Martial Peak

Chapter 54 – The thousand techniques of charm

Chapter 54 - The thousand techniques of charm

He hadn’t been walking for long before a clear, crisp voice of surprise rang out from beside him: “Senior brother Kai!”

Raising his eyebrows, Kai Yang glanced over to see Li Yun Tian waving his hand at him. His face was brimming with enthusiasm and in front of him was a booth with various different items; some were herbs, there were also a couple of bottles and it looked they contained pills.

“Why are you here with a booth?” Kai Yang asked while walking over. He remembered that last time ** had told him Su Mu had ordered everybody to go and train with all their might.

“I just broke through, so Su Mu said I could come out for a walk to relax my heart and stabilize my foundations. Just as well, my fellow brothers needed some things for their cultivation so I came here to try my luck.” He explained.

“It was like this.” Looking carefully at Li Yun Tian, Kai Yang saw that he really did look stronger than a few days prior. He should have broken through into the tempered body eighth stage.

“Senior brother, what did you come here for?” Li Yun Tian asked curiously.

“I wanted to buy some things.”

“What do you want? Come, look at my things and see if I have what you need. If you see anything, feel free to take it.” Li Yun Tian said generously while pointing at his wares.

“Do you have any yang attributed spirit herb seeds?”

Li Yun Tian shook his head: “I don’t have any I’m afraid. To my knowledge, very few people actually sell seeds in this market.”

In other words, the market value of seeds wasn’t high but they were still a rarity.

“I also came to test my luck.” Kai Yang laughed out.

“How about this, in the place of senior brother, I’ll help you put up a notice to see if anyone has them. Since I’ll be here for the next two days, and if your luck is good, someone might come to sell them.” Li Yun Tian suggested.

“That’s also good. Then I shall trouble junior brother Li.”

On the spot, Li Yun Tian put up a notice, writing one line he put the sign up next to him.

Talking to Li Yun Tian a bit longer, Kai Yang learnt that the impact from last time was very big on Su Mu. Coupled with Su Yan’s fierce lecturing, this playful young master had finally learnt to control himself. These days, he spent most of his time cultivating and had already broken through to the initial element stage.

Saying goodbye to Li Yun Tian, Kai Yang walked straight to the place where he had brought that Bright Yang Stone.

After seeing that familiar booth owner, Kai Yang let out a big sigh of relief. He had feared that he wouldn’t be able to find him again.

“Hey, little brother, you came again?” This Blood Group disciple had watched Kai Yang and Hu Mei Er walk over last time, so his impression of Kai Yang was quite deep. He used honorifics to address him.

(TLN: The honorific used would be 您 - nin, a very formal way of addressing someone.)

“What do you want to buy this time?” The booth owner asked.

“Last time you gave me that Three Sun’s fruit seed, do you still have any?” Not wasting any words, Kai Yang got straight to the point.

The booth owner shook his head and said: “There are none left. I only had that one seed and, as you know, I used it as a gift and gave it to you little brother.”

“It was like this.” Kai Yang couldn’t help but be disappointed, “I won’t disturb you anymore.”

There were a large amount of booths in Black Wind Trade, all with their own varieties of goods, if his luck was good, then he might be able to find his desired items.

The Blood Group disciple looked over Kai Yang’s back, his face revealing his internal struggle before he suddenly called out: “Little brother, please wait a moment.”

Kai Yang turned around: “What’s the matter?”

“Back then, there wasn’t just one seed of the Three Sun’s fruit. There were a small number of them, but I only received one.”

Hearing this new information, Kai Yang looked overjoyed: “Where are the other seeds?”

“They were taken by other disciples. Little brother, if you really want them, then you could go ask those disciples.”

“Where are they currently?” Kai Yang hastily asked.

The owner’s face was a bit hesitant, he seemed to be deliberating for a good while before saying: “They are in our group’s mining area, extracting Bright Yang Stones and other things. Even if it’s one of our disciples, it’s not a place one can tread easily. Let alone an outsider like you little brother.”

