Martial Peak

Chapter 575 – Falling Into A Fiery Pi

Given his preconceived notions, it was inevitable for this Huang Family Elder Xiao to think like this, so Qiu Yi Meng didn’t bother explaining any further.

Right now, in this world, Yang Kai’s compound was the safest haven in existence.

“Elder Huang, rumors… not all rumors should be believed.” Lu Si suddenly interjected, seemingly defending Yang Kai.

Huang Xiao and Radiant Palace’s Jiang Zhe turned to look at him strangely, not understanding why he would decide to speak up at this moment.

Lu Si continued undaunted though, “I have dealt with this Young Master Yang before, and can guarantee that he is not a wicked person, even if he is somewhat underhanded!”

Obviously, he was still somewhat bitter about Yang Kai’s actions when he was a guest of the Lu Family, all but robbing him of his Yang Crystal Jade Bed for instance.

Although, thanks to Yang Kai’s connections, Lu Si was able to obtain a Mysterious Grade pill from Grandmaster Xiao Fu Sheng which cured his disability, that Yang Crystal Jade Bed was by no means cheap.

“Senior Lu is too polite.” Yang Kai smiled faintly.

“Elder Lu wants to say this brat isn’t colluded with demons and devils?” Huang Xiao coldly snorted, “Good, this old master will give Elder Lu some face and believe his words for now, but how do you explain this scene then?”

This question was directed towards Yang Kai.

“Why must I explain anything to you?” Yang Kai sneered, thinking that this Huang Xiao was an interesting character. Although he had outwardly accepted the Eight Great Families’ Conscription Command, instead of immediately traveling to the Central Capital to provide aid, he was instead looking for trouble here in War City.

This was simply unreasonable.

Yang Kai thought about it for a moment but soon understood what was going on.

The Central Capital right now was likely the most dangerous place in the Great Han Dynasty, so Huang Xiao was obviously unwilling to go there. Since he had encountered something along the road, naturally his first thought was to create a scene and delay his pace as much as possible. On top of that, by taking advantage of this situation, if he could make a big contribution here, when he finally did arrive in the Central Capital, it would greatly bolster his Huang Family’s standing.

At the very least, he wouldn’t have to worry about the Eight Great Families using him and his disciples as sacrificial pawns.

[You want to use me as a bargaining chip?] Yang Kai’s snickered to himself, his anger quietly smoldering beneath the surface.

“Young Master Yang, if you don’t want to explain it, then so be it.” Huang Xiao nodded lightly, pointing his finger at Shan Qing Luo and declaring, “As long as you kill this enchantress, I will believe that you and the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land aren’t colluding.”

“What the hell do you count for?” Yang Kai sneered, Huang Xiao seemed to be dead set on finding fault with him.

Yang Kai was willing to show a certain degree of respect to those who led their own elite disciples to the Central Capital; after all, they were some of the few people in this world who upheld the principals of righteousness.

But Huang Xiao not knowing how to advance and retreat made Yang Kai feel quite irritated, especially when his intentions were so blatant and contemptible.

“Sure enough. Brother Lu, what else do you have to say?” Huang Xiao turned to stare at Lu Si accusingly.

Lu Si sighed and shook his head. Huang Xiao had determined that Yang Kai was colluding with evil and nothing he said would change his mind, what’s more, Lu Si also understood Huang Xiao’s hidden thoughts.

For the past few days, the Lu Family, Huang Family, and Radiant Palace elites had been traveling together, and although their pace wasn’t slow, it also wasn’t fast. Everyone wanted to delay as much as possible in the hopes that before they arrive at the Central Capital, some kind of turning point would be reached.

All of them had not hesitated to ‘investigate’ any strange occurrences along the road but they had never actually encountered anything worthy of note until they suddenly came across Yang Kai and the Beguiling Demon Queen in War City. Naturally they would raise as much fuss here as possible.

“Brother Lu, Brother Jiang, the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land is a pestilence on this world’s common people. Now that a Evil King has appeared before us, I cannot just sit back and do nothing.” Huang Xiao suddenly shouted.

