Martial Peak

Chapter 487 – Clash Of Mysterious Grade Artifacts

The two Blood Warriors faced off against one another calmly until, suddenly, their True Qi became violent.

Soon, the Blood Force of both Tang Yu Xian and Ying Jiu began to surge upwards along with their True Qi, both reaching an entirely new realm of power.

Mad Tyrant Blood Skill! The two of them both possessed combat strength equivalent to Peak Immortal Ascension Boundary masters.

*Xiu xiu…*

The two figures disappeared at the same time, leaving behind only two red streaks of light smashing against one another in the night sky.

Down below, Old Demon felt these fluctuations and couldn’t help looking up, his expression becoming slightly dignified, “It seems that they really are somewhat capable.”

With their Mad Tyrant Blood Skill activated, Old Demon still felt like neither of them alone would be his opponent, but if he wanted to defeat either of them, it would take him some time.

Tang Yu Xian was occupied by Ying Jiu and the Qi Binding Seal prevented Tu Feng from fighting, so right now no one was guarding Yang Kang.

“Fifth Brother, after you!” Yang Kai stared at him, his expression indifferent.

Yang Kang’s face twisted awkwardly before he let out a long sigh, his eyes focusing as cold light flashed across them, his breathing gradually becoming calm as his aura turned sharp.

[Not bad!] Yang Kai thought to himself.

He suddenly discovered that his Fifth Brother wasn’t as impulsive as he had thought. Amongst their generation, he could be considered as one of the elites.

In battle, the more emotional you were, the more likely you were to find yourself at a disadvantage.

When cultivators fought, rather than momentum, cultivation, methods, or experience, the most important factor was one’s own temperament.

During a fight, if one became distracted by outside factors, it would be difficult for them to exert their full strength and it was more likely they would reveal flaws, some of which could be fatal.

A cultivator who rushed forward in a rage wouldn’t be able to make sensible decisions in battle and would gradually lose control of the situation, quite possibly costing them their life.

As soon as Yang Kang was about to fight, he forcefully calmed himself down, displaying the demeanor of a true master. If he was given another twenty years, he would definitely become one of this world’s powerhouses, but for now, he was still too young.

Although Yang Kai was technically younger than him, his range of experiences was far broader. Different life experiences would naturally cause people to mature at different rates.

“Ninth Brother, you being able to exchange blows with Liu Qing Yao means I am definitely not your opponent.” Yang Kang said calmly, he didn’t seem to think admitting this was shameful in the slightest, “But if you want to beat me, you’ll have to pay a price!”

As he spoke, a compass-like object appeared on his wrist.

Seeing this, Yang Kai’s expression changed slightly, frowning towards Yang Kang as he asked, “Why bother?”

“I am a Yang Family direct descendant. You should have already been well aware of our Yang Family member’s temperaments!” Yang Kang sneered; however, his expression still remained indifferent.

A faint trace of lightning suddenly emerged from the compass and the space around Yang Kang seemed to creek under the force as a dangerous atmosphere spread out from him.

Yang Kai immediately moved, shooting out like a lightning bolt, fast and decisive, sending a palm strike straight towards Yang Kang’s chest. The palm print was bright red, obviously filled with True Yang Yuan Qi, and gave off a stifling aura.

Yang Kang simply stared at this palm print calmly, not making any attempt to dodge.


Yang Kang coughed and was thrown backwards, but he still smiled and let out a great laugh, “Ninth Brother, try the power of this Mysterious Grade artifact!”

The compass on his hand seemed to instantly swallow all of his body’s True Qi and in a flash, a brilliant light blossomed and potent energy fluctuation rippled through the air.


A lightning bolt as thick as a human thigh suddenly shot out from the compass. This lightning bolt transformed into a giant, extremely lifelike dragon, two sharp horns adorning its head, its body several tens of meters in length, its mouth fiercely biting as it flew towards Yang Kai as if pouncing towards its prey.

Yang Kai swiftly withdrew, his figure flickering a few times before finally reappearing several hundred meters away.

The lightning dragon’s first strike had been avoided and it quickly flew up into the night sky and disappeared, but Yang Kai still felt a cold chill run up his back. Without any hesitation, he summoned the Thousand Blossoming Blood Begonia and used the thousand blood-red petals to form an impervious defense layer.

Without any warning, the lightning dragon that had just disappeared suddenly reappeared around Yang Kai and once again fiercely attacked.

The petals fluttered as the lightning dragon swayed and when the two collided together, a tremendous explosion burst out.

Seeing Yang Kai wrapped up in the lightning dragon, Yang Kang grinned. He didn’t use any probing strikes or hold back at all, he put everything he had into this one blow because he knew that with Ninth Brother’s combat strength, this would be his one and only chance.

[It’s just a pity… I only managed to half refine this artifact.]

The compass was the Mysterious Grade artifact he had obtained during the artifact snatching battle at Po Jing Lake. It contained a mysterious and powerful lightning. This lightning was both swift and overbearing; if he was able to completely refine it, Yang Kang felt that simply relying on this artifact he could compete with ordinary Immortal Ascension Boundary Fifth Stage masters.

Unfortunately, Yang Kai didn’t give him that opportunity.

As a last resort, Yang Kang how no choice but to use this half-refined artifact to unleash this strike.

The price he had to pay to do this was huge.

Without completely refining this artifact, Yang Kang was unable to properly control it. The moment the lightning dragon appeared, he too was subjected to a huge backlash. Similarly, due to his lack of control, the lightning dragon could not display its full might. Worse of all, activating an artifact without being fully consolidating it had led to its demise. It will no longer be of any use unless an Artifact Refining Grandmaster was to repair it. Only after that could this artifact collect lightning from its surrounds and be used again.

