Martial Peak

Chapter 538 – Consequences Impossible To Accep

Overturn the Central Capital and oppose the Eight Great Families!

Yang Kai had never had such thoughts. Although he didn’t have a great sense of belonging to the Yang Family, his only desire was to clear his Sect’s name, not start a rebellion.

Listening to Yang Zhen’s stern questioning though, he quickly realized something.

“Is this what the family… what you think of me?” Yang Kai stared at Yang Zhen in front of him and asked quietly.

Yang Zhen’s expression became somewhat pained as he shook his head, “You shouldn’t blame the family for thinking negatively about you. If you want to blame someone, then blame yourself. Your performance these past few months are the root of all these speculations. It is undeniable that you are indeed a good seed, but if such a good seedling were to become a Demon Lord level figure, the family won’t hesitate to purge you in order to maintain its honour and purity!”

After a short pause, Yang Zhen sighed again, “If all of this was just the family’s worries, it wouldn’t be such a big deal. The various family Elders would just need to help you dispel the Demonic Qi in your body and that would be the end of it, but you should understand that it is not just my Yang Family that is currently making noise about this, correct?”

Yang Kai’s expression had long ago become cold.

“You should know that the day after you broke through, the other seven Great Families all sent people to contact my Yang Family. All of them expressed worries that you will become a figure akin to the current Demon Lord!” Yang Zhen deeply sighed, “This wasn’t just baseless speculation but the lessons learned from experience. You come from High Heaven Pavilion, you cultivate a peerless Demonic Secret Art, and your aptitude is Heaven defying. Meanwhile, the Demon Lord was a former disciples of High Heaven Pavilion and is currently the absolute ruler of the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land. His strength and methods are phenomenal, and in this world, no one in the Above Immortal Ascension Boundary is his opponent, while the two of you share a Martial Uncle-Martial Nephew relationship.”

“A single Demon Lord has forced the Eight Great Families into a passive position, if a second were to rise…” Yang Zhen slowly shook his head, and fearful expression creeping onto his face, even showing some trepidation as he swept his eyes over Yang Kai. “These factors are linked together, how could people not have concerns?”

“Is everyone worried about me becoming a second Demon Lord?” Yang Kai asked unemotionally.

“Yes, and from what we understand your aptitude is even greater than that so-called Demon Lord. If you were to really reach that step…” Yang Zhen smiled helplessly as he shook his head.

If Yang Kai were really to become the second Demon Lords and fight against the forces of the Central Capital, what resistance could the Eight Great Families hope to mount?

The other Elders in the hall also wore disturbed expressions, seemingly picturing the scene of the Central Capital’s destruction.

“In the end, all of this is just your speculations.” Yang Kai suddenly lost interest in defending himself, instead just bluntly stating this fact.

The people of the Eight Great Families were thick-headed and stubborn, they always believed themselves to be in the right. Yang Kai knew there was nothing he could say or do that would change their opinions or alleviate their suspicions.

The most he might be able to do is change the thinking of one or two people, but that wouldn’t have any effect on the overall situation.

“Preventing problems before they happen, this is one of the reasons the Eight Great Families have been able to stand firm in the Central Capital for so many years.” Yang Zhen admitted freely, “The Eight Great Families must defend themselves against you!”

“My path is something I have walked on my own.” Yang Kai said with a hint of venom and mockery, “I was born a cripple, unable to cultivate. My father wanted me to enter the Yang Family Dragon Transformation Pond in the hopes that its mystical effects would help cleanse and heal my body, but after working tirelessly for so many years and submitting so many applications to the Elder Hall, his simple request was never once accepted. Even if he had made enough contributions to the family in order to warrant such a reward, the Elder Hall only gave my parents a single response, ‘wastes are not qualified to use the Dragon Transformation Pond’.”

Yang Zhen’s expression immediately became awkward. When the Yang Family Fourth Master submitted these applications in the past, he was the one who had rejected them. Yang Kai bringing this subject up at this time, naturally Yang Zhen would feel his face become slightly hot.

“Now, after I have this kind of accomplishment and cultivation, the family wants to control me and tell me what I can and cannot do. Elder Zhen, don’t you think that’s too ridiculous?”

Yang Zhen’s face went blue, too embarrassed to answer.

Yet Yang Kai continued, “A few days ago, when I was breaking through to the Immortal Ascension Boundary, if it weren’t for my friends and elders stepping forward to help me, I would have already been killed by my own family’s Grand Elder. Even if I didn’t die, I would probably have become a cripple again. Does the family only want to block my path and destroy my future? Elder Zhen, don’t you think the family is going too far?”

“Impudence!” Yang Zhen couldn’t help shouting out in annoyance, “The family is supreme, what does it matter if the family sacrifices you for its benefit?”

“Elder Zhen’s ideals and conviction are worthy of praise, Junior admits he is inferior in this respect! After all, Junior is a relatively selfish person.” Yang Kai suddenly stepped forward and emitted a cold murderous aura, “As such, Junior will now kill all five of you Elders and then confess his sins to the family, accepting whatever punishment they decide to impose. That way you all can be at ease in the afterlife that you sacrificed yourselves for the family.”

All five of the Elders went pale and hastily jumped up from their seats, staring at Yang Kai cautiously while secretly condensing their strength.

Seeing the reaction, Yang Kai suddenly laughed heartily, “Several Elders also seem to be relatively selfish people…”

The Elders couldn’t help turning red in the face, all of them feeling somewhat ashamed of their performance. It was easy to speak of one’s ideals, but when it was their turn to be sacrificed, things never seemed to be that simple.

“The main issue, let’s get back to the main issue…” The hoarse woman hurriedly changed the topic.

