Martial Peak

Chapter 559 – Mistress Let Me Convey You A Message

The Endless Sea Island’s people hadn’t thought Yang Kai would be so amiable and were caught off guard. Their original intention was to use force when negotiations broke down. In any case, they came from the Endless Sea Islands, so the Central Capital’s Eight Great Families had no influence over them.

Even if a battle broke out, as long as they retrieved their Hallowed Treasures and returned to the Endless Sea Islands, the Eight Great Families’ complaints and threats would be nothing more than farts.

However, the auras coming from the masters inside Yang Kai’s house had made Li Yuan Chun and the other Endless Sea Island envoys’ original plan invalid. If they really started a fight, it wasn’t certain who would win. Not to mention, only the Asura Sword and Thousand Blossoming Blood Begonia had appeared while all the other Hallowed Treasure’s locations was still unknown.

If they really were to provoke this Yang Family brat, it would not do anyone any good.

“En, what Young Master Yang says is reasonable.” Li Yuan Chun was an old fox and quickly found a way to stall for time, turning to Yang Kai and asking, “Can you give us a moment to discuss this matter?”

Yang Kai smiled and nodded patiently.

The masters from the Endless Sea Islands all began exchanging meaningful glances, seemingly conversing with each other using their Divine Senses.

At this time, Yang Kai turned his attention to Bi Luo and asked, “Bi Luo, what brings you here?”

Bi Luo was still fondly holding onto Qiu Yi Meng, causing the latter to becoming increasingly uncomfortable. She had wanted to pull her hand away several times but had not succeeded as of yet, so when she Yang Kai’s question, Qiu Yi Meng suddenly let out a sigh of relief overjoyed.

Bi Luo gawked for a moment before suddenly standing up and saying, “I almost forgot, Mistress let me convey you a message.”

“Oh, what message?”

“Leave here as soon as possible, the Holy Land’s forces are coming.”

“What?” Yang Kai instantly discolored, “Where exactly are planning to go?”

“Here,” Bi Luo said in a dignified tone, “When you Yang Family initiated the Inheritance War, the Eight Great Families forces were split, so the plan is to first level War City then proceed to attack the Central Capital. All Six Great Evil Kings and their armies, led by the Demon Lord himself, have set out. It’s impossible for War City to withstand such an assault, so you should escape quickly.”

“When will they arrive?” Yang Kai asked in a deep voice, realizing the situation was far worse than he had imagined.

“Tonight!” Bi Luo replied, the corners of her lips unconsciously rising slightly.

“Such an important matter, why didn’t you say so sooner!?” Yang Kai roared furiously, but soon noticed the slightly smug look on Bi Luo’s face, realizing she had done all of this deliberately.

If he hadn’t asked her, she may not have ever said anything.

[This woman…]

Yang Kai wished he could spank her red right now!

Under orders from Shan Qing Luo, Bi Luo arriving here to give him a warning was already more than Yang Kai could have asked for; however, he knew just how infatuated this young woman was with Shan Qing Luo, so Yang Kai understood that Bi Luo was actually looking forward to him dropping dead.

Qiu Yi Meng was also dumbstruck, only recovering after a moment of stunned silence and asking, “You mean, the Demon Lord is leading the Six Great Evil Kings here?”

“As well as all of the Holy Land’s masters.” Bi Luo quickly added.

“Their courage isn’t small!” Qiu Yi Meng said coldly, “Since when as my Eight Great Families so easily bullied?”

“Do you think you can resist?” Bi Luo looked at Qiu Yi Meng mockingly, “Since the people from the Holy Land dare to come here, they definitely have complete confidence in obtaining victory. I’ll tell you now, you can’t stop them.”

“How many Above Immortal Ascension Boundary masters does your side have?” Qiu Yi Meng didn’t squabble with her, instead hurriedly seeking for useful information.

“A dozen or so. Except for my Mistress’s territory where only she had achieved this realm, all of the other Kings have at least two such masters.”

“Shan Qing Luo also broke through?” Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling stunned. When they had last parted, she was still just a Peak Immortal Ascension Boundary cultivator. But now, after a little more than a year, Shan Qing Luo had actually reached the Above Immortal Ascension Boundary.

The Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land’s Six Great Evil Kings had always been Above Immortal Ascension Boundary masters, or rather, in order to become a true Great Evil King, one had to reach such a realm. On top of that, each of them possessed astonishing strength.

If not for these powerhouses, the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land would have collapsed when it was besieged more than a year ago.

“A trivial dozen people, War City alone has seven Above Immortal Ascension Boundary masters standing guard.” Qiu Yi Meng snorted, even though she said so, she also knew that the situation wasn’t optimistic.

However, Bi Luo just slowly shook her head, her enchanting little face showing a hint of disdain, “It’s useless. Forget about the seven people here, even if your Eight Great Families sent out all of their Above Immortal Ascension Boundary masters, you still wouldn’t be able to stop the Demon Lord. Sir Demon Lord is a little different; Mistress told me that in this world, no one is his opponent. If he wanted to, it would only take him a single move to defeat an ordinary Above Immortal Ascension Boundary master, and kill one within three moves.”

Qiu Yi Meng’s beautiful face paled at these words.

“Not to mention, besides Sir Demon Lord, there are also the Thunderbolt Beast King, Tyrannical Force King, Profound Yin Ghost King, Lightning Flash Shadow King, Annihilating Poison King, and Beguiling Demon Queen. Among these six, my Mistress is by far the weakest.” Bi Luo said bluntly.

“Yang Kai, what should we do?” Qiu Yi Meng asked in a hurry, such an important matter suddenly arising had affected even her, causing her to feel slightly muddleheaded.

Perhaps, if Yang Kai wasn’t here she would be able to maintain her calm and make appropriate decisions, but with someone around she could rely on, Qiu Yi Meng suddenly became somewhat dependant on him.

Yang Kai’s expression was solemn as he stared at Bi Luo.

Since Bi Luo herself had come to deliver this message, it was unlikely to be a lie. Although Shan Qing Luo was also one of the Six Great Evil Kings, but from his contact with her, Yang Kai felt she wasn’t a wicked woman. In the first place, sending Bi Luo here to warn him about this was pointless if it weren’t true. Doing that had absolutely no advantage for her either way.

“Qiu Yi Meng, you go to the Seal Temple with Huo Xing Chen and inform the seven Grand Elders about this news.” Yang Kai took the initiative and said directly.

“Good,” Qiu Yi Meng nodded, quickly asking, “If they ask how I obtained this information… what should I say?”

“The truth!”

Qiu Yi Meng smiled bitter and stood, “I’ll head out now.”

The seven Grand Elders would definitely ask about the source of this intelligence, and if she answered truthfully, whether they believed her or not, it would only further convince them that Yang Kai was guilty of colluding with Demons.

Having a ‘relationship’ with the Beguiling Demon Queen, if that wasn’t collusion then what was?

However, with disaster fast approaching, Yang Kai had no way to conceal this point any longer.

As Yang Kai was hastily making arrangements, Bi Luo just sat to the side quietly, neither hindering nor helping him in any way, as if all of this had nothing to do with her.

After Qiu Yi Meng left, Yang Kai also hurriedly walked towards the exit.

“Young Master Yang…” Li Yuan Chun couldn’t sit still and quickly shouted; after traveling ten thousand kilometers in order to find the Hallowed Treasures of their respective Sects and even basically reaching an agreement with Yang Kai, how could these Endless Sea Islands envoys not feel anxious with such a sudden development?

In the unlikely event that Yang Kai died in this conflict, who could they look for in order to retrieve their property?

“Everyone, do wait here for now!” Yang Kai didn’t have time to pay attention to them and immediately disappeared out the door.

Li Yuan Chun’s expression became quite ugly.

The Endless Sea Islands masters all glared towards Bi Luo bitterly. If it weren’t for her delivering this news, they could be settling things with Yang Kai now.

Being stared at by so many masters caused Bi Luo to feel quite unnerved, so she quickly got up and left.

Arriving outside the Blood Warrior’s quarters, Yang Kai whistled loudly and in the next moment, nine figures flew over and assembled before him.