“When will they leave?” Kai Yang pressed, unwilling to give in.

“In the short term, I’m afraid they will not leave so soon. You may have to wait one or two months.”

Kai Yang’s eyebrows wrinkled, such a long time. By that time, even the cauliflower dish would have long since turned cold.

“You don’t have any methods to allow them to leave earlier? Don’t worry, I only want to go find them to buy their Three Sun’s Fruit seed.”

“I don’t, I am only an ordinary disciple in the Blood Group.” The booth owner forced out a bitter smile, before his eyes swivelled around a bit. “But another person can.”

Kai Yang’s face shook: “I would like to hear who.”

Glancing around, the booth owner’s expression was a bit ambiguous: “You can go ask my young lady for help. With her assistance, the miners wouldn’t obstruct you.”

Hearing this, Kai Yang’s expression became quite strange.Stammering out: “My relationship with your young lady is quite ordinary.”

“En, en.” The booth owner repeatedly nodded his head, it was quite obvious that he didn’t believe Kai Yang. Pointing at a far wooden house he said: “It is quite a coincidence, today the young lady has also come to the trade area and is resting in that wooden house. If you urgently need those seeds, there’s no harm in asking my young lady.”

Kai Yang was slightly hesitant, with the current situation between them and all, it wasn’t the best idea. He had completely offended that woman, and now he needed to go ask her for help. Where would he put his face?

But if he didn’t go find her, he didn’t have any other good ideas.

Unwillingly, Kai Yang continued to search around Black Wind Trade. Although he found some seeds, they were not Yang attributed and were completely worthless to him.

Helpless, Kai clenched his teeth and thought “fine, if I lose face, I’ll lose it. It’s not like I have done something unforgivable to her, why would I be afraid of her?”

These wooden houses were all residences of each respective factions top disciples. Since Hu Mei Er was the Blood Group Head’s daughter, although her strength wasn’t high, her status was, so resting in there was not unusual.

In a thirty foot radius, there weren’t any people to be seen. All of the martial practitioners held great respect for the residents of these wooden houses. That is why they would not set up their booths near these wooden huts.

Arriving at the wooden house the booth owner pointed out, Kai Yang stood at it’s door. Just as he say wondering how to ask, from within the house, a cute voice sounded out: “Who’s outside?”

It sounded like Hu Mei Er’s voice, but it was also a bit strange.

Since he had already arrived here, Kai Yang naturally wouldn’t retreat. Speaking out: “Lady Mei Er, It’s me, Kai Yang. Come out and see.”

Inside was different from what Kai Yang expected. Sitting inside were two girls who looked practically the same, even their figures were the same. At a glance, you would think that it was a mirror reflecting the same appearance; one was the real figure and other the reflection.

Hearing Kai Yang’s voice, astonishment and shock flashed through one of the girl’s eyes. Turning around, she went to speak to the other girl: “Little sister, that person is the one you were talking about, Kai Yang?”

The one being questioned was Hu Mei Er. She nodded her head and said: “En. Why would he come and find me?”

She thought that ever since he had split from her that day, they would never cross paths again.

The other person coldly laughed: “Looks like he isn’t one of those people who aren’t swayed by beauty. Some men will pretend to be noble and virtuous but are experts in baiting women like you. Then they will capture your body and mind, confining you to eternal damnation.”

Hu Mei Er’s face reddened. Angrily she said: “Older sister, he isn’t like you think he is.”

Hu Jiao Er chuckled: “If he isn’t, why would he come and find you after such a long time? He definitely knows that you think about him day and night, and has come to attack.”

Hu Mei Er displeased, said: “Older sister, you only like to think about people in a negative light.”

If he really was one of those people, then that day at the lakeside, she would have lost her chastity. No male could resist that type of enticement.

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