Martial Peak

Chapter 543 – You’re Not Qualified To Judge Me

“I, Yang Zhao, am insidious and cunning, but I will not stoop so low as to use such disgraceful methods to defeat Ninth Brother! In this Inheritance War, I used my all in order to fight Ninth Brother yet still lost. As such, I have no complaints! Cheap slut, you’re not qualified to judge me! If you dare to say something like that again, I don’t mind making you the first Young Lady to die from a super force in the Inheritance War… What Ninth Brother dares to do, I dare to do as well! I, Yang Zhao, dare to be even more ruthlessness than him!”

Yang Zhao’s cold, hoarse voice was like the call of a demon from the depths of hell; causing Ye Xin Rou’s beautiful face to fill with fear and regret.

Staring into Yang Zhao’s eyes, Ye Xin Rou was truly frightened.

She could see that Yang Zhao wasn’t putting up a front to try to intimidate her, if she really uttered another word and angered him; she would most likely die here.

“Your Xin Rou was wrong, she wouldn’t dare…” Ye Xin Rou immediately backed down, as a woman, she didn’t feel the slightest bit ashamed.

Yang Zhao coldly snorted before releasing her.

After getting up from the bed, Yang Zhao muttered, “Those people gathered in my house are just here to borrow my name. Even if I disagree, they can still borrow Big Brother’s name. Since the Yang Family has tacitly consented to this, it is true I can’t resist! However, if they want to drag me out and use me as a figurehead to deal with Ninth Brother, they’re dreaming! Get out, from now on, you are in charge of all matters inside this house!”

Ye Xin Rou, who was still recovering from her earlier panic, couldn’t help but draw a sharp breath and tremble, “Second Young Lord, you mean…”

“You don’t need to suspect anything, from this moment forward this house is yours, the masters from the seven families and all my allies are also yours to command. Aren’t you a woman who pursues authority? If we didn’t have that in common, we would never have become allies in the first place. Now’s your chance to obtain what you want, what are you hesitating for?”

Ye Xin Rou didn’t care about the mockery in Yang Zhao’s words, only excitement could be seen in her eyes. Only after she took a deep breath to collect herself did she ask, “But… how should I explain this to the people in the house?”

“Do you need to explain anything? I’ve already agreed to let them borrow my name, as for any kind of justification, just say whatever you want.”

Ye Xin Rou’s smile blossomed like a great flower as she nodded, “After suffering a setback, Second Young Lord not only wasn’t disheartened, but instead emerged even stronger from this tribulation and has taken advantage of this momentum to break through. As such, he is currently in secluded cultivation!”

“Good.” Yang Zhao snickered, “I guess I should thank you for finding an excuse that takes my face into consideration.”

“We’re not strangers, no need to act polite.” Ye Xin Rou narrowed her eyes towards Yang Zhao, “After this, perhaps Xin Rou will really have to commit herself to Second Young Lord. I only hope that when Second Young Lord sits upon the Yang Family Patriarch’s position he will remember to take care of my Ye Family.”

Yang Zhao just sneered dismissively, “You should worry about surviving the conflict with Ninth Brother first.”

Ye Xin Rou’s pretty face cramped as a trace of fear flashed across her eyes, but she soon recovered and confidently said, “With the forces gathered here, what chance does Yang Kai have to resist?”

Yang Zhao simply closed his eyes and stopped talking.

“Then Xin Ruo will take her leave.” Ye Xin Rou bowed before turning around and exiting.

After she left Yang Zhao’s private house, she paused and stared up at the sky.

In the dark night, a full moon hung high in the sky sending out soft light.

Ye Xin Rou couldn’t contain her joy as she smiled happily; shooting a glance back at Yang Zhao’s house, a trace of disdain crept into her expression.

She hadn’t expected Yang Zhao to make such a decision, but since he had already transferred command to her, she could really cut loose and do things as she wished.

Her face filled with excitement. She let out a wicked laughter that quickly reverberated throughout the mansion, sending a cold chill down the spines of those who heard it.

A short time later, the leaders of the seven great forces in Yang Zhao’s mansion gathered in the main hall.

Ye Xin Rou sat at the head of the table.

