Martial Peak

Chapter 550 – Heaven Defying Methods

Meng Wu Ya went without saying, his whole existence was surrounded in mystery. None of them could see through him. As for Ling Tai Xu, regardless of anything else, he was a genuine Above Immortal Ascension Boundary master, and fighting such a powerhouse was no joke.

“I’m not qualified? Heh heh.” Meng Wu Ya grinned, his expression completely tranquil, “Don’t say me, even that guy down below, one-on-one, none of you are his match.”

As he said so, he casually pointed towards Old Demon.

In response, Old Demon grinned fiercely.

“Him?” The square faced old man thought otherwise but still showed a look of surprise on his face, slowly shaking his head, “What does he count for?”

From his words, a thick contempt and disdain was apparent.

Not only was his expression so, but the other Eight Great Families’ Above Immortal Ascension Boundary masters were also so, all of them secretly thinking that Meng Wu Ya no longer had all of his faculties; actually saying such nonsense.

Between Old Demon, Meng Wu Ya, and Ling Tai Xu, the one they were most wary of was Ling Tai Xu; after all, this man had reached the Above Immortal Ascension Boundary, and his cultivation equal to their own. Not to mention, he was able to cultivate a monster like the current Demon Lord!

After Ling Tai Xu, the second person they had concerns about was Meng Wu Ya. Although he was only a Peak Immortal Ascension Boundary master, none of them could fully understand him. To an enemy they couldn’t completely understand, naturally they had some suspicion and fear.

As for Old Demon… Although he too was a Peak Immortal Ascension Boundary like Meng Wu Ya, none of them really placed him in their eyes.

Such a cultivator, any of them could casually kill. Previously, when Yang Li Ting used a palm to explode his Blood Demon Puppet, Old Demon hadn’t dared to revolt; from this alone they concluded Old Demon was not their match.

Hearing the mockery in the square faced man’s words, Meng Wu Ya couldn’t help but laugh, “Old Devil Lord, these people seem to be looking down on you, aren’t you going to speak up?”

“If they want to look down on me, they’re free to do so. Why should I bother saying anything?” Old Demon smiled devilishly, not showing the slightest shame or embarrassment, as if he didn’t care one bit what these eight old men thought of him.

“Can you really stand it?” Meng Wu Ya stared at Old Demon with a sly smile, “Considering your cruel personality, shouldn’t you be itching to give this group of short-sighted children a harsh lesson?”

“You’re right. All of them are short-sighted brats, but why should this old master lower himself to their level?” Old Demon scoffed, arguing back and forth with Meng Wu Ya while ignoring the eight Above Immortal Ascension Boundary Grand Elders like they were air.

Everyone’s mood was quite awkward.

Listening to these two quibble, it seemed like this old Devil Lord really he was the Senior and these Above Immortal Ascension Boundary old men were the inexperienced Juniors, not worthy of his attention.

Did he really have such skill? Such qualifications?

Just as everyone was puzzling over this idea, Old Demon’s face suddenly became solemn as he calmly declared, “Although this Old Master doesn’t want to lower himself to the level of these kids, but if I continue to let them act arrogantly without responding, they’ll really start thinking this Old Master can be casually bullied. This technique is quite laborious to use so this Old Master was hoping he wouldn’t have to display it.”

Saying so, the rolling True Qi within Old Demon’s body suddenly became completely still.

“Demon Specter Saint Technique!” A great roar that seemed to resound throughout the Heavens and Earth left Old Demon’s mouth and at the same time, the surrounding World Energy whipped up into a violent storm.

At the same time, everyone felt like all the blood in their bodies was being violently drawn to Old Demon, seemingly wanting to burst from their bodies and fly towards him.

The lower strength cultivators present instantly had pained expressions and under this strange suction their skin became bright red and blood began leaking from their seven orifices, making all of them appear particularly miserable.

Even the ones who had reached the Immortal Ascension Boundary had to furiously circulate their Secret Arts in order to barely stand firm.

Everyone present had a dignified expression, none of them knew what method Old Demon had used to achieve such an effect.

*Xiu xiu xiu…*

Bright red beams of light suddenly appeared from all directions and rushed into Old Demon’s body.

These beams were composed entirely of blood from the scattered fallen cultivators. Whether it was the masters from the seven family coalition, or the allies who supported Yang Kai, as long as they had died, all the blood from their corpses would be drained within a few breaths.

Even the blood that had seeped into ground was drawn out under this huge suction.

As Old Demon’s body absorbed all of this blood, he was suddenly dyed entirely red, like a boiled crab.

Suddenly, from within his body, a heart-pounding surge of Blood Force that was many times more intense than when the Yang Family Blood Warrior’s activated their Mad Tyrant Blood Skill erupted!

Once all the ownerless blood within a thousand meters was completely exhausted, the suction force suddenly disappeared.

Everyone below the Immortal Ascension Boundary Eighth Stage had shed blood during this process, including those from Yang Kai’s house.

However, none of these people’s lives were in any danger, Old Demon had still been quite measured and didn’t cause any of them to die for no reason.

At this moment, an earth-shaking energy fluctuation began radiating from Old Demon.

A pressure field centered around him also quickly spread outwards.

The aura he emitted intensified rapidly, soon breaking through the limits of the Immortal Ascension Boundary and continuing to climb at an incredible speed…

The Eight Above Immortal Ascension Boundary Grand Elder’s eyes all trembled violently as they witnessed this scene, a deep feeling of terror gripping their souls.

After a moment, the energy fluctuation slowly subsided and Old Demon let out a long breath, a ferocious glint flashed across his eyes as he flexed his fists and showed a satisfied expression on his face.

The Eight Above Immortal Ascension Boundary Grand Elders quickly released their Divine Senses to probe Old Demon and were suddenly dumbstruck.

