Martial Peak

Chapter 56 – Probing

Chapter 56 - Probing

Seeing this scene, the hidden Hu Mei Er immediately shouted out: “Older sister, you are shameless!”

But, how could her voice possibly transmit outside the smoke barrier? Even a fragrance pressing to escape, still could not. Too despicable, for someone at older sister’s level, to play around with a tempered body martial practitioner was simply too easy.

If this was a normal interaction, Hu Mei Er felt that Kai Yang definitely wouldn’t reveal any abnormal reactions. But if her older sister had done anything behind the scenes, then she could not say for certain if this would remain the case.

Inside the house, Hu Jiao Er abruptly stood up again and step by step, she started to walk over to that sweet smelling bed. Looking back, she laughed: “Wait a moment. I need to retrieve something to give to you.”

“Okay.” Kai Yang’s brow was wrinkled, as he faintly felt that something was wrong, but he couldn’t exactly put his finger on it.

Arriving at the side of the sweet smelling bed, Hu Jiao Er knelt over. Half-kneeling on the bed, she started to search around and the thin clothes she wore were unable to completely cover her thousand charms. The clothes stuck perfectly to her body, highlighting her perfectly round buttocks, demonstrating unparallelled allure.

Kai Yang’s heart rate increased by leaps and bounds, while his throat burned.

For a good while, Hu Jiao Er remained in this alluring position. Then suddenly, in a cute voice, she cried out.

“What happened?” Kai Yang’s expression changed and he hurried over.

At that moment, Hu Jiao Er retreated from the bed. Her steps unsteady, she fell directly into Kai Yang’s arms and he firmly caught her.

Both of their legs touched, and for some unknown reason, both of them fell onto the bed.

Hu Jiao Er was on top, Kai Yang was on the bottom and the fiery human body heat on his chest caused his throat to become dry. Looking down at that beautiful face with two tender lips, Kai Yang forcibly suppressed his ** and said: “What is the matter?”

“There is a bug!” Hu Jiao Er put on a show; her acting skills were really good. Her two small hands clutched onto Kai Yang’s clothes not letting go as she displayed an easily frightened appearance.

Kai Yang laughed out involuntarily: “Where is it?”

“Over there…….”

Looking in the direction Hu Jiao Er was pointing, Kai Yang actually saw a bug slowly crawling around. He thought that women were really interesting; she was already a martial practitioner, yet such a small and insignificant bug could scare her to such a degree. Reaching out, he squashed it before patting her on the shoulder: “It’s alright now. It has already been dealt with by me.”

“There are definitely more……...” Hu Jiao Er persisted. As she said this, she looked around in all directions, her gaze wasn’t limited to the bed as it swept over Kai Yang’s cheeks and lips, causing Kai Yang’s recently calmed emotions to flare back up.

“There are none left.” Kai Yang felt it wasn’t suitable for this to continue, because if someone were to burst into the room at any moment and were to see himself and Hu Mei Er like this, then they would unable to wash clean their reputations with three rivers and five lakes.

“There really aren’t anymore?” A flash of astonishment flashed across Hu Jiao Er’s eyes, she would never have imagined that Kai Yang really could control himself in this position. He didn’t try to take advantage of her at all.

Just then, if Kai Yang really had done anything, then he would definitely have lost an arm or two.

Although her heart was still unsettled, Hu Jiao Er meekly crawled off Kai Yang’s body.

Kai Yang sat up, embarrassed, he lifted his head to look at Hu Mei Er, her face was also bright red, as she shuffled over to sit next to him.

“What’s wrong with your foot?” Kai Yang asked.

“When I tripped, I think I sprained it.” After one scheme failed, Hu Jiao Er immediately moved onto another. She thought, ‘Great Aunt, today I definitely must reveal your true colours. I must see if it’s a black or red heart.’

“Let me see……...” Squatting down, Kai Yang went to pick up Hu Jiao Er’s foot. Looking at it, he saw that her ankle was truly a bit red, proving it really had been injured.

It had actually been injured. In order to truly probe Kai Yang, a small sacrifice like this was nothing to Hu Jiao Er.

Kai Yang wasn’t shy about anything, after all Hu Mei Er wasn’t too concerned with etiquette. Previously, she had used herself to entice him, so how would holding her foot be anything to be concerned over?

“Don’t move around!” Kai Yang commanded before reaching into his clothes to pull out a bottle.

This bottle contained Sky Tower’s Blood Clotting Cream and after he took it out, Kai Yang paused, as if he was thinking about something. After a good while, Kai Yang finally poured out some cream onto his palm. Then, carefully he started to smear it on the swollen area of Hu Jiao Er’s foot.

A weak pulse of Yang World Qi also started to revolve, assisting the with the defusing of the medicine.

Hu Jiao Er’s adorable body quivered for a bit, she told herself that she really had lost big time! So many years had past, and her jade body had never been touched by others. But because she wanted to make a bet with her younger sister, she was hugged and touched by another. Not only could she not walk, she also couldn’t make them take responsibility.

Although she felt wronged, she no longer felt any more pain on her body.

That big hand was gently rubbing her ankle, his figure serious, his movement soft and gentle. His coarse and rough hands rubbing on her tender skin sent up waves of numbness.

She steadily got and up accompanied by him, he carried an air not befitting of his age.

Following Kai Yang’s movements, Hu Jiao Er’s imagination became wild and a peculiar feeling appeared within her body. This feeling caused her to became flustered and her maiden heart started to beat erratically. Heat started to rise in her abdomen, like lightening striking downwards causing her to clamp her legs together. She was afraid that if she didn’t clamp her legs closed, then that hot feeling out come flooding out.

“Kai Yang…...” A strange voice shouted out from Hu Jiao Er’s mouth. She was currently too embarrassed to show her face, she had never imagined that she would ever make this type of voice.

“En?” Kai Yang lifted up his head to see Hu Jiao Er’s pair of watery and beautiful eyes staring down at him and her face no longer held any other colour apart from a scarlet red.

“Do you want to… some other things?” Hu Jiao Er tightly clenched her ruby lips, proceeding to commence her final attack!

If Kai Yang immediately replied in agreement, then she would able to discard all her current emotions and retreat. Then she wouldn’t be merciless to Kai Yang!

Would he agree? Hu Jiao Er was nervous, hoping that he would agree so she could be free, but on the other hand, she also wanted him to refuse to prove that her younger sister didn’t misread him and that she had mistaken him! This nervousness and struggle caused her to be extremely indecisive inside.

Even Hu Jiao Er was worried, so how could the confined Hu Mei Er not be worried? She had ceased all useless shouts, and was closely looking at Kai Yang, unsure what response he would give in the end.

Kai Yang looked straight at Hu Jiao Er, intentionally moving, while she had her heart in her throat afraid that Kai Yang would say the word “Okay”.

Suddenly, Kai Yang softly chuckled. Slowly, without any rush, he put away the bottle of Blood Clotting Cream seriously.

“Lady!” Kai Yang muttered.

“En?” Hu Jiao Er nervous, disregarded Kai Yang’s addressing of herself.

“Just then, the bottle of Blood Clotting Cream was my most precious possession. Although it’s value isn’t that high, it is the proof of human kindness.”

“What’s your meaning?” Hu Jiao Er looked distracted. She had asked if he wanted to or not, so why was he talking about this? What was his meaning?

Standing up, Kai Yang looked down at Hu Jiao Er: “What I want to tell you is, I used this precious bottle of cream to treat your injury so I ask that you no longer hold any grudges with me. Let us end this farce here and now please.”

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