Martial Peak

Chapter 519 – You Think You Can Kill Them?

Yang Zhao’s allies quickly emerged from the mansion and glared at Yang Kai, their expressions filled with anger. However, when they saw Old Demon standing nearby to guard him, fear flashed across their eyes and they unconsciously stepped backwards.

The deterrence of Old Demon’s bloody and cruel methods was immense.

Not long after Old Demon appeared, Qiu Yi Meng also showed up with a group of Yang Kai’s allies.

After seeing Yang Kai’s current appearance, the Qiu Family’s First Young Lady couldn’t help feeling her heart clench, quickly calling out, “Yang Kai, what happened? What’s wrong?”

Huo Xing Chen also instinctively trembled as he felt the malicious aura pulsing from Yang Kai’s body.

All the people in the spectating crowd were also pointing towards Yang Kai, whispering and discussing whether the Yang Family’s youngest Young Lord had really fallen onto the Devil’s Path and would soon lose his rational mind.

If this really was the case, it would be the most ironic joke.

The Central Capital Eight Great Families and the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land had always been as incompatible as fire and water. The Eight Great Families’ cultivators were all charged with eradicating demons, but now, the Yang Family’s brightest new star and the most hopeful candidate to become its next Patriarch was about to become a demon. Such news would be the topic of discussion the world over.

Tang Yu Xian, the Hu Sisters, Dong Qing Han, the Ten Thousand Flower Palace quartet, Luo Xiao Man… many of them directed worried eyes towards Yang Kai.

“Are you still…?” Qiu Yi Meng asked, gazing into the crimson lights which were once Yang Kai’s eyes, desperately searching for any trace of humanity. Unfortunately, she was disappointed. Yang Kai’s eyes were clear at the moment, but all that filled them was hatred and murderous intent, nothing resembling human warmth remained, only cold malice.

Shivering involuntarily, Qiu Yi Meng felt her heart sink. From the beginning of the Inheritance War, she had performed admirably in acting as Yang Kai’s second in command, responsible for the management and deployment of his allies. Nevertheless, she still looked to Yang Kai as the backbone of their efforts. Every major operation centered around his commands.

If any accident were to happen to Yang Kai, all her efforts would become worthless.

Yang Kai glanced at her for a moment before shaking his head slowly, “I’m fine.”

Hearing these words, Qiu Yi Meng froze up, somewhat unable to believe that under such a state, Yang Kai was actually able to suppress the murderous hostility in his body and still maintain mental clarity.

If it were any other cultivator, could they accomplish this?

Old Demon on the other hand just spat disdainfully and snickered, “Young Master, your current look suits old servant very much! Hahahaha, we master and servant really share a common fate!”

Qiu Yi Meng couldn’t help shooting an angry glare at Old Demon before anxiously asking, “Since you’ve come back, why didn’t you return to the mansion but instead came here? What is it you hope to accomplish?”

“Kill someone!”

“Who are you going to kill?”

“Xiang Chu and Nan Sheng!”

Hearing this, everyone’s expression greatly changed.

Xiang Chu and Nan Sheng, although not on the same level as the Young Lords and Young Ladies of the Central Capital Eight Great Families, were still successors to first-class families. Such people could not be killed recklessly.

Even a blind bastard like Lu Song hadn’t provoked Yang Kai’s killing intent, so why was he suddenly so intent on killing Xiang Chu and Nan Sheng at this time?

Qiu Yi Meng, who was doing her best to calm her racing heart, couldn’t help thinking that Yang Kai really had gone mad.

“Yang Kai, can’t we go back first?” Qiu Yi Meng reached out and gently held Yang Kai’s arm, whispering softly, “Let’s go back and talk about this, see if there’s a more suitable way to kill Nan Sheng and Xiang Chu and calm your anger.”

Yang Kai turned his head and stared at Qiu Yi Meng strangely.

“If you insist on acting right now, there’s no way for you to really kill those two. Yang Zhao’s mansion has too many cultivators right now. Even if all of us rush in, we may not be able to cut them down.” Qiu Yi Meng continued to persuade, “So let’s go back first, okay?”

