Martial Peak

Chapter 430 – You Go Too!

In front of the mansion’s entrance, Ying Jiu had appeared like a ghost, killed three people, and then faded back into the shadows. This brief series of events cause Yang Shen’s allies to not dare intrude rashly again, each of them glancing around at one another, their gloomy expression speaking louder than any words could.

Yang Shen’s face was also sullen, his stomach full of grievances, but still he didn’t issue any further orders.

Yang Zhao frowned as well, a million questions flashing across his mind.

Ying Jiu hadn’t used his Mad Tyrant Blood Skill, but the strength he displayed was still so fierce. If he was still injured as he was earlier today, this should definitely not be the case. Yang Zhao had gathered intelligence before coming here and knew that although both Ying Jiu and Qu Gao Yi were the elites of the Blood Warrior Hall, they were so heavily wounded right now that any Immortal Ascension Boundary Sixth Stage master should have easily been able to beat them.

Did he really recover from his wounds already?

Or did he have some special method to suppress his injury?

In his confusion, Yang Zhao continued to speculate about various possibilities.

As for Qu Gao Yi, he hadn’t said a word from the beginning, nor had he moved at all, the biggest motion he had made was the simply glancing of his eyes. If not for him still breathing, this Blood Warrior could have been mistaken as dead.

After being surrounded by five people, his expression hadn’t changed at all, still remaining completely indifferent.

Yang Zhao suddenly felt a headache.

Although the strength he and Yang Shen had brought wasn’t weak, if they wanted to snatch the flag under the eyes of two Blood Warriors, they would need to take some big risks.

The biggest question now was just how much strength these two Blood Warriors could display.

If all of this was simply an act to deceive them, then Yang Zhao had confidence in letting Yang Kai retire tonight, but if not…

After a long silence, Yang Zhao coldly snorted and said, “Sixth Brother, it looks like you can’t eat the flag alone.”

Yang Shen’s face remained cold and aloof.

“In this case, Second Brother will lend you a hand,” Yang Zhao stared down below and said unhurriedly.

Tonight was a rare opportunity, and Yang Zhao didn’t want to miss it. Even knowing that this decision wasn’t the safest course of action, his instincts were telling him that this was the right decision.

“If Second Brother helps me, then the flag will belong to…” Yang Shen had just suffered a loss, so he acted much more prudently, making sure to ask this question before agreeing.

“We can discuss that later.” Would Yang Zhao be willing to make a losing investment? Now that it wasn’t clear where Yang Kai was, if he agreed to relinquish the flag as well, he might not gain anything for his efforts tonight.

Yang Shen’s brow wrinkled but he didn’t quarrel with Yang Zhao about him going back on their agreement, eventually just nodding in agreement, “Good.”

With four of the masters amongst his allies being killed already, Yang Shen was anxious to achieve a win in order to salvage the situation.

“Then, let’s go!” Yang Zhao chuckled and waved his hand.

Two Immortal Ascension Boundary Fifth Stage masters behind Ye Xin Rou as well as masters from the Xiang and Nan Families stepped forward. Yang Shen also signaled to the people he had brought, silently telling them to prepare.

At this moment, the two brothers had joined forces, and more than a dozen Immortal Ascension masters flew down towards the mansion’s front yard along with a large group of True Element Boundary cultivators.

“Heh heh, let me make it clear first, you all can play, but don’t get me involved, this young master is just here to watch the fun,” Huo Xing Chen chuckled and took the initiative to step back.

Qiu Yi Meng sneered at his words and sent swift kick to his ass, causing him to stumble forward while Xiang Tian Xiao also stepped up.

The people from the Autumn Rain Hall and the ones brought by Xiang Tian Xiao also suddenly appeared, immediately filling out the defence line; unfortunately, although there were a lot of them, their strength wasn’t high.

The masters brought by Yang Zhao and Yang Shen obviously weren’t afraid of these newcomers, not even slowing their pace as they approached the mansion’s entrance.

