Martial Peak

Chapter 573 – Union of Heart and Soul

In Su Yan’s room, the temperature was cold enough that white mist was clearly visible when breathed on.

This room was specifically remodelled for Su Yan. Only by using the ice crystal bed to cultivate could she maximise her efficiency, but not everyone in the mansion was able to withstand the profound chill it gave off.

When the members of High Heaven Pavilion arrived, Yang Kai specially created this space for Su Yan.

At this moment, inside the room, Yang Kai and Su Yan were sitting opposite each other on the ice crystal bed, their pure True Qi gently merging and creating a beautiful flow of light that circulated between them.

As their True Qi circulated, some indistinct yet beneficial changes continuously occurred.

A radiant hue blossomed from their bodies and grew in intensity until it filled the entire room, dying this previously monotonous icy room in vibrant colour.

This fluorescence became more and more dazzling as the pair’s True Qi, sentiments, and Souls connected, blurring the line between where one ended and the other began, as if the two of them had become a single entity.

A great dragon roar resounded, and in the next moment an immense dragon head emerged from behind Yang Kai.

This dragon phantom leapt from Yang Kai’s body, its entire form releasing a blinding golden light as it swam through the air.

At the same time, the crisp Phoenix cry was also heard.

From Su Yan’s back, a crystal white Ice Phoenix appeared.

This noble and elegant Ice Phoenix chased after the majestic Golden Dragon, the two of them entangling with one another before soaring into the sky.

Accompanied by a great burst of wind, the dragon roars and phoenix cries instantly stirred the world.

As this disturbance grew, two seemingly opposite energies blended together, but instead of repelling each other, they seemed to be coordinating with one another, complementing and strengthening each other.

The whole house became active and countless people ran out of their rooms to stare at the Golden Dragon and Ice Phoenix dancing in the sky.

No one knew why such a heavenly manifestation had suddenly appeared.

“I’ve seen this somewhere before…” Someone suddenly murmured.

They were right; the people from Storm Hall, Blood Battle Gang, and High Heaven Pavilion were not strangers to this scene.

Five or six years ago, at the Blood Battle Gang’s ore mine, this very same dragon and phoenix couple had once appeared when the Inheritance Heaven’s Cave opened, after which the three Sects joined forces to send their respective elites inside to seek for opportunities.

Although the disciples from the three Sects that entered had indeed obtained a lot of benefits, in the end, no one knew who had won the main dragon phoenix inheritance.

Now, after so many years seeing this dazzling display reappear, many dusty old memories were awakened!

Obviously, the person who obtained that inheritance had reached some kind of pivotal milestone in their cultivation, once again causing this vision of Heaven and Earth to bloom.

All the disciples from the three Sects instinctively thought of Yang Kai, as if obtaining this marvellous inheritance was a matter of course.

Taking a closer look at the location where the Golden Dragon and Ice Phoenix had emerged from, everything suddenly became clear.

It turned out that their guesses were right; the inheritance from that time was indeed taken by Yang Kai.

At that moment, everyone’s spirits were once again lifted; although they were not the ones to obtain this inheritance, this vision reappearing indicated that Yang Kai’s strength had undoubtedly improved. His progress also meant that the mansion’s situation would improve.

In these troubled times, following a good leader would naturally improve one’s chances of surviving, especially when this leader cared about his allies and treated them generously.

“Dragon and phoenix visions are auspicious signs.” Meng Wu Ya pushed open his window and glanced at the Golden Dragon and Ice Phoenix soaring through the sky, smiling gently as he muttered to himself.

Ling Tai Xu caressed his beard and nodded his head, feeling gratified and proud.

Outside the mansion, Shan Qing Luo and Bi Luo looked at each other, the Demon Queen suddenly smiling charmingly, “Bi Luo, if I said this was that little bastard’s doing, would you believe it?”

Bi Luo nodded unconsciously as she stared back at Shan Qing Luo, hesitating for a moment before whispering, “Mistress, if you really want to, you, you should just revolt against the Holy Land. As long as you walk past that barrier, Sir Demon Lord won’t be able to do anything to you.”

However, Shan Qing Luo just shook her head, “I can’t go in, not because I’m afraid of Sir Demon Lord, but because I don’t want to harm him.”

“Harm him?” Bi Luo was confused; she didn’t understand the nature of Shan Qing Luo’s Poison Widow Body, so naturally she didn’t understand why she had chosen to loiter outside his house these past few months when she clearly wanted to be together with that bastard.

Her mistress clearly liked him very much; Bi Luo had seen Shan Qing Luo’s staring absentmindedly towards his mansion countless times already.

“The closer I am to him, the faster he will die.” Shan Qing Luo smiled bitterly.

Even if all she did was sit outside his house, her feelings towards Yang Kai still rapidly intensified. From time to time, the Beguiling Demon Queen almost couldn’t stop herself from rushing into the mansion in order to seek him out.

But every time, she somehow managed to suppress this impulse.

“I don’t understand.” Bi Luo shook her head and sighed softly, she didn’t want to see her mistress who she greatly admired suffer like this.

“You not understanding is normal, this is simply the fate of my Beguiling Demon Queen’s lineage.” Shan Qing Luo whispered, her charming eyes flashing a slightly sad light.

A hundred kilometers away, the Central Capital.

Even though there was a great distance separating them, when this vision of Heaven and Earth appeared, the Golden Dragon and Ice Phoenix could clearly be seen.

The five Great Evil Kings all wore relaxed expressions. Although they were surprised by this vision, none of them felt anything particularly remarkable about it. Only Demon Lord Yang Bai stared towards War City with deep envy.