Watching this scene, Huo Xing Chen’s eyes had all but bulged out of their sockets.

He had never seen, or even heard of Qiu Yi Meng having such a gentle side. The Qiu Family’s First Young Lady always behaved in a steadfast and intelligent manner, bordering on shrewd and ruthless, so everyone had nearly forgotten that she was a young woman.

Such a woman whispering sweet words would be a fatal temptation to any man and was all but impossible to resist.

Huo Xing Chen thought about it and concluded that if he was treated gently by Qiu Yi Meng, even if he felt his will was firm, he would listen to whatever it is she said.

“Yes, Yang Kai, let’s go back first and discuss things. It’ll be fine even if we leave things as they are for a day or two.” Luo Xiao Man summoned up courage even she didn’t know she had and actually tried to persuade Yang Kai.

Each of the four Ten Thousand Flower Palace Four girls nodded in agreement, also doing their best one by one to calm Yang Kai.

Although their reasons and arguments varied, without exception, each of these beauties did their best to convey their care and concern.

Seeing all of these young women drown Yang Kai in such maternal care, the rest of the crowd couldn’t help staring awkwardly.

Yang Kai frowned and swept his eyes over crowd in front of him, eventually fixing his gaze on Qiu Yi Meng and asking, “Do you all see me as some kind of child?”

Although his words were sharp and cold, Yang Kai actually felt warmth in his heart. No matter the reason, these people spoke up out of concern for him and his current state.

All of these young women’s faces became slightly red, only now understanding that when Yang Kai said he was fine, he really was still fully conscious.

Seeing them blush, Yang Kai smirked, a trace of tenderness creeping into his expression as he gratefully said, “I’m really alright, you don’t have to worry.”

Qiu Yi Meng took a deep breath and adjusted her expression, a moment later nodding, “Good, I’ll believe that you are really okay, but you just said that you wanted to kill Xiang Chu and Nan Sheng. How do you plan on killing them? This is Yang Zhao’s compound and there are nearly a thousand cultivators in it, five times our current number! Even if you succeed in killing those two, most of your allies will be buried here along with them; do you really have the heart to do this?”

“You put too much value on those two.” Yang Kai’s expression once again became cold as he slowly shook his head, “The difference in number doesn’t mean anything, Second Brother is a cautious person, and he won’t act unless he is certain of his victory. It’s absolutely impossible for him to launch a full scale war here with me for them.”

“He still has scruples about big brother. His objective is to win the final victory in the Inheritance War! As for me, I don’t care.” Yang Kai smiled coldly.

Qiu Yi Meng was stunned. Let alone Yang Kai simply being alright in this condition, his thoughts and insight were actually just as sharp as usual.

One of them could go all out while the other was burdened with various worries. Thinking about it for a while, Qiu Yi Meng felt things would likely develop just as Yang Kai said they would.

As Qiu Yi Meng mulled over these thoughts, Yang Zhao walked out from his house, his expression incredibly gloomy. Standing tall, with a large number of his allies behind him, he coldly said, “Ninth Brother, what is your intent?”

Yang Zhao was quite angry right now. The failure of this operation and Xiang Chu and Nan Sheng aggravating the situation was a major disappointment to him. Although he was deeply shocked at the strength Yang Kai was currently displaying, it was more the fact that he was brazenly blocking the entrance to his house that made Yang Zhao feel like he had lost face.

It was still daytime, and although dark clouds loomed high in the sky blotting out any signs of the sun, his Ninth Brother acting this way was simply not putting him in his eyes.

“Second Brother,” Yang Kai faintly nodded at him. “Second Brother’s methods are simply outstanding. This time, Ninth Brother was almost defeated.”

Yang Zhao’s face twitched and coldly shot back, “Ninth Brother doesn’t need to ridicule me, the bottom line is I underestimated your strength. This time, if I had gone personally, it would be impossible for Ninth Brother to be standing here talking down to me.”