Qu Gao Yi, who had stood still as a mountain this whole time, suddenly roared, a violent wave of True Qi bursting from his body causing a heavy pressure to be felt by everyone in the yard. Calling out in a thunderous voice, he firmly declared, “If you want to enter the mansion, you’ll have to pass me first!”

Full of vigor, Qu Gao Yi showed no signs of injury at all.

Yang Zhao and Yang Shen’s people who had been focusing on the shadows where Ying Jiu was lurking suddenly froze, listening to Qu Gao Yi, they fell into a dilemma, not knowing which option was worse, many of them eventually deciding to advance towards Qu Gao Yi.

Seeing this, the tall Blood Warrior showed a fierce grin.

The Blood Warriors were only responsible for passively counter attacking because of the family rules. If they didn’t attack him, he couldn’t take the initiative himself, but now that others had shown aggression, Qu Gao Yi could display his strength without hesitation.

His figure suddenly turning into an azure flash, the next moment Qu Gao Yi appeared in the middle of a large group of enemies.

Known as the most explosive member of the Blood Warrior Hall, Qu Gao Yi was most proficient at short bursts of intense strength!

He could completely burn through his True Qi and Spiritual Energy in a single incense stick worth of time. During this period, amongst the Immortal Ascension Boundary, he was basically invincible.

A pulse of Spiritual Energy so thick it was nearly visible to the naked eye bursts forth from Qu Gao Yi’s mind as a potent Soul Skill swept the surroundings swiftly followed up by a series of lethal Martial Skills.

In an instant, the entire yard had turned into a chaotic battlefield.

No one had thought that this supposedly heavily wounded Blood Warrior would dare to rush head first into their lines and that each move he made would be an all-out attack, not paying the single bit of attention to defending himself.

After three breaths of time, one person had fallen to the ground dead, and another had been sent flying, bursting into a blood mist, even his bones disintegrating into dust.

Yang Zhao, Yang Shen, Xiang Chu, Nan Sheng, Qiu Zi Ruo and all the other youths hailed as prodigies of the younger generation suddenly trembled at the bloody massacre occurring before them.

None of them had expected that the outbreak of battle would be so ferocious.

On the other hand, the two Blood Warriors who followed the two Yang Family Young Lords looked at each other and grinned.

With their eyesight, it was natural for them to see that Qu Gao Yi had already completely recovered from his injuries, otherwise, it would be impossible for him to display such overwhelming combat potential.

(Silavin: So weird that they used eyes sight here…)

The question was, how did he restore himself? When they saw him during the day, he was still teetering on the verge of death. How had he managed to recover in less than a day from such a terrible condition? This was something beyond the comprehension of the two Blood Warriors.

Qu Gao Yi’s bold ferocity had immediately sent chills down his enemies’ spines. After the deaths of two people, everyone shrunk back, no one dared to rush forward and face this monster again.

“What are you afraid of? With so many people, you can’t even contain a single Blood Warrior?” Yang Zhao saw the situation was deteriorating and roared vigorously.

Now, he had already committed himself, there was no way out, there would only be victory or defeat.

He had already witnessed Yang Kai’s potential. If he didn’t defeat his Ninth Brother tonight, this youngest brother of his would definitely become a strong enemy to him in the future, even more terrible than his Eldest Brother Yang Wei.

[I must end this tonight!] Yang Zhao secretly decided in his heart.

His shout managed to improve his men’s morale. The people who were attacked by Qu Gao Yi were only deterred by the Blood Warrior’s sudden burst of strength, but once they stabilized themselves, they quickly discovered that even this fierce warrior wasn’t invincible.

Qu Gao Yi had only attacked and completely neglected his defence, so although he had forced all of them back and even took the opportunity to kill two people, he had also wound up with a lot of minor scars on his body.

What’s more, they had an absolute numerical advantage, as long as they paid attention to avoiding Qu Gao Yi’s killing blows, they shouldn’t have any trouble containing this Blood Warrior.

Of course, that was unless he active his Mad Tyrant Blood Skill, but with no one to buy him time, he was unlikely to be able to use this forbidden technique.

After a moment of consideration, everyone’s regained their confidence and began launching their own Martial Skills and using their artifacts to fight back.

