Martial Peak

Chapter 548 – Fighting Liu Qing Yao Again

That was right, what about the master named Meng Wu Ya? The battle had already gone on for some time now yet he hadn’t appeared. Why didn’t he take action? Did he disdain to intervene, or was he currently not here?

“Delay will lead to more problems in the future.” Kang Zhan muttered as his brow furrowed. Since the beginning of this operation he had always felt restless. Perhaps Yang Kai had left a psychological shadow on him last time when he had injured him, but whatever the reason, Kang Zhan now had a deep wariness of Yang Kai engraved in his heart.

Gao Rang Feng nodded lightly in agreement. During the months of the Inheritance War, Gao Rang Feng had accompanied Yang Zhao several times against Yang Kai, yet every time, no matter how the unfavourable the odds were, Yang Kai always managed to carve out a path to victory, shocking everyone in the process.

This time everyone was confident they could defeat Yang Kai, but who knows what would happen if things continued to drag on?

After all, miracles were almost commonplace when it came to Yang Kai.

“I’m going to help!” Huo Xing Chen said as his eyes flashed a strange light, not waiting for Xin Rou to respond before dashing off.

Ye Xin Rou was momentarily stunned but soon coldly snorted and didn’t make any attempt to stop him.

“I’m going to challenge the Little Lord!” Liu Qing Yao also stepped out.

This time, Ye Xin Rou couldn’t stand it anymore and quickly tried to object, “Young Lord Liu, please wait. You’re not his…”

However, before she could finish her sentence, Ye Xin Rou swallowed back down the words she was about to say because Liu Qing Yao directed an ice cold glare towards her. Although she was nominally the head of this seven-family coalition and she could arbitrarily overrule Gao Rang Feng or Kang Zhan, she still had an instinctive fear towards Liu Qing Yao.

This was a result of living many years in the shadow of the Central Capital’s First Young Lord.

Ye Xin Rou wanted to say that Liu Qing Yao was not Yang Kai’s opponent, but naturally these words would anger him.

“At Po Jing Lake, I once said, when the Little Lord broke through to the Immortal Ascension Boundary, I would fight with him again. That time has come; whoever dares to stop me, don’t blame me for being impolite.” Liu Qing Yao said calmly.

Ye Xin Rou somehow squeezed out a smile and said softly, “Then Young Lord Liu must be careful. I wish you a swift victory that will dampen Yang Kai’s prestige.”

Down below, Huo Xing Chen had already rushed to the outskirts of the battle while smiling and greeting the various young leaders outside Yang Kai’s mansion.

All of them glared angrily at him in response!

None of them understood why the situation had developed into this, and seeing Huo Xing Chen’s Huo Family also participate in the attack on Yang Kai’s house tonight naturally fueled their anger.

Huo Xing Chen wore a carefree expression, seemingly paying no attention to the death stares he was receiving and instead turned towards Dong Qing Han, “Fatty, get over here, this Young Master has long since felt unpleasant associating with you. As fat as a pig yet strutting around pretending to be an elegant gentleman, how could you possible compare to this Young Master’s elegant demeanor?”

“What did you just say?” Dong Qing Han’s eyes dimmed as he stared at Huo Xing Chen coldly.

“Didn’t you clearly hear what I just said? Or has all that fat plugged up your ears?” Huo Xing Chen scoffed as he shook his head back and forth disdainfully.

Dong Qing Han let out a frigid laugh as his slightly rotund face trembled, stepping forward slowly while cupping his fist.

“Good, good,” Huo Xing Chen laughed, “A trivial first-class family’s Young Lord daring to join forces with that evil creature Yang Kai, just watch how this Young Master smacks you silly today!”

Saying so, he swept his eyes over all the other young leaders and arrogantly said, “All of you fools, if you don’t want to die, abandon Yang Kai as soon as possible and run as far as you can run!”

The faces of all of these youths were incomparably ugly by now.

“If you feel unwilling and refuse to accept this Young Master’s kind warning, come up and fight a few rounds, this Young Master will neither run nor hide.” Huo Xing Chen sneered.

