Martial Peak

Chapter 478 – She’s A Woman

Old Demon wasn’t clear about who this mysterious master was so he asked curiously.

Yang Kai told him the shot version of his two encounters with her.

After listening to this, Old Demon felt slightly shocked as he looked at Meng Wu Ya, “Even you didn’t catch a glimpse of this person’s face?”

Treasurer Meng slowly shook his head, “There’s some kind of special aura around this person isolates them from other’s investigation. I’d guess that even if an Above Immortal Ascension Boundary wanted to, it won’t be easy. As long as this person wants to hide himself, no one will be able to find him.”

“Impressive!” Old Demon said then quickly sneered, “But from the fact that this guy was injured by Ying Jiu and Young Master, his personal strength doesn’t seem to be very high.”

Near the Pill Room, the mysterious master had suffered a hit from Ying Jiu’s Flickering Shadow Strike and was slightly injured, then at Po Jing Lake, she hadn’t been able to completely avoid Yang Kai’s sword wave. If her strength was really high enough to avoid detection from the likes of Meng Wu Ya and Old Demon, these situations wouldn’t have occurred.

Yang Kai nodded in agreement, “But even still, this person is definitely a formidable master.”

“What does Young Master want to do?” Old Demon looked up and grinned.

“I’ll say this first, don’t expect this old master to intervene.” Meng Wu Ya looked at Yang Kai and said, “This old master is only here to protect Chang’er. As for this whole Inheritance War mess, this old master won’t get involved.”

After saying that, he let out a somewhat tired sigh, “This old master is getting on in years, if I were to intervene in you young people’s affairs I’d have no face left at all.”

“I never wanted you to intervene,” Yang Kai chuckled, “I just wanted to ask you two if you had any good ideas about how to expose that person?”

Meng Wu Ya shook his head while Old Demon grimaced slightly. If even Meng Wu Ya had no way to draw this mysterious master out, Old Demon obviously wouldn’t either. Only if this person appeared in Yang Kai’s mansion again would there be a chance, but after being almost caught last time, as long as they weren’t an idiot they wouldn’t try again anytime soon.

“Young Master, do you have any information on that person at all? Even Old Servant can’t make porridge without rice.” Old Demon asked.

“Information… there is one thing.” Yang Kai suddenly said.

“Oh? What?” Meng Wu Ya and Old Demon looked over at it at the same time.

“She’s a woman!” Yang Kai’s eyes flashed.

“How do you know?” Treasurer Meng frowned.

Yang Kai smiled as he pulled out a long blue silk like hair from his sleeve and held it up, “This fell off her at Po Jing Lake.”

Pausing for a moment, he continued, “However, I don’t know why her hair looks like this. Both of you are experienced and knowledgeable, have you ever seen this colour of hair before?”

Meng Wu Ya and Old Demon looked at the blue strand of hair at the same time and couldn’t help showing some surprise.

This strand of hair was very different from an ordinary woman’s hair, for almost all people, whether they were man and woman, their hair would be black, but this strand was actually a unique color of pale blue.

Besides being unusually smooth and supple, this colour was quite unusual.

After a moment, Meng Wu Ya and Old Demon exchanged a glance and, each of them seeing a strange look in the other’s face.

Seeing this kind of reaction, Yang Kai secretly began guessing what they were thinking about.

After a short silence, Meng Wu Ya said, “I don’t know who this woman is, and I’ve never heard of anyone with this particular colour of hair, but I would guess it’s related to her cultivation technique and physique. Yang Kai, don’t make things too difficult for this person. She may come from an extraordinary place.”

If Meng Wu Ya said so, although he didn’t provide any specifics, Yang Kai still nodded in a dignified manner.

He hadn’t intended on acting ruthless in the first place.

Suddenly Old Demon let out an evil laugh, “Young Master, if this hair is really from that woman, Old Servant might have a way to find her!”

“Oh?” Yang Kai’s eyes lit up, “How sure are you?”

“Heh heh… Soul tracking is one of this old servant’s specialities, just sit back and prepare for a good show! With this hair of hers to use as a medium, she’ll have nowhere to hide!” Old Demon said confidently.

“Evil Demon Techniques!” Meng Wu Ya snorted disdainfully.

Instead of being offended, Old Demon just grinned more cheerfully.

Yang Kai didn’t care what means he used as long as he could find the mysterious woman, asking, “How long do you need?”

“Old Servant can finish the preparations in ten days, but everything after that will depend on luck, if that woman never comes close to this old servant again, there’ll be no way to track her!”

“Then prepare as soon as possible!” Yang Kai firmly declared.

No matter what kind of purpose this woman had for approaching the Pill Room, since she wasn’t successful the first time, she would definitely try again, and judging from her appearance at Po Jing Lake, this person absolutely wasn’t timid and didn’t hold anyone in her eyes. Someone who would steal something right out from under the noses of this world’s heroes would surely have a great deal of self-confidence and arrogance. She wouldn’t retreat simply because of a little setback. After she found a way to completely conceal her aura, she would definitely come again.

All Yang Kai had to do was wait for her next visit before springing his trap!

Handing the light blue hair over to Old Demon, Yang Kai hurried away.

Quickly finding Qiu Yi Meng near the Artifact Refining workshop, Yang Kai secretly spoke a few words to her. No one knew what the two discussed, only that after Yang Kai whispered something to her, Qiu Yi Meng vehemently objected, even going so far as to grab Yang Kai’s arm and refuse to let go.

