Martial Peak

Chapter 476 – A Mouse Meeting a Cat?

Tao Yang didn’t hold any hope, he was just afraid of angering this master, so he only pretends to be open-minded.

But after talking to him for a while, Tao Yang’s expression slowly became solemn. He found that this middle-aged man really hadn’t specialized in Artifact Refining and it was very likely that he rarely did any Artifact Refining himself, but he indeed possessed some mastery in the subject. This Senior’s knowledge of Artifact Refining techniques far exceeded his own understanding and insights. The many things he spoke about were completely unheard of and were beyond this world’s current Artifact Refining standards.

It didn’t take long for Tao Yang’s solemn emmxpression to become one of shock. Even Wu Yan, who had formerly disdained to participate in this conversation, began listening in.

After half an hour, Wu Yan finally couldn’t help but get involved. He put forward his own opinions on the issues of Artifact Refining while discussing and debating ideas with Senior De…

War City, inside Yang Kai and his Little Senior Sister’s room, Yang Kai let out a long breath and the bone shield in his hands finally turned into a stream of light, disappearing into his body.

Refining a Mysterious Grade artifact had taken Yang Kai a full five days, and even this was only achievable with his extremely pure True Yang Yuan Qi. If someone else at his cultivation level wanted to refine this Mysterious Grade artifact, without ten days to a half month, it would be fundamentally impossible.

As soon as the the bone shield entered his body, Yang Kai understood its structure and functions and after a moment of contemplation, a satisfied smile appeared on his face.

A Mysterious Grade artifact was really out of the ordinary. The role it could play was not small, if used properly, it could turn the tide of a battle.

Yang Kai naturally had his reasons for refining this bone shield and not the ice mirror or small sword.

The grade of the ice mirror was higher than that of the bone shield, so the time it would take to refine would be much longer. As for the small sword, it was a Soul type artifact and Yang Kai was conscious of the fact that although his Divine Sense was powerful, without a Knowledge Sea, he would find this artifact difficult to refine.

Therefore the bone shield became the natural first choice.

When the bone shield entered his body, the innate technique of this Mysterious Grade artifact became known to Yang Kai. On top of that, his True Element Boundary Eighth Stage cultivation had been fully consolidated.

Yang Kai estimated that if he were to refine the ice mirror now he could immediately break through to the True Element Boundary Ninth Stage!

As one’s strength increased, if they wanted to break through to the next realm it wasn’t enough to simply accumulate True Qi, it was just as, if not more important to strengthen one’s mental fortitude and deepen one’s understanding of the Martial Dao.

Once both these requirements were met, the accumulation of True Qi would become very easy.

As he was studying the mysteries of the bone shield, Yang Kai suddenly felt a ripple in his mind and couldn’t help lifting his head, turning his eyes in a certain direction as a thick smile appeared on his face.

“Old Demon, you’ve finally appeared!” Yang Kai grinned, quickly getting up, opening the door and going out.

“Little Lord!” Ying Jiu appeared like a ghost.

Yang Kai gave him a faint look and swept him with his Divine Sense, quickly nodding as he realizing he had fully restored his strength before casually saying, “Cultivate yourself. For the time being, I have no urgent tasks for you.”

“Yes!” Ying Jiu’s figure gradually faded into the shadows.

In fact, Ying Jiu was a little surprised, he hadn’t expected Yang Kai to have no reaction to his current state; apparently he had complete faith in Meng Wu Ya being able to break the Qi Binding Seal.

The door to the room next door suddenly opened and Meng Wu Ya stepped out with a dignified expression, staring off into the distance.

“There’s a strong Demonic Qi!” Treasurer Meng looked at Yang Kai intentionally or unintentionally as he spoke, “And it’s somewhat familiar!”

“You’ve met before.” Yang Kai grinned.

Meng Wu Ya’s brow wrinkled for a moment before his eyes widened, “That Devil Lord?”

“Correct.” Yang Kai gently nodded.

Once, a long time ago, in his secluded cave below the Coiling Dragon Stream, Meng Wu Ya had forcefully removed Old Demon from Yang Kai. At the time, the two had gotten into an odd argument but because Old Demon was only a Soul form Treasurer Meng was able to easily suppress him, but Yang Kai was keenly aware that even then Meng Wu Ya was somewhat wary of Old Demon.

“Since it is him, then this old master won’t find trouble with him. When he gets here let him come see me,” Meng Wu Ya said, a faint look of reminiscence creeping into his expression.

Yang Kai was surprised but quickly nodded.

“You little brat. Don’t think badly of this old master, but you better be careful with that Devil Lord, he’s not as simple as you think.”

“I know.”

“Also, make sure he doesn’t act out, those eight masters in War City who are monitoring everything must have detected him already.”

Remembering this point, Yang Kai suddenly felt some headaches. There were currently Eight Above Immortal Ascension Boundary masters from the Central Capital Eight Great Families who were tasked with supervising War City and the Inheritance War. The Old Demon’s aura couldn’t possibly have been missed by these eight people and although he served Yang Kai, if he were to act too outlandishly, these eight masters would certainly not just sit by and watch.

After a few words, Meng Wu Ya turned around and walked back into his room.

Yang Kai wore a helpless look before shaking his head and walking out. He really wanted to know what Old Demon had been up to these past few months.

Moreover, from what he had sensed, Old Demon wasn’t alone but was actually accompanied by Leng Shan as well.

Since Leng Shan was with him, the disciples from Ghost King Valley he knew would definitely be with her as well; this was something far outside Yang Kai’s expectations.

As he was walking towards the mansion’s entrance, Yang Kai called out to a passing cultivator and said, “Go and call Qiu Yi Meng!”

