Martial Peak

Chapter 438 – Provocation

As the Senior Brother and Junior Sister were talking, they suddenly saw Yang Kai walk out from inside.

“Brother Chen, Junior Sister Su, I trust you’ve been well since we last met.” Yang Kai smiled warmly, seemingly quite happy about reuniting with the pair after so long.

Chen Xue Shu and Su Xiao Yu had both speculated that the Yang Kai they knew was the one from the Central Capital’s Yang Family, but after seeing this familiar face, both of them couldn’t help tensing up, even forgetting to answer, just stupidly standing in the same place and staring.

At this moment, the two did not know why their hearts clenched a bit, perhaps it was because they were worried about them having the qualifications to associate with such a person, causing them to feel somewhat lost and embarrassed.

“Do I have flowers on my face?” Seeing them hesitate, Yang Kai snorted somewhat unhappily.

Hearing the affinity in his tone, the Senior Brother and Junior Sister returned to the sense and calmed their frayed nerves.

Chen Xue Shu took the initiative to say hello, “Junior Brother Yang, we meet again.”

Su Xiao Yu even smiled slightly as she looked Yang Kai over, commenting, “Why you! You really are a person from the Central Capital Yang Family, we didn’t have a clue! How could you not tell us!?”

“Junior Sister!” Chen Xue tugged Su Xiao Yu’s sleeve and chided, “The Yang Family has its own rules. When their descendants go out for life experience they must not reveal their identity, Junior Brother Yang wasn’t deliberately deceiving you.”

“I know.” Su Xiao Yu smiled and stuck out her tongue playfully, “I was just a bit surprised is all.”

“It’s not too late to know now. Come in.” Yang Kai warmly said, ushering the two inside.

All the way, Su Xiao Yu was like a twittering sparrow. She had come from a second-class Sect, so although she was one of the future pillars of the Reflecting Moon Sect, her experience and vision was still quite lacking compared to those from first-class forces, let alone the Young Lords and Young Ladies from the Central Capital’s super-forces, suddenly being thrown into such an environment she was naturally curious.

Especially given that the person showing her around was someone she knew and had a good friendship with.

Su Xiao Yu’s questions were mixed and chaotic, just like a villager from the countryside visiting the big city for the first time, everything around her was new and fresh.

Yang Kai led the pair inside as he responded casually to Su Xiao Yu’s incessant questions while Chen Xue smiled and shook his head.

“Your Yang Family colossus right? I heard that it occupies one-tenth of the entire Central Capital and that it takes three days and three nights on horseback just to ride a across its territory, is that true?” Su Xiao Yu Yue asked excitedly.

However, Yang Kai hadn’t had a chance to answer before a sudden burst of mocking laughter rang out.

When this sound reached her ear, Su Xiao Yu couldn’t help but glance around her surroundings, only then did she discover that Yang Kai had led them to a large hall where many people had already gathered.

The various Young Lords and Young Ladies seated around the main table all wore expensive robes and gave of imposing auras. Each of them also had strong guardians around them as well as numerous pieces of fine jewellery and flashy accessories which were obviously high grade artifacts.

In contrast, although she and Chen Xue both also wore a number of artifacts and were not dressed poorly, compared with those people it was still as different as Heaven and Earth.

The young man who had sneered at her question was one of those sitting at the table, and at the moment he was looking at her and her Senior Brother like a pair of country bumpkins.

Su Xiao Yu suddenly turned bright red, wanting to dig a hole and crawl inside so she could escape from these people’s stares.

Yang Kai frowned slightly before wearing a kind smile again, “Don’t listen to outside rumours, the Yang Family’s power isn’t small but it isn’t so exaggerated.”

“En.” Su Xiao Yu’s eyelashes flashed brightly, even though Yang Kai had covered for her, she was still somewhat embarrassed. Chen Xue Shu gently took her hand in order to comfort her, finally relaxing Su Xiao Yu’s tense mood.

She really hadn’t expected so many people of great status would be waiting here, if she had, she wouldn’t have asked so many silly questions.

It was true that she hadn’t experienced much of the world, but when she went out, she also knew what to say and what to do. It was just because of Yang Kai’s easygoing and friendly reception that she had been too relaxed. Because she was of an ordinary origin but had found herself thrown into such an extraordinary situation that Su Xiao Yu had happily asked all the questions that had come to her mind, but that didn’t mean she wanted all of them to pass on to bystander’s ears.

“Come in, let me introduce you…” Yang Kai brushed over the awkward atmosphere and enthusiastically said, “These two are friends I met in an isolated world, Reflecting Moon Sect’s Chen Xue Shu and Su Xiao Yu.”

In that isolated world, Yang Kai had received a lot of guidance from Chen Xue Shu, the Senior Brother and Junior Sister pair had also invited Yang Kai to travel together with them.

At that time, they were both True Element Boundary Third Stage cultivators while Yang Kai had only reached the Separation and Reunion Boundary Third Stage, Chen Xue Shu and Su Xiao Yu had obviously wanted to take care of him.

For this reason, Yang Kai was very fond of both of them.

Chen Xue smiled and shook his head, “Junior Brother Yang is too polite. In truth it was Junior Brother Yang who saved both myself and Junior Sister Su. If it weren’t for Junior Brother Yang, we two may have already turned into withered skeletons. We owe him our lives.”

“If you’re a friend of Yang Kai’s, then you’re this Dong Qing Han’s friend too.” Dong Qing Han smiled and got cupped his fists. He knew that anyone who could be called Yang Kai’s friends were naturally people who shared a bond which wasn’t based on benefits and interests.

Such people would be heavily favoured by Yang Kai. In general, the Young Lords from great forces and families all had a common problem which was when others approached them, they had to first suspect whether their intentions were pure or based solely on what profits they could make.