Instantly, a flurry of attacks from all directions flew towards Qu Gao Yi, tightly encircling him in an inescapable net.

Facing so many varied attacks, even though Qu Gao Yi was an elite of the Blood Warrior Hall, he still wound up with many new bloody scars on his body.

However, never once did he let out a sound, still continuing to wantonly unleash his True Qi and Spiritual Energy.

If this continued, the final outcome would undoubtedly be Qu Gao Yi’s death, but more than half of Yang Shen and Yang Zhao’s allies would certainly be accompanying him to the underworld.

Qiu Yi Meng’s beautiful expression tightened, quickly glancing over at the mansion’s entrance before turning to observe Yang Zhao and Yang Shen, her thoughts quickly revolving.

Ying Jiu couldn’t move now, once he left his position, Yang Zhao and Yang Shen could easily intrude and seize the flag under the protection of their respective Blood Warrior.

Him hiding in the darkness was the ultimate deterrent to Yang Zhao, Yang Shen and their allies.

Ying Jiu was obviously aware of this fact, so even though Qu Gao Yi was in a life threatening situation, he continued to watch indifferently.

However, without Ying Jiu’s assistance, Qu Gao Yi alone was not enough to defeat their enemies, Qiu Yi Meng understood this well.

At this moment, there is nothing wrong with the flag’s defence, the biggest problem was that this Blood Warrior couldn’t be allowed to die, otherwise the power that Yang Kai had in his hands would be greatly damaged.

“Go up and assist!” After a moment of contemplation, Qiu Yi Meng decisively ordered.

The members of the Autumn Rain Hall all dashed out in response, quickly followed by Xiang Tian Xiao and the Xiang Family’s cultivators who accompanied him. Lead by their Second Young Lord, all of them bravely drew their artifacts and charged into the fray.

With Xiang Tian Xiao’s strength, it was naturally impossible for him to challenge the Immortal Ascension masters, but among the people brought by Yang Zhao Yang Shen, not all of them had reached such a boundary, there were still plenty of True Element cultivators amongst them.

These people were Xiang Tian Xiao’s current objective.

Killing one of them meant there was one less of them!

Seeing Xiang Tian Xiao rushed into battle, Xiang Chu couldn’t help snickering, his eyes revealing a hint of disdain.

This younger half-brother of his really had excellent aptitude, and his forthright personality had made him quite popular amongst the family Elders, but even if he was an outstanding warrior, he would never be the Xiang Family’s Patriarch!

It was precisely because he would always be the first to charge into a fight that he was incapable of being the Patriarch.

What Patriarch would be the first to enter a battle when he had the option to sit back and observe? If this was really the case, then this world’s families would have to change their Patriarch every few days.

A Patriarch had to have the bearing of a Patriarch, it was the Patriarch’s responsibility to stay behind the front lines and coordinate the overall situation.

Rushing ahead was the way of an uncouth barbarian!

Staring at Xiang Tian Xiao’s figure, Xiang Chu’s gaze gradually became cold, a hint of malicious intent flashing across his eyes.

“You go too!” Qiu Yi Meng turned to look at Huo Xing Chen, who even now was simply standing to the side smiling.

“Me too?” Huo Xing Chen widened his eyes and gawked.

“Of course you idiot! You’re the Young Lord of the Huo Family, who here would dare kill you?” Qiu Yi Meng said in an exasperated voice before grabbing Huo Xing Chen’s collar and throwing him into the chaotic battlefield.

Huo Xing Chen let out a pitiful cry before falling like a meteor into the middle of the crowd, slamming into the ground and bouncing a few times.

Qiu Yi Meng called out in a sweet voice as she laughed pleasantly, “No one here dares to kill you, at most they’ll just hurt you a bit.”

“Smelly woman!” Huo Xing Chen roared out bitterly as he struggled to his feat, gradually restoring his thoughts as she ground his teeth, suddenly raising his head and shouting with a cheap grin, “Don’t even think of hitting me! I’ll tell you now, I am Huo Xing Chen, the sole inheritor of the Huo Family! Anyone who hits me will from now on be my enemy!”

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