Yang Zhen stared at Yang Kai for a moment before wearing a forced smile and shaking his head, “It’s always so tiring dealing with you. Fine, this old master will stop beating around the bush, letting you apologize to the Xiang and Nan Families is just a cover. My Yang Family Juniors never admit defeat. Even if you felt like you should apologize to those two families, the family would never agree and would even try to prevent you from doing so.”

“What does the family really want me to do?”

“Return to the Central Capital where the Grand Elders will jointly take action to dispel the Demonic Qi in your body. From that point on you won’t have to worry about falling prey to the Devil’s Practices and the other seven families will also lose their reason to sanction you.”

Yang Kai remained silent.

He didn’t believe that the Yang Family’s Grand Elders had the means to dispel the evil energy in his Unyielding Golden Skeleton which was undetectable as long as he didn’t purposely display it.

Moreover, this Evil Energy wasn’t harmful to him in the first place so Yang Kai didn’t feel that he needed to drive it out.

“After that, you may continue with the Inheritance War, but the position of Yang Family Patriarch cannot be inherited by you. Patriarch also said that after the end of the Inheritance War, he will come forward personally to rectify High Heaven Pavilion’s name. Patriarch hopes you can understand the pains of the family.”

The family had nothing but suspicion and fear towards Yang Kai. Naturally, they couldn’t allow him to sit in the Patriarch’s position. If, one day, Yang Kai really became a Demon Lord-like character, wouldn’t the Yang Family lose all face?

“Don’t hurry to refuse, the family proposing this also stems from another layer of considerations.” Yang Zhen took a deep breath and added.

“What considerations?”

“It’s about the mysterious rate of cultivation of those in your house!” Yang Zhen said solemnly as he stared at Yang Kai.

The other Elders in the room also began breathing a little quicker.

“Do you think you can continue concealing it?” Yang Zhen smiled wryly, “Although no one knows exactly why the strength of the cultivators in your house improves so quickly, everyone agrees that you have something to do with it. The Blood Warriors under your command breaking through to the Immortal Ascension Boundary Ninth Stage one after another, this phenomenon is too abnormal and has attracted a lot of attention. In addition, there is also the case of your parents…”

At the mention of his parents, a cold light flashed deep within Yang Kai’s eyes.

“Yang Ying Feng suffered from a chronic illness and had his cultivation stagnate at the Immortal Ascension Boundary Third Stage for many years, but now he has already broken through to the Immortal Ascension Boundary Eighth Stage. All of this happened after you returned to the Central Capital. Such a rapid increase in strength in such a short period of time, do you dare to say that this has no relationship with you? Dong Su Zhu’s strength hasn’t shown as terrifying an increase in strength as Yang Ying Feng, but she is still progressing many times faster than before. Do you really think all of us Yang Family people are blind?”

Yang Kai simply remained indifferent.

He had considered this issue before giving his parents the Myriad Drug Liquid and Myriad Drug Milk, but had still not hesitated to do so because they were his parents, the only ones in the entire Yang Family who had ever truly cared for him.

“You cultivating a Demonic Secret Art is enough to explain the rapid growth in your personal strength, but then what method did you use to allow your friends, family, and allies to similarly improve their strength at such a quick pace? Not only does my Yang Family care deeply about this but so too do the other seven families.” Yang Zhen’s expression became somewhat dispirited, “Do you really think the other seven families would join forces to apply pressure to my Yang Family simply to dispose of you? Although you do have the potential to become a second Demon Lord, right now, your strength is still insignificant to pose any real threat, they aren’t idle enough to concern themselves with such trivial matters.”

Benefits were supreme, and the Central Capital Eight Great Families were all sensitive to their scent. Them taking action could only mean there were enough benefits for them to do so.

The effects of the Myriad Drug Liquid had obviously drawn their attention.

A means to quickly improve the strength of cultivators, which family wouldn’t be jealous of such a treasure?

“Making you return to the Central Capital is also the family’s consideration. Only if you return to the Yang Family and enter the protection of the family’s masters, can you rest at ease.”

“Is the family’s greatest concern this secret of mine?”

“I won’t deny this.” Yang Zhen nodded calmly, “But this time the family has done its best, as proof, we have come in person to inform you instead of simply sending a letter or messenger. The difference between the two approaches, you should be able to understand.”

Yang Kai nodded lightly.

These five Elders coming to speak to him personally obviously was a display of sincerity, the family’s way of saying they hoped they could cooperate. Yang Kai would return to the family to accept protection and in exchange he would offer the secret to enhancing his forces’ strength to them.

If the family had instead sent him a letter ordering him to return, then directly suppressed and imprisoned him, obviously he would never have compromised. At that time, it would be no different from trying to scoop water with a bamboo basket, a fruitless endeavour.

The Yang Family’s leadership also somewhat understood Yang Kai’s temperament so they naturally hoped to solve this matter peacefully rather than by force.

“You consider carefully.” After Yang Zhen finished, he stopped talking and waited patiently.

However, Yang Kai only took a moment before decisively shaking his head, “Knowing the whole story now, it is even more impossible for me to return to the Central Capital.”

The family wanting his Myriad Drug Liquid, this wasn’t a big deal. Considering just how much Myriad Drug Liquid he had, Yang Kai didn’t mind giving them some. Although he didn’t have much sense of belonging to the Yang Family, in the end, it was still the Yang Family which had provided him with a stage to display his talents. For the family, this Myriad Drug Liquid could be considered a thank-you.

But after he returned to the Central Capital Yang Family’s compound this time, Yang Kai was quite certain he would never come out again and this cultivation would surely be crippled.

To Yang Kai, such consequences were impossible to accept.

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