Martial Peak

Chapter 483 – Is He Insane?

“Little Lord has a matter to attend to and is staying in the Seal Temple for the time being.” Ying Jiu replied honestly.

“The Seal Temple?” Qiu Yi Meng couldn’t help muttering in shock, her tone somewhat unstable.

She was obviously aware of the Seal Temple. That was the place where the eight Above Immortal Ascension Boundary masters secluded themselves. In fact, everyone in War City knew at least that much.

Without being summoned by those eight masters, no one could enter.

So why did Yang Kai go to the Seal Temple? Did the eight masters there have something they needed to discuss with him?

Thinking about the issue for a moment, Qiu Yi Meng suddenly smiled happily for Yang Kai, nodding lightly as she replied, “I understand.”

Since he was staying inside the Seal Temple, there were absolutely no problems with his safety.

After breathing a sigh of relief, she continued, “About tomorrow night…”

“Little Lord says that everything will be entrusted to you.”

Qiu Yi Meng’s brow suddenly twitched as she ground her teeth and cursed, “That smelly man, pushing all the work onto me again.”

“I’ve delivered Little Lord’s message. Ying Jiu will now retire.” Saying so, Ying Jiu disappeared into the shadows.

As she returned to her room, Qiu Yi Meng’s tiredness was completely blown away, quickly taking out a pen and paper and listing the manpower available to her and the enemy; the number of masters each one possessed, and every possible scenario she could imagine regarding the upcoming offensive.

Early the next morning, many cultivators exited their retreat and began testing the power of their newly refined artifacts.

These artifacts were the ones that were snatched back at Po Jing Lake, and had basically all been distributed by Qiu Yi Meng, so these days, everyone had been focusing on refining them.

Qiu Yi Meng, who had spent a sleepless night, quickly convened the leaders of the major forces in the mansion and held a war council.

She didn’t say too much detail, just disseminating information to the appropriate leaders prepare their people and disclosed some general information about tonight’s battle.

When they received the word, everyone rolled up their sleeves and got to work.

“You two Hu Sisters will also join us tonight.” Qiu Yi Meng looked over at Hu Jiao Er and Hu Mei Er with a smile.

Hu Jiao Er immediately nodded, “Good.”

She knew in her heart that the Blood Battle Gang hadn’t brought many people, and even fewer masters. Qiu Yi Meng allowing them to come tonight was obviously giving them a chance to earn a little more credit.

Leng Shan wore an apologetic look, “This time, it seems my Ghost King Valley won’t be able to participate, the primary Martial Skill we all use is temporarily sealed.”

“Then I’ll be troubling you to watch the house.” Qiu Yi Meng had already made proper arrangements.

“Thank you.” Leng Shan replied gratefully.

A while later, the arrangements of which forces were staying behind and which ones were deploying was completed. Qiu Yi Meng had taken into consideration the mood of each force and created a plan that everyone was satisfied with.

Everyone soon dispersed and returned to their respective housings to rest before tonight’s action.

Time marched on and soon it was night.

No one expected that such a large-scale movement would take place so soon after the battle at Po Jing Lake.

Inside War City’s eastern mansion, Meng Shan Yi walked up to Yang Wei’s door and gently knocked, “Eldest Young Lord, it’s starting.”

Opening the door, Yang Wei walked out from the inside, his eyes flashing a confident light as he nodded slightly, “We’ll also move out.”

“Eldest Young Lord, something about tonight’s plan confuses me.”


“Ninth Young Lord is going to attack Fifth Young Lord and we are responsible for occupying Second Young Lord’s attention, but what about the Sixth and Seventh Young Lords? If they catch wind of this wouldn’t they also head out?”

“As long as they’re not idiots of course they’ll move.” Yang Wei nodded gently.

“Then what about Ninth Young Lord’s…” Meng Shan Yi muttered, pausing for a moment before his expression suddenly cheered up, “If that’s the case, then while Ninth Young Lord is suppressing Fifth Young Lord, his backyard will catch on fire.”