A fierce grin slowly crept onto Yang Kai’s face as he replied, “I’m afraid that even if Second Brother had come personally, nothing would have changed!”

Yang Zhao was stunned for a moment before his expression sank and he solemnly said, “Ninth Brother, Second Brother only realized just now that you are the wildest of us Yang Family descendants!”

Taking a deep breath to adjust his mood, Yang Zhao slowly continued, “Ninth Brother, for the sake of a single wounded High Heaven Pavilion disciple, is all of this worth it? I’ve heard the whole story. While it’s true you had an agreement with Kang Zhan and Nan Sheng and Xiang Chu violated it, resulting in the serious injury of one of your Junior Brothers, and they should be punished for that transgression, I don’t believe that’s enough to sentence them to death. Not to mention you’ve already killed so many, shouldn’t that be enough to cool your anger? You bringing your people to block Second Brother’s door, do you think that’s really appropriate? Or perhaps… you think Second Brother is easy to bully!”

As he spoke, Yang Zhao’s tone grew colder and more accusatory.

Hearing this sharp questioning, all the cultivators around Yang Zhao secretly rallied themselves, the atmosphere suddenly becoming red hot.

However, Yang Kai remained as calm and cold as ever, “Second Brother, I have no other purpose in coming here today, I just want to kill those two. After I take their lives, I will leave immediately!”

“With me here, do you think you can kill them?”

“Then there’s nothing more to discuss.” Yang Kai said disappointedly, shaking his head slowly as he shifted his gaze away from Yang Zhao towards the cultivators behind him, his eyes swiftly landing on Xiang Chu and Nan Sheng who had at some point snuck into the crowd.

Perceiving Yang Kai’s cold stare, the two couldn’t help going pale.

“No matter who tries to protect you today, you will still die!” Yang Kai suddenly showed an impatient look as he shouted, an ice cold murderous intent flashing across his eyes.


Suddenly, a layer of ice began spreading across the ground, carrying with it a chill capable of freezing one’s soul. With Yang Kai at the center, a fan-shaped region in front of him immediately transformed into a frigid purgatory.

Feeling an acute sense of danger from this cold front, the cultivators gathered outside Yang Zhao’s mansion all showed shocked expressions, quickly leaping up into the sky to avoid being contaminated by this murderous ice.

Unlike the True Yang Yuan Qi from the True Yang Secret Art, the energy stored inside the Unyielding Golden Skeleton was actually the complete opposite, filled with cold and evil attributes.

Yang Kai used this frigid evil energy to cause the surrounding temperature to plummet.

Old Demon cackled happily, waving his hand and shooting out a crimson light, covering the newly frozen ground in a blood red layer, filled with a rich smell of iron, atop which stood a strange humanoid figure.

Naturally, it was Old Demon’s Blood Demon Puppet, the one that was impossible to destroy so long as the blood sea beneath it existed.

The Blood Demon stood quietly on the sea of blood without taking any action, simply releasing an astonishing Evil Qi from its body.

Tang Yu Xian also gave a shout and unleashed a powerful Spiritual Energy fluctuation.

The cultivators behind Yang Kai also no longer hesitated, rapidly pushing their True Qi and summoning their artifacts.

*Huo!* An astonishing roar rang out behind Yang Kai as a huge head formed entirely of black energy began to emerge.

The head swayed back and forth, its eyes the size of bronze bells exuding a terrifying light.

Being stared at by these ominous eyes, no one dared to act rashly!

Gradually, the black Qi coalesced into a solid form, drawing shouts of shock and dread.

Before everyone’s eyes, a hundred meter long pitch black dragon appeared, hovering above Yang Kai’s head like a living creature.

When Xiang Chu and Nan Sheng saw this black dragon, their legs couldn’t help going soft, almost causing them to collapse to the ground.

At Tai Fang Mountain, Yang Kai had used this black dragon to effortlessly kill two Immortal Ascension Boundary First Stage masters.

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