Martial Peak

Chapter 4379

Chapter 4379 – This King Is…

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The person was the only subordinate of Ti Zheng’s that survived. It wasn’t certain what kind of attack he had suffered from, but at this moment, he was spraying out a mouthful of blood and tumbling through the void like a sack.

“Sir! Run! Black Crow set up an ambush!” The person exclaimed.

“Black Crow!?” Ti Zheng was both shocked and infuriated.

If he were in peak condition, he, a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, naturally wouldn’t be afraid of Black Crow; however, at this moment, his Small Universe was in an unstable state, so he wasn’t able to battle against anyone. If he forcefully tried to stimulate his World Force, there would be a risk his Small Universe would collapse, and the consequences would be dreadful. He felt resentful, thinking that Black Crow must be aware that he was in a terrible condition, so the latter seized the chance and attacked him. There was no doubt that Black Crow was a despicable person.

After hesitating between fighting and fleeing for a moment, Ti Zheng gritted his teeth and turned to leave.

Presently, Black Crow had many powerful Open Heaven Realm Masters working for him, and he himself was a Master who had been reborn by seizing another’s body, so he probably had a lot of dangerous methods at his disposal. It would be a foolish decision if Ti Zheng decided to stay as he might lose his life here.

At that moment, he felt completely vexed. If he hadn’t been injured, he wouldn’t have been oppressed by someone much weaker than him. He had never felt so humiliated in his life.

While he was still lost in his thoughts, Ti Zheng suddenly heard a series of gentle thuds, then his entire figure shook as though something had penetrated his defence and reached for his vital points.

Following a sharp pain, he realised that it was difficult for him to use his strength, and even his figure had stiffened.

A hand had silently penetrated his body from behind and grasped his heart.

Ti Zheng widened his eyes in fury as he was bound to the spot. With difficulty, he turned his head and saw a face that was covered with Demon Qi, then his expression darkened.

The Demon Qi weltered and cleared away before a smiling but wicked-looking face was revealed. He was none other than Ti Zheng’s only surviving subordinate.

It was then Ti Zheng realised that he had been set up by his own subordinate, which was totally inconceivable to him. Certainly, he had figured out by now that Black Crow was nowhere near, and that it was this person who detonated the ship on his own.

“What are you doing, Mo Sheng!” Ti Zheng asked in a grim voice.

“Mo Sheng?” The man chuckled, “You’re wrong. This King isn’t Mo Sheng. Mo Sheng is long dead. This King is just using his body.”

“You took over his body?” Ti Zheng’s face fell as he recalled something.

Many years ago, a person named Mo Sheng suddenly came to Myriad Demons Heaven and claimed that he was the Sect’s disciple. However, he accidently fell into a Sealed World and became trapped for many years. Right after he broke free from that place, he immediately returned to Myriad Demons Heaven.

However, since the incident took place too long ago, the records from that period were spotty at best, especially regarding a lower-level disciple.

Nevertheless, they still found a document from over a hundred thousand years ago that had some information about Mo Sheng, thus confirming that he was indeed their disciple. In the past, he suddenly disappeared for no reason, and there had never been any news about him since. This was similar to the statement he had given; moreover, his pure Demon Qi couldn’t be faked, so Myriad Demons Heaven accepted him in the end.

When Mo Sheng returned to the Sect at that time, he still wasn’t an Open Heaven Realm Master, but his aptitude was excellent, so he managed to ascend to the Fifth-Order Open Heaven in just a few years. He was then assigned to work under Ti Zheng.

Since they had to set up a Locking Divine Spirit Array this time, Ti Zheng decided to bring ‘Mo Sheng’ with him. However, it never crossed his mind that he’d be harmed by this person instead of getting killed by Zhu Jiu Yin.

Ti Zheng’s fury was burning within him as he widened his eyes and said through clenched teeth, “Who are you?”

The person replied smilingly, “Do you want to know? I don’t mind telling you.” Then, he sported a solemn expression and yelled, “This King is Wu Kuang, the one destined to conquer the 3,000 Worlds and one day become its supreme ruler!”

Ti Zheng was so exasperated that he started laughing, “You want to be the ruler of the 3,000 Worlds? Ridiculous!” He looked at Wu Kuang as though the latter was a lunatic. Usually, if he heard a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master say such a thing, he would’ve laughed out loud. Nevertheless, at this moment, he didn’t have the strength to do so.

Wu Kuang chuckled and said, “You won’t be able to find out whether I’m being ridiculous or not because… you’re going to die today! Don’t even try to use your World Force. This King’s All Sealing Needle is an ancient artifact. Once it’s inserted into a person’s body, it will seal off his Small Universe unless he’s able to force it out. It seems that you’re really severely wounded; otherwise, I wouldn’t have stood a chance to succeed.”

Ti Zheng said grimly, “So what if you kill me? You want to become the ruler of the 3,000 Worlds? That’s a pretty ambitious goal. Why don’t you release me and let this Monarch lend you a hand instead?”

His Small Universe was in chaos, so he was unable to surge his power to begin with. Now, his World Force had even been restricted by Wu Kuang’s All Sealing Needle, so he was totally powerless to counterattack. Therefore, he was racking his brain to come up with a way to get himself out of danger.

Wu Kuang sneered, “Do you think this King is a three-year-old child who would believe such an empty promise? You’ll kill me the moment I release you, am I right?”