Lu Si immediately became scared, hastily calling out, “Brother Huang, what are your intentions here?”

“My intentions?” Huang Xiao sneered dismissively, “Naturally, I intend to sweep this place clean, capture this devilish woman and this Yang Family scum who dares to collude with the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land and send them to the Central Capital so the Eight Great Families can dispose of them!”

Listening to this rampant arrogant speech, Yang Kai couldn’t help but raising his brow, a tinge of mockery flashing across his face.

Not only Yang Kai, but everyone behind him also wore similarly awkward expressions on their faces, staring towards Huang Xiao in astonishment.

Yang Kai’s house… did these people really think they could eat them up? Were they ignorant of what kind of power was hidden inside this place?

More than half a year ago, even the eight Grand Elders from the Seal Temple had no way to defeat the forces gathered inside Yang Kai’s compound; just where did this Huang Xiao’s confidence come from?

Thinking about it for a moment though, everyone gradually understood.

Six months ago, the seven family coalition forces had launched a strong offensive, ultimately resulting in the eight Transcendent Grand Elders from the Seal Temple facing off against the three Transcendent masters inside Yang Kai’s mansion, an epic series of battles that every person in War City people had witnessed, but the very next day, the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land had launched its invasion.

War City was razed to the ground and almost no one had managed to escape with the exception of Yang Kai’s allies, so it was entirely possible for word of that battle to have never leaked out.

Huang Xiao obviously thought that this was just the residence of an ordinary Yang Family Young Lord who had participated in the Inheritance War.

Even if he was supported by a large number of allies, how much hidden strength could the compound of a single Yang Family Young Lord possess? For this mission, the Huang Family had sent out almost all of its elite forces and they were even lead by a Transcendent Realm master.

In Huang Xiao’s opinion, as long as they could deal with Shan Qing Luo, everyone else here would be easily wiped out.

“Brother Huang, you mustn’t be impulsive, we should consider this matter more thoroughly.” Lu Si quickly tried to dissuade. Because the people of his Lu Family had looked down upon Yang Kai, they had squandered the chance to bask in his glorious triumphs during the Inheritance War, and on the other hand suffered serious losses. Following this series of events, Lu Si’s evaluation of Yang Kai had soared and he really did not wish to have any conflict with him.

So when Huang Xiao suddenly made his proposal, Lu Si did not hesitate to object.

“Brother Lu…” Huang Xiao looked at Lu Si with disappointment, “I don’t know what you’re worried about, but your concerns are unwarranted. Capturing this Yang Family traitor and this enchantress is a great achievement. With such an opportunity falling into your lap, are you really willing to let it slip through your fingers?”

Saying so, he then turned to look at Jiang Zhe, quickly asking, “Brother Jiang, what is your opinion?”

A restless light flashed across Jiang Zhe’s eyes when he heard Huang Xiao ask this question but soon nodded, “I’m naturally in agreement with Brother Huang!”

Huang Xiao laughed loudly, “Brother Jiang speaks quite well. Since Brother Lu does not want to participate, then the credit for this victory will be divided equally between us.”

“Very good!” Jiang Zhe nodded lightly.

The two men’s talk made it seem like the rewards for sweeping away Yang Kai’s forces and capturing Yang Kai and Shan Qing Luo were already in their hands.

Qiu Yi Meng expression became solemn as she quickly shouted, “Two seniors, why must you take such an aggressive stance? There is neither resentment nor hatred between us is there?”

Huang Xiao, however, just shook his head and declared, “Young Lady Qiu, you have been deceived by this traitor. There’s no need for you to speak up for him, but you can rest assured that we will not act against you. My Huang Family and Radiant Palace will only dispose of this enchantress and the Yang Family bastard.”

“You don’t have such skill, please retreat quickly. If you continue to insist on this action, I’m afraid you won’t be able escape even if you want to.” Qiu Yi Meng said anxious, secretly glancing over at Yang Kai’s expression while she shouted.

