Martial Peak

Chapter 464 – Let Me Try

Just now Yang Wei had apparently seen some clues, so he had immediately tried to warn the Blood Warriors to withdraw. Unfortunately, he was not in time.

Yang Wei surely understood what this mysterious blue ribbon was.

Hearing Yang Zhao’s request, Yang Wei’s face remained indifferent, obviously not planning to reply, but when he turned and saw Liu Qing Yao who was still entangled by the blue ribbon and unable to move, he frowned slightly before nodding.

Even if he revealed this piece of information, it would do him no harm. What’s more, even if he did not speak, so long as these his brothers went back and asked the Blood Warrior, they would understand.

Although Liu Qing Yao relied on the power of the Water Moon Blue Wave Armour to block the blue energy ribbon from binding his body, it obviously was unable to completely resolve it either, so when he saw Yang Wei nod, he too couldn’t help glancing towards him and listening carefully.

“My Yang Family has four Grand Elders, all of whom are Above Immortal Ascension Boundary masters. With the addition of the Patriarch, that makes a total of five.” Yang Wei began calmly, “The other seven families also have roughly the same number, but these Above Immortal Ascension Boundary masters are all old people who almost never fight anymore. Even in the recent war with the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land, only one or two were dispatched. Among these Grand Elders, one of them is particularly well known for his binding techniques: The one who originated from the Blood Warrior Hall!”

“Huang Jiu Zhou?” Yang Zhao was shocked.

Of the four Yang Family Grand Elders, only one was from the Blood Warrior Hall! When he was young, he was also just a Yang Family Blood Warrior, but over many years he made great contributions to the Yang Family and was able to break through to the Above Immortal Ascension Boundary, reaching the peak of this world’s martial dao and was bestowed the rank of Grand Elder.

Every member of the Yang Family knew his name as he was the strongest living member of the Blood Warrior Hall. He was held up as an example to all, proof that if one cultivated diligently enough he could one day reach the same height as Huang Jiu Zhou.

“En,” Yang Wei nodded and pointed his finger at Liu Qing Yao. “These things stem from his hand! The Qi Binding Seal locks its target’s True Qi inside their own meridians, making it impossible to use!”

“These things were traps placed on them…” Yang Zhao nodded before suddenly realizing something, “Then our Blood Warriors…”

“Their True Qi is also sealed right now. Although they’ll be able to break the Qi Binding Seal on their own with their strength, without two or three months it will be impossible!” Yang Wei whispered.

All the Yang Family Young Lords suddenly wore ugly expressions.

Originally, they each had only two Blood Warriors at their disposal. One was responsible for guarding them, the other for guarding the flag. However, now each of them had lost one of these powerful guardians to Huang Jiu Zhou’s sinister methods. In the future, whether it was attacking or defending, the power available to each of them would decrease sharply.

Considering all this, everyone turned to look at Yang Kai, and could not help but envying him.

Only Yang Kai had managed to gather three Blood Warriors, so he could afford this loss.

Huang Jiu Zhou planting these Qi Binding Seals in the eight Mysterious Grade artifacts was obviously the Yang Family’s arrangement, another means to accelerate the progress of the Inheritance War. With six fewer Blood Warriors available to stabilize the situation, the battles would surely become more dangerous and consequential.

“Serves you right!” Yang Kang looked at Liu Qing Yao who was still struggling with the Qi Binding Seal and gloated. “Young Lord Liu, even my Yang Family Blood Warriors couldn’t escape these Qi Binding Seals, I think you should just accept your fate. Obediently hand over the artifact in your hand and we brother’s won’t hold this affront against you.”

Liu Qing Yao’s expression remained cold and indifferent, snorting dismissively before ignoring Yang Kang’s banters.

Seeing this, Yang Kang became a little annoyed, coldly saying, “Liu Qing Yao, even if you refuse to accept reality you have no choice. This artifact snatching battle was my Yang Family’s arrangement. What rright do you have to interfere?”

“It’s a Mysterious Grade artifact. Of course I want one for myself!” Liu Qing Yao finally responded, his tone neither cold nor hot, not a trace of panic despite being trapped.

There were not many Mysterious Grade artifacts in this world, and the Yang Family suddenly coming up with so many at once would clearly be too big a loss. In all likelihood, these eight artifacts were donated by all Eight Great Families, one from each family, so why else would the numbers be so coincidental?

Liu Qing Yao being tempted by these Mysterious Grade artifacts was understandable, as was his decision to participate in order to snatch one.

This explained why he came here this time, but no one had expected that the final eight artifacts not only had a fierce attack sealed within them, but also had Huang Jiu Zhou’s Qi Binding Seal hidden inside as well. This two layered trap had actually simultaneously ensnared six Blood Warriors.

“Since you’ve admitted so, then don’t blame us brothers for acting in kind.” Yang Kang sneered glancing around at the other Young Lords, “Who would like try grabbing Young Lord’s Liu’s artifact first?”

The sealed attacks and Qi Binding Seals in that artifact had already been triggered, anyone could take it away at will now. As for the remaining artifact, it had already fallen into Po Jing Lake.

Yang Kang’s proposal made Yang Shen and Yang Ying very excited, suddenly showing an eagerness to try.

If he was at his peak, none of them would dare have any ideas about fighting Liu Qing Yao, but now all his strength was being used to resist the Qi Binding Seal, how could he have any spare energy to fight others?

Yang Wei didn’t say anything and Yang Zhao simply stood there smiling, no one able to figure out what he was thinking.

Yang Kang couldn’t work up the courage to ask either of them so he eventually turned his attention to Yang Kai, “Ninth Brother, say something.”

Yang Kai shrugged his shoulders in response, “You help yourself.”

