Martial Peak

Chapter 4654

Chapter 4654 – Four Universe Pillars, World Spring

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The World Force that was originally in the shattered Spirit Province started streaming into Yang Kai’s Small Universe. It was supposed to be the source of power for the owner, but to Yang Kai, it was nothing but impurities that affected his foundation.

It wouldn’t have mattered if that was all though. After Yang Kai killed Zuo Quan Hui in the past, his Small Universe was also filled with impurities from the latter’s Small Universe. It only took him some time to get rid of them.

The crux of the problem was that the World Force in his Small Universe was madly leaving him, which caught him off guard. That was the reason he was all flustered and battered.

As Yang Kai suppressed his weltering vitality, he took a glance at his Small Universe and became stunned.

He could see that there was a spring that had landed in his Small Universe alongside the shattered Spirit Province and settled down. The spring was deep and crystal clear. As his World Force streamed into it, the spring became increasingly fortified.

Following the appearance of this spring, some subtle changes took place in his Small Universe. He could feel a stream of invisible but truly existent aura wafting from the spring and assimilating into his Small Universe.

[What in the world is this?] Yang Kai was both shocked and doubtful.

He initially thought that there was an artifact or a precious treasure hidden in the shattered Spirit Province. It never crossed his mind that it was a spring.

Furthermore, the spring was madly absorbing his World Force in order to integrate into his Small Universe. Although he was taken aback because of that, he had a feeling that it was an invaluable treasure.

Yang Kai could confirm that the spring belonged to the owner of the Universe Cave Heaven, and the reason the High-Rank Masters got into a fight must have been to claim ownership of this thing. It was just that Yang Kai came across it first and snatched it.

Fortunately, even though the turn of events was shocking, the spring didn’t suck all of Yang Kai’s power out. More than ten breaths later, the noise in his Small Universe subsided as he finally managed to stabilize himself.

Three Divine Senses targeted him from behind at that moment as they sent out their Divine Abilities at the same time. Drenched in cold sweat, Yang Kai instantaneously disappeared from the spot.

A moment later, three figures shot past this place. They were the old woman with grey hair, the young woman with a curvy figure, and the middle-aged man with an ordinary face.

Presently, their streams of Divine Sense were entangled with one another. Although they were united in chasing after Yang Kai, that didn’t stop them from secretly exchanging moves. Two people were defeated earlier and were forced to look for a place to recuperate.

If nothing unexpected happened, given Yang Kai’s cultivation and his mastery over the Dao of Space, even thirty Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters wouldn’t be able to capture him, let alone three people.

However, since the day when the spring settled into his Small Universe, it would break out from time to time, and each time it did, Yang Kai’s World Force would madly leave him while his Small Universe fell into turmoil. During these events, he was unable to keep running, He could only stop to adjust his breathing and consume a lot of Open Heaven Pills to replenish his energy.

Fortunately, the breakouts usually wouldn’t last for a long time. Sometimes they’d last more than ten breaths, and sometimes they’d only last for a few breaths. Otherwise, he couldn’t possibly have kept escaping.

However, with this being the case, Yang Kai was never able to fully shake off the three Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters chasing him. Every time he successfully widened the gap between them, the turmoil in his Small Universe would make his effort go down the drain.

Yang Kai was so exasperated that he wanted to curse; however, compared to the displeasure he felt while running away, he was pleasantly surprised by the transformation taking place in his Small Universe. That was because he realised that every time a breakout took place, his Small Universe would become sturdier by a small margin. These changes were intangible, but real.

If the Small Universes of Open Heaven Realm Masters were compared to houses, the Small Universe of a Low-Rank Master was like a dilapidated cottage where water would leak through the ceiling should there be any rainy weather. The Small Universe of a Mid-Rank Master was like a solid wooden house. It was definitely better than the broken cottage, but it wasn’t anything amazing.

On the other hand, the Small Universe of a High-Rank Master was like a finely made stone house. Its foundation wouldn’t be destroyed even if there was a fierce storm. There was no way the house would be shattered unless it was faced with extreme weather.

Yang Kai’s original Small Universe was somewhere between a wooden house and a stone house. It was neither good nor bad; however, as the invisible aura continued streaming out from the spring, Yang Kai’s Small Universe, which was his house, became increasingly fortified.

It was like a barrier was being slowly erected inside his Small Universe, reinforcing its very structure.

Despite not knowing what the spring was, Yang Kai figured out that it was a precious item that was beneficial to a cultivator’s Small Universe just by observing the transformation in his own Small Universe.

The information he had read from the ancient books flashed through his mind as he had a speculation about the thing he had accidentally snatched from the High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters.

A World Spring!

One of the Four Universe Pillars!

There were Four Universe Pillars, which were the Profound Fish, World Spring, Starry Night Sea, and Full Sky Cloud. Although they were not the most precious treasures in the expansive universe, they were still extremely rare and valuable, only really inferior to Supreme Treasures.

