Martial Peak

Chapter 554 – Solitary Golden Eye

Inside the world of Yang Kai’s Knowledge Sea, Yang Kai and the old man’s Soul phantoms continued their game of cat and mouse around the five coloured island.

The old man is not willing to face Yang Kai head on with his Soul phantom, lest he encounter some kind of accident, while on the other hand, Yang Kai seemed full of vigor, chasing after him with dogged determination as if he made a vow to never rest until striking a killing blow.

Purely in terms of momentum, the old man had already lost.

But in reality, Yang Kai had no way to decisively defeat his opponent. Although this was his own Knowledge Sea, and although he was the true master of this place, never mind the gap in cultivation, the old man had nearly a hundred years more experience in the use of his Spiritual Energy than Yang Kai. As a result of this disparity in experience, the old man could safely evade Yang Kai’s pursuit.

While on the run, the old man could even afford to investigate the strange five coloured island.

The more he observed it, the more difficult it was for him to suppress his desire to possess it. He didn’t know what this five coloured island was, but that didn’t stop him realizing how extraordinary it was.

When the old man’s Soul phantom was near this island, he felt his Spiritual Energy noticeably increase and any loss he had experienced during this battle was quickly restored.

After only a moment, the old man understood that this mysterious five coloured island must be a supreme Soul treasure! This also explained why Yang Kai had such a powerful Soul even though he was only an Immortal Ascension Boundary Second Stage cultivator.

This five coloured island was the root of everything.

The value of this island may even be greater than that old Devil Lord’s promotion technique.

Realizing this, the old man’s breathing became slightly rushed.

He had used his Divine Sense to silently infiltrate Yang Kai’s Knowledge Sea in order to find an opportunity to control the latter, and although things hadn’t gone according to his original plans, he had now discovered this priceless treasure.

This time, he had profited greatly!

Even if he had to damage his Soul phantom, he had to capture this little brat, the secrets and wealth hidden on him were capable of making anyone’s eyes go red, so the old man steeled his determination.

Seemingly aware of the change in the old man’s thoughts, Yang Kai’s expression became gloomy.

He had three secrets that he absolutely could not let those he didn’t have absolute trust in know.

First was the Wordless Black Book. This secret was so far known to no one, the second was the Five Coloured Soul Warming Lotus about which only Old Demon knew, and the third was the Myriad Drug Liquid.

Now his second biggest secret had been exposed to an enemy, causing the opposite party to covet the Soul Warming Lotus, Yang Kai’s murderous intent swelled.

No matter what, he couldn’t allow this old man to leave his Knowledge Sea safely and reveal this secret!

Responding to his intention, Yang Kai’s entire Knowledge Sea became violent and the number of attacks which flew towards the old man instantly multiplied.

However, in response, the old man suddenly stopped, turned around, and sneered disdainfully towards Yang Kai, “Yang Family brat, you’re still too tender!”

Yang Kai heart clenched and suddenly felt a sense of crisis.

The old man laughed wantonly, “Did you think you were chasing this old master? Hahaha, this old master was simply leading you around while he made his preparations yet you never even realized! Such youthful impetuousness!”

As he spoke, a multitude of deep green lights appeared mid-air and wove into a giant curtain that completely enveloped the five coloured island.

In an instant, Yang Kai suddenly felt the Soul Warming Lotus become isolated from his Knowledge Sea.

Yang Kai face went pale and he immediately gripped the small sword artifact and shot towards the green curtain without the slightest hesitation, wanting to destroy it.

“In your dreams.” The old man shouted angrily. After consuming a massive amount of his Spiritual Energy to arrange this green curtain, how could he allow Yang Kai to break it?

If Yang Kai succeeded in destroying his layout, it would waste all of his previous effort.

Letting out a great and waving his hand, a thin green net appeared around Yang Kai and tried to bind him in place.

Yang Kai turned around and slashed at this green net and although he cut several of its threads, he was unable to break through it entirely.

As the sense of crisis he felt grew even stronger, Yang Kai’s entire Knowledge Sea was seemingly affected as well, becoming turbulent and restless.

The old man on the other hand sneered, a smug, confident expression appearing on his face.

Just as the thin netting was about to wrap around Yang Kai, an astonishing pressure descended.

Suddenly, whether it was the old man or Yang Kai, neither of them could move a muscle, it was almost as if, under this pressure, both of their Souls would momentarily be crushed into dust.

The old man was dumbstruck, completely unaware of what had happened. Even if he was an old Above Immortal Ascension Boundary master and had a wealth of experience, he had never before felt such terrifying pressure.

The netting he had previously laid out to trap Yang Kai rapidly disappeared, like spring snow under a blazing sun.

Although Yang Kai was also exposed to this pressure, he was still much better off than the old man. This pressure seemed to be targeted towards the old man while Yang Kai only received some residual effects.


A crisp sound rang out.

As this sound echoed throughout Yang Kai’s Knowledge Sea, the two people were both stunned silent.

The two of them saw a horizontal crack appear on the oddly shaped object that had been floating above the five coloured island.

As if someone had torn a hole in the void, the crack slowly expanded, and as it expanded, the crushing pressure became stronger and stronger.

Inside Yang Kai’s Knowledge Sea, there was an unprecedented surge of violent wind.

The old man shuddered as his heart filled with an intense sense of crisis, making him almost want to collapse to the ground. His Soul phantom fluctuated unsteadily as a miserable howl emerged from his mouth.

