Martial Peak

Chapter 521, Mental Domain

Withstanding the force of this explosion, all the surrounding cultivators revealed strained expressions.

Many suddenly felt that even breathing was difficult, as if a mountain was pressed against the top of their chest, causing the knees to go soft and urging them to fall to the ground.

Only Old Demon sneered, his eyes flashing an appreciative light as a wicked grin appeared on his face.

This violent and evil atmosphere was quite to his liking.


“Move away from the black gas.”

“How is this possible? How can this Little Lord use such potent power? Am I dreaming?”

The cultivators in Yang Zhao’s compound cried out, their faces filled with disbelief and fear, scattering about randomly in order to avoid being corroded by the swirly black Qi.

After this sudden outburst of power which spread black Qi all over the yard below, the black dragon opened its bloody mouth and began furiously inhaling, creating a black vortex that tried to draw in Yang Zhao and his guardian Blood Warrior.

Faced with this great suction, Yang Zhao was unable to offer any meaningful resistance. If not for the Blood Warrior beside him, he would already have been drawn into the black dragon’s maw and had his bones crushed.

For the first time, Yang Zhao realized just how enormous the gap in strength between him and his Ninth Brother was.

It was simply the difference between Heaven and Earth and he was afraid that, for the rest of his life, it would be impossible for him to catch up with his Ninth Brother’s pace.

Living the rest of his life in his youngest brother’s shadow, Yang Zhao suddenly felt depressed, as if struggling to resist, the Inheritance War, and even the entire Yang Family were all meaningless.

“Second Young Lord!” The Blood Warrior shouted, noticing Yang Zhao’s unusual mood and realizing that his mental state was being corroded.

“Don’t let yourself be affected by the Evil Qi!” The Blood Warrior hastily reminded.

Snapping out of his depressed mood, Yang Zhao dripped with cold sweat. He wasn’t a man who would easily admit defeat. The reason why such negative thoughts and feelings had overtaken him was purely because of the influence of Yang Kai’s strange power.

After being awakened by the Blood Warrior, Yang Zhao carefully guarded his mind to resist mental intrusion from Yang Kai’s power.

“Yu Xian!” Yang Kai roared.

High up in the sky, Tang Yu Xian, who was confronting Yang Zhao’s other Blood Warrior, smiled lightly at her opponent before releasing an astonishingly pure and potent Spiritual Energy pulse that engulfed not only the latter, but even affected the battlefield down below.

“Immortal Ascension Boundary Ninth Stage?” The Blood Warrior who was fighting with Tang Yu Xian called out in shock.

“Ah, you saw through me.” Tang Yu Xian laughed happily, “I still wanted to hide it for a while.”

“But how?” The Blood Warrior looked up and down Tang Yu Xian, seemingly trying to confirm she was still the person he knew, “How did you manage to break through to the Immortal Ascension Boundary Ninth Stage so soon?”

The Blood Warriors were all like brothers and sisters; they were all extremely familiar with each other’s strengths and talent. What Tang Yu Xian’s aptitude was, her opponent naturally understood, and he had a fair idea of how long it would be before she could break through to the Immortal Ascension Boundary Ninth Stage.

But now, when she had released her Spiritual Energy, he had immediately realized that Tang Yu Xian had actually broken through already.

“How did you do it?” The man eagerly asked. His aptitude and strength were similar to Tang Yu Xian’s, but now she had taken a giant leap ahead of him, he was naturally happy and anxious.

Happy that his sister Blood Warrior had broken through, but also anxious about falling behind her!

“Not telling!” Tang Yu Xian smiled sweetly.

Seeing her playful attitude, the man slowly shook his head and smiled bitterly, “Yu Xian, it seems that following the Little Lord has even caused your mentality to become younger. You never used to be so naughty.”

Tang Yu Xian’s smiling expression immediately sank, a cold light flashing across her eyes, “What do you mean? Are you trying to say I’ve gotten old?”

The man’s heart suddenly clenched, realizing he had inadvertently touched upon a great taboo, quickly waving his hands in panic, “Yu Xian, you’re not… I mean… I never said…”

“Hmph! I didn’t want to embarrass you too much, but now it seems I need to teach you a harsh lesson!” Tang Yu Xian muttered in annoyance, no longer holding back, using her full strength to beat her opponent, causing him to cry out in pain and grief.

Although there was only a gap of a single stage between them, this small gap was enough to allow Tang Yu Xian to completely suppress her brother Blood Warrior.

Tang Yu Xian was even able to continuously release Soul Skills to assist Yang Kai while she fought her own battle.

With the assistance of Tang Yu Xian, Yang Kai gradually gained the advantage.

“Little Lord, pardon my offence!” The Blood Warrior who was guarding Yang Zhao suddenly shouted, releasing Yang Zhao and pushing his True Qi furiously, sending out a great beam of azure light towards Yang Kai.

“Ha!” Before the beam could reach him, Yang Kai stretched out his hand and sent a beam of black Qi towards the oncoming assault, intercepting it midair and dispersing it.

The Yang Family Blood Warrior’s expression became somewhat solemn. Even if he hadn’t used his full strength just now, it was still a tremendous attack, yet Yang Kai had actually blocked it.

Everyone present was shocked, all of them wondering just how powerful Yang Kai was at the moment.

On the contrary, although his Devil Transformation had massively increased his Blood Force and strength, Yang Kai’s brow also deeply furrowed.

This head-on confrontation made him realize that it was impossible for him to defeat this opponent.

