Martial Peak

Chapter 481 – Seal Temple

“Little Lord!” Ying Jiu’s concerned voice called out from behind.

“It’s nothing!” Yang Kai shook his head slowly as a deep feeling of powerlessness crept onto his face.

From Yang Wei and Meng Shan Yi’s point of view, just now, he had performed brilliantly; one person and one artifact resisting the bombardment of more than a dozen Immortal Ascension Boundary masters, but in reality Yang Kai had greatly overdrawn his strength to accomplish this feat.

Even if the bone shield was a Mysterious Grade artifact, it was impossible for an ordinary True Element Boundary cultivator to make it display such power.

Artifacts and Martial Skill were essentially the same: They were just auxiliary boosts, and a cultivator’s true foundation was their own strength.

The bone shield was indeed extraordinary. With it, even someone like Dong Qing Han could fully defend himself against masters below the Immortal Ascension Boundary Fifth Stage.

But using the artifact’s functions consumed a lot of True Qi too.

In that instant, Yang Kai had to pour more than a dozen drops of Yang Liquid into the bone shield in order for it to successfully swallow up all of those attacks.

For any other cultivator at the same level, supply that much True Qi was absolutely impossible, even blocking a single Immortal Ascension Boundary Eighth Stage master would be difficult.

The defensive strength and absorption limit of the bone shield was directly related to the amount of True Qi poured into it by its wielder.

The more True Qi one poured into the bone shield, the more attacks it could absorb and the stronger its defense would be.

Such a large consumption in such a short amount of time had put enormous pressure on Yang Kai. However, such a display was the best way to convince Yang Wei that attacking him then and there was futile.

[My cultivation is still too low. If I can break through to the Immortal Ascension Boundary, the consumption to achieve the same result will be much less.]

Yang Kai’s vision gradually became firm as he couldn’t wait to improve, suddenly feeling the urge to return to his room and enter retreat.

This subtle change in expression wasn’t missed by Ying Jiu, the shadow-like Blood Warrior realizing what Yang Kai was thinking and feeling somewhat impressed.

It seemed like; the Little Lord was the kind of person who grew stronger in the face of adversity.

After being ambushed by so many powerful masters, an ordinary cultivator would definitely have some fear and unease carved into their heart. Forget about fighting back at the time, even in their future cultivation, they would inevitable be haunted by some inner demons and would be unable to overcome these heart flaws for the rest of their life.

But the Little Lord’s heart was strong and his will to pursue the Martial Dao was as firm as a rock. Not only did this incident not affect him, it had also raised his fighting spirit higher. With this kind of mentality, as long as he had enough opportunity and talent, there was nothing the Little Lord wouldn’t be able to achieve.

Thinking so, Ying Jiu casually asked, “Are we going back now?”

Ying Jiu couldn’t think about how during the day, Qiu Yi Meng had desperately tried to prevent Yang Kai from acting alone but ultimately failed in her attempts. Right now, could she possibly be sleeping peacefully knowing he was out here?

By heading back early, it would also let Young Lady Qiu breathe a sigh of relief.

Over the course of the Inheritance War, Qiu Yi Meng had been so busy she barely had any time to rest, so although Ying Jiu wouldn’t bring this up to Yang Kai, he naturally didn’t want to let the Qiu Family’s Young Lady pass a sleepless night.

“I have a place I need to go.” Yang Kai replied with a hint of helplessness on his face.

Ying Jiu nodded slightly and said nothing, simply following behind Yang Kai.

After a long time walking through War City’s streets, the two arrived in front of a large building with no signs of people around; even the giant front gate was unguarded.

At first glance it was almost like an abandoned palace.

But looking up, Ying Jiu’s expression became solemn.

This huge building was the very core of War City, the Seal Temple!

The Central Capital Eight Great Families Eight Above Immortal Ascension Boundary masters residence!

What was the Little Lord doing here? Ying Jiu felt suspicious.

Looking up at the Seal Temple, Yang Kai also felt depressed. When he left Yang Wei’s compound, an old voice suddenly sounded in his mind, ordering him to come here.

This was a summons from a Yang Family Grand Elder. Yang Kai had no choice but to comply!

It seemed like every move he made, no matter how well he concealed himself or tried to remain discrete, it had not escaped the supervision of these eight masters.

This feeling of constantly being monitored made Yang Kai quite uncomfortable.

Feeling so unwilling in his heart, his expression was obviously also not good.

Walking up to the front of the temple, Yang Kai hadn’t even had time to report his arrival before the closed door slowly opened.

Rolling his eyes slightly, Yang Kai let out a sigh and led Ying Jiu inside. After the two walked in, the door slowly closed. During the whole process, neither of them saw a single figure nor felt any energy fluctuations.

Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling slightly impressed with the abilities of these Above Immortal Ascension Boundary masters.

The Seal Temple’s floors were covered in red carpet and the surrounding walls were adorned with glowing gems. Even in the dark of night, the hallways were as bright as day.

On the numerous stone pillars were carvings of powerful and ancient birds and beasts.

When Yang Kai observed these gems and carvings, his expression became pensive, subtly feeling that these things weren’t randomly arranged but rather contained some inexplicable mysteries.

But even if he continued analysing them he didn’t seem to gain any insights.

Shaking his head helplessly he could only move on.

