Martial Peak

Chapter 485 – Old Demon Takes Action

The black light that emerged from Old Demon’s body soon became a dark red colour, like thick blood.

As this light spread out, bloody, gloomy, and violent atmosphere descended upon Yang Kang’s cultivators and their faces began to contort as they struggled to resist.

But no matter how they tried, none of them could stop this mysterious attack.

With a bang, the bloody light hit the ground and dug out a deep pit.

“Huo…” A bestial roar resounded as a violent aura swept across the compound, shaking the balance of all who heard it.

Staring at this phenomenon, the cultivators in Yang Kang’s house all wore stunned expressions.

Inside this deep pit, at some point, a human shaped figure with a strange face that had no nose stood tall. This creature’s body and eyes were crimson red and it gave off a bloody aura.

As it continued to roar, a great bubble of blood began to emerge at its feet.

*Plop plop…*

The bubble burst open and the ground was dyed red, soon transforming into a thick, sticky swamp, as if a pool of blood was oozing up from the depths of the earth, constantly spreading across the field.

“What the hell is that?” Everyone’s nerves tightened as they shouted, but no one seemed to recognize this thing. It appeared human, yet not at the same time, it had no signs of emotion or intelligence in its eyes, only infinite killing intent.

If one were to say it wasn’t human, they’d be right, but aside from its strange face and a huge bulge on its forehead, all its other features were human like.

“Senior, what is this?” Qiu Yi Meng’s face was also slightly pale. Although she had instinctively felt that Old Demon wasn’t a good person, after witnessing this scene, she discovered that she had far underestimated Old Demon’s demonic nature.

Looking at the expanding blood pool below her, Qiu Yi Meng even faintly felt a chill run up her spine.

“Heh heh… this is a Blood Demon Puppet this old master refined recently!” Old Demon replied proudly, apparently quite pleased with his handiwork.

Qiu Yi Meng’s brow wrinkled as she stared at this Blood Demon Puppet, but she wisely stopped talking.

This Blood Demon thing was already attacking; the blood pool beneath its feat seemed to have an incredible adhesion force that could lock down any cultivator unfortunate enough to be caught in it.

Howling wildly, the Blood Demon rushed up to a nearby cultivator and slashed its hand down at him, transforming this person into a bloody fog which was quickly absorbed by it, seemingly increasing the Blood Demon’s strength slightly in the process.

The red figure flashed in and out of the crowd and within ten breaths of time, all the cultivators caught in the blood pond had been killed.

The Blood Demon never paused. Wherever it went, the blood pool would spread, and once someone was seized by this blood, as long as their cultivation was below the Immortal Ascension Boundary Fifth Stage, they had no hope of breaking free and were only able to stand there, waiting for death.

“Kill him!” Yang Kang also noticed the amazing destructive power of the Blood Demon and quickly ordered the masters in his camp to attack.

Although even Immortal Ascension Boundary Sixth and Seventh Stage masters didn’t dare get too close to the Blood Demon, a number of them pulled out their artifacts and readied their Martial Skills to attack from a distance.

The Blood Demon was very agile and managed to avoid several of these strikes, but with so many masters targeting it, it could not dodge them all.

These masters were unrelenting and their barrage of attacks had soon blasted off the Blood Demon’s legs, causing it to collapse in its own pool of blood.

“Cheap tricks!” Yang Kang saw this scene and couldn’t help snorting coldly, though he was secretly breathing a sigh of relief to himself. If such a monster had been allowed to rampage throughout his forces unchecked not only would it deal significant damage to his allies it would also have a devastating effect on morale.

“Senior…” Qiu Yi Meng on the other hand was worried; she hadn’t expected that the monster Old Demon had summoned which seemed so terrifying would be defeated so easily.

However, Old Demon just grinned mockingly and said, “Wait a moment.”

Just as he spoke so, the blood Demon actually lifted itself up with its arms and began absorbing a large amount of blood from the pond into its broken limbs.