Above Immortal Ascension Boundary!

Right now, Old Demon was a genuine Above Immortal Ascension Boundary cultivator.

After regaining their composure, a series of incredible questions flashed across each of these eight old men’s thoughts; what kind of Martial Skill was this Demon Specter Saint Technique and what grade was it? Why could a cultivator at the Peak Immortal Ascension Boundary break through to the Above Immortal Ascension Boundary in such a short time?

Even the ultimate technique of the Yang Family Blood Warrior Hall, the Mad Tyrant Blood Skill, couldn’t produce such an effect.

Tu Feng and the other Blood Warriors using their Mad Tyrant Blood Skill could exchange a few moves with an Above Immortal Ascension Boundary master, but there was still a great disparity between them and the genuine article.

However, after using this Demon Specter Saint Technique, Old Demon had really reached their level!

In an instant, the breathing of these eight old men became rapid and their eyes practically turned red.

If they could obtain this Heaven defying method, just how much would the strength of their family increase?

Each of the Eight Great Families only had a few Above Immortal Ascension Boundary masters, but all of them had many at the Peak Immortal Ascension Boundary. Even if the effects of this technique were short-lived, in a key moment, it could play a critical role.

“Is this old master now qualified to exchange moves with you?” Old Demon snickered towards the eight old men, each of whom wore an awkward expression and didn’t respond.

As for the square faced master who had just ridiculed Old Demon, his face was even uglier than the rest.

With both of them now at the Above Immortal Ascension Boundary, what right did he have mouth off to Old Demon?

“Demon Specter Saint Technique, not too bad of a technique.” Meng Wu Ya nodded gently, “That and the Blood Demon Puppet you refined serve as complementary skills right?”

Old Demon chuckled wryly, “Don’t expose all my secrets please.”

Meng Wu Ya’s insight was truly impressive; with only a single glance he had noticed the subtle connection between Old Demon’s Demon Specter Saint Technique and his Blood Demon Puppet.

The Demon Specter Saint Technique required a great deal of fresh blood to perform, the higher the cultivation of the people the blood came from, the greater Old Demon could enhance himself.

However, this condition in itself was quite problematic; after all, it was impossible for Old Demon to produce such a large amount of blood in an instant.

But by using the Blood Demon Puppet, this problem was eliminated. In fact, the Blood Demon Puppet’s primary purpose was as a blood storage, its combat ability was actually just a secondary benefit.

When necessary, Old Demon could sacrifice his Blood Demon Puppet to use all of its absorbed blood to display the Demon Specter Saint Technique.

“You actually have such an ability?” Yang Kai also looked at Old Demon with surprise, even though he knew that both Old Demon and Meng Wu Ya were extraordinary, and had secretly speculated about their heritage, Yang Kai discovered now that he had still underestimated them.

“Forgive me, Young Master. Old Servant usually doesn’t use this move so he has never displayed it before.” Old Demon replied.

Yang Kai nodded lightly and didn’t pursue the matter, he didn’t have a habit of snooping into other people’s secrets. After their brief exchange, he and Old Demon turned their eyes towards Meng Wu Ya.

“Old man, it’s your turn. With just this Old Master and Sect Master Ling, I’m afraid it’s still not enough.” Old Demon shouted.

After all, the opposing side had eight people, such a difference in numbers was a bit overwhelming.

Although Old Demon and Ling Tai Xu were a powerful deterrent, now that things had reached this point, they really weren’t enough to force the enemy back.

Meng Wu Ya nodded gently, inhaling a deep breath before simply shouting, “Solve!”


From within Meng Wu Ya’s body, a chain-like energy pattern emerged that seemed to be binding him like a vicious snake; then, with an eerie creak, this chain shattered into a myriad of light particles.

An imposing pressure suddenly burst forth and shook the Heavens themselves.

Meng Wu Ya’s expression didn’t change at all, but at this moment, compared with the previous one, the aura he gave off was completely different.

Above Immortal Ascension Boundary!

After shouting a single word, in an instant, Meng Wu Ya became and Above Immortal Ascension Boundary cultivator!

The method he had used to accomplish this was completely different from the one Old Demon employed.

Old Demon had used some kind of forbidden technique to absorb a massive amount of blood from the surrounding area in order to raise his strength.

However, Meng Wu Ya seemed to have unlocked some kind of seal inside his body, restoring his original strength.

This implied that Meng Wu Ya had already reached the Above Immortal Ascension Boundary, but for some unknown reason had part of his strength locked away.

This discovery once again greatly disturbed the eight Grand Elders.

As they looked over Meng Wu Ya again, the expressions on each of their faces became even more dignified.

The more they interacted with Meng Wu Ya, the less they were able to see through him. Everything about him was far beyond their comprehension.

At this moment, the pressure Meng Wu Ya gave them was the highest, followed by Old Demon, and the previously most powerful Ling Tai Xu had actually become the least imposing.

This kind of lineup and such profound heritage…

This matter had grown far beyond what they had anticipated! The eight old men all wore awkward looks. Originally, they thought that their appearance would be enough to settle things, but now they discovered that they had greatly miscalculated.

Only now did they understand why ten days ago, when Ling Tai Xu and Meng Wu Ya appeared to protect Yang Kai as he broke through, did they not show any fear.

If they had really fought that day, never mind Yang Kai, all of War City would likely have been destroyed.

Tonight’s battle had undergone so many unexpected twists and turns that everyone couldn’t help feeling confused and anxious.

Old Demon and Meng Wu Ya both stepping forward and using their own unique Heaven defying methods to instantly reach the Above Immortal Ascension Boundary, such a fantastical display was not something average people could dream of seeing. Many of those present felt that even if they were to die tonight, it would be worth it, and secretly began to look forward to how this situation would develop from here.

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