Yang Wei looked at Meng Shan Yi slightly oddly before grinning, “Shan Yi, it’s as if you’re looking forward to such a scene. Are you scared of my Ninth Brother?”

Meng Shan Yi suddenly looked awkward before turning the question around “Eldest Young Lord, are you not worried about him?”

“What use it worrying? All I have to do is what I agreed to, if things turn out badly, it has nothing to do with me.” Yang Wei slowly shook his head and firmly declared, “If Ninth Brother moves fast enough tonight, so fast that Sixth and Seventh Brother have no time to react, he can achieve his objective without worrying about his rear lines taking damage. If he’s too slow… he’ll just have to deal with some losses.”

Meng Shan Yi looked at Yang Wei and contemplated his word and realized that he was saying that even if Yang Kai acted too slowly, at most he’d take some damage but wouldn’t be completely defeated.

[Is Eldest Young Lord’s evaluation of Ninth Young Lord really so high?]

However, after thinking about it, with Ying Jiu and the bone shield at his disposal, it wasn’t impossible for Yang Kai to quickly capture Yang Kang.

In the calm serene night, an odd tension seemed to be quietly spreading.

Yang Kang’s Compound.

Yang Kang was concentrating on refining his new Mysterious Grade artifact. Over the past few days, he had been constantly pouring his True Qi into it and the effect had been good. As long as he was given another five or six days, he would be able to freely use this Mysterious Grade Low-Rank artifact. At that time, his overall strength would rise a whole nother level!

With a Mysterious Grade artifact, even if he was facing an ordinary Immortal Ascension Boundary master, he wouldn’t be at a disadvantage. It could be said that the artifact snatching battle at Po Jing Lake had greatly increased the combat strength of each of the Yang Family Young Lords.

As he sat silently in his room, focusing on refining this artifact, his closed door was suddenly opened.

Yang Kang was slightly stunned, but before he could understand what was happening, a slender shadow leapt towards him and a brilliant flash of light appeared in his eyes. It seemed like two daggers shimmering with cold light were rapidly flying towards him.

His chest tightened and an instinctive sense of crisis flooded his mind.

“Fifth Young Lord, watch out!” Tang Yu Xian’s clear voice echoed in his ear as a potent Spiritual Energy wave flushed towards the approaching shadow.

The slender figure didn’t continue its assault towards Yang Kang but instead retreated out the door.

Under the pale moonlight, Yang Kang saw the appearance of his assailant and his hair all stood on end as a cold chill shot up his spine

“Ying Jiu!”

Ying Jiu grinned before his body quickly faded and disappeared.

The next moment, Tang Yu Xian appeared next to Yang Kang and asked, “Fifth Young Lord, are you alright?”

Yang Kang didn’t respond for a while, taking a moment to press down the fear in his heart before slowly shaking his head, “I’m fine, fortunately Yu Xian noticed in time.”

If it weren’t for Tang Yu Xian’s swiftly executed Soul Skill, given Ying Jiu’s strength, he would have already captured Yang Kang.

This shadowy Blood Warrior was a master of concealment and assassination, he was all but impossible to guard against, making him extremely terrifying!

However, just now, Ying Jiu could have easily launched another attack, so why did he give up? And that smile he flashed before his departure was also intriguing.

After a moment, Yang Kang suddenly understood, slamming his fist onto the table, “He was just messing with me!”

The Blood Warriors who participated in the Inheritance War were forbidden from taking the initiative, and were only responsible for defense and counter-attacking. That is to say, a moment ago, even if he didn’t resist Ying Jiu at all, nothing would have happened to him.

The attack he had launched just now was obviously just for show and he had no intentions of actually striking him. As for that last grin of his, Ying Jiu was probably just laughing at his panicked reaction.

“How come Ying Jiu is able to move around freely?” From their brief exchange, Tang Yu Xian had noticed something more important and was frowning in thought.