As it sucked up this blood, the place where the Blood Demon’s legs were cut off squirmed and inflated as something emerged from them.

A few breaths later, two brand new unbroken legs appeared.

“How can that be?” Someone cried out. Not only were the cultivators on Yang Kang’s side shocked, even Qiu Yi Meng and the allies around her were dumbfounded.

It was capable of regenerating its shattered and broken legs… could this thing really be described as human?

This bizarre scene had completely exceeded everyone’s understanding.

“This old master is also going to join in the fun!” Old Demon sneered before turning into a flash of black light and descending into the battlefield.

The Soul Breaker Awl, which had not appeared for a long time, emerged from his arm and gently floated around his shoulders as if it had a mind of its own while sending out terrifying pulses of energy.

The Soul Breaker Awl’s power had been restored to the point where it was as strong as a Mysterious Grade artifact!

Feeling the strange aura and tremendous pressure from Old Demon, Yang Kang’s cultivators were shocked. Even Tang Yu Xian wore a solemn expression as she whispered, “Fifth Young Lord, don’t leave my side.”

Yang Kang’s mouth was dry as he nodded unconsciously, suddenly feeling a sense of fear and helplessness.

Of his two Blood Warriors, Tu Feng currently couldn’t fight, and there were no other Peak Immortal Ascension Boundary masters under his command, so how was he to resist this sinister master?

Tang Yu Xian alone could probably delay him for a while, but if she was tied down by him, who would be left to guard him?

As he was stared at by this man, Yang Kang even felt like his soul was being slowly sucked away.

While Yang Kang was still trying to compose himself, Old Demon had already taken action, releasing all kinds of demonic Martial Skills while the Soul Breaker Awl flitted about the battlefield. Anywhere he went, Yang Kang’s cultivators would fall into a panic.

Coupled with the revived Blood Demon Puppet that was wreaking havoc nearby, Yang Kang forces were instantly overwhelmed and were having trouble just defending themselves.

“Why do I feel like… they can finish this on their own?” Huo Xing Chen tensed up slightly as he watched Old Demon and the Blood Demon Puppet’s one sided slaughter.

Each of these two was extremely tyrannical. The Blood Demon, needless to say, was almost immortal, in only a short period of time its body had been smashed and broken several times but regardless of how bad the damage was it would immediately regenerate.

As for Old Demon, his strength was incredible, no one could withstand more than three of his attacks as he smashed his way through the crowd, wantonly killing, leaving only a trail of bloody corpses behind him.

However, after observing for a while, Qiu Yi Meng slowly shook her head, “With just the two of them, it’s impossible to end this.”

Old Demon and his Blood Demon Puppet were incredibly fierce, but two hands couldn’t block four fists, even tigers could be defeated when they were surrounded by wolves, and on top of that, it wasn’t like Yang Kang lacked masters of his own.

The weakness of the Blood Demon Puppet had been discovered by these masters.

In order to active its astounding regenerative abilities, the Blood Demon Puppet had to consume blood from the blood pond beneath it!

Noticing this, many cultivators who cultivated Fire or Ice attribute Secret Arts were targeting the blood pond, freezing or burning it away, thus cutting off the Blood Demon’s ability to heal itself.

Old Demon also saw this and could only snort coldly and recall the Blood Demon.

“It’s our turn!” Qiu Yi Meng took a deep breath and said solemnly.

The cultivators in Yang Kang’s compound were in complete chaos, now was the perfect opportunity to press their advantage and wear down his forces.

“It’s been too long,” Huo Xing Chen grinned and rushed straight down, finding no one willing to challenge him, he flew directly to Gao Rang Feng and shouted, “Brother Gao, let’s exchange some pointers!”

Gao Rang Feng’s expression dimmed as he sneered back, “Brother Huo, do you think you’re my opponent?”

Although they had never fought on another before, Gao Rang Feng still felt that a delinquent like Huo Xing Chen wasn’t worthy of his attention.

“Whether or not I’m your opponent will only be clear after we fight!” Huo Xing Chen grinned, storing his folding fan behind his back smoothly.

