Martial Peak

Chapter 426 – Capture the Flag

After a while, the raging energy gradually subsided.

In the smouldering aftermath, these mere seven arrows had nearly razed half of Yang Tie’s mansion to the ground!

There were huge potholes everywhere from which several people were crawling out, the ground was littered with broken limbs and bloody chunks of meat.

The Inheritance War was not a child’s game, naturally there would be deaths!

This cruel reality was more than proven by these battered cultivators and ruined buildings.

Everyone inside and around Yang Tie’s compound was struck silent, only a few intermittent moans of pain could be heard.

The smell of blood chocked the sense of all who witnessed this scene.

Among the spectators, many younger female cultivators averted their eyes, covering their mouths as they bent down and vomited.

Yang Tie stood amongst the destruction indifferently, no trace of emotion apparent on his face.

On the other hand, Yang Kang and Yang Ying both abruptly went pale. Neither of them had thought their Third Brother would set up such a devastating ambushed from such a disadvantages position.

The cultivators who were lying in wait along the walls had not eluded their detection, but both the Young Lords had ignored them as they had no idea Yang Tie had acquired such powerful slaughtering artifacts.

Shattering Star Bow, although only an Earth Grade Top-Rank artifact, was capable of absorbing a cultivator’s True Qi without limit and then releasing it all at once.

Once the arrow flew, the bow would crack, but whoever was targeted would surely suffer!

All seven Shattering Star Bows broke the moment the arrow left its string, even causing a severe backlash to the cultivators who used them, each of them now seriously injured, their bodies riddled with bloody wounds.

However, Yang Tie had achieved his goal.

He really could not resist the attack of either Yang Kang or Yang Ying, but before he was defeated, he had taken a bite out of his enemies!

Failure was certain, but whoever wanted to beat him, would pay a steep price! Yang Tie’s Shattering Star Bow assault had perfectly expressed his meaning.

Under the attack of these arrows, at least a dozen of Yang Kang and Yang Ying allies had died, two of whom were Immortal Ascension masters, while more than twenty more were heavily wounded, those with minor injuries were countless.

At the outset of the Inheritance War, such losses were not small.

How could Yang Kang and Yang Ying’s expressions be good? Looking at the horrible situation below, both of them ground their teeth and clenched their fists in rage.

““Kill them all!”” Yang Kang and Yang Ying almost simultaneously shouted in anger. The next moment, the brief silence was broken, and seven cultivators who had fired the arrows were instantly besieged, all of them lacking any strength to resist, their fate was inevitable!

These cultivators were all from the Duan Mu Family, and although the Duan Mu Family was a first-class force, with many strong elites and masters, they obviously couldn’t commit their whole force to the Inheritance War.

What’s more, Yang Tie obviously had no chance of winning, so although the Duan Mu Family had indeed sent a lot of manpower, all they could do was try their hardest in the face of impossible odds. In reality, the Duan Mu Family had already prepared to sacrifice all of them.

Therefore, even though these seven people were mercilessly killed, those who were left didn’t so much as frown.

“Seventh Brother, I think it’s best if we deal with Third Brother first, what do you say?” Yang Kang’s face was gloomy as he stared at Yang Tie, asking his Seventh Brother Yang Ying who stood nearby.

“I was thinking the same!” Yang Ying nodded gently.

“Who gets Third Brother and who gets his flag will depend on our respective skill,” Yang Kang snorted, signaling silently to his allies to begin their assault on Yang Tie’s remaining forces.

At the same time, Yang Ying also gave the order to attack.

In an instant, the vanguard of both Yang Kang and Yang Ying engaged Yang Tie and the Duan Mu Family forces.

Of the cultivators the Duan Mu Family had sent, the strongest were only two Immortal Ascension Boundary Seventh Stages, so they obviously were immediately pressured. Although the Shattering Star Bows had displayed great effect, that was under the conditions of an ambush, in this kind of frontal collision though, they didn’t have the slightest advantage.

The two Immortal Ascension Boundary Seventh Stage masters tried to guard Yang Tie as they slowly retreated.

At this time, one member from each of Yang Kang and Yang Ying’s allies separated themselves from the battle, concealed themselves, and dashed towards Yang Tie’s mansion.

In front of them was where Yang Tie’s flag was hanging.

Although Yang Tie saw this, there was nothing he could do to stop them, so he could only stand there helplessly and watch, his expression filled with unwillingness

“Get ready,” Having been silently watching the flow of events this whole time, Yang Kai suddenly called out to the Wind and Cloud Dual Guards, alerting both of them that he was about to make his move.

Turning his head and looking at the pair, Yang Kai grinned, “Although the strength of two Seniors isn’t weak, but in this kind of melee, I’m afraid neither of you will be able to create much stir.”

The Wind Guard nodded, “What Young Lord Kai said is true, among those people, there are several whose strengths are not inferior to us, a few of them are even stronger; however, whatever Young Lord Kai’s instructions are, Old Cloud and I will do our best to assist.”

“Good, follow me. After we sneak in, just play a few tricks to make the situation more chaotic, but make sure you don’t get tangled up. Leave immediately after you finish,” Yang Kai whispered.

The Wind and Cloud Dual Guards were masters from the Dong Family and had faithfully accompanied Dong Qing Han for many years. If they were to die here, the blow to Dong Qing Han would not be small.

Yang Kai had brought them here to fish in troubled waters, but he didn’t intend for them to take unnecessary risks.

“En,” Listening to Yang Kai, the Wind and Cloud Dual Guards nodded firmly.

For them, sneaking in and stirring up trouble wasn’t too difficult, but they still had to be careful. The ones they had to worry about the most were the Yang Family Blood Warriors, but as long as they didn’t attack Yang Kang and Yang Ying, these powerhouses couldn’t touch them.

