Martial Peak

Chapter 534 – What Can You Offer Me?

Inside the room, Ye Xin Rou narrowed her eyes and stared at Yang Kai, breaking out into a smile a moment later.

After giggling lightly, she directly said, “Little Lord looks down on people far too much. How could I simply abandon Second Young Lord to support you? If I did so, what would that say about me? What would the people of this world think of me? Of my Ye Family?”

“It was just a joke, don’t take it too seriously.” Yang Kai smiled and shook his head.

He also knew it was impossible for Ye Xin Rou to agree to this condition.

The Inheritance War was held by the Yang Family in order to select it’s next Patriarch and the various forces from around the Dynasty who participated did so mainly in order to win favour with the former.

But the other seven Great Families of the Central Capital were different.

They already had rich heritages and wielded great power. Even if not quite equal to the Yang Family, they were at least on the same level.

They were already inextricably tied to the Yang Family, so there was no reason for them to intentionally please them.

The Young Lords and Young Ladies from the other seven families who participated in the Inheritance War did so mostly to hone themselves and display their abilities. As for who won or who lost, it wasn’t of great concern to them.

So although Yang Zhao’s situation wasn’t very optimistic, it was impossible for Ye Xin Rou to betray him and ally with Yang Kai. She would gain nothing by doing so, while simultaneously damaging her Ye Family’s reputation.

“So what is it you really want?” Yang Kai stared at Ye Xin Rou with sharp eyes, “If I’m not mistaken, you should have been waiting around here for some time now, right?”

It would be too much of a coincidence for her to be outside his mansion at the exact moment Yang Kai had walked out.

As such, the only explanation was that this woman had been waiting for him.

“I don’t really want anything.” Ye Xin Rou shook her head casually, “It’s just that the situation is clear: It is only a matter of time before the Little Lord wins this Inheritance War and it can even be said that if you are willing, you can defeat your brothers right now. “

Yang Kai remained silent, but a hint of vigilance flashed across his eyes. He couldn’t determine if Ye Xin Rou had come here to gather intelligence or some other nefarious purpose.

“The winner of this contest will definitely be the Little Lord.” Ye Xin Rou smiled charmingly as she stared at Yang Kai, seemingly picturing his glorious future, her breath becoming slightly heavier, as if she was slightly intoxicated, “I’ve always had an interest in the strong, and Little Lord is such a person.”

“You have some boring interests.” Yang Kai grinned and said disdainfully.

Ye Xin Rou’s eyes flashed a cold light but quickly recovered, giggling sweetly, “Then I’ll get straight to the point. Xin Rou has come here only to make one request.”

“And that is?”

“When Little Lord becomes Patriarch of the Yang Family, I hope he can take care of my Ye Family.”

Yang Kai’s expression suddenly became slightly strange, squinting at Ye Xin Rou as he asked, “Your Ye Family is also one of the Eight Great Families. What do you need my care for?”

Ye Xin Rou shook her head slowly, wearing a slightly helpless expression, “Little Lord may not know, but the Eight Great Families are currently on the decline. Many of the masters from our families have died recently and the younger generation is not nearly as competent. Many of them prefer to engage in dandyism and delinquency rather than improving themselves. The last time we fought, the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land suffered many losses as well, but we failed to completely destroy them, which greatly damaged the reputation and prestige of the Eight Great Families. No one knows how long our current status and glory will last if this decline continues, however, I feel that Little Lord is a man who can bring about miracles. The best example is this Inheritance War itself. It isn’t an exaggeration to say that the Little Lord’s performance these past nine months has been a series of miracles. Under Little Lord’s leadership, the Yang Family, rather than decline, is likely to become even stronger, but among our seven families… hehe, I don’t think anyone of us has such ability.”

“When that happens, it won’t be long before your Yang Family really dominates the Central Capital and controls the world, not like now where it does so in name only.”

Yang Kai was slightly surprised, suddenly discovering that he had somewhat underestimated this woman foresight.

