Martial Peak

Chapter 528 – Immortal Ascension Boundary

Not only that, Yang Kai’s body was still emitting evil energy.

Along with the rapid inhalation of the surrounding World Energy, a strange equilibrium had been reached.

Everyone who was watching paled, some even felt fear, but none of them could figure out how a True Element Boundary cultivator breaking through to the Immortal Ascension Boundary could cause such a breathtaking spectacle.

“A good seedling, such a good seedling indeed!” The fat old man’s eyes shined as he muttered to himself, seeming annoyed that his family did not have such a genius.

(Silavin: This fat old man is referring to one of the Above Immortal Masters)

Thinking about Yang Li Ting’s previous attitude and practices, the fat old man almost felt sorry for Yang Kai.

He also wondered if the Yang Family’s cold and indifferent behaviour had a chilling effect on Yang Kai.

If this little brat had been one of his descendants, he would definitely have taken the utmost care of him, passing along all his knowledge and experience and insuring that the family provide whatever cultivation resources he needed!

Patriarch of the Yang Family? Worthless! Seeing Yang Kai now, as long as he was allowed to grow, he would one day reach the peak of this world! At that time, whether it was the Eight Great Families’ Patriarchs, Grand Elders, or Above Immortal Ascension Boundary masters, none of them would be worthy of challenging him.

[Yang Li Ting’s conduct was nothing less than stupid!] The fat old man silently thought indignantly to himself.

Yang Kai’s consciousness was still submerged within himself, completely surrounded by darkness, just like War City which was covered by Demonic Qi and dark storm clouds.

The only difference was that Yang Kai’s subconscious mind was even darker than War City, with not a single speck of light at all.

Like before the existence of the Heavens and the Earth, this place was a dark void where nothing existed.

But if one were to observe closely, they would notice some subtle changes occurring. Within the darkness, there seemed to be some kind of power secretly gathering, like a seed buried in the soil just about to sprout and grow.

After an unknown amount of time, a glimmer of light suddenly burst forth from the darkness; a weak glow like that of a firefly, a candle in the wind that might extinguish in the next instant.

But this single point of light had broken the darkness at this moment.

Yang Kai gathered his consciousness on this point of light and felt a slight pulling sensation. As he continued to concentrate on it, he began to notice a hazy image contained within it.

Another ray of light emerged soon after, but its’ colour was slightly different from the previous one.

The next moment, these lights flashed, causing Yang Kai’s Soul to vibrate as mysterious ripples propagated from this point.

Next, at third colour appeared, then a fourth… then a fifth…

When the point of light had reached a total of five different colours, it seemed to have reached a critical point, like a new shoot sprouting after the rain. However delicate and fragile, it was still pushing through the soil in order to emerge, wanting to forever shatter the perpetual darkness that surrounded it.

The flashes emanating from the five coloured light became more and more rapid and intense, and each time it pulsed, the fluctuations in Yang Kai’s Soul would also amplify. The dark void soon seemed unable to suppress this radiance, and the five coloured light gave off a final brilliance, illuminating the entire space.

Suddenly, the five coloured light seemed to congeal, forming a softly glowing five coloured lotus flower which gently floated before Yang Kai’s eyes.

Yang Kai was shocked and pleasantly surprised.

Five Coloured Soul Warming Lotus!

The supreme treasure for nurturing one’s Soul had finally revealed its complete appearance. As it slowly spun about its axis, a rich yet gentle energy was released from it and permeated the surroundings at an incredible speed. As this energy spread, it quickly dyed the dark space white, making it no longer a dead zone but one that was filled with a subtle vitality.

The energy which rapidly spread was Yang Kai’s own Spiritual Energy! Something he understood instinctively.

Before even breaking through to the True Element Boundary, Yang Kai had already begun cultivating his Spiritual Energy.

But Spiritual Energy was invisible and ethereal, and similar to True Qi, required a storage location within one’s body. True Qi was stored in the dantian and meridians, while Spiritual Energy was stored in the Knowledge Sea.

Before Yang Kai opened his Knowledge Sea, the Five Coloured Soul Warming Lotus had served as the carrier for his Spiritual Energy.

Right now, Yang Kai was using the Spiritual Energy he had cultivated for many years to develop his Knowledge Sea.

A subtle, nearly invisible Spiritual Energy was quietly being circulated in a steady flow. With the propagation of this Spiritual Energy, Yang Kai felt like a layer of shackles somewhere inside his mind had shattered and his Soul strengthened several times over.

Even though the Soul Warming Lotus was a supreme treasure, it was, after all, only a foreign object which had temporarily stored Yang Kai’s Spiritual Energy.

By using this carrier as an intermediary, Yang Kai could also use his Divine Sense, but due to it not truly being a part of him, he had never been able to display his full power. Now that this container had completed its task as a transfer point, Yang Kai could fully utilize his Spiritual Energy, resulting in a large increase in his Soul’s strength.

The extremely strong fluctuations of Yang Kai’s Soul suddenly burst forth from his mind and swept over the entirety of War City.

The masters gathered nearby all changed colour when they felt the strength of this Divine Sense.

Even the Grand Elders from the Eight Great Families wore extremely stern expressions, while Meng Wu Ya and Ling Tai Xu were both amazed and excited.

The fluctuations of Yang Kai’s Spiritual Energy had completely surpassed his current level of cultivation, leaving those in the same realm as him far, far behind.

In the depths of his mind, the Five Coloured Soul Warming Lotus still continued spinning as the Spiritual Energy stored within it was released in an uninterrupted flow.