Using it this was brought great harm to both the cultivator and artifact, so no cultivator would easily do such a thing.

Of course, this wasn’t as bad as when Liu Qing Yao sacrificed his Water Moon Blue Wave Armour. That Mysterious Grade artifact had disappeared completely and there was no chance of repairing it, but in exchange it had not caused Liu Qing Yao any backlash.

However… Yang Kang was satisfied.

Even if his Ninth Brother was ridiculously strong, could he block the full powered strike of a Mysterious Grade artifact? As long as he managed to injure him, Yang Kang felt like he had achieved his goal – even if he lost, he had made his enemy pay a heavy price!

Qiu Yi Meng was also worried about Yang Kai when she saw him engulfed by the lightning dragon, her brow leaking cold sweat as she naturally noticed the tyrannical power of this attack, uncertain if Yang Kai could block it.

But seeing Xiao Shun standing next to her still wearing an indifferent expression, Qiu Yi Meng secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

If Yang Kai’s life was really in any danger, Xiao Shun wouldn’t have just stood by and watched, no matter what, Yang Kai’s safety was the highest priority.


In the sky, the blood-red petals suddenly scattered and fluttered down, bringing a floral scent with them.

The Thousand Blossoming Blood Begonia’s defense… was broken through!

Qiu Yi Meng couldn’t help shouting, but before she could catch her breath, a fierce suction appeared in Yang Kai’s position.

It was as if a great whirlpool had formed mid-air that fiercely pulled in all the lightning around it. Even though the lightning dragon put up a fierce resistance, it was unable to stop itself from being devoured.

Soon, the lightning dragon flickered and disappeared, leaving behind a completely unscathed Yang Kai. At this moment, he held a table sized bone shield in his hand, which has had a giant open mouth carved on its face.

Around the open mouth, there seemed to be a few residual traces of lightning.

“These Mysterious Grade artifacts are really amazing.” Yang Kai slowly shook his head. His Thousand Blossoming Blood Begonia couldn’t resist the attack of the Mysterious Grade Compass so he had no choice but to summon the bone shield and swallow the lightning dragon.

“Damn it!” Witnessing this scene, Yang Kang couldn’t help cursing, his body losing all strength as he began falling from the sky.

The compass had sucked up all of his True Qi so he was unable to continue fighting. He had hoped that his strongest blow just now could at least cause some trouble for Yang Kai. Injuring him would be even better.

As for killing Yang Kai, Yang Kang didn’t even consider the possibility. Given Yang Kai’s incredible combat strength, Yang Kang knew he didn’t have the ability to kill him, and even if he did have the necessary strength, he still wouldn’t dare have such thoughts, after all, the two of them were still brothers.

But seeing him use that bone shield to completely ignore his last ditch attack really made him feel aggrieved and unwilling.

Xiao Shun glanced at Yang Kai and saw him nod his head, the former shooting forward and catching Yang Kang before carrying him down to the ground and declaring, “Fifth Young Lord, you’ve lost.”

“What are you so smug about?” Yang Kang coldly snorted, bitterly spitting, “It wasn’t you who beat me.”

Yang Kang’s face was slightly smudged black and his hair was slightly charred, when he had released the lightning dragon, he was affected by it so he had suffered some injuries and his appearance was messed up.

Resisting the urge to smile, Xiao Shun simple nodded, “Please don’t be angry Fifth Young Lord, you should quickly return to the Central Capital and tend to your injuries.”

“Mind your own damn business!” Yang Kang’s mood was obviously not very good and Xiao Shun no longer paid him any mind, quickly returning to his previous position.

The fight between the two Yang Family Young Lords was decided in a single blow; seeing this, all the cultivators down below gradually ceased their resistance.

After all, Yang Kang had already been captured, which meant that he had been eliminated from the Inheritance War. Since he was out already, continuing to resist was meaningless.

On the other side, Gao Rang Feng looked at Huo Xing Chen helplessly, grinned, and shook his head, “Young Lord Huo, since Fifth Young Lord lost, there’s no need for us to continue fighting.”

“We haven’t decided a victor yet, why are you so anxious? They are them, we are us, come come, let’s continue our fight!” Huo Xing Chen said with a wretched smile, apparently still full of enthusiasm.

Seeing this, Gao Rang Feng reluctantly grit his teeth and said, “This Gao admits Young Lord Huo is the victor. I am not your opponent.”

In truth, he was also speechless. Never had he expected that this pleasure seeking delinquent Young Lord would be able to so easily overpower him even though the two had equal cultivations.

[This is impossible. When did Huo Xing Chen become so strong?]

“Well, as long as you say so.” Huo Xing Chen laughed when he heard Gao Rang Feng back down; now in a good mood he called out happily, “Brother Gao, this fight hasn’t dampened our friendship, right?”

“Yes, yes.” Gao Rang Feng actually disliked Huo Xing Chen quite a bit, even feeling somewhat ashamed that they shared similar status, so although he paid him some lip service, he was actually thinking that the two of them didn’t share any friendship in the first place.

“Hahaha, good, I’ll be sure to invite you to the brothel next time!” Huo Xing Chen shamelessly said, making no attempt to conceal his voice.

Gao Rang Feng’s face went black, seemingly too embarrassed to answer.

“I understand, we’re both men after all.” The Huo Family Young Lord laughed wretchedly once more.

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