Therefore, Dong Qing Han treated these two very seriously.

“So it is Young Master Dong!” Chen Xue apparently had heard Dong Qing Han’s name before and quickly made a polite gesture.

“Purple Fern Valley, Fan Hong!”

“Greetings, Brother Fan.”

“Qiu Family, Qiu Yi Meng.” The Qiu Family’s First Young Lady smiled slightly, her face filled with a noble air that in no way detracted from her attractiveness.

Chen Xue Shu was immediately shocked while Su Xiao Yu also showed great surprise as she stared at Qiu Yi Meng.

“So it is Young Lady Qiu, we have long heard of and admired you!” This was not just flattery, Chen Xue Shu sincerely admired this famous young lady.

Qiu Yi Meng smiled happily, turning a glance towards Yang Kai, seemingly trying to say that even though he wouldn’t take her seriously, she was still a world famous member of the younger generation admired by many.

Everyone who sat around the table all gave Yang Kai face and greeted Chen Xue Shu and Su Xiao Yu politely, only Lu Song sat on his chair silently, his expression containing no small amount of disdain.

However, Chen Xue Shu still turned to him, smiled and cupped his fists, “Dare I ask this Young Lord’s name…”

He naturally saw that this person somewhat despised him and his Junior Sister, the ridicule he had uttered the moment they entered the hall was all the proof he required, but being from a second-class Sect, Chen Xue Shu knew it wasn’t out of the ordinary for a first-class family’s Young Lord to look down on them, so he didn’t feel any particular grievances about the other’s attitude.

Moreover, the people here should all be allies of Yang Kai so how could he embarrass him? Instead Chen Xue Shu decided it was best if he could resolve the contradiction between him and Lu Song peacefully.

After all, if all went well, everyone here would be working together in the future, if there were contradictions between allies, it would only cause problems for Yang Kai who was the master of this place.

Unexpectedly though, when Chen Xue Shu lowered his attitude and spoke politely, Lu Song actually didn’t say anything back, like he hadn’t heard anything at all, simply sitting there sipping his tea disdainfully.

Yang Kai stared at this situation as his lips slowly formed into a cold smile.

Immediately after, he turned to look at Qiu Yi Meng.

In some sense, Lu Song was still Qiu Yi Meng’s cousin, Yang Kai wanted to question who had given Lu Song the guts to act so unruly in his house.

When his eyes met the Qiu Family’s First Young Lady’s eyes, Qiu Yi Meng actually just smiled meaningfully and slowly shook her head.

Seeing this, Yang Kai’s brow furrowed slightly as the coldness in his gaze became even more severe.

Chen Xue Shu waited for a moment but when Lu Song failed to answer, he couldn’t help looking a little embarrassed, patiently asking one more, “This brother, is there some way I have offended you? If so, this Chen hopes that the Young Lord can show magnanimity and forgive this one’s transgression.”

Hearing these words, Su Xiao Yu’s eyes instantly became a bit wet as she desperately tried to suppress her urge to cry.

Chen Xue Shu was her Senior Brother and her lover. Being ridiculed by Lu Song was already a slap to her face, now seeing the beloved hero in her heart have to apologize and lower his head for her, how could she not feel bad?

Especially since the other party was simply ignoring them for no reason.

With tears in her eyes, Su Xiao Yu turned her head and silently appealed to Yang Kai in the hopes that he could settle this quarrel so her Senior Brother would no longer have to debase himself.

Seeing this, Yang Kai only smiled lightly at her as he silently mouthed a few words. Su Xiao Yu didn’t see exactly what he said, but the meaning in his eyes was clearly conveyed.

“Don’t worry!”

Su Xiao Yu’s mood suddenly calmed down, knowing that Yang Kai wouldn’t sit by and do nothing; she quickly took a deep breath and stifled the tears in her eyes, no longer making a sound.

After Chen Xue Shu’s second attempt, Lu Song finally put down his teacup and shook his head arrogantly, “It’s nothing serious, you haven’t offended me. It’s just that I am a solitary person not good at communicating, especially with those who don’t know their place, nothing more.”

Chen Xue Shu’s expression stiffened, but he still somehow managed a smile and said, “So that is it, this Chen was too presumptuous.”

Lu Song raised his eyes and finally looked at Chen Xue, chuckling somewhat, “You are from Reflecting Moon Sect?”

“Yes, we Senior Brother and Junior Sister come from Reflecting Moon Sect.”

“How many people have you brought with you to participate in this Inheritance War?”

Chen Xue Shu’s face became awkward as he hesitantly replied, “There are only my Junior Sister and myself for the time being, but…”

But before he could finish, he was interrupted by Lu Song’s sneer.

The Lu Family’s Young Lord stood up, crossing his arms behind his back as he lifted his chin slightly, giving off an aloof prideful aura, “Only the two of you… Both of you only at the True Element Boundary Seventh Stage? You think such pitiful strength makes you worthy of participating in the Inheritance War? Do you think this is a children’s game?”

Facing such naked contempt, Chen Xue Shu was struck silent, his face blushing bright red with embarrassment once more.

Lu Song confidently stole a quick glance at Qiu Yi Meng. Upon seeing the Qui Family’s Young Lady smile back at him with a look of approval, Lu Song felt further emboldened and decided to strike while the iron was hot and completely humiliate the two youths in front of him.

“Do you know how much my Lu Family has invested here?” Lu Song looked at Chen Xue Shu with contempt, “Two Immortal Ascension Boundary Seventh Stage masters, one Immortal Ascension Boundary Fourth Stage, two Immortal Ascension Boundary Third Stages and twenty True Element Boundary cultivators along with countless supplies.”

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