Worthy of an heir to one of the Eight Great Families. Despite her obvious personality issues, she was still a unique talent.

The current Eight Great Families didn’t actually differ that much in terms of strength and each of the other seven were always eager to seize the lead role from the Yang Family.

Of course, such an opportunity wasn’t likely to appear any time soon.

But no matter which one of them it was, it was true that their strength was waning.

The problem Ye Xin Rou had just described was something Yang Kai also occasionally thought about, but he hadn’t considered it too deeply because he felt that this kind of thing had little to do with himself.

But listening to her analysis, Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling that what she said was reasonable.

The Eight Great Families had sat in their current position for too long and had become complacent. This was the so-called three generations of wealth. After a period of glory, there would inevitably be a decline and, sooner or later, a fall from power.

The symptoms of this decline were already starting to show.

The Young Lords and Young Ladies of the Central Capital each thought of themselves as powerful and superior to all others and had forgotten that their current achievements were due in large part to the hardships and sacrifices of their ancestors.

For example, if someone like Qiu Zi Ruo become the Patriarch of the Qiu Family one day, what hope would it have of rising?

Gao Rang Feng, Kang Zhan, Meng Shan Yi, Liu Qing Yao… all of them had some ability, but under their leadership, could they really halt the decline in their families’ power? This was something that no one could predict.

“Perhaps such an eventuality won’t occur in our lifetime, but I’d rather take precautions sooner rather than later. It’s better to be prepared than not prepared, isn’t it?” Ye Xin Rou declared confidently to Yang Kai.

Yang Kai gently nodded in response.

“In any case, I believe Little Lord isn’t an ordinary man. Under your leadership, the Yang Family will definitely grow stronger than it is now. If Xin Rou doesn’t forge a good relationship with you now, I’m afraid that there will be no chance to do so in the future.” Ye Xin Rou said frankly, no falsehood apparent on her face or in her voice. It was obviously that this was her sincere opinion.

“I admit that what you said makes sense.” After a moment of indifference, Yang Kai focused his eyes on Ye Xin Rou and curled his lips slightly, “But what benefit do I get for agreeing to your request?”

Ye Xin Rou bit her lip gently and whispered softly, “What benefits does Little Lord want?”

As she spoke these words, a fascinating glimmer appeared in her eyes as a faint blush appeared on her cheeks, her implied meaning extremely self-evident.

Yang Kai looked at her and grinned, slowly shaking his head as he asked, “I don’t know, what can you offer me?”

Ye Xin Rou let out a charming laugh and slowly rose to her feat, sashaying over towards Yang Kai step by step.

When she arrived only a half step away from him, she spun on her heels lightly before gently sitting herself down atop Yang Kai’s lap, reaching out her jade like arms with fluid motions and wrapping them around his neck, bring her face next to his ear and exhaling a hot breath, “I can give Little Lord anything he wants.”

“Really?” Yang Kai’s flashed an obscene light that seemed to come straight from the depths of his soul, reaching out his strong hands to Ye Xin Rou’s rich womanly assets, kneading and pinching wantonly.

Letting out a suggest moan, Ye Xin Rou looked at Yang Kai impishly and pouted, “Please be a little more gentle with Xin Rou, Little Lord.”

(PewPew: Cause you know… tickling someone’s stomach isn’t very nice… ahem)

(Silavin: You shouldn’t spoil the mood.)

Whispering such words from her bright red lips, Ye Xin Rou exuded a powerful sense of attraction.

In her pair of slightly wet eyes, a hint of pride quickly flashed by.

Even though Yang Kai was outstanding, he was still just an eighteen-year-old boy! Yang Zhao was already her captive, thoroughly conquered by her charms and her body, so how could the even younger Yang Kai escape from her? Ye Xin Rou thought to herself as she disdainfully scoffed in her heart.

Having giving him a taste, Ye Xin Rou next slipped out of Yang Kai’s embrace.

