Martial Peak

Chapter 505.5 – After a Long Time

Each roar and cry was melodiously playing back and forth as the couple continued to entwine above the bed.

The tattoos on both of their bodies swam around each other ever closer as the couple’s embrace got tighter.

Unable, and unwilling to contain the man on top of her, Su Yan slipped her legs around his hips. Her face, even more flushed than before, turned away as she closed her eyes to relish the sensation.

However, before her lips could part any further from him, Yang Kai placed his hand on her cheek and connected their lips again.

The rekindling of the sensation was so sudden that Su Yan was left with no time to react. Her initial shock was quickly overwhelmed with a soft sensation exploring every inch of her mouth. Knowing that it seeks its partner, the corner of Su Yan’s lips curved up as she twined her tongue with his.

The immense pleasure felt from both the top and bottom slowly made Su Yan’s mind go numb as her eyes opened dreamily. Her motions, now directed by pure instinct, were responding to his desires. Even after they moaned in harmony and a warm sensation started to fill her womb, she did not move away from him.

However, this time, Yang Kai forcibly separated away from her. His pillar, still hard, was protesting not to be pulled away from its Eden, but to no avail.

Su Yan, seeking more, opened her trembling lips to ask: “Why did you stop?”

Yang Kai let out a sly grin and kissed her on the lips before saying, “You want more?”

Su Yan, unable to think clearly, did not reply in words. Instead, she wrapped her arms around his neck once again. However, fooled by her actions, Yang Kai was swiftly switched to the bottom with Su Yan on top.

Yang Kai, watching Su Yan take the initiative for the first time, was left speechless. Nonetheless, seeing his lover so entranced left him unable to contain himself.

He wished to tease her more. He wished to taste her more. He wished to hear her more.

However, the moment he tried to get up, Su Yan gently pushed him down and sealed him with a kiss. Feeling the missing substance within her, she quickly slid his large pillar in to fill the void. The moment the void was entirely filled; Su Yan’s lips separated and leaked out a loud cry. Unable to bear the pleasure, her legs fell limp and she lay on top of his chest panting.

Even in her now half-conscious state, Su Yan’s hips continued to pump.

Looking at her exhausted figure continuing to pleasure him left Yang Kai bubbling with joy. From the True Qi transmitted between them, Yang Kai could feel the eruption of longing Su Yan endured. Her desires, as though telepathic, were all leaking out. Although already in a tired state, she did not wish it to end.

Happily obliging to this, Yang Kai placed his hands on her ample bottom and started to assist.

Initially, his actions were soft and gentle, allowing Su Yan to slide up and down his tower in sync with her hips. However, as his lover started to sober up, and her breathing started to become ragged again, his speed increase. As though wanting her to continue to drown in the desire he produced, he started to accelerate his motion. It was only an hour or so later that he finally released her.

The couple, panting in unison, continued to seek each other after their long escapade. Su Yan, too exhausted to continue, laid her head on Yang Kai’s arm, snuggling as close to him as possible while Yang Kai wrapped his arm around her, unwilling to let her leave his side again.

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