Time passed by.

At some point, all the Spiritual Energy stored in the Soul Warming Lotus had finally been released.

The originally dark void was now filled with silky threads of soft light that extended as far as the eye could see.

Yang Kai clearly saw these threads undergo a suddenly change, seemingly under the influence of some mysterious force.

A group of these threads pulsed as they gradually converged into a thicker, more powerful one, which subsequently pulled in and gathered more threads, gradually strengthening bit by bit in a seemingly endless cycle.

Yang Kai couldn’t help recalling the scene he had witnessed in Tang Yu Xian’s Knowledge Sea, but the demonstration of how one opened and formed their Knowledge Sea she showed him was quite different from scene playing out in front of him now.

When Tang Yu Xian opened her Knowledge Sea, the process was slow and temperate, slowly advancing step by step. Although it didn’t appear particularly difficult, it couldn’t be described as ‘fast’ by any means.

Whereas on the contrary, at this moment, Yang Kai’s spiritual Energy was rapidly and fiercely progressing.

Within the once empty void, Spiritual Energy flooded every corner and was rapidly undergoing a kind of qualitative change.


Suddenly, the sound of flowing water appeared. Yang Kai swept his vision around and saw a clear stream of water, like a gentle stream, flowing out from a central point.

Naturally, this point was the Soul Warming Lotus!

This tiny stream of water quickly grew and in the blink of an eye became a mighty river, then a great lake… and finally a vast unending sea!

As brisk winds blew, rolling waves several feet high appeared on this sea, all of it formed by Yang Kai’s vast Spiritual Energy.

The Soul Warming Lotus was quietly suspended above the ocean, constantly emitting a soft five coloured radiance which shone over the entire sea. The ‘water’ below was crystal clear and it swayed and churned in harmony with Yang Kai’s thoughts. Soon after, great reefs formed in all directions, guiding and scattering the waves as the sea churned.

Within the sea, many strange fish began to appear, followed by birds which flew through the sky. After only a brief moment, the dark void had transformed into a world teeming with life.

As the sea breeze blew past him, a pure and natural feeling washed over Yang Kai.

Yang Kai’s Soul phantom stood midair, quietly looking around at this new world, his heartbeat racing slightly.

Waving his hand, the floating Soul Warming Lotus suddenly became an island in the sea! Its coloured rays making it particularly eye catching.

Everything here was comprised of Yang Kai’s Spiritual Energy, so he could manipulate any piece of it at will.

The next moment, Yang Kai suddenly felt something deep within his heart permeate into this sea.

After investigating for a moment, Yang Kai discovered that it was actually all the memories he had!

Contained within his Knowledge Sea were all of Yang Kai’s life experiences and memories. Everything he had encountered and learned these many years was gradually merging with this sea, including his cultivation technique, Martial Skills, even his pain and suffering.

Looking through the water casually, Yang Kai saw a few past events like he was watching a replay, the entire scene clearly presenting itself in front of his eyes as if he was experiencing it once again.

A cultivator’s Knowledge Sea contained all their secrets, so no one would allow another to intrude into the Knowledge Sea unless there was absolutely no other choice.

Doing so was tantamount to presenting yourself naked in front of another.

Shan Qing Luo allowing Yang Kai into her Knowledge Sea showed that she already completely trusted him.

Now, his Knowledge Sea had truly formed!

At this moment, a strange feeling arose in Yang Kai’s heart.

It was like he was seeing himself climbing a long mountain road to the peak of Martial Arts. He had journeyed far, but there was still a long way to go.

Opening his eyes, a brilliant light flashed across them as his gaze became as sharp as an eagles’.

Everyone gathered nearby was shocked, as their expressions froze.

The first thing Yang Kai saw was Ling Tai Xu and Meng Wu Ya staring at him appreciatively with smiles on their faces.

Nodding to these two old men, Yang Kai smiled gratefully.

Although he was immersed in his breakthrough, Yang Kai had still felt their arrival and faintly knew what kind of efforts they had made for him.

His heart filled with warmth that cannot be described.

His Grand Master had supported himself unconditionally, and had believed in him without ever wavering!

Taking a deep breath, Yang Kai retracted his Divine Sense and aura, suddenly becoming a plain and unremarkable youth, almost like he was an ordinary mortal that had never cultivated before, the only difference being the torrent of evil energy radiate from his body.

The dark clouds in the sky had not yet dispersed, and the horrible World Energy continued to baptize Yang Kai’s body. Although his Knowledge Sea had already formed, his physical baptism was apparently not over.

“Are you human or demon now?” Yang Li Ting asked pointedly.

Yang Kai gave him a faint look and answered his inquiry with practical action.

After regaining control of his body, under his careful guidance, the Unyielding Golden Skeleton’s swallowing ability became tens of times more powerful than before.

A great vortex of wind suddenly covered War City with Yang Kai’s body at its center, and the Demonic Qi which had been spread around was immediately pulled towards him.

Even the mighty World Energy contained in the thick clouds above did not escape this suction.

A massive tornado was formed with Yang Kai calmly standing at its central position, and soon the dark clouds above were drawn into this whirlpool and disappeared into Yang Kai’s body.

Within less than a quarter of an hour, War City suddenly became clear, with not a single cloud in the sky for ten thousand kilometers. The bright blue sky and gentle breeze was seemingly washing the evil intent from everyone’s heart.

The great suction calmed and the cloud of dust gathered around Yang Kai slowly began to settle.

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