The people of the Eight Great Families also broke out into discussion, none of them understanding why such a situation would occur in War City.

Since the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land’s initial invasion, the Central Capital had lost all communication with War City, and the only one who knew that Yang Kai and his allies were still safe was the Yang Family Fourth Master.

Everyone else believed that War City had been completely destroyed and that there were no survivors.

Seeing this sight, Yang Ying Hao, the Yang Family’s Patriarch, suddenly realized something and turned to look at Yang Ying Feng, “Fourth Brother, is everyone with Yang Kai still alright?”

Hearing this, Dong Su Zhu quickly shot a glance towards her husband, obviously suggesting he not answer.

The Yang Family had been incredibly unfair to Yang Kai. When the other seven families lead their forces to attack Yang Kai, the Yang Family had done nothing to stop them; this made Dong Su Zhu’s opinion of the Yang Family plummet.

The straightforward Yang Family Fourth Master hesitated for a while before nodding his head, “Yang Zhao and Yang Wei are also safe and sound, the two of them should be in Kai’er house right now.”

Yang Ying Hao’s wrinkled brow loosened slightly but he quickly composed himself and faintly said, “When you have the opportunity, thank your family’s Yang Kai for me.”

Yang Zhao was his son. Yang Ying Hao naturally cared about his safety. However, since the invasion of the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land, as the Patriarch of the Yang Family, he had no time to deal with personal matters, so until now, he hadn’t even known if Yang Zhao was alive or dead.

Now hearing Yang Ying Feng’s words, Yang Ying Hao was obviously relieved.

“Hmph, just stop trying to harm my son. You can keep your thanks.” Dong Su Zhu snorted.

Yang Ying Hao glanced over at her, a deep sense of regret flashing through the depths of his eyes.


Inside the room, Yang Kai and Su Yan opened their eyes at the same time, looking at each other and smiling warmly.

Their Yin-Yang Joyous Unification Art had finally reached the third level, the Union of Heart and Soul.

Not only had their Yin-Yang Joyous Unification Art experienced a breakthrough, but after such a long period of dual cultivation, both of their cultivations had also risen.

Yang Kai had broken through to the Immortal Ascension Boundary Fourth Stage while Su Yan had reached the Fifth Stage. The gap between the two of them had shortened to only one Minor Realm.

After a three month retreat, breaking through a Minor Realm was already considered extremely fast; of course, this result was achieved with the full support of the Yin-Yang Joyous Unification Art.

But compared to his previous blistering cultivation pace, Yang Kai was still somewhat unsatisfied.

However, the Joyous Unification Art reaching the third stage diluted his dissatisfaction.

Arriving at this stage meant that he and Su Yan had truly become one in Heart and Soul and the connection the two shared had become much stronger than previously.

It can even be said that as long as they were willing, they could clearly understand each other’s innermost thoughts; this was no different from opening their Knowledge Seas to one another, laying bare all of their deepest secrets.

However, neither of them were people who had nothing else to do, so they naturally wouldn’t do such a thing. Only when they fought together would they link Souls like this.

At that time, their ability to coordinate with one another would noticeably increase, boosting their combat strength dramatically.

“Right, I almost forgot about that.” Yang Kai suddenly remembered something and said in excitement.


“This.” Yang Kai flipped his hand and the Yin-Yang Monster Ginseng appeared atop his palm.

This Yin Yang Monster Ginseng was something he inadvertently acquired in the Inheritance Heaven’s Cave. According to Old Demon, as long as a man and woman reached a point where they were united in Heart and Soul, this World Spirit Treasure would play its role. Until now though, Yang Kai and Su Yan’s sentiment hadn’t reached such a level.

Now was the time for this Yin Yang Monster Ginseng to display its effect.

“Oh this.” Su Yan smiled, also suddenly remembering this Yin Yang Monster Ginseng.

This World Spirit Treasure was an unusual entity born from and nurtured by the Heavens and Earth. One half of it was red hot, while the other half was ice cold. It also had a certain level of sentience and knew how to hide itself and avoid trouble.

Under the Heavens, there were actually many kinds of World Spirit Treasures like this, but hardly anyone, from ordinary people to great masters, would have the chance to witness their existence.

World Spirit Treasures were rare and precious objects.

“How do we use it?” Yang Kai wondered. Old Demon had only said that the Yin Yang Monster Ginseng would be able to display its effect when a man and woman reached a union of Heart and Soul, he hadn’t explained how to use it though.

Was it as simple as them each eating half of it?

However, Yang Kai felt like this wasn’t right, this thing had already exceeded the realm of a spirit herb and was closer to a sentient life form; thinking about now biting it in half, Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling a sense of revulsion.

As he was contemplating what to do though, the Yin Yang Monster Ginseng reacted on its own. Until now, it had stayed in the Black Book Space, but upon emerging, its strange face suddenly displayed a happy expression. Obviously, after seeing the current Yang Kai and Su Yan, it had become quite excited.

Turning into a stream of light, it flew around Yang Kai and Su Yan.

As it rapidly revolved around the couple, it let out a strange voice, somewhat resembling a baby laughing joyfully.

A mysterious energy suddenly began streaming from the body of the Yin Yang Monster Ginseng and quickly wrapped around Yang Kai and Su Yan.

As it flew faster and faster, this pure energy also flowed more and more freely until it finally reached a certain limit and the Yin Yang Monster Ginseng suddenly burst into glittering points of light and completely covered Yang Kai and Su Yan.

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