As Yang Kai stared at the strange round object in the sky, he suddenly felt a cold chill throughout his body.

Since unsealing the seventh page of the Black Book, Yang Kai had repeatedly tried to unravel this strange object’s mysteries but had never once succeeded. Never had he expected that today, when he fell into a critical situation, this thing would suddenly show a reaction.

[What exactly is this thing?] Yang Kai stared at it tightly, wondering what it was, what it was doing, and what, if anything, he should be doing in response.

The crack continued to expand and under the ever increasing pressure, the formation the old man had painstakingly arranged was torn apart like strips of paper.

After a while, the crack expanded to its limit and after seeing what lay within it, both Yang Kai and the old man couldn’t help feeling a sense of absolute terror.

The old man cried out between his pitifully howls, “An eye?”

It was an eye!

A giant eye!

When Yang Kai first obtained this thing, he had made a guess about what it was; originally thinking it was some kind of fruit that looked like an eye.

However, it was a tightly closed eye.

Now, this single eye had finally opened.

Unlike an ordinary person’s eyes though, this one’s eyeball was jet black and had a golden pupil.

It radiated an imposing and majestic aura that made any who saw it give birth to the idea of bowing down and paying homage to it.

Although it was just a solitary eye, it stood there quietly above the treasure island like a supreme ruler, staring down at the old man in an overbearing manner, it was as if, before it, this Above Immortal Ascension Boundary master was nothing but an insignificant ant.

“Yang Family brat, what the hell is this!?” The old man screamed, attempting to gain some information from Yang Kai. Under the gaze of this eye, he felt like his Soul was under such great pressure it would be disintegrated in the next instant.

Obviously Yang Kai didn’t answer, his own thoughts racing.

In truth, he couldn’t answer even if he wanted to as he also didn’t know what this thing was.

Just as the old man was trying to make a last ditch struggle, a golden beam of light suddenly shot out from the solitary eye and washed over the Soul phantom of the old man.

Without the slightest sound, or the slightest movement, the Soul phantom of an Above Immortal Ascension Boundary masters was instantly purified, leaving behind only a large mass of pure Spiritual Energy gently floating mid-air.

Yang Kai was dumbstruck.

After completing all this, the giant eye, which had opened for some unknown reason, slowly closed and once again entered a mysterious state of dormancy.

However, Yang Kai faintly felt that before this solitary golden eye closed, it seemed to have stared at him, showing a slightly disappointed yet simultaneously gratified look.

Inside his Knowledge Sea, Yang Kai saw the weather once again become calm and the sun shine down. All kinds of fish continued to swim in the sea and the great flocks of birds leisurely flew through the sky.

Yang Kai remained in a daze for a while, but was unable to understand any of the golden eye’s mysteries, he quickly withdrew his consciousness.

Immediately upon exiting his Knowledge Sea, a series of shouts and screams reached his ear.

Looking towards the origin of these voices, what appeared in his vision were the Above Immortal Ascension Boundary masters from the Eight Great Families.

The fat old man was supporting the body of the square faced old man as he anxiously called out, “Brother Ye, Brother Ye, what happened?”

Yang Li Ting also closely examined the situation but after a while he just slowly shook his head and muttered in a solemn voice, “He’s dead.”

Everyone, whether they were allies of Yang Kai’s or masters from the seven family coalition, immediately gawked, unable to believe what Yang Li Ting had just said.

An Above Immortal Ascension Boundary master… died?

“There’s no sign of injury; I don’t know what happened.” Yang Li Ting’s brow furrowed as he vigilantly scanned his surroundings.

The Ye Family’s square faced Grand Elder had almost the same strength as him, but he had suddenly died for no reason without suffering the slightest external injury. Did his vital essence run out, or was he secretly plotted against by someone?

The former possibility was unlikely. Yang Li Ting had been together with him for so many years, if he really was on the verge of death, as a fellow Above Immortal Ascension Boundary master, he would have also been somewhat aware of it.

Since he had never heard him say anything regarding this, it was all but certain he had not arrived at the end of his lifespan.

[Was he secretly poisoned?] Yang Li Ting couldn’t think of anyone who could kill an Above Immortal Ascension Boundary master in front of so many people. In this world, no one had such skill; even the Demon Lord of the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land couldn’t accomplish this!

“What happened?” Yang Kai deliberately asked the nearby Blood Warriors.

Tu Feng swallowed hard and replied in a dignified voice, “I’m not clear. We didn’t see anything. All I can tell is that the Ye Family’s Above Immortal Ascension Boundary Grand Elder suddenly began to foam at the mouth and then collapsed to the ground like that.”

Yang Kai nodded lightly, his expression indifferent while inside he was once again astonished by the killing power of the solitary golden eye.

A superficial strike had completely erased the Soul of an Above Immortal Ascension Boundary master.

The Ye Family old man’s Soul phantom carried all of his thoughts, so once it was destroyed, how could his body survive?

This solitary golden eye, what exactly was it?

Across the battlefield, the atmosphere suddenly became solemn, whether it was the remaining Eight Great Families’ Above Immortal Ascension Boundary masters or Meng Wu Ya and Ling Tai Xu, all of these top level powerhouses deeply frowned as they pondered over this mystery.

Old Demon suddenly broke the silence with a callous chuckle, “Don’t make any absurd accusations that we used some underhanded means to kill him. When this incident occurred, all three of us were thousands a meters up fighting a battle, none of us had an opportunity nor method to accomplish this.”

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