“As you wish,” Gao Rang Feng coldly snorted.

The two Central Capital Young Lords instantly confronted one another, the four Immortal Ascension Boundary Fifth Stage masters responsible for protecting them also clashing with their respective opponents.

A short distance away, Lu Song, who had been careful to avoid the calamity that was Old Demon, was targeted by Dong Qing Han.

These two had last met during the artifact snatching battle at Po Jing Lake where Lu Song had intentionally pestered Dong Qing Han, almost costing him the Heaven Grade Top-Rank Soul type artifact.

At the time, prioritising the overall situation, Dong Qing Han chose not to fight with him but instead evade.

But now the situation was different and it was his chance to attack, so Dong Qing Han naturally intended to settle their grudge and make this foolish Lu Family Young Master scram out of War City!

The Hu Sisters and Guan Chi Le also descended onto the battlefield, the twin flower’s delicate bodies suddenly radiating a soft glow which seemed to link their Souls and True Qi together. Once they entered this mystical state, even though they both were only True Element Boundary Eighth Stage cultivators, they were more than capable of fighting ordinary Immortal Ascension Boundary masters.

When Qiu Yi Meng, who was secretly observing them, saw this, her eyes flashed, realizing that this beautiful pair of sisters wasn’t ordinary.

Fan Hong of Purple Fern Valley and Zuo Fang of Pure Heart Palace led their forces and charged straight into enemy lines.

The five masters from the Duan Mu Family were the most ferocious in their assault, their combined momentum amazing as they held none of their strength back, slaughtering anyone who got in their way! To them, this was a battle for revenge!

“Young Lady Qiu, please allow this unworthy one to serve as your escort and protect your safety.” Liu Fei Sheng declared, clear traces of infatuation plastered all over his face. After arriving at Yang Kai’s mansion, Liu Fei Sheng had almost become Qiu Yi Meng’s personal bodyguard, following her around wherever she went.

By now, everyone well understood he was obsessed with this Young Lady Qiu.

The Qiu Family’s First Young Lady had subtly tried to distance herself from him, but Liu Fei Sheng either didn’t realize or didn’t care, insisting on maintaining close contact with her, and because he was technically Yang Kai’s ally, Qiu Yi Meng couldn’t use more forceful methods to make him yield and helplessly ended up letting him do as he pleased.

However, whenever she found an opportunity to avoid him, she would have no qualms about it.

“No need, Xiao Man staying with me is enough,” Qiu Yi Meng flashed a polite smile and declined Liu Fei Sheng’s offer.

“As you wish.” Liu Fei Sheng hesitated for a moment before nodding, leading his Tian Yuan City forces to join the battle.

Up in the air, only Qiu Yi Meng and Luo Xiao Man were left with the two Blood Warriors standing nearby.

Since Yang Kai wasn’t here, Xiao Shun and Ying Jiu couldn’t do anything, even if someone was to attack Qiu Yi Meng and Luo Xiao Man right now, they could only stand by and watch.

After all, Qiu Yi Meng and Luo Xiao Man weren’t their masters, they were just two of Yang Kai’s allies.

Thanks to the ruckus Old Demon and his Blood Demon Puppet had caused, Yang Kang’s cultivators were now in disarray, so when Dong Qing Han and the others descended upon them, the situation immediately became a group of one on one fights.

This was exactly what Qiu Yi Meng wanted to see!

The other party had more people and a geographical advantage, if they couldn’t seize the initiative and disrupt their coordination, it would be quite difficult to launch an attack. When it came to single combat, Qiu Yi Meng was confident that no force would be able to resist them.

The Mysterious Grade pills they had received from the Pill Room almost on a daily basis had not gone to waste! Qiu Yi Meng felt that both her cultivation and overall combat potential had increased by leaps and bounds and she had barely had time to cultivate as she was constantly dealing with administrative work. If even her strength had increased so much under these circumstances, just how much would everyone else have grown?

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