Nearby, Liu Family’s Liu Qing Yao, Kang Family’s Kang Zhan, Gao Family’s Gao Rang Feng, Qiu Family’s Qiu Yi Meng, Huo Family’s Huo Xing Chen, and Meng Family’s Meng Shan Yi all stared at her curiously.

Ye Xin Rou on the other hand wore a light and casual expression without the slightest unease on her face.

Sweeping her alluring eyes around the table, Ye Xin Rou spoke first, “Brother Meng, Eldest Young Lord didn’t come?”

When he heard himself called out by the current Ye Xin Rou, Meng Shan Yi couldn’t help trembling slightly, but still quickly responded, “Eldest Young Lord said that he felt he would soon break through and must enter retreat. For this time’s action, Eldest Young Lord has authorized this Meng to command his forces.”

Ye Xin Rou was slightly surprised but soon wore a winning smile, “Such a coincidence, Second Young Lord also felt he would soon break through and has entered secluded retreat. I’m afraid he won’t be able to exit for some time. The Yang Family’s Young Lords are really dragons among men. Two brothers simultaneously breaking through, it really makes one admire their aptitude.”

Listening to her saying these words, everyone present couldn’t help showing awkward expressions.

Huo Xing Chen quickly changed the subject, “Junior Sister Ye, if Second Young Lord isn’t coming, who will be responsible for this seven-family coalition, it wouldn’t be you, right?”

“That’s right,” Ye Xin Rou responded lightly, flashing a charming smile as she changed her posture slightly, “This operation will be directed by me.”

Huo Xing Chen let out a half chuckle half sneer.

“Before entering retreat, Second Young Lord declared that all of the mansion’s matters would be taken over by me and all those gathered here are to follow my orders!” Ye Xin Rou’s expression became cold as she stated firmly.

Once again, the other six youths in the room wore cramped faces.

“Elder Brothers, Elder Sister, are you questioning Junior Sister’s abilities?” Ye Xin Rou took in the expressions of everyone around her and asked with a temperate smile.

“Of course not.” Kang Zhan shook his head, “It’s just that Second Young Lord not coming forward personally and instead sending Young Lady Ye in his stead seems somewhat improper; after all, the orders given to all of us gathered here from our respective families were to assist Second Young Lord.”

“Is Brother Kang skeptical about whether Second Young Lord truly authorised me to take command?” Ye Xin Rou giggled, “I’m afraid I don’t have such guts. If you don’t believe me, you can ask Second Young Lord, he is currently cultivating in his private residence.”

Kang Zhan’s brow furrowed. Although he was uncomfortable with this situation, it wasn’t convenient for him to say anything more.

Since Ye Xin Rou dared to say these words, her current authority must really have been approved by Yang Zhao.

Huo Xing Chen inserted himself suddenly, “Second Young Lord being unavailable is unfortunate, but since that is the case, there’s no reason to dwell on it; however, I’m doubtful whether Junior Sister Ye really has enough prestige to serve as his replacement.”

“Oh? Since Young Lord Huo is saying so… Does that mean Young Master Huo has someone in mind to serve as this movement’s leader?”

As Ye Xin Ruo said these words, her eyes glanced over towards Qiu Yi Meng who throughout this entire conversation had remained indifferent and expressionless.

Not only did Ye Xin Rou look at her, most of the youths gathered at this table instinctively turned their gazes towards Qiu Yi Meng.

Compared with Ye Xin Rou, Qiu Yi Meng was undoubtedly more suitable to lead Yang Zhao’s forces. She had this ability.

However, Qiu Yi Meng was forced to leave Yang Kai’s mansion this morning so her suddenly being in command of Yang Zhao’s allies was somewhat inappropriate.

Even if she was willing to assume the leadership role here, the masters from the seven families wouldn’t allow it and would likely not obey her orders.

“What does Elder Sister Qiu think?” Ye Xin Rou’s narrowed her eyes slightly as she stared at Qiu Yi Meng.

With everyone’s attention now focused on her, Qiu Yi Meng couldn’t remain silent any longer, faintly replying, “I believe Junior Sister Ye has enough ability to serve as leader.”

“Since Elder Sister Qiu has said so, Junior Sister will not shirk her responsibilities.” Ye Xin Rou smiled proudly.

