly waved his hand and dismissed the issue.

“Would you like to come in and sit down?” Yang Kai casually invited.

Lu Si’s eyes shone brilliantly, although he didn’t quite understand why Yang Kai’s attitude had changed so quickly, in the face of the impending crisis that hardly mattered, ecstatically nodding, “Very good, this old master thanks Young Master Yang for his hospitality.”


Lu Si thought that Yang Kai was inviting him into his house in order to discuss plans for rushing to the Central Capital, but after the Lu Family members entered, Qiu Yi Meng simply took charge of them and Yang Kai disappeared.

Lu Si was quite confused, not able to comprehend what Yang Kai’s intentions were, and with the Qiu Family’s First Young Lady responded that she too was clueless several times, so he couldn’t help feeling a little uneasy.

Inside Meng Wu Ya’s room, Yang Kai expressed his thoughts to Meng Wu Ya, Old Demon, and Ling Tai Xu.

“Young Master, you want to go to the Central Capital?” Old Demon was shocked and didn’t understand why Yang Kai suddenly proposed this idea. Over the past six months, everyone inside the house had been cultivating diligently to improve their strength and all of them had obtained good results, but if they were to now enter the fray in the Central Capital, it was still quite likely many of them would die.

“En, I want to go to the Central Capital.” Yang Kai replied affirmatively. Now that he understood the role of the Solitary Golden Eye and the great benefits it could bring him, Yang Kai naturally had to look for opportunities to use it.

Staying here in War City truly was safe, but the growth of his strength was also slowing down.

In the Central Capital things would be different. Countless masters at the Immortal Ascension Boundary fought and died every day. As long as an Immortal Ascension cultivator died, Yang Kai could absorb part of their Spiritual Energy to boost his cultivation.

“You’re not such a selfless person,” Meng Wu Ya smiled knowingly, “Tell us, why do you want to go?”

“The specifics aren’t easy to explain, all I can tell you three is that I have my own reasons.” Yang Kai chuckled.

Three pairs of eyebrows furrowed as the three old men stared at Yang Kai strangely.

“Also, Grand Master has been planning to rush to the Central Capital for a while now, right?” Yang Kai suddenly turned and stared at Ling Tai Xu.

Ling Tai Xu didn’t deny it, simply nodding, “En, the only two disciples that this old masters received are there. As their Master, I should settle things once and for all.”

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