Martial Peak

Chapter 570 – What is the situation?

Yang Kai’s mansion was crowded, filling with hustle and bustle.

Everyone in the mansion was densely packed into this crowd. Even the Immortal Ascension Masters were here instead of cultivating. Instead, they were here like everyone else, looking forward with an expectant look.

It had been more than a month since the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil land had invaded, everyone here was frightened and desperate. Yang Kai wanted to lead them out of the area but was blocked Ye Xin Rou’s group and The Seal Temple, forcing them to stay.

Everyone was going to die soon until Meng Wu Ya brought out the Heavenly Palace, which protected everyone and let them feel a sense of relief.

However, their future was still uncertain. Although the world was big, there was nowhere except Yang Kai’s mansion that is a hundred percent safe for them.

But today, more than a month later, these cultivators were all excited, with smiles on the face, each one was filled with energy, full of hope for their future prospects. They were no longer dejected like they were a month before.

In the front of these people, there were two huge pools with unknown liquids filled them. These ponds had all kinds of treasured herds floating through it, which fused the air with an overpowering fragrance. It was so strong that Yang Kai’s Mansion completely with its fragrance. Having taken a whiff of this fragrance would anyone’s body float into the clouds and relax in comfort.

At the moment inside the two pools was full of people, who seem to be meditating.

The magical powers of the pool are used to wash away the impurities in these cultivators bodies.

Underneath the pool, there were faint traces of a spirit array. At the moment, these Spirit Arrays were emitting a faint glow. With the Spirit Arrays at work, the potency of the pool water was continuously catalyzed and absorbed by the cultivators.

From time to time, one of the cultivators achieved a breakthrough and successfully achieve the next minor realm.

When that happened, the people who broke through would be excited, and the crowds would loudly cheer in delight.

It seemed because of all the breakthroughs that the Spiritual Energy of the entire War City was becoming chaotic.

“The pool made by that Young Lady Xia from High Heaven Pavilion is rumored to have a greater effect than the Yang Family’s Dragon Transformation Pond. It really has the effect of cleansing the body. No matter how bad your aptitude is, as long as you soak for a few days, it gets rid of all impurities, so that your potential will skyrocket.” a skinny young man said excitedly to the person next to him, with his fists clenched, expressing his excitement.

“It’s not rumored to be, but it really is better.” The person next to the skinny man continued. “You see the scene of so many people breaking through together? I thought that the mysterious pills gifted by the Young Lord had transformed our aptitude well enough, but I didn’t expect that we could go even further.”

“The Yang Family Dragon Transformation Pond is a magical place. I heard that in Yang Family, only those who have high aptitude and have made huge contributions to the family are eligible to enter it and gain some benefits from it. Just because one can obtain these small benefits, the Yang Family made it a ‘holy land’, and even compete with each other for it. But if you think about it, and compare the rumored benefits to the Pond we are in right now, ours is way better.” A third person excitedly chimed in, to which the first person remarked: “I heard that the Young Lord once wanted to enter the Dragon Transformation Pond when he was young but got rejected by the Yang Family to no end. In my opinion, those Yang Family were all blind. With the blinding talent and power that the Young Lord have, how could they reject him?”

“Don’t speak badly of the Yang Family’s business. The Yang Family was unfair to Little Lord but the Little Lord is still a part of the Yang Family. We should not criticize them for being short-sighted.”

“Yes, you’re right.”

“We are still waiting to enter the Dragon Transformation Pond. The Cultivators from the Reflecting Moon Sect soaked in the pool for only three days and broke directly from the True Element Boundary Seventh Stage to the peak of True Element Boundary and is now attempting to break into the Immortal Ascension Boundary. We can’t lag behind him!”

“Hey, the next batch is our Soaring Feather Pavilion. I really look forward to it. Those Tian Yuan City’s idiots, not only are they dead, but they also lost such a great opportunity.” People laughed sarcastically, gloating at others misfortune.

Before the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land invaded, Liu Fei Sheng of Tian Yuan City led their people and left Yang Kai’s group and came under Ye Xin Rou, which made Yang Kai’s followers ridicule them quite often.

Under the joint attack of Profound Yin Ghost King and Annihilating Poison King, the people of Tian Yuan City had all been killed.

Everyone’s eyes were filled with looks of expectation as all kinds of conversation rang throughout the crowd.

Yang Kai came out of his lengthy seclusion. He did not refine the Solitary Golden Eye, because he felt as though it did not require refinement.

The Solitary Golden Eye was more like the eyes of a person or a Monster Beast.

Even without refining the Solitary Golden Eye, Yang Kai’s Divine Sense was compatible with it, but for the time being Yang Kai didn’t know how to control it.

Yang Kai soon noticed the smell of medicine in the house, Yang Kai then searched around him, finding no one.

Yang Kai released his Divine Sense, and soon noticed the anomalies throughout the mansion, and quickly rushed to the crowd.

”What happened?” Yang Kai thought that something went wrong and hurriedly asked the closest person.

Hearing his voice, Qiu Yi Meng called to Yang Kai from a high platform not far from the two pools, “Yang Kai, come up here.”