“Ninth Brother!” Yang Kang’s expression suddenly became grim, “Although we are all opponents, right now you should give Fifth Brother some face, the thing he snatched originally should be ours.”

Yang Kai simply shook his head and firmly declared, “If I want something, I’ll grab it myself.”

“Fine!” Yang Kang sneered, no longer haggling over things, turning to stare at Liu Qing Yao, “Young Lord Liu, don’t struggle. It’s pointless to resist.”

Liu Qing Yao sneered back, his expression becoming cold as his True Qi suddenly surged. At the same time, the Water Moon Blue Wave Armour on his body also began flickering and the patterns of rivers, fish, and crescent moons gradually became illusory.

Yang Kang and the others expression rapidly changed as they yelled out, “Liu Qing Yao, are you crazy!? That’s a Mysterious Grade artifact!”

Liu Qing Yao didn’t respond, instead pushing his True Qi even harder.

*Pa…* The river pattern on the Water Moon Blue Wave Armour suddenly burst, and with the disappearance of the river, the Qi Binding Seal cracked slightly.


The crescent moon disappeared next, further fragmenting the Qi Binding Seal.


With the final fish pattern disappearing, the blue Qi Binding Seal also shattered like a broken mirror and burst open.

The Water Moon Blue Wave Armour worn by Liu Qing Yao simultaneously disintegrated and scattered into the winds.

The surrounding glow gradually dimmed as this rare and precious Mysterious Grade artifact finally died.

Like a tiger which had just escaped from its cage, Liu Qing Yao let out a long breath before gazing sharply at everyone around him, “A trivial Qi Binding Seal wants to restrain me, Liu Qing Yao? You Yang Family people look down on me far too much!”

Yang Kang and the others trembled fiercely, staring blankly at the Central Capital’s First Young Lord, shaking their heads slowly as they grinned wryly.

Having witnessed this display, Yang Kai’s eyes also narrowed, secretly admiring Liu Qing Yao. This unyielding young man clearly demonstrated he would rather break than bend.

On the other hand, the six Blood Warriors failed to resist the Qi Binding Seal not because they were weak, but because they didn’t have a heritage like Liu Qing Yao’s.

Liu Qing Yao was only able to break free of the shackles of the Qi Binding Seal by sacrificing his own Water Moon Blue Wave Armour; the price could only be described as enormous.

Moreover, not every artifact was capable of pulling this off, this was clearly one of the Water Moon Blue Wave Armour’s last resort abilities.

“Do you want to fight alone or together? This Liu will accept any challenge!” Liu Qing Yao declared as he overlooked the six brothers proudly.

Yang Kang’s face couldn’t help twitching.

Just now he had been eager to start something with Liu Qing Yao, but now that the situation had taken a sharp turn, he didn’t dare to step forward. If he were to be defeated by Liu Qing Yao here, he would lose all face.

Yang Shen and Yang Ying’s expression were also ugly, unconsciously glancing over towards Yang Wei, counting on him to say something.

Now that Liu Qing Yao had uttered this challenge, if none of the brothers said anything, not only would they lose face, the Yang Family would as well. Once word of such an incident spread, the rest of the world would start thinking that the Yang Family was just a soft persimmon!

“The artifact is right here!” Liu Qing Yao lifted the artifact he had just snatched up high and sneered, “If any of you can withstand three of my moves, this Liu will willingly hand it over!”

Being repeatedly provoked so made the Yang Family’s Young Lords all look sullen.

Even Yang Zhao, the best among them at hiding his thoughts, couldn’t help showing signs of anger.

This bloody battle was their stage, an internal struggle for supremacy, but now this Liu Qing Yao had decided to butt in and casually disdain them, how could they not be angered?

However, out of all of them, the strongest Yang Wei was still just an Immortal Ascension Boundary Second Stage and he had already fought Liu Qing Yao once so he had an understanding of the depths of his strength. If he didn’t dare to step forward to meet Liu Qing Yao’s challenge, what chance would anyone else have?

Everyone felt completely embarrassed!

Especially considering the fact that the Yang Family was widely recognized as the head of the Central Capital’s Eight Great Families.

Yang Wei’s brow furrowed, knowing that maintaining this stalemate was not a solution. Liu Qing Yao had spoken loudly, if none of them fought him now, it would only cause the crowds spectating down below to underestimate the Yang Family.

Just as he was about to agree, taking on a personal embarrassment to preserve the Yang Family’s reputation, Yang Kai grinned and took a step forward, casually asking, “Whoever can withstand three of your moves was it?”

Liu Qing Yao immediately frowned, not having thought that the first to answer his challenge would be Yang Kai, but he still nodded once and replied, “Correct!”

“Block three of your attacks and the artifact is mine?”


“Good! Said it and meant it! Let me try!” Yang Kai nodded lightly, no signs of tension on his face at all.

As soon as he spoke these words, Yang Wei hurriedly objected, “Ninth Brother, don’t be impulsive.”

“There’s no problem.” Yang Kai waved his hand and said, “Big Brother, just stand back and watch, I’ll prove that our Yang Family people can’t be bullied so easily.”

Yang Wei looked sluggish.

Yang Zhao and the others were also stunned, not understanding where their youngest brother had picked up such courage. Although they all knew from the past few battles that Yang Kai’s own combat power wasn’t weak, but this time his opponents was also not ordinary.

This was the Central Capital’s younger generation’s well known first expert!

Everyone couldn’t help thinking Yang Kai was simply acting rashly out of anger.

With his True Element Boundary Eighth Stage cultivation, facing off against an Immortal Ascension Boundary Third Stage master, he basically had no hope of winning.

No one knew what Yang Kai had to back him up. The Mysterious Grade Artifact had just fallen to his hands, and had not been refined yet. Therefore, it was of no use.

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