The title of Yang Family Blood Warrior wasn’t just for show. Even in his current state, and with the assistance of Tang Yu Xian’s Soul Skills, suppressing this master before him still beyond his abilities.

In fact, if not for the Blood Warrior’s need to guard Yang Zhao, Yang Kai estimated he would already have been defeated!

As of right now, he was not worthy to be a Blood Warrior’s opponent.

His thoughts revolving quickly, Yang Kai considered a dozen different scenarios before coldly snorting, recalling the black dragon and all the dispersed Evil Qi, shrouding himself in a thick protective coat.

Flipping his wrist, a small sword appeared atop his palm in a flash of light.

It was the Heaven Grade Top-Rank Soul type artifact!

Since refining it until now, Yang Kai felt like he was not able to fully synchronize with it, but at this moment, in order to kill Xiang Chu and Nan Sheng, Yang Kai determined that this was his best option. Success or failure would be determined in the next strike!

Looking far behind Yang Zhao, Yang Kai’s gazed focused on the hatred filled faces of Xiang Chu and Nan Sheng.

“I told you, no matter who tries to protect you today, you will still die!”

Standing tall, Yang Kai let out a great roar and his eyes flashed an ominous light.

Stared at by these crimson eyes, Xiang Chu and Nan Sheng trembled violently, suddenly feeling greatly unnerved. Subconsciously, they tried to retreat or find someone who could protect them.

Unfortunately, all the masters from the Xiang and Nan Families had been killed by Yang Kai on the way here. Only the two Peak Immortal Ascension Boundary masters’ status was unknown, as they had yet to return from their battle with Ying Jiu.

After looking around in panic for a moment, they discovered that there was no one here they could rely on. Facing Yang Kai’s cold eyes and murderous aura, the two of them couldn’t help feeling a sense of crisis.

Yang Kai’s performance was far beyond their expectation. They had never dreamed that Yang Kai would actually chase them all the way to Yang Zhao’s house and ruthlessly insist upon executing them, not giving a single bit of face to the Second Young Lord.

“We are heirs of first-class families! Yang Kai, if you dare kill us, you’ll regret it!” Nan Sheng was terrified and couldn’t help yelling out hysterically.

However, Yang Kai simply shook his head and firmly declared, “I don’t care if you are the heirs to first-class family. If it had been a head on fight and you had wounded my people, I would have nothing to say, but since you dared go behind my back and plot against them, you must pay the price!”

After saying so, Yang Kai suddenly closed his eyes.


A resonate hum came from the little sword in his hand, almost as if someone was striking it.

A bizarre aura also began spreading from Yang Kai.

“Stop him!” Yang Zhao saw the situation rapidly deteriorating and quickly summoned his own Mysterious Grade artifact.

In Yang Zhao’s hand, a golden ring-shaped artifact appeared. It was his trophy from the battle at Po Jing Lake.

Madly filling the golden ring with his True Qi, Yang Zhao shot it out; as it raced forward, it first divided into two, then into four, then again into eight…

In the blink of an eye, an overwhelming number of golden rings crashed towards Yang Kai.

The black dragon immediate roared and surged forth, using its huge body to wrap up and guard Yang Kai.

“Mad Tyrant Blood Skill!” At some unknown point, Tang Yu Xian had also rushed down from the sky and now unleashed an astonishing force from her delicate body, placing herself in front of Yang Kai.

The two Blood Warriors who followed Yang Zhao also rushed up.

The three Blood Warriors entered into a chaotic melee.

The scene was a mess.

Only Yang Kai remained an island of calm, the surrounding noise of battle and the violent fluctuations of energy seemed unable to affect him as he stood there silently.


Suddenly there was a fluctuation in his Soul, and for some unforeseen reason, when his Spiritual Energy flooded into the small sword shaped Soul artifact, the two reached an unprecedented state of resonance.

At that moment, Yang Kai felt as if his Soul had integrated into the little sword.


The little sword transformed into a ray of light and shot out from atop Yang Kai’s palm at a speed invisible to the naked eye and impossible to trace with Divine Sense.

As his consciousness merged with the small sword, Yang Kai saw Tang Yu Xian using her Mad Tyrant Blood Skill to fight with the other two Immortal Ascension Boundary Eighth Stage Blood Warriors, fragrant sweat dripping from her long lustrous hair.

He also witnessed his black dragon clash with Yang Zhao’s Mysterious Grade artifact, sending violent waves of black Qi tumbling to and fro.

He saw the crowd of onlookers standing there with stunned expressions, their mouths agape.

He saw his own figure reflected in Qiu Yi Meng’s beautiful worry filled eyes.

He even saw a few thousand meters away, in a tea house, Yang Wei and Liu Qing Yao staring towards him out an open window.

At this moment, to Yang Kai, it seemed like the entire world had slowed down and his thinking had become more than ten times clearer than before, able to take in a process these myriad scenes around him in an instant.

A profound and mysterious feeling rose from the bottom of his heart, a sensation he had never felt before. Bathing in this feeling, Yang Kai experienced an unprecedented sublimation of his heart and soul.


A layer of shackles seemed to shatter in his mind, giving Yang Kai an uplifting sense of freedom, like he was a fish that had leapt from the sea and begun soaring through the sky.

The speed of the small sword Soul artifact also increased significantly!

High up in the sky, dark clouds suddenly began to gather, covering the entirety of War City, releasing an ever increasing pressure as they thickened.

Even while Yang Kai had completely immersed himself in this strange mental domain, he never lost track of his target, Nan Sheng.

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