Martial Peak

Chapter 411 – Who Will Be The Third One Eliminated?

Looking at the expressions of Qu Gao Yi and Ying Jiu, Yang Kai nodded secretly, thinking to himself that even if they were seriously injured, a Blood Warrior was still a Blood Warrior.

Looking around at everyone else, Yang Kai suddenly chuckled, “If any of you become my enemies in the future, this Young Lord will not show mercy!”

Zhou Feng nodded firmly, “As it should be!”

Yang Kai turned away and calmly walked out with Qu Gao Yi and Ying Jiu hurriedly cupping their fists to their brothers and sisters before following.

After today, when these Blood Warriors met again, perhaps they would be speaking with their fists and swords, paving the way forward of the Yang Family’s next generation with their own blood.

Everyone silently steeled themselves!

All of them understood.

Outside the hall, Feng Sheng still stood there, and only after Yang Kai walked out a dozen meters or so did he suddenly say, “Young Lord Kai, I will be bothering you with my two subordinates.”

Yang Kai waved his hand and said nothing, Qu Gao Yi and Ying Jiu both keeping pace a few steps behind.


All the Yang Family’s direct descendants had returned to the Central Capital and the family had given them nearly two months of preparation time. After selecting their respective Blood Warrior guardians, the Yang Family’s Inheritance War would soon begin.

As the news was announced, the atmosphere in the Central Capital became tense, the entire Great Han Dynasty abuzz with excitement as many of the world’s large and small forces marched in the direction of the capital in order to gain some benefits in this huge event.

There were even a lot of forces that had already arrived in the Central Capital and were waiting, hesitating about which Young Lord they should stand behind.

The Yang Family’s Young Lords had all been busy contacting the various juniors of the other seven families, trying their best to recruit more allies.

The Central Capital’s Eight Great Families, the Yang Family, Qiu Family, Liu Family, Huo Family, Kang Family, Gao Family, Ye Family and Meng Family.

Among them, the Kang Family, Gao Family, Ye Family, and Meng Family had all formally announced who they would ally with; only the remaining three had yet to express their views.

The Liu Family, needless to say, had acted according to Liu Qing Yao’s declaration; he would ally with any Yang Family Young Lord who bested him in combat. The Yang Family’s Eldest Brother Yang Wei had once gone to challenge him, but the result was unknown.

However, since Liu Qing Yao still had not made a clear statement about who he would form an alliance with, the result of their battle was fairly obvious.

Yang Wei had lost.

As for the Huo Family, the delinquent Huo Xing Chen was having fun all day, drinking and partying, showing absolutely no intention to participate in the