“Yes!” The man responded and hurriedly left to find Qiu Yi Meng.

At the compound’s entrance, the Qiu Family’s First Young Lady appeared, a curious look upon her face, “What is it?”

“We are receiving some guests!” Yang Kai replied casually.

“Guests?” Qiu Yi Meng’s frowned for a moment but immediately grinned, “Someone’s coming to support you?”

“Something like that.” Yang Kai said ambiguously.

Qiu Yi Meng smiled faintly as she looked at him. Although she didn’t know how he knew someone was coming, since he said so, he probably wasn’t wrong, so she simply nodded, “It’s always good to have more people, and our strength will definitely grow.”

“The ones coming right now are a little different, you’ll have to take special care in their arrangements. Pay special attention to not let them have any conflicts with the other forces in the house.”

“What do you mean?” Qiu Yi Meng didn’t understand, what force could make Yang Kai pay such attention to? Whether it was a super-force, first-class families, or second-class Sects, Yang Kai’s attitude towards them had always been the same, he never looked down on those who came from weaker forces and never curried favour with those who came from stronger ones. It was exactly because of his fair and even handed manner that everyone in the mansion felt at ease.

But now, he actually wanted her to pay special attention to these newcomers. Qiu Yi Meng couldn’t help wondering if there was something different or special about this group which would cause Yang Kai to concern himself with them.

“They come from the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land, do you understand?” Yang Kai turned his eyes and looked at Qiu Yi Meng.

In the Qiu Family’s First Young Lady’s mind, the images of two women suddenly appeared, one was a mature and seductive beauty, the other was a naked girl with a white liquid dripping from her lips, “Is that Demon Queen coming?”

“No, they’re from the Ghost King Valley.” Yang Kai shook his head.

Qiu Yi Meng secretly breathed a sigh of relief before nodding, “I understand.”

Since they came from the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land, they were Evil Sect disciples and may have grudges with the Sect forces in the house. If things weren’t handled well, it would only cause a fire in the backyard.

But since when did this smelly man have a relationship with Ghost King Valley?

Qiu Yi Meng was once again surprised by the number of Yang Kai’s allies.

After a not long or short wait, a large group of people walked in front of the house; more than thirty of them in total. Seeing this, Qiu Yi Meng welcomed all of them with a big smile.

Yang Kai held his hands behind his back and stood there quietly, his eyes landing on a middle-aged man at the head of the group, his lips slowly curling into a grin.

Turning his gaze to the ones behind him, every Ghost King Valley disciple that he had met in the Evil Cavern was there.

But what really surprised and excited Yang Kai was that his friends from Treasure Instrument Sect were with them as well!

Not long after the start of the Inheritance War, Yang Kai had the Bamboo Knot Gang deliver two letters which had resulted in his Little Senior Sister immediately rushing over.

Unfortunately, Treasure Instrument Sect hadn’t responded. As for the other forces in his compound, they had all gathered here on their own accord without Yang Kai needing to ask!

But now, Tao Yang and the others from his Sect had finally appeared, lifting a big weight from Yang Kai’s heart. The only thing that made him feel strange was why these three groups of people had arrived together.

On top of that, Yang Kai was curious why both the Ghost King Valley and the Treasure Instrument Sect members all showed such great respect towards Old Demon.

What exactly had Old Demon done? Yang Kai frowned and thought.

After having been separated for so long, Old Demon seemed a bit nervous as he led everyone forward. Although he didn’t want to publicise the real nature of his relationship with Yang Kai, he still cupped his fists respectfully and said, “Young Master, please calm down… this old man wishes to die old… and as a humble husband!”

Yang Kai coldly snorted and cut him off, “I thought you wouldn’t show yourself in front of me for the rest of your life!”

Old Demon’s expression suddenly became panicked, quickly trying to explain, “No no, hasn’t this old master come? Before I just had a little accident, haha…”

“We’ll talk about your ‘accident’ later.” Yang Kai gave him a sharp look.

Old Demon winced but eventually nodded, glancing over at Qiu Yi Meng who stood next to Yang Kai with a smile, secretly praising this unknown girl for her vision, thinking she was at least qualified to warm the Young Master’s bed.

Qiu Yi Meng returned the gesture to Old Demon. Although this person gave her an uncomfortable feeling, he was still someone who had come to support Yang Kai.

Behind them, the Ghost King Valley and Treasure Instrument Sect members watched this scene play out.

On their way here, the two factions had thoroughly experienced the power and mystery of Old Demon. Those from Ghost King Valley watched as their Ghost King Seals were fed a black mist by him, causing them to fall into a deep sleep while undergoing an astonishing evolution. Wu Yan and the other Treasure Instrument Sect members had also gained many inspirations and insights into the Dao of Artifact Refining from Old Demon. Whether it was in demeanor or speech, everyone treated him very respectfully.

However, such a mysterious, powerful, brutal, and bloodthirsty master, in front of Yang Kai, actually seemed more like a mouse meeting a cat.

[What is happening?]

All of them were stunned by this display.

“Brother Yang, long time no see!” After collecting themselves, the Ghost King Valley disciples, along with Tao Yang and his fellow disciples came forward.

“En, too long indeed.” Yang Kai glanced around at all of them, “I’m glad all of you came. You didn’t encounter any trouble on the road, did you?”

As he said these words, he shot a glance over at Old Demon, he was really afraid that this wily old Devil Lord had done something to them.

“No no, just some minor troubles, fortunately, this Senior arrived in time to help, allowing us to arrive here safely.” Everyone spoke at once.

All of them understood what should be said and what should not, how could they suddenly expose the cruel methods Old Demon had shown them?

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