During the battle at Po Jing Lake, six Blood Warriors had been hit by the Qi Binding Seal and as a result, even now, Tu Feng was basically sidelined, yet Ying Jiu, who had been one of the six, affected, was actually here and seemed perfectly fine.

“Ninth Brother!” Yang Kang’s expression twisted in anger, completely ignoring the strange circumstances surrounding Ying Jiu’s presence, instead just roaring in hatred towards Yang Kai.

Right then, Tang Yu Xian’s expression suddenly paled as she called out, “Fifth Young Lord, many people are approaching!”

“What?” Yang Kang froze up, “Who’s coming?”

“I can sense Xiao Shun’s aura! There is also a large group of masters, all of them from the Little Lord’s allied forces, it looks like… Little Lord is going to attack.”

“Is he insane?” Yang Kang couldn’t sit still anymore, quickly jumping up and hurriedly dashing out.

What was Ninth Brother up to at such a time? Everyone was either licking their wounds from the Po Jing Lake artifact snatching battle or busy trying to refine the artifacts they obtained, yet he couldn’t sit still and had actually gone out seeking trouble with others.

Starting a fight right now wouldn’t just disrupt his allies who were trying to refine their newly acquired artifacts; it would also delay him from refining his own Mysterious Grade artifact. What benefit did that have to him?

Even if the two of them were at odds with each other, there was no need for his Ninth Brother to act so rashly. As much as Yang Kang didn’t want to admit it, once everyone had finished refining their own artifacts, his Ninth Brother would still hold a certain advantage in terms of manpower and resources.

Just as he rushed out of his room, the sounds of shouting and killing immediately reached his ear and the energy fluctuations of Martial Skills and artifacts made Yang Kang realize that Yang Kai really was attacking at this time.

It wasn’t just a trick like he had thought!

The ones who had come to his house hadn’t even said a word and had simply begun their assault.

Outside the mansion, floating in the sky, a group of nearly two hundred people stood tall with Qiu Yi Meng at their centre.

Yang Kai currently had a total of fourteen allies, not counting the two special forces of Medicine King’s Valley and Treasure Instrument Sect of course.

In addition to the Qiu Family and Huo Family cultivators, the Blood Battle Gang, Dong Family, Purple Fern Valley, Pure Heart Palace, Tian Yuan City, and Duan Mu Family had all been deployed.

The Qiu Family forces here weren’t actually that strong; after all, the members of the Autumn Rain Hall were mainly untalented disciples or old wounded veterans.

As for the Huo Family, there were only two Immortal Ascension Boundary Fifth Stage masters while the Blood Battle Gang had almost no Immortal Ascension Boundary cultivators. Besides them, all the other forces only had four or five Immortal Ascension Boundary masters here.

The overall strength and quantity of their high end masters couldn’t be compared with the masters in Yang Kang’s compound.

But… Qiu Yi Meng was still completely confident of their victory.

Because she had brought two Blood Warriors this time, and there was also the sinister and mysterious master – Old Demon!

Qiu Yi Meng didn’t fully understand the extent of Old Demon’s strength, but she was certain that he was at least stronger than any of the Blood Warriors!

With these three people here, it was only a matter of time before Yang Kang was defeated.

It was because she was absolutely certain of her victory that Qiu Yi Meng didn’t even bother to say hello before ordering the attack.

The cultivators in Yang Kang’s compound were caught unprepared by this sudden barrage of Martial Skills and artifact attacks, and within moments they had already lost more than a dozen people.

After recovering from their initial shock, Yang Kang’s allies hurriedly defended themselves and began to counterattack, but all of them still seemed a little panicked and they had difficulty coordinating their response.

With Yang Kang yet to show up, these people lacked a leader to rally behind while the Gao Family’s Gao Rang Feng couldn’t gain control of the overall situation.

“Young Lady Qiu, please permit we, five old masters, to enter the fight!” One of the Duan Mu Family’s masters said, his voice filled with murderous intent.

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