Han Xiao Qi stared at him coldly, her brow furrowed slightly before she suddenly wore a dazzling smile and shouted, “Let’s teach this arrogant Young Master that the young leaders from first-class forces are not to be looked down upon.”

The next moment, a dozen youths all rushed Huo Xing Chen and began pummeling him.

Within a few short breaths, Huo Xing Chen, like the dead pig, was grabbed by Dong Qing Han and thrown into Yang Kai’s mansion, the latter calling out to several True Element youths and ruthlessly saying, “Strip off his clothes and lock him in one of the storage rooms for a few nights! Bastard, how dare he call me fat?”

Gao Rang Feng and Kang Zhan, who saw this whole exchange, both wore awkward expressions as a thick sense of incongruency arose in their hearts.

“Young Lord Huo has been captured, what should we do?” Meng Shan Yi suddenly said with a wry smile.

“Clumsy tricks!” Ye Xin Rou coldly snorted before disregarding this matter. Huo Xing Chen wasn’t of any consequence, all that matters was that the Huo Family’s masters continued to fight.

Just as Huo Xing Chen was being captured, Liu Qing Yao also arrived in front of Yang Kai.

“Last time at Po Jing Lake I failed to fully enjoy our fight. Today, I have deliberately come to ask Little Lord for advice. I hope Little Lord will not refuse.” Liu Qing Yao wore an indifferent expression as he looking towards Yang Kai and lightly said.

Yang Kai nodded slightly, “Brother Liu, forgive me, I’m a little busy right now. Let’s make this quick.”

Liu Qing Yao nodded and nothing more needed to be said. The next moment, his aura and True Qi violently surging forth.

Step by step, Liu Qing Yao trod forward, and each time he did so, it was like a gong was rung that resounded throughout the Heavens and Earth.

Liu Family’s Nine Resonant Steps!

During their confrontation at Po Jing Lake, Liu Qing Yao had used this technique against Yang Kai. This was one of the Liu Family’s core inheritances, a Mysterious Grade Mid-Rank Martial Skill, and the most powerful attack Liu Qing Yao could muster.

However, this time was quite different the last; back then, because of the massive gap in cultivation, Liu Qing Yao had held back as he wanted to compete in terms of skill rather than raw power.

Now though, Liu Qing Yao went all out so the momentum he gave off was much stronger than when he had used this Martial Skill at Po Jing Lake.

*Dong…* With each step Liu Qing Yao took, a shockwave of sound burst inside everyone’s ears, making several of those with weaker cultivations tremble unconsciously.

*Dong dong dong…*

Liu Qing Yao’s figure seemed to grow larger and more majestic with each step he took.

By the time he had trod the ninth step, Liu Qing Yao had become a giant in everyone’s eyes.

His head had reached the Heavens while his feet covered the Earth, he was like a towering titan who held up the sky itself.

Trod nine steps, shatter the Heavens! This was the Liu Family’s Nine Resonant Steps.

As his foot came down for the ninth and final step, Liu Qing Yao’s momentum had nearly reached that of a Peak Immortal Ascension Boundary master.

An unimaginably huge foot crashed slowly towards Yang Kai, not giving him any chance of escape.

Everyone suddenly sunk into a kind of illusion, as if this foot was crashing towards them and as soon as it fell they would be reduced to dust.

The cultivators with slightly lower strength couldn’t help turning pale as they trembled with fright.

But facing this terrifying blow, Yang Kai simply lifted his fist and punched out.

This seemingly unremarkable straight punch however was filled with a terrifying destructive force.

When this tiny fist impacted the giant foot, it was as if the entire night sky flashed.

Liu Qing Yao’s momentum deflated and his huge figure suddenly staggered backwards.

*Hong…* An earth shattering sound resounded as the giant fell to the ground and disappeared in a burst of light. Standing mid-air, Liu Qing Yao suddenly coughed out a mouthful a blood and held his chest, his eyes staring blankly towards Yang Kai, a hint of awe and fear flashing across their depths.