She was an expert at using such tactics, having a bit of fun while whetting a man’s appetite yet not allowing him to succeed too easily.

She was by no means a pure woman, so how could she not understand a man’s thoughts when it came to such matters?

Yang Kai did not try to stop her, instead just watching her with a smile, his expression filled with expectation. However, if one were to observe carefully, they would notice that although his gaze seemed fiery, they were actually filled with cold indifference.

The moment she stood firm, Ye Xin Rou’s clothes all suddenly tore to pieces and scattered.

A snow-white body with outstanding proportions was suddenly exposed to the air, her beautiful silky hair cascaded seductively down her lustrous back, highlighting her breathtaking and seductive figure.

Ye Xin Rou yelped in surprise, not having expected this at all.

Immediately, she realized that when Yang Kai had let his hands wander over her body, without her knowing, he must have gotten up to some kind of mischief with her clothes.

Feeling a slight sense of panic and fear, Ye Xin Rou hurriedly used her delicate arms to cover her most sensitive places. Blushing bright red, she grit her teeth and glared at Yang Kai, “You…”

But after spitting out a single word, Ye Xin Rou quickly swallowed down her anger and instead fidgeted, half nervously half playfully, as she said with wet eyes, “Little Lord, why are you doing this?”

“You offered yourself to me.” Yang Kai snorted and narrowed his eyes, saying in a commanding tone, “Move your hands.”

Ye Xin Rou suddenly became embarrassed and hesitated.

“Didn’t you just say you can give me anything I want?” Yang Kai sneered, “Or what, were you just spouting nonsense?”

“Of course I meant what I said.” Ye Xin Rou replied as she bit her lip, anger flaring up in her heart. She didn’t really object to becoming intimate with Yang Kai, she was even somewhat eager to do so, but before securing any actual benefits or at least some kind of verbal commitment, she didn’t want to let Yang Kai have his way with her.

But now, it seemed like she didn’t have any choice.

After silently cursing to herself, Ye Xin Rou continued softly, “Little Lord, please don’t laugh…”

Yang Kai remained unapologetic, still assuming the demeanor of a superior looking down at her.

Ye Xin Rou then slowly slid her hands away and lowered her head, seemingly shy.

Yang Kai didn’t make the slightest effort to conceal his gaze, his eyes full of aggression as he stared at her.

Rich peaks that concealed a deep valley, a smooth and flat belly without the slightest excess fat, a well trimmed grassy plain that concealed a wondrous treasure, skin as white as fresh snow, a picture sensual enough to make any man spurt blood from his nose; a beauty that one couldn’t help being drawn to.

Ye Xin Rou hid nothing as she stood naked in front of Yang Kai, like the finest piece of art, letting him appreciate her perfect figure and fascinating allure.

Yang Kai had to admit that this woman indeed had enough capital to justify her pride, especially the look of shyness she was wearing which only further enhanced the subtle mood in the air, tickling a man’s instincts to push her down and ravage her.

Seemingly noticing the fire in Yang Kai’s gaze, Ye Xin Rou’s jade white body began glowing a faint reddish hue and her breathing gradually became hurried.

Although she wasn’t an innocent little girl, she was still a woman. Standing like this in front of a man really did make her feel somewhat embarrassed.

“Beautiful?” Ye Xin Rou let Yang Kai’s eyes linger on his body for a moment before slightly lifting her head and gently asking.

Yang Kai nodded strongly as he let out a heavy breath.

“As long as you give me your promise, then Xin Rou will offer you everything…” At this point, Ye Xin Rou had no other tricks she could play. She could only throw out this kind of bait.

Moreover, looking at the appearance and state of Yang Kai, this little brat obviously couldn’t refuse such temptation, of this she was fully confident!

She was the First Young Lady of the Ye Family! Just her identity alone would make any man drool at the thought of obtaining her, not to mention she was also a great beauty.

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