Yang Kai’s figure quickly flew to the high platform. He turned and looked around, startled at what he saw.

Everyone was gathered next to the pools filled with herbs and people, Yang Kai took a closer look and found that the people soaking were all those of the Blood Battle Gang.

By Qiu Yi Meng’s side also on the high platform, the leaders of the younger generation all looked at Yang Kai with gratitude.

”What is the situation?” Yang Kai did not understand what had happened.

True Qi started to float around the members of the Blood Battle Gang, they were apparently on the edge of a breakthrough.

”Ask your Little Senior Sister, she is the one that set this up. All I know is that this is remarkable.” Qiu Yi Meng smiled and pushed Xia Ning Chang out.

”Little Senior Sister, what happened?” Yang Kai gazed at the veiled Xia Ning Chang.

The latter whispered, “Didn’t you give me a lot of Myriad Drug Liquid? Alchemy doesn’t use that much, and there hasn’t been much alchemy being performed for a while, so I wanted to use the Myriad Drug Liquid to help your followers improve their aptitude.”

“How is it done?” Yang Kai knows that long-term use of Myriad Drug Liquid can help people cleanse their body, but the pools are taking effect much faster than just using the Myriad Drug Liquid.

“Think of the people as the pill.” Xia Ning Chang whispered.

“What? Think of the people as the pill?” Yang Kai was shocked again.

“I found a method in the Spirit Array that you taught me, using Spirit Array with the Myriad Drug Liquid and other rare materials can stimulate the efficacy of these materials to start the effect in the shortest time. They expel the impurities in their bodies and refine them in a way similar to Alchemy,” Xia Ning Chang explained.

Other Alchemist purely focus on Alchemy, but Little Senior Sister had gone beyond this level. She can now refine people.

(Silavin: Refine people? Hmm… can she refine that filthy Yang Kai?)

Little Senior Sister’s powerful and excellent aptitude is obvious now.

Yang Kai quietly asked, “There won’t be any side effects?”

“No.” Xia Ning Chang shook her head. “But even if you do this, although it works quickly, and can help people can break through several small levels rapidly, it is still better to use the Myriad Drug Liquid over an extended time.”

“This is enough.” Yang Kai nodded gently. To give his followers such opportunities, Yang Kai was already satisfied.

Yang Kai did not expect that Xia Ning Chang could do such a thing with the Myriad Drug Liquid.

When used in this way, the strength of Yang Kai’s followers could increase rapidly, and their ability to protect themselves would be greatly enhanced.

Most importantly, with the improvements of a small realm and improvements to their own physique, it was undoubtedly a great boost to previously downtrodden morale.

Yang Kai could tell from the cultivators’ faces. There was no longer a look of confusion or despair, they all had looks of excitement.

After the two of them finished their conversation, Qiu Yi Meng smiled and said, “The Blood Battle Gang has been cultivating in the pools for two days. Every three days the group of people will change, and those three days is the optimum time in the pool. Any more than that it would be useless.”

Huo Xing Chen was annoyed at the side, “If it weren’t for my father, all the people I recruited would be able to benefit from this opportunity as well.”

“I agree, if it weren’t for my father, my Qiu Family’s Autumn Rain Hall could have benefited from this as well.” Qiu Yi Meng said regrettably.

The people of the Autumn Rain Hall had paid a lot for Yang Kai during the Inheritance War, but they were recalled by Qiu Shou Cheng at the last minute.

If they stay until now, they could have certainly enjoyed this treatment.

“My old man is too wicked, he’s not suitable for the position Patriarch anymore.” Huo Xing Chen said with a fierce look of annoyance.

“You all don’t have to gather here. Go do what you need to do, let’s leave a few people here to keep the order.” Yang Kai said, “Remember to come to my room tonight, I have something to give you.”

Nowadays, the existence of Myriad Drug Liquid was not a secret. The leaders of the younger generation in Yang Kai’s followers during The Inheritance War were all present, regardless of the amount they contributed during the Inheritance War, so Yang Kai intended to let them get some benefits.

When they heard Yang Kai say that, everyone’s eyes lit up with excitement as they looked forward to it.

Qiu Yi Meng glanced over to Yang Kai and said, “At least you have some conscience in you. Else, we would have never been as loyal to you as we are now.

It was clear that Qiu Yi Meng was angry with him, and Yang Kai couldn’t bear it. So, he pretended that he didn’t hear it, but then heard a voice shouting, “Young Master Yang, Young Master Yang!”

Yang Kai looked down for the source of the sound and found that it was Li Yuan Chun of the Endless Sea Islands Supreme Solitary Sect beckoning him.

“Senior Li, come up and let’s talk.” Yang Kai smiled.

Li Yuan Chun arrived at the high platform with a flash and laughed a little. he quietly spoke, “Young Master Yang, I haven’t seen you for a long time.”

“A long time?” While Yang Kai was in seclusion he did not keep track of time, thus he didn’t know how much time had passed.

“It’s been more than a month.” Li Yuan Chun said.

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