Martial Peak

Chapter 503 – I Can’t Have Two Women?

Gently putting down Qiu Yi Meng, Yang Kai walked towards Pang Chi.

The Qiu Family’s First Young Lady looked calm, in no way showing any embarrassment about being so intimate with Yang Kai, but her doubts were actually quite deep.

Because when Yang Kai had just let go of her, she clearly felt that his hands were shaking.

What news could make such a steadfast and determined man have this kind of reaction?

“Little Lord!” When Yang Kai stepped forward, Pang Chi quickly stood up and bowed, not bothering with any nonsense and directly saying, “Bamboo Knot Gang’s people have been searching for half a year, and finally located… the people Little Lord has been searching for.”

Yang Kai quickly calmed his breathing and asked, “Where?”

Before the start of the Inheritance War, Yang Kai had already ordered the Bamboo Knot Gang to inquire about the news of Su Yan and the others from High Heaven Pavilion and now there was finally a clue.

“About five thousand kilometers northwest from War City. There is a small village surrounded by mountains, where they seem to have secluded themselves in.”

“How certain are you?”

“Almost one hundred percent. Although we haven’t made any direct contact with them, according to Little Lord’s previous description, they should be the ones you are seeking for. Undoubtedly, the village is a newly built one that appeared roughly one year ago and the nearly hundred people who live there are all cultivators.”

“Good good good!” Yang Kai nodded again and again, feeling like a great weight had finally lifted off his heart, reaching out and warmly patting Pang Chi’s shoulder as he praised him, “You’ve done very well.”

Pang Chi was very extremely flattered, his face flushing red as he somewhat incoherently replied, “Many than… no, I mean… that is… it’s what this subordinate should do!”

As he said so, he hurriedly fumbled about in his sleeve pocket and took out a sheet of paper, handing it to Yang Kai, “This is a map drawn by my subordinates, I hope it will be of use to Little Lord.”

“Good work.” Yang Kai grinned as he accepted the map and unfolded it, immediately taking note of where the small village surrounded by mountains was located.

Seeing this map, Yang Kai further believed Pang Chi’s inference because this village was not far from the position where Yang Kai and Ling Tai Xu had once emerged from the Void Corridor.

Su Yan and the others should have hidden themselves in their present location not long after exiting the Void Corridor.

“Yang Kai, are you looking for someone?” Qiu Yi Meng came up and asked. She hadn’t spoken until now but as she was observing she took note of how greatly Yang Kai’s expression had changed and realized that the people he was looking for must be very important to him.

“En.” Yang Kai nodded and carefully folded the map in his hands.

“What kind of people?” Qiu Yi Meng smiled, intently or unintentionally inquiring.

“Members from my Sect.” Yang Kai took a deep breath and recalled Su Yan’s appearance in his mind, his gaze suddenly becoming soft.

“Members from your Sect?” Qiu Yi Meng smiled and realized something, immediately asking, “Since you’ve found them, what do you want to do?”

“Go pick them up.” Yang Kai smiled at her.

“Absolutely not!” Qiu Yi Meng slowly shook his head.

Yang Kai’s smile quickly converged as his eyes slowly became cold, squinting his eyes at her, “What do you mean?”

Qiu Yi Meng took a deep breath and softly said. “Don’t lose your temper, just listen to have I have to say first. Since they’re your former Sect Brothers and Sisters, they must be disciples of High Heaven Pavilion, right? High Heaven Pavilion is still designated an Evil Sect, the one which produced the current Demon Lord. Right now they haven’t been exposed to the world, but if you were to bring them to War City now, their identities would definitely become public knowledge. Do you think your Eldest Brother and Second Brother won’t try to take advantage of such a situation to publicly criticize and discredit you? Especially now that every action you take relates closely to the situation of the Inheritance War.”

Yang Kai’s brow furrowed. Although Qiu Yi Meng was telling the truth, he just couldn’t bring himself to agree with her perspective.

Unperturbed, Qiu Yi Meng continued, “Your Yang Family Inheritance War has been going on for almost a year now. I’m certain that even though those people from your Sect are hiding in the mountains, they would have received news of this. Since they already know, yet haven’t taken the initiative to come to War City, they obviously don’t want to cause problems for you. You rushing there to find them now will only waste all their efforts.”

“I understand that, but that just means the need to bring them here is even greater.” Yang Kai quickly objective, “They are currently living in seclusion, but since they can be found by people from the Bamboo Knot Gang, they can certainly be found by others as well! If they were discovered by someone with malicious intent…”

Su Yan and the others from High Heaven Pavilion weren’t that strong. More than a year ago, they only had a few Immortal Ascension Boundary masters with them and even their cultivations weren’t that high. The remaining disciples were only at the True Element Boundary, Separation and Reunion Boundary, and even the Qi Transformation Stage.

If they were to be found by any first or even second class force, they would definitely not be able to escape. Only by bringing them to his side could Yang Kai be certain of their safety.

Qiu Yi Meng frowned before letting out a sigh, “Do you insist on bringing them here?”

“Yes. This isn’t open to discussion.” Yang Kai firmly declared.

The Qiu Family’s First Young Lady understood Yang Kai’s temper quite well by now and knew it was useless to try to convince him otherwise now that he had made up his mind, simply nodding, “Okay, then I’ll make the trip.”

Yang Kai shook his head immediately, “No, I’ll go.”

“No!” Qiu Yi Meng frantically objected, “What are you thinking? Even if those people are important to you, with your status and current situation you can’t rashly leave War City! Just how many people do you think you’ll need to take with you to ensure your ability to safely return?”