“Also, when you go, help Yang Ying’s people attack Yang Kang’s allies, don’t bother trying to play both sides.”

If the two of them only helped one side, it would create the illusion that Yang Kang had received reinforcements, and although this ruse would be seen through quickly, it would be enough to give Yang Kai a fleeting opportunity.

If they were to help both sides, it would only end up being a thankless effort.

From the inside of Yang Tie’s mansion, two people suddenly ran out, one of them belonged to Yang Kang’s camp, the other Yang Ying’s, both of them were cultivators at the Immortal Ascension Boundary Fifth Stage. One of them held a flag as he ran, a touch of excitement flashing across his eyes, while the other was rapidly pursuing him.

Apparently the former person was slightly faster and had gotten to the flag first.

Yang Kang saw this and no longer cared about the battle situation, quickly shouting, “Come here!”

The master holding the flag hurriedly rushed toward Yang Kang, as long as the flag was handed over to Yang Kang, with Tang Yu Xian guarding him, ownership of it would be as good as decided.

“In your dreams!” Yang Ying coldly snorted, and with his guardian Blood Warrior behind him, rushed towards the man.

“Seventh Brother, why so anxious?” Yang Kang laughed as he went to intercept.

The Blood Warrior behind Yang Ying quickly turned pushed his Spiritual Energy while Tang Yu Xian’s Soul Skill also shot out!

In an instant, Yang Kang and Yang Ying had already engaged in combat while Tang Yu Xian and the other Blood Warrior also began their fight.

Amidst the chaos, Yang Kai led the Wind and Cloud Dual Guards onto the battlefield.

With so many eyes staring, naturally some had noticed their movements, but these people were simply here to watch the fun, so even if they discovered these newcomers, none of them would take the initiative to remind Yang Kang or Yang Ying, instead just feeling slightly suspicious about who these three people were.

The Yang Family’s two Young Lords and their respective Blood Warriors were all engaged in single combat. The two Immortal Ascension Boundary Fifth Stage masters who went to capture the flag competed with each other. Yang Tie and his Duan Mu Family allies were fighting back with all they could to avoid him being captured.

The entire northeast corner of War City had been split into four battlefields.

The Duan Mu Family’s numbers continued decreasing at an alarming pace, leaving only four or five people still putting up a desperate resistance, even the two Immortal Ascension Boundary Seventh Stage masters had suffered multiple injuries.

Yang Kai whispered to the Wind and Cloud guards before he dashed towards the two Immortal Ascension masters who were vying for the flag.

At the same time, a massive Spiritual Energy descended upon the mansion!

This terrifying Divine Sense had suddenly engulfed Yang Tie’s entire compound, like a great mountain pressing down on everyone’s chest.

The expressions of everyone who was fighting couldn’t help suddenly changing, each of them subconsciously increasing their vigilance.

A Peak Immortal Ascension Boundary master’s Spiritual Energy!

The two Blood Warriors also separated at that instant quickly arrived at Yang Kang and Yang Ying’s side, both of them on high alert as they scanned the surroundings.

As for the two Immortal Ascension masters who were competing for the flag, they felt the most pressure and almost fell to the ground, horrified at the thought that some peak masters was staring at them, and in the next instant, a black shadow has already rushed in front of them.

Both of them let out a low roar and prepared to counterattack.

But before they could launch their strikes, a series of faint purple ripples washed over them, like the waves that appeared after a stone was thrown into a clam lake.

“Soul Skill!” The two men exclaimed, but before they could react, a floral scent wafted towards their noses as a flurry of blood red petals wrapped in the cold killing intent scattered around them.

Caught off guard, both of these masters simultaneously retreated, rapidly dispelling the cold chill which had invaded their Knowledge Seas, a cold sweat dripping down their backs. These two masters weren’t weak, and their Knowledge Seas were still quite calm even after they had ate Yang Kai’s Soul Skill, but the quick follow-up from the Thousand Blossoming Blood Begonia had still forced them off balances.

Taking advantage of this brief opening, Yang Kai had already rushed in front of the master holding the flag, revealing a big demonic grin.

When the man look up and saw Yang Kai’s face, he suddenly froze up.

After coming to his senses, the flag in his hand had already been taken by Yang Kai.

“You…” The master couldn’t believe his eyes. The faces of the Yang Family’s eight Young Lords who were participating in the Inheritance War were naturally known to him, but never had he imagined that the youngest of these Young Lords would suddenly appear before him here.

For a moment, he felt like he was dreaming, and was even suspicious that he had fallen into some kind of illusion.

Yang Kai didn’t give him any time to recover, pushing the Thousand Blossoming Blood Begonia to entangle him while he tossed his newly acquired flag high up into the air.

In the dark sky above, a golden light flashed, and two claws swiftly caught Yang Tie’s flag before shooting off into the distance.

The sound of flapping wings could be heard from this retreating figure.

Golden Feather Eagle !

“Fool! What are you doing!?” Yang Kang loudly cursed at the Immortal Ascension Boundary Fifth Stage master who had just lost the flag. In his opinion, his opponent had simply walked up and plucked the flag from him without encountering any resistance, but how could Yang Kang know what kind of shock this master was currently feeling?

“It’s… it was… no but… he… he…” The man knew that he had screwed up but in that instant he really couldn’t figure out how to explain.

On the other hand, Tang Yu Xian who stood guard beside Yang Kang wore a frown as she gazed towards the direction the Golden Feather Eagle had disappeared. Her beautiful face took on a brilliant luster as she grinned slightly. Turning to look towards the hat covered Yang Kai, her gaze softened as she stared at him.

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