Ti Zheng said, “I can make a heart demon oath. As long as you release me, I’ll never settle accounts with you. What’s more, I can give you a lot of resources for cultivation. As a mere Fifth-Order Open Heaven cultivator, without my support, it will take you ages to reach the Seventh-Order. However, things will be different with my backing. I can assure you that I’ll help you ascend to the Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm within 1,000 years as long as you have the necessary aptitude.”

Wu Kuang shook his head, “1,000 years is too long.”

Ti Zheng’s face fell as he said, “How can you say that it’s too long a time to go from the Fifth-Order to the Seventh-Order? Do you know how long it took this Monarch to go from the Sixth-Order to the Seventh-Order?”

“I’m not interested to find out anything about you,” Wu Kuang scoffed.

A pale Ti Zheng snapped, “Are you determined to kill me? Even if you kill me here, you won’t get any benefits! Most of this Monarch’s assets have fallen into that brat Yang Kai’s hands, so what’s the point of you doing this?” This was what puzzled Ti Zheng the most. Even though Wu Kuang had taken over Mo Sheng’s body, Ti Zheng reckoned that he had been treating him well over the years as he rarely reproached him. What was Wu Kuang trying to do by taking such a huge risk to launch a sneak attack on him at this moment?

“Your very existence is the biggest benefit for me, Sir.” Wu Kuang looked fervently at Ti Zheng as he licked his lips, “I’ve never tasted a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master before. I’ll enjoy it now, Sir! Please do your best to persevere until the end!”

Following that, Ti Zheng suddenly felt a horrifying suction coming from the hand that was grasping his heart.

Under the influence of this suction force, his Blood Essence and the heritage of his Small Universe uncontrollably streamed towards Wu Kuang.

A horrified Ti Zheng widened his eyes and exclaimed, “The Grand Evolution Immortal Blood Light Scripture!?”

Soon, however, he shook his head and realised that it wasn’t the Grand Evolution Immortal Blood Light Scripture. Even though he had never cultivated it before, thus not knowing the abstruseness of it, one of his disciples had comprehended some chapters of the scripture before. Therefore, Ti Zheng had some basic understanding of it.

As far as he knew, the Grand Evolution Immortal Blood Light Scripture was indeed an incredible Secret Art, but it could only be used to absorb Blood Essence. There was no way it could absorb the heritage of a person’s Small Universe like what was happening now.

Wu Kuang’s Secret Art shared some similarities with Grand Evolution Immortal Blood Light Scripture, but it seemed that his was even more powerful.

“What kind of evil technique is this!?” Ti Zheng asked in horror.

“Heaven Devouring Battle Law!” Wu Kuang seemed to be enjoying himself greatly, as though he was feasting on the most delectable delicacy in the world. Not only did he appear ecstatic, but his voice quivered in ecstasy, “It is the Secret Art that this King devised himself. How does it feel, Sir?”

Upon hearing that, Ti Zheng was flabbergasted.

This person was an extraordinary genius to be able to create such a Secret Art. Just now, Ti Zheng scoffed at Wu Kuang for shamelessly boasting that he would conquer the entire 3,000 Worlds and become its ruler. But now, Ti Zheng kind of believed him.

A person who was able to devise such a Secret Art was bound to achieve great things in life.

It was a shame that he had only ascended to the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm, so the limitations of his future had been set in stone.

“Wonderful!” Wu Kuang guffawed, “A Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master tastes much better than those Fourth and Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm cultivators. Sir, your power is sufficient for me to ascend to the Sixth-Order! Many thanks for giving it to me!”

Upon hearing that, Ti Zheng recalled that there were times when several of his subordinates and Wu Kuang went out to carry out some tasks, but some of his subordinates would be killed in the end and only a battered Wu Kuang managed to return.

Ti Zheng had only thought that they had come across some kind of danger, but now it seemed that his subordinates were actually killed by Wu Kuang.

As he felt the foundation of his Small Universe leaving him like a flood and he couldn’t help but feel flustered even though he was usually a resolute person.

It wasn’t like he had never expected to die one day. There was no way a Human could live forever, but this kind of death was simply too miserable.

Presently, the All Sealing Needle in his body had sealed off his Small Universe, which disallowed him to use his own power as he pleased. If he rashly surged his World Force, his situation would probably exacerbate. Faced with this lunatic named Wu Kuang, Ti Zheng realised that there was nothing he could do to deal with him.

As his thoughts ran through his mind, he suddenly said through gritted teeth, “Since you want to devour this King’s power, I’ll give it all to you. Let’s see how much you can absorb!”

Upon finishing his words, instead of trying to stop his strength from leaving his body, he did the opposite and cooperated. As he bore the excruciating pain, he attempted to force the All Sealing Needle out of his body while frantically infusing the power of his Small Universe into Wu Kuang’s body.

Even though Wu Kuang’s Heaven Devouring Battle Law was an extremely evil art, he was just a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master. Therefore, he was still much weaker than a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, and the capacity of his body and Small Universe was limited. If Ti Zheng could push him over the edge, he might stand a chance to live.

Surprisingly, Wu Kuang started laughing like a madman, “Many thanks, Sir! Please give me all of your power!” As he spoke, a layer of blood mist formed around his body, and even all his seven orifices started bleeding. It was apparent that he had been impacted by Ti Zheng’s efforts.

Upon seeing that, Ti Zheng clenched his teeth and continued what he was doing to fight for a chance to survive.

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