The World Energy in the Seal Temple gave off a pure and natural feel. Even though Yang Kai knew he was inside a building, he felt the air and aura around him was more comparable to a great spiritual mountain range, sometimes even feeling like he could hear some birds and insects. If he closed his eyes he could almost picture himself walking across a small bridge that spanned a gently flowing brook filled with clear spring water.

This mysterious atmosphere was simply everywhere!

Unlike Yang Kai who was curiously exploring his surroundings, Ying Jiu’s attitude was more cautious, standing at attention with his back fully straightened.

No one came to guide them or lead the way, but Yang Kai still felt as if a voice was telling him which way to go.

The whole experience was somewhat awe-inspiring.

A while later, a bright light appeared in front of the pair; this light seemed to come out of nowhere and without any prior warning.

By the time Yang Kai and Ying Jiu reacted, they discovered that they had arrived at their destination.

Inside the main hall of the Seal Temple, eight white-haired old people sat before a round table in front of them. Each of these people gave off an aura that seemed to separate them from the mortal world. At the centre of the table, which was also the center position of the hall, was a huge luminous ball gently floated in the air.

The arrival of Yang Kai and Ying Jiu didn’t disturb these eight people. Each of them continued to form mysterious hand seals, some of them frowning in contemplation, some of them smiling in satisfaction as they all seemed to direct a flow of energy towards the floating sphere of light.

When it absorbed these streams of energy, the glowing sphere would also show some subtle changes, as for what these changes meant it was unclear.

Yang Kai and Ying Jiu unconsciously held their breaths as they stared at the glowing ball, trying to enlighten themselves as to the meaning of these eight master’s movements.

Time passed by.

After an unknown amount of time, Yang Kai suddenly felt like something flashed before him and he awakened from his half entranced state, discovering that he had somehow been transported somewhere completely different. He was originally some distance from the round table, observing the glowing sphere but now he found himself standing atop of lush field of grass with blue sky and white clouds atop his head as a gentle spring breeze bringing a refreshing scent to his nose.

High in the sky, a series of violent energy fluctuations burst out, making it difficult for Yang Kai to keep his balance.

As he looked up, Yang Kai breath stagnated.

A battle was being fought in the sky by the Eight Above Immortal Ascension Boundary masters who had been sitting at the round table. Each of their moves was difficult to describe, they couldn’t be described simply in terms of attacking or defending, they seemed to have no set pattern or rules but instead were free flowing, conforming to some order that was beyond Yang Kai’s understanding.

The eight of them fought in a great melee, everyone was everyone else’s opponent, and each time their attacks collided, the Heavens and Earth would shake as violent winds mowed down the grass below.

“Hm?” Someone suddenly exclaimed, re-directing his attention to the ground below and discovering Yang Kai standing there with a confused yet thoughtful expression, surprising him greatly.

This sudden change caught the attention of others seven masters who them also discovered Yang Kai’s presence, all of them ceasing their battle as surprise filled each of their expressions.

“Brother Yang, is this that junior from your family?” A slightly fat old man asked.

Yang Li Ting nodded lightly as he stared at Yang Kai with interest.

“Junior Yang Kai greets eight Seniors!” Yang Kai also quickly composed himself and respectfully bowed.

“Impressive, to actually be able to break into our mental construct, Brother Yang, seems your Yang Family has no lack of successors.” Another short old man laughed.

Although these people had secluded themselves and their attachment to the mortal world was weak, at this moment they couldn’t help feeling a trace of envy when they saw Yang Kai.

Yang Li Ting didn’t say anything, he didn’t even nod, and Yang Kai only felt that this Yang Family Grand Elder’s eyes only flashed briefly as he stared at him.

“Greetings, Grand Elder.”

“En, you’re called Yang Kai, right?” Yang Li Ting stood tall and crossed his arms behind his back. Although his hair was white, his complexion was youthful and his gaze anything but dim.

“Yes,” Yang Kai nodded lightly. This Yang Li Ting before him was one of the Yang Family’s five Above Immortal Ascension Boundary Grand Elders, if he was to count by generation, then he would be his ancestor with an age of at least two hundred years old.

With a gap of several generations between them, and the Yang Family itself not placing an emphasis on family bonds, while Yang Kai might respect Yang Li Ting’s strength, he had no sense of intimacy with him whatsoever.

“Do you know why I summoned you here?” Yang Li Ting seemed to be interested in testing Yang Kai, only offering questions and no answers.

“Junior has some ideas.” Yang Kai grinned.

It had been quite some time since the beginning of the Inheritance War, but Yang Li Ting had chosen to call him here at this moment, so Yang Kai could guess the reason with a fair degree of certainty.

Old Demon’s appearance in War City, and the powerful Demonic Qi he radiated from his body had obviously drawn the attention of the eight Above Immortal Ascension Boundary masters.

The eight of them would not intervene in any way in the Inheritance War, their only job was to protect the younger generation cultivators from attacks launched by the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land, so now that such a high-level Devil Lord had appeared in his mansion, it would be more unusual for them not to summon Yang Kai.

“I ask you then, where did that man come from?” Yang Li Ting didn’t bother with any nonsense and went straight to the point and when he asked this, his eyes seemed to be peering into the depths of Yang Kai’s soul.

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