These Four Universe Pillars didn’t provide help to one’s cultivation or increase their rate of cultivation; however, each of them could fortify the Small Universe of an Open Heaven Realm Master, making it impossible for others to invade or even shake it.

Such an item was useless to any cultivator below the Open Heaven Realm, but it was a sought-after treasure for any Open Heaven Realm Master.

If Yang Kai was faced with an opponent who possessed one of the Four Universe Pillars, his Cow Punch Secret Technique would be useless. That was because he had to follow the traces of their World Force back to his opponent’s Small Universe through his Secret Technique.

With one of the Four Universe Pillars in possession, the opponent’s Small Universe would be void of any imperfections and much sturdier than average. Regardless of how powerful Yang Kai was, he would never be able to harm the other party’s Small Universe, thus rendering his Cow Punch unusable.

The Small Universe of a cultivator who possessed one of the Four Universe Pillars would be extremely sturdy and would essentially never fall into chaos.

When Yang Kai dealt with powerful opponents, sometimes his Small Universe would shake when he was hit hard enough by his opponents’ attacks, which caused his flow of World Force to also become unstable, causing him to be at a deep disadvantage.

This was an inevitable reality for all cultivators and would happen to Yang Kai when he fought High-Rank Masters.

However, with one of the Four Universe Pillars strengthening their Small Universe, an Open Heaven Realm Master wouldn’t have such worries when engaging in a life-and-death battle. When one’s Small Universe was sturdy while the other had destabilised, there was no doubt that the former would get the upper hand given that their heritages were equally matched.

The benefits of the Four Universe Pillars were immense for any Open Heaven Realm Master.

In fact, these four items were not the only treasures in the world that could strengthen the Small Universe, but they were the most effective and powerful, which was why they were called the Four Universe Pillars. With any one of them in possession, a cultivator’s Small Universe would be unshakable.

Besides the Four Great Universe Pillars, there were also the Twelve Minor Universe Pillars. Any one of them was extremely hard to find, and the average person wouldn’t be able to see one in their lifetime.

Yang Kai initially hadn’t realised what the spring was, but as he observed the transformation going on in his Small Universe recently, he could confirm that he had obtained one of the Four Universe Pillars, the World Spring.

It was no wonder that the High-Rank Masters were determined to destroy one another to get this item. It had to be noted that they had always hidden in the depths of the Shattered Heaven and usually wouldn’t show up once in 100 years, but now there were five of them who appeared at once. It wouldn’t have happened if the treasure wasn’t alluring enough.

They must be aware of the situation in the Universe Cave Heaven, so they had been waiting there in advance so that they could be the first to get in and fight for the treasure. However, they eventually caused the Universe Cave Heaven to collapse, and the shattered Spirit Province where the World Spring was located coincidentally flew towards Yang Kai, who decided to snatch it.

Upon confirming that it was the World Spring, Yang Kai felt both pleasantly surprised and helpless. He was pleasantly surprised because he wouldn’t have to be afraid of dealing with opponents who were stronger than he was with this thing in his possession. On the other hand, he felt helpless because the High-Rank Masters would never let him off since he had snatched such a treasure from them.

The World Spring was still in the process of integrating into his Small Universe. During this period of time, it would absorb a lot of the World Force and cause some occasional breakouts, which was why Yang Kai was so flustered.

He also didn’t have time to get rid of the impurities in his body. While running away, he was even forced to choke down a lot of Open Heaven Pills from time to time to restore his energy.

The originally conspicuous streams of Divine Sense behind him had become intermittent. It was apparent that the gap between them had widened, and it was hard for the High-Rank Masters to accurately locate him.

He believed that he would be able to get rid of them in a few days.

Three days later, all of the Divine Senses had disappeared. It was then Yang Kai let out a long breath. It was the first time he was chased after by so many High-Rank Masters, and it was extremely difficult to shake them off.

Without stopping, he made a detour and kept flying for a few days before landing on a shattered Spirit Province.

There were countless shattered Spirit Provinces of different sizes in the Shattered Heaven. After witnessing the sight of the Universe Cave Heaven getting destroyed, Yang Kai finally realised how these shattered Spirit Provinces came to be.

They were either the broken pieces of Universe Cave Heavens and Universe Paradises, or the things left behind the Universe Worlds of ancient times.

This place was desolate and void of people, so Yang Kai found a hidden place and concealed his aura before sitting down with his legs crossed.

After some calculations, he believed that it was about time for the World Spring to absorb his World Force again. Yang Kai had no idea when this kind of torture would end. He had only read some information about the Four Universe Pillars from some ancient books, but he had never expected that one would go through so much trouble by putting one of them inside their Small Universe.

It was no wonder that while the High-Rank Masters were killing each other, none of them attempted to put the World Spring in their Small Universe. Yang Kai initially thought that they didn’t have the energy to do so, but it now seemed that it was just one of the reasons. The most important reason was that they were aware of what would happen after they stored the World Spring. Therefore, before getting rid of all other opponents, none of them would foolishly take it, or else they would be creating a chance for the opponents to destroy them.

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