“What are Little Lord’s orders?” Tu Feng asked.

“All of you follow me.” Yang Kai didn’t halt his footsteps and hurriedly walked toward Meng Wu Ya’s room while trying to come up with a plan in his head.

Reaching Meng Wu Ya room soon after, Yang Kai unceremoniously kicked open the door, ignored the angry glare of Treasurer Meng, picked up a brush and paper from the nearby desk and began writing a letter.

“What the hell is all this about, why are you acting so flustered?” Meng Wu Ya called out in a disgruntled voice. Ling Tai Xu was also shocked by this sudden intrusion and looked suspiciously towards Yang Kai.

“The Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land’s forces are on their way here.” Yang Kai quickly summarized the information he had received from Bi Luo. Upon hearing this shocking news, everyone in the room paled and quickly asked about the reliability of this intelligence.

“Ninety percent certain.” Yang Kai replied seriously and then handed the letter he had just written to Ying Jiu, “You return to the Yang Family and give this letter to my father.”

“Yes.” Ying Jiu took the letter and shot off like a bolt of lightning.

Of all the Blood Warriors, he was the fastest, so the mission of messenger was naturally given to him.

“What are you planning to do?” Meng Wu Ya asked solemnly.

“Leave here. If we depart quickly, there should still be enough time.” Yang Kai took a deep breath and replied. Although there were many powerful masters in his house, the majority of the people here, many of whom were Yang Kai’s personal friends, had yet to even reach the Immortal Ascension Boundary. If they were really involved in a battle with the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land, all of them would likely die.

The Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land had obviously been preparing for this campaign for quite some time and had chosen to strike at the height of the Yang Family Inheritance War when the strength of the Eight Great Families had been split between two cities. War City’s defense was not as strict as that of the Central Capital so it was all but certain that this place would be completely destroyed.

Continuing to remain here was definitely unwise.

All he could do now was let Qiu Yi Meng and Huo Xing Chen rush to the Seal Temple to warn the seven Grand Elders about the severity of this situation while Ying Jiu returned to the Yang Family with his letter to inform his parents so they could allow the Yang Family to prepare.

With this, he has already done all that he can.

Listening to him lay out his plan; Meng Wu Ya also nodded gently, “A wise choice.”

“Tu Feng, relay my orders, let everyone in the house prepare, within half an hour everyone must be ready to set out.”

“Yes.” Tu Feng immediately left spread the word.

Soon, everyone in the house began moving. Although no one understood what exactly was going on, when they saw the solemn expression on Tu Feng’s face, they knew that the situation was serious.

The younger generation leaders all hurriedly came to ask Yang Kai for more information, but when they got the answer, all of them were dumbstruck.

“Impossible. The Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land making such a big movement, why haven’t we received any news about this?” Zuo Fang muttered.

Dong Qing Han’s brow furrowed deeply as he replied, “I’m afraid that there are no living witnesses from the places that have been attacked.”

The Demon Lord, Six Great Evil Kings, and countless Devil Path masters decimating everything in their path, leaving behind a trail of destroyed buildings and scorched earth in their wake, such a picture couldn’t help surfacing in all of these youth’s minds.

Everyone couldn’t help shuddering unconsciously.

A great eagle cry rang out and Yang Kai’s Golden Feather Eagle flew off into the distance. This Golden Feather Eagle had been staying in Yang Kai mansion for the past ten months and had already successfully evolved into a Sixth-Order Monster Beast. Unfortunately, as the Inheritance War dragged on, the role it could pay only became smaller and smaller until now it spent most of its time playing with the various beauties in the house.

However, at this moment, it was the best advanced scout available.

After half an hour, everyone had finished their preparations.

Seemingly aware of the abnormal situation inside the house, the Endless Sea Islands’ emissaries rushed to find Yang Kai under the leadership of Li Yuan Chun, but before any of them could speak, Yang Kai pre-emptively said, “Senior Li, do not rush to bring up your Hallowed Treasures, Junior promises you he will return them to you, just not at this moment. For now, why don’t you accompany us and we can discuss the issue on the road?”

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