The Qiu Family’s First Young Lady rarely ever acted so boldly. From birth, she had received strict education on etiquette and behaviour from her tutors, but now she had actually latched onto Yang Kai in full view of the surrounding crowd, almost as if she was begging him not to abandon her. All around, everyone was silently speculating about what was happening.

In the end, Yang Kai managed to break free from Qiu Yi Meng’s grip and strode away, leaving the Qiu Family’s First Young Lady standing there in a frustrated and angry state.

“Young Lady Qiu, what did Junior Brother Yang just say?” Lan Chu Die had just finished having her artifact looked at and had come out for a breath of fresh air when she saw this scene and found it quite curious.

“Nothing.” Qiu Yi Meng quickly regained her composure and slowly shook her head.

Lan Chu Die smiled and no longer asked, knowing that she wasn’t qualified to contact too many high-level secrets with her current identity.

On the other hand, the Hu Sisters looks out the window and also witnessed this scene.

“Did you see that? That smelly brat is too shameless! Actually flirting with that Qiu Family woman in public! Mei’er, you must be careful of him! Don’t get swept up in his pace!” Hu Jiao Er ground her teeth as she complained to her little sister.

Hu Mei Er on the other hand just held her slightly blushed cheeks and stared at where Yang Kai had just been, obviously not having heard a word her Elder sister had said.

Seeing this spellbound appearance, Hu Jiao Er couldn’t help but sigh, reaching out her small jade hand and pinching her little sister’s dainty nose, wiggling it slightly, “Cultivate!”

“Ah… en.” Hu Mei Er nodded and reluctantly took back her gaze.

Although the Blood Battle Gang and Storm Hall joined Yang Kai later than the other forces in the house, Qiu Yi Meng didn’t supply them with any less pills. With the help of the Mysterious Grade Pills that seemed to flow freely from the Pill Room, the Hu Sisters’ rate of progress was better than ever and after only a few days of cultivation their Twin Qi Shared Spirit Divine Art was showing signs of a breakthrough.

Also, after repeatedly taking these pills, the Hu Sisters clearly felt that there were some subtle changes occurring in their bodies and it was now easier for them to absorb the surrounding World Energy than ever before. Their meridians were tougher and more flexible, allowing them to circulate their Secret Art even more quickly.

Having witnessed Yang Kai’s aptitude and strength made both of them feel pressured, and they knew if they didn’t work hard, they would only be left behind by him, so naturally they didn’t slack at all in their cultivation.


Night time, War City eastern corner, Yang Wei’s mansion.

Yang Wei, who was refining the Mysterious Grade artifact he had obtained a few days ago, suddenly heard a knock at his door and his brow couldn’t help but wrinkle as he called out, “What?”

“Eldest Young Lord, someone’s come to visit.” Meng Shan Yi’s voice came from outside, a hint of awkwardness in his tone.

“Who?” Yang Wei’s eyes flashed. Meng Shan Yi knew he was in the process of refining a Mysterious Grade artifact yet he had still come to disturb him, obviously this guest was unusual.

But what person could cause Meng Shan Yi’s tone to become so strange?

“I think it’s probably Yang Kai!”

“Ninth Brother?” Yang Wei’s voice suddenly increased in pitch slightly, his tone also becoming somewhat strained.

Soon, the door was opened and Yang Wei appeared in front of Meng Shan Yi with a sullen face, asking in a serious tone, “Is it really Ninth Brother?”

Meng Shan Yi grinned awkwardly as he scratched his head, “I can’t see his face but Senior Ying Jiu is beside him, it’s basically impossible for Ying Jiu to be following anyone else.”

Yang Wei’s eyes narrowed slightly as he nodded, “Since Ying Jiu is here, it must be Ninth Brother.”

Suddenly grinning, Yang Wei mutter, “Such boldness, it seems I still can’t see through Ninth Brother.”

Although he had formed a temporary alliance with Yang Kai during the Po Jing Lake artifact snatching battle, in the end, the two were still opponents So; Yang Kai daring to visit his out with only Ying Jiu for protection showed his courage wasn’t ordinary.

“Eldest Young Lord, this is a rare opportunity!” Meng Shan Yi’s voice trembled slightly as he spoke, “Considering Yang Kai’s performance since the start of the Inheritance War till now, he will definitely become a stronger opponent than even the Second Young Lord, so now that he’s appeared in our territory all alone…”

As he said so, he made a slicing motion across his neck.

However, Yang Wei just snickered and slowly shook his head.

“Eldest Young Lord!” Meng Shan Yi’s tone rose once more, unable to understand why Yang Wei didn’t want to take advantage of this chance, “This is too good an opportunity to pass up! If you don’t take him out now, I’m afraid there won’t be a second chance.”

In the beginning, no one was optimistic about Yang Kai’s chances, but in one night he had turned all that around and now the number of people betting on his victory was only growing. This wasn’t without reason either; the pace of development at Yang Kai’s mansion was nothing short of astounding.

The gap between him and his brothers was gradually expanding and as time passed this gap would only become bigger and bigger until he ultimately eliminated all of them and become the final winner.

Meng Shan Yi felt like he could all but see that day coming so, as an ally of Yang Wei, how could he not be worried?

But faced with such a tempting opportunity, the Eldest Young Lord suddenly seemed to have some brotherly scruples; it was nothing short of foolishness.

“I have my own thoughts on this matter, don’t say anymore!” Yang Wei waved his hand and strode away.

Meng Shan Yi was depressed as he smiled bitterly, but after thinking about it for a moment, his expression suddenly became firm before he quickly turned around and disappeared into the darkness.

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