“I’m just going there to bring some people back, not to fight. All I have to do is sneak out and sneak back, don’t I? Traveling five thousand kilometers will only take a few days.” Yang Kai replied, his brow furrowing further.

“What if your movements are exposed? You may not care about what happens to you, but at least consider what would happen to all your allies here! They’ve fought and bled so much for you! Many of them have even given their lives just to see you win the Inheritance War. If you have an accident now, how are you going to face them?”

As she spoke, Qiu Yi Meng walked up to Yang Kai and grabbed his collar. The little girl, wore an extremely stubborn expression, refusing to back down at all.

Although Qiu Yi Meng was really thinking about what was best for him and was considering the overall situation, Yang Kai was still dead set on his decision, shaking his head decisively, “I have to go. If I don’t go, they won’t come!”

Since Su Yan and the others had never come to War City, they would obviously have a lot of scruples if he didn’t persuade them personally. If Qiu Yi Meng went, not only would they not come to War City, they would likely disappear again, making it even harder for him to find them.

“I don’t care! I’ll go pick them up for you myself! In any case, you can’t go!”

“Can’t you act a bit more mature?”

“I’m still a young woman, why should I act mature? Do you only care about mature women?”

“Whose fault do you think all of this is in the first place!?” Yang Kai shouted impatiently, he didn’t like debating each and every decision like this, he preferred to act swiftly and decisively. Now, with Qiu Yi Meng blocking him in every way possible, he gradually became irritated, just thinking about Su Yan and his Brothers and Sisters he couldn’t wait to seek them out.

“What?” Qiu Yi Meng froze up.

“No, nothing.” Yang Kai wasn’t willing to say any more.

To begin with, if Qiu Yi Meng hadn’t lead people to the High Heaven Pavilion, Yang Kai wouldn’t have been sent to the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land and wouldn’t have been separated from Su Yan for so long. In the end, the Qiu Family’s First Young Lady was the main culprit behind all of this. It was precisely because of this that Yang Kai originally had a bad attitude towards Qiu Yi Meng, but after interacting with her for a long time and especially after the start of the Inheritance War, his anger towards her had slowly abated.

“Ahem… Subordinate has matters to attend to back at the gang’s headquarters and will take his leave now, Little Lord.” Pang Chi, who felt like he was sitting on pins and needles for a while now, finally found an opportunity to insert a sentence, and quickly tried to escape.

“You can’t!” Qiu Yi Meng turned her eyes towards him and declared, “You must stay here for a few days.”

“Yes, I understand. Your subordinates will retire here!” Pang Chi knew that Qiu Yi Meng made him stay behind because she was afraid of him revealing the sensitive information he had just heard. Although her doing this made Pang Chi feel like he wasn’t being trusted, he didn’t dare to complain.

When Pang Chi left them to go into the mansion, Qiu Yi Meng released Yang Kai, suddenly recalling a distant memory, slowly saying, “I remember when I went to High Heaven Pavilion with Xiao Man, under the Coiling Dragon Stream, I saw you were very close to a woman… are you thinking about her?”

“En.” Yang Kai nodded.

“What about Xia Ning Chang?” Qiu Yi Meng asked pointedly, “Your relationship with her doesn’t seem normal.”

Yang Kai just stared at her strangely, “Are you saying I can’t have two women?”

Qiu Yi Meng’s expression went black and angrily cursed, “Shameless, too shameless. You’re no different from that delinquent Huo Xing Chen! Why are all men like this? Fine, do whatever you want! I can’t be bothered to care about you anymore!”

The Qiu Family’s First Young Lady was really frustrated. From the beginning she knew that she had no hope of convincing Yang Kai not to go. Once this man made a decision, no one could persuade him otherwise. What’s more, what Yang Kai said did make some sense. If he wasn’t the one to go, those people from High Heaven Pavilion would definitely not come to War City!

Approaching things from the overall situation, Qiu Yi Meng had tried to prevent Yang Kai from acting rashly.

Unfortunately, she had failed.

Fortunately, War City had been calm and quiet for a while now, so even if Yang Kai wasn’t in the mansion, with the strength of those gathered here, it would be more than enough to withstand any enemy harassment.

That night, unbeknownst to everyone, a figure disappeared into the night sky, in the house. Only Qiu Yi Meng knew that it was Yang Kai.

Besides Ying Jiu, Yang Kai didn’t take anyone else with him.

Amongst all the Blood Warriors, only Ying Jiu, who was proficient in concealment, could join him. If anyone else joined, it was certain that their chance to get caught would greatly increase.

Meng Wu Ya and Old Demon may also have this ability, but Treasurer Meng had already declared he wouldn’t intervene in Yang Kai’s affairs while Old Demon had to stay behind. Otherwise, with just Tang Yu Xian guarding the mansion, it’s defence would be too thin if an accident occurred.

With both Old Demon and Tang Yu Xian together, Yang Kai could leave without any worries.

“I hope nothing goes wrong.” Qiu Yi Meng sighed slightly, because of the Inheritance War, she had to constantly worry about the safety of this man which really gave her a headache.

At the same time, Yang Zhao’s Mansion.

Ye Xin Rou walked into Yang Zhao’s room and grinned, “Second Young Lord, there’s some news about that matter.”

“Oh?” Yang Zhao brow lifted, suddenly showing a happy expression, “Go on!”

“Pang Chi of the Central Capital’s Bamboo Knot Gang seems to have arrived in War City today, but after he arrived in your Ninth Brother’s mansion he has yet to leave.”

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