Huo Xing Chen let out a sigh. He could understand why Qiu Yi Meng didn’t try to assume command, but even so, he found it difficult to suppress the frustration in his chest.

Ye Xin Ro’s current appearance really made her seem like a treacherous snake.

There was no doubt she was a great beauty with both a refined and seductive charm, but Huo Xing Chen couldn’t bring himself to like her.

This was probably the first time the Central Capital Wolf, Huo Xing Chen, found himself despising a beautiful woman.

“Enough about this topic,” Ye Xin Rou said definitively. Having established her authority over Yang Zhao’s forces, she steered the conversation back to the main issue, “All of you have received orders from your respective families and have gathered here for one purpose: To defeat that arrogant Yang Kai. If we fail, I think each of you knows the consequences very well. Although our current strength is indeed above that of Yang Kai’s forces and we are fully prepared for a head on conflict, is this really the best option? How to defeat the forces in Yang Kai’s mansion while suffering the fewest losses, everyone please share your views. Junior Sister is still young and inexperienced and would appreciate advice from all of you.”

Fluttering her lashes, Ye Xin Rou glanced around the table and waited quietly.

From the start of the meeting till now, Liu Qing Yao’s eyes had remained closed, showing no indication of expressing any opinion. On the other hand, Kang Zhan and Gao Rang Feng put their heads together and whispered about something, their expressions both solemn, seemingly in the midst of a serious discussion.

The Huo Family Young Lord sat back in his chair and stared up at the sky, as if he was watching a parade of beautiful women flying through the moonlight.

Qiu Yi Meng remained indifferent with a tinge of sadness occasionally flickering past her eyes.

Meng Shan Yi scratched his head and sighed helplessly.

Among the six youths, each of them had different expressions, but none of them took the initiative to speak.

After waiting for quite some time, Ye Xin Rou smiled and said, “It looks like no one has any ideas. If so, why not listen to Junior Sister’s proposal?”

Saying so, before anyone could react, Ye Xing Ruo continued, “Although there are now forces from our seven families gathered in this mansion and the number of masters is great, giving us an overwhelming advantage in both strength and number, the power gathered in Yang Kai mansion can’t be ignored. First off, there is that Evil Sect Master, Ling Tai Xu, who is an Above Immortal Ascension Boundary cultivator; however, since this is still the Inheritance War, he is unlikely to get involved. As for the Blood Warriors serving Yang Kai, thanks to the previous declaration from the Yang Family, only two of them can fight. Besides them, there is that Peak Immortal Ascension Boundary Demon… These people are the biggest threats to us.”

“If we rush to attack, there is a high probability that our forces will suffer some unnecessary losses. The people gathered around Yang Kai can’t be taken lightly. They can often make some unexpected moves, I think Young Lord Huo and Elder Sister Qiu understand this point better than us.”

Huo Xing Chen chuckled, “Don’t ask me, I don’t know anything. In his house, I didn’t do anything other than trying to pick up girls. There were so many beautiful women in his house after all…”

Ye Xin Rou’s smile didn’t break at all, “Brother Huo is too modest, who doesn’t know that your strength has greatly increased. Even Brother Gao isn’t your opponent anymore.”

Gao Rang Feng’s face immediately went black, silently cursing out Ye Xin Rou as a cheap slut who targeted other people’s weaknesses. On the day Yang Kai launched his night raid on Yang Kang, Gao Rang Feng had been swiftly defeated by Huo Xing Chen, which the former regarded as a lifelong humiliation. These days, he had redoubled his efforts in the hopes that one day he could win back his face.

With Ye Xin Rou mentioning this right now, Gao Rang Feng suddenly felt like his stomach was full of grievances and muttered in a neither rude nor polite voice, “Young Lady Ye, please focus on the topic at hand.”

Ye Xin Rou flashed a faint smile and nodded apologetically, “Please don’t mind, Brother Gao. Junior Sister simply spoke thoughtlessly and had no intention of disparaging you.”

Gao Rang Feng’s expression only became bitterer at this non-apology.

Ignoring him, Ye Xin Rou continued, “Considering this situation, I think we should use a surprise attack force in order to catch Yang Kai off guard.”

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