“Thank you for your instruction!” Yang Kai inspired gently.

“Fierce!” Liu Qing Yao sincerely admired, “This Liu has lost. Many thanks, Little Lord, for showing mercy!”

The last time when the two had fought above Po Jing Lake, Yang Kai had to use his Mysterious Grade Martial Skill, Star Mark, in order to force a draw.

But this time, he had only used a simple punch to break the Liu Family’s core Martial Skill.

The difference in strength between the two young men was apparent at a glance.

“Young Lord Liu is too polite.” Yang Kai nodded lightly.

“Although I lost, but this action is not something I have any ability to influence. My apologies Little Lord, the most I can do this time is remove myself from this conflict.” Saying so, Liu Qing Yao turned around and quickly disappeared into the night sky.

“Young Lord, Young Lord!” The Liu Family’s masters all saw Liu Qing Yao’s sudden departure and couldn’t help calling out in surprise.

However, they received no response.

Ye Xin Rou’s expression became extremely irritable!

Within less than an hour, two Young Lords and the only other Young Lady from the seven-family coalition had been eliminated.

Qiu Yi Meng leaving the stage was caused by her own hand, it could even be said that Ye Xin Rou had deliberately set her up to fail.

Huo Xing Chen being captured was something she didn’t stop or even care about. Although he was physical here, his spirit had never left Yang Kai’s house. Him remaining didn’t contribute anything to their forces and on the contrary was a negative influence, so it was better for him to exit early.

However, Liu Qing Yao actually going so far as to personally withdraw was not something Ye Xin Rou could easily accept.

Liu Qing Yao still held the title of the Central Capital’s First Young Lord, his words and actions had a big influence on many things, especially when it came to public opinion.

Liu Qing Yao still had a great deal of prestige in the eyes of the world.

With this turn of events, Ye Xin Rou would obviously feel annoyed.

Now, there were only three Young Lords remaining beside her.

Kang Zhan, Gao Rang Feng, and Meng Shan Yi, whether these three held the same convictions as her was something she couldn’t verify with certainty. Kang Zhan and Gao Rang Feng she, was relatively confidant in, but Meng Shan Yi’s thoughts were harder to understand.

“Senior Brothers aren’t considering withdrawing, right?” Ye Xin Rou asked subtly, deciding to stamp out problems before they arose.

“Junior Sister Ye need not worry.” Kang Zhan shook his head slowly, “This time’s action is the collective meaning of the Eight Great Families. How could we carelessly retreat? Doing so would be too irresponsible.”

Gao Rang Feng also nodded in agreement. Although in his heart he rather sympathized with Yang Kai’s current situation, in the end, he was not familiar with the latter nor did he share any deep friendship with him, so he did not have much issue with following his family’s instructions.

Hearing their stances, Ye Xin Rou looked a little embarrassed and nodded slightly, “Junior Sister is relieved then. Such a grand event, Junior Sister does not have confidence to manage alone and must ask several Senior Brothers for their continued assistance.”

In the current situation, she had no choice but to lower her stance unlike the domineering performance she put on back at Yang Zhao’s mansion.

Qiu Yi Meng, Huo Xing Chen, and Liu Qing Yao’s successive departures had affected the mentality of some their respective families’ masters. Without the Young Lords or Young Lady of their family here to serve as leader, many of them began to feel like they were simply working for the benefit of others, causing them to focus more on protecting themselves rather than defeating their opponent.

This was especially true of the Qiu Family’s Fallen Leaves Hall; they had acted as tonight vanguard and as a result, suffered the greatest losses. How could they be willing to sacrifice any more for a prize they ultimately wouldn’t obtain? Since reinforcements from the other six families had arrived, the remaining Qiu Family masters had all but stopped engaging Yang Kai’s forces.

All of these masters were quite shrewd; none of them was willing to suffer for the sake of an outsider.

The seven-family coalition seemed looked like a monolithic iron slab, but in actual fact they were all secretly calculating against each other, creating a somewhat laughable scene.

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