She really didn’t want to see the Huang Family and Radiant Palace’s people fall into a fiery pit, regardless of this current attitude, these elites had none the less rushed to the Central Capital to assist the Eight Great Families, if they were to be slaughtered here, it would truly be meaningless.

Qiu Yi Meng understood Yang Kai’s temper quite well and knew that if Huang Xiao kept despising him a the scum of the Yang Family, wantonly humiliating him, Yang Kai’s killing intent would really be stimulated.

“Won’t be able to escape?” Huang Xiao laughed, “We never planned to escape.”

“Qiu Yi Meng, stand back.” Yang Kai glanced over at her indifferently and ordered.

“Yang Kai!” Qiu Yi Meng grabbed his arm and shook her head slowly, silently begging him to not act impulsively.

“I won’t take the initiative to attack them, but if they insist on seeking death, I won’t stop them either!” Yang Kai coldly declared.

“Shameless boasting!” Huang Xiao flew into a rage as murderous intent flashed across his face, turning to look at Lu Si, sharply “Brother Lu, this Huang will ask you one last time, will you join us or not? If you still refuse to participate, then this merit will belong to me and Brother Jiang alone and have nothing to do with your Lu Family!”

A look of struggle appeared on Lu Si’s face as he hesitated for a while before eventually letting out a sigh and retreating several steps, silently indicating his decision.

Since Yang Kai appeared, Lu Si had instinctively felt that something was wrong and the uneasy feeling in his heart only grew stronger the longer they lingered, as if at any moment a disaster would befall them.

Seeing Lu Si’s response, Huang Xiao couldn’t help spitting disdainfully, secretly thinking to himself that Lu Si was a coward.

Although Yang Kai was a direct descendant of the Yang Family, since word of his collusion with the demons and evils spread from the Central Capital six months ago, and now seeing his close relationship with the Beguiling Demon Queen, it was certain he had fallen to the Devil’s Practices and could be treated mercilessly without consequence.

Taking him here would not offend the Yang Family, and would instead result in great benefits.

Lu Si failing to grasp this opportunity caused Huang Xiao to scoff at his timidity.

“So be it. Brother Jiang, let’s go!” Huang Xiao sneered, slowly raising his hand and waving, “Huang Family and Radiant Palace disciples, let us capture this enchantress and the Yang Family scum! Other than Young Lady Qiu, if anyone dares to resist… kill without mercy!”

Receiving this order, all the elites from the Huang Family and Radiant Palace rushed towards Yang Kai’s house while Huang Xiao and Jiang Zhe shot towards Yang Kai and Shan Qing Luo themselves.

Yang Kai remained eerily calm, not even making an attempt to guard himself.

Beside him, Qiu Yi Meng stared blankly towards the approaching crowd.

“It’s not that I didn’t give them a chance, they brought this upon themselves!” Yang Kai looked at Qiu Yi Meng and lightly declared.

Qiu Yi Meng opened her mouth to say something but no words came out, eventually just turning her head away, unable to continue watching, she was well aware of what fate awaited these people.

The Immortal Ascension Boundary masters from the Huang Family and Radiant Palace quickly closed in, each of them giving off a thick murderous intent.

“Kill them all, no need to show mercy!” Yang Kai coldly shouted.

Since the other party didn’t intend to show mercy, obviously he would give them none either!

From behind Yang Kai, nine Blood Warriors jump out like lightning and plunged into the approaching enemy. They did not use any fancy Martial Skills or summon any powerful artifacts, instead only leaping forward like pouncing tigers.

The imposing manners of the Huang Family and Radiant Palace elites who were all charging forward filled with enthusiasm was instantly smashed to pieces like shattered glass.

Terrifying True Qi fluctuations burst out, instant deaths and injuries abounded.

Huang Xiao and Jiang Zhe, who were at the head of the charge, both cried out pitifully and were sent flying.

Several dozen meters away, Lu Si and the Lu Family disciples all stared at this scene with rounded eyes, all of them shocked and aghast at this one-sided slaughter.

When these Nine Transcendent Realm masters simultaneously took action, Lu Si almost lost the ability to think and breathe.

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