Martial Peak

Chapter 510 – Fighting Side by Side

“It’s our turn!” Yang Kai took back his gaze from the battle up above and gently said to Su Yan.

Su Yan nodded slightly, lightly brushing her hair back behind her ear as she smiled, “This will be our third time fighting side by side!”

“Third time?” Yang Kai parroted curiously.

“Have you forgotten?” Su Yan glanced over at him, “The first time was inside the Inheritance Heaven’s Cave when you saved my life and the second time was below the Coiling Dragon Stream when we brought up the rear. This will be the third time.”

“Does the first time count?”

“Of course it counts.” Su Yan smiled happily and whispered, “You’ve helped me two times before, this time… It’s my turn to help you!”

Yang Kai stared at her for a moment before smiling and nodding, “Alright!”

Looking at the pair before them calmly whispering to one another, seemingly flirting right in front of their faces, both Kang Zhan and Qiu Zi Ruo’s faces cramped.

They felt like they were being thoroughly despised.

Coldly waving their hands, the four Immortal Ascension Boundary Fifth Stage masters from the Kang Family and Qiu Family flew towards Yang Kai and Su Yan.

Their movements were neither fast nor slow. On their faces was an expression of complete indifference. It was obvious that they were confident that they could capture Yang Kai.

The hundred meter distance between them was quickly closed.

The smile on Yang Kai’s face gradually converged as he observed the four masters approaching them.

These four people were different from ordinary Immortal Ascension Boundary Fifth Stage masters. Each Immortal Ascension master from the Eight Great Families was a true elite.

“I should be able to cope with one and a half.” Su Yan wrinkled her brow, feeling a lot of pressure from these four masters.

“Me too.” Yang Kai nodded lightly. This evaluation was based purely on their own strength, but if they were to work together and use some special methods, things would be different.

The four people arrived ten meters in front of Yang Kai and stopped, politely cupping their fists before saying, “Ninth Young Lord, pardon us for offending you.”

“Conceited to the bone.” Yang Kai grinned and muttered.

These arrogant words made the four people’s faces sink, one of them shooting back, “Ninth Young Lord, it’s best if you don’t resis…”

Before he could finish his words though, Yang Kai and Su Yan simultaneously began moving.

One scotching hot, one frigid cold, two distinct energies burst out at the same time without any prior communication. The coupled seemed to be able to understand each other’s thoughts and perfectly synchronized with one another.

A burning hot True Qi rushed forward, like a raging inferno, engulfing the place where the four masters stood. Aware of the power contained in this pure and flawless True Qi, the four masters’ expression couldn’t help changing slightly; Yang Kai drawing a tie with Liu Qing Yao wasn’t because the latter had gone easy on him.

The Ninth Young Lord really had the capital to fight evenly with the Central Capital’s First Young Lord!

After the wall of flames came sharp blades of ice, slicing through the air towards them with harsh whistling sounds.

Thousands of ice blades swarmed the four masters like locust descending upon a field, the chill they radiated reaching their bones, forming an inescapable net.

Each ice blade was filled with an astounding amount of cold Qi and carried an astonishing force.

These ice blades were formed from the pure True Qi within Su Yan’s body and the penetrating power they had made even the Immortal Ascension masters of the Eight Great Families not dare underestimate them.

Su Yan’s attack was both dazzling and dangerous.

On the other hand, the wave of scaling True Qi Yang Kai released was somewhat lacking in comparison.

Two of the four didn’t move while the other two released a brilliant radiance from their bodies, forming a thin barrier in front of them, completely blocking both the hot and cold Qi.

The two men also branched out a portion of their strength to smash the ice blades which were approaching from the other directions.

Yang Kai and Su Yan’s first joint attack had yielded no results!

Just as the four Immortal Ascension Boundary masters relaxed their vigilance, there was a sudden and unexpected change occurred.

The energy contained in the attack that they had just blocked didn’t dissipate but instead swirled around them and become even more powerful and aggressive.

The four men’s expressions once again changed violently and the two Immortal Ascension Boundary masters who had previously not acted hurriedly showed their means.

*Hong hong hong…*

The hot and cold Qi crashed likes waves onto the defensive barrier, each impact stronger than the previous one soon shattering the thin film protecting the four Immortal Ascension Boundary masters, submerging them in a torment of extreme opposites.

Seeing this, Kang Zhan and Qiu Zi Ruo both gawked.

The scene in front of them immediately made them realize how big the gap between them and Yang Kai was, causing them to feel a deep sense of powerlessness.

Against Liu Qing Yao, they still felt like they had a chance of catching up to and one day surpassing him.

But when they faced Yang Kai, they couldn’t say the same; they deeply felt like they would only be able to look up to him for the rest of their lives.

This feeling of inferiority greatly frustrated and angered Kang Zhan as he yelled out, “Don’t show any mercy, Ninth Young Lord won’t die so easily!”

Hearing this, the four masters who were resisting this hot and cold energy storm all furrowed their brows and no longer held back. Gathering their strength, they sent out a burst of True Qi from their bodies and shattered the field surrounding them and then quickly used their Martial Skills and artifacts to strike back.

Yang Kai swiftly summoned his bone shield and swallowed these few attacks, but the two Kang Family masters both closed in before he could counterattack.

At such a close distance, the energy swallowed by the bone shield couldn’t be used effectively to repel them.

With two ferocious roars, Yang Kai sent out his White Tiger Seal and Divine Ox Seal, sending the two beast phantoms biting towards his attackers.

Gaining a little breathing time, Yang Kai quickly opened the distance between them and snuck a glimpse over at Su Yan, discovering that she was being entangled by the two masters from the Qiu Family.

Seeing this, Yang Kai was slightly annoyed. In order to maximize the effect of the Yin-Yang Joyous Unification Art, he and Su Yan needed to fight side by side, a point which had not escaped the observation of the fours masters, leading them to divide the pair in an attempt to take them down separately.

If they really fought like this, with the bone shield boosting his defence, Yang Kai probably wouldn’t have any problems, not to mention these four didn’t dare really hurt him, but Su Yan may be in danger.

Although he desperately wanted to join up with Su Yan again, the two of Kang Family masters were deliberately blocking his way, making it impossible for him to reach her in short order.

“Looks like there shouldn’t be any problems.” Seeing the situation take a turn for the better, Kang Zhan relaxed his tensed nerves and breathed a sigh of relief.

Qiu Zi Ruo also secretly wiped the cold sweat from his brow and smiled bitterly, “I didn’t expect that the Ninth Young Lord’s methods would be so amazing.”

“Him being amazing, I can understand, but who is that woman? How is she so powerful?” Kang Zhan stared at Su Yan with a puzzled expression.

“That woman is definitely the most important one here to Yang Kai.” Nan Sheng grinned, a vicious light flashing across his eyes.

Since he wanted to retaliate against Yang Kai, naturally he should give him the most profound and painful lesson possible.

It would be best if this woman were accidentally killed by the two Qiu Family masters! Nan Sheng was secretly looking forward to it. Although he knew such an outcome was unlikely, he couldn’t help hoping it would come to pass.

He even wondered if there was some way he could steer things in that direction.

But looking at this woman’s tyrannical strength, Nan Sheng felt a bit discouraged.

His strength wasn’t that high, so him interfering wouldn’t change anything.

“Young Lord Nan, our objective this time is only to capture Yang Kai.” Kang Zhan saw his thoughts and warned.

“Heh heh, I know.” Nan Sheng nodded.

In the few breaths they were speaking, the four Immortal Ascension Boundary masters gradually began to suppress Yang Kai and Su Yan.

The masters of super-forces were really different, even if it was just two Immortal Ascension Boundary Fifth Stage cultivators they could easily tie down Yang Kai. Having to constantly worry about himself, he couldn’t find an opportunity to help Su Yan at all, it was also impossible for him to use the energy swallowed by the bone shield in such close quarters and could only passively defend.

Seeing Su Yan’s situation becoming graver by the moment, Yang Kai’s expression quickly became cold.

The bone shield that had been using to defend himself disappeared and in its place a small mirror appeared.

This mirror gave off a profound chill and if one looked closely they would notice a white scenery contained within it.

As soon as Yang Kai summoned it, a dangerous aura pulsed from the mirror.

The two Kang Family masters noticed this and immediately intensified their attack in an attempt to stop whatever Yang Kai was attempting to do.

But they were a step too late.

From the mirror, a series of ripples burst forth and the surrounding region transformed into a world of ice.


A vast, snowy sky, like a great dome, suddenly appeared before everyone’s eyes, enveloping Yang Kai, Su Yan and the Kang Family and Qiu Family four masters.

“Mysterious Grade artifact!” Kang Zhan shouted as he gazed towards this strange dome, but no matter how he tried, he could see nothing but blowing snow.

Everyone who stared at this strange barrier comprised of icy winds and snow felt a cold chill overcome them, causing them to tremble unconsciously. Becoming like this simply from observing from the outside, Kang Zhan could only imagine what it was like for those trapped inside.

Staring into the boundary, he could faintly make out a white snowy peak seemingly in the far distance.

“How could he have such a powerful Mysterious Grade artifact?” Kang Zhan’s face went blue. Although he knew that Yang Kai had snatched a second Mysterious Grade artifact in addition to the bone shield he had used earlier and had mentally prepared himself, he hadn’t imagined it would be able to display such an effect.

When such an artifact was summoned, it effectively created an isolated world that couldn’t be intruded upon until the battle inside was decided.

As the master of the artifact, Yang Kai would no doubt have an absolute advantage when fighting inside this barrier!

On top of that, the attribute of this artifact seemed to perfectly match with that woman’s Secret Art and Martial Skills!

In an instant, Kang Zhan realized that the situation was not good.

Regarding the power of a Mysterious Grade artifact, he also had a deep understanding; as the Young Lord of one of the Central Capital Eight Great Families, he too had a Mysterious Grade artifact.

“Quickly break through this artifact’s barrier!” Kang Zhan roared, quickly leading Qiu Zi Ruo and a group of people forward to bombard this dome.

Inside the ice world, Yang Kai and Su Yan finally gathered together.

Looking around at the snow-white scenery and the tall ice mountain, Su Yan couldn’t help taking a deep breath, her full chest rising and falling greatly in a sublime motion, an excited light flashing across her eyes.

To her, this place was a paradise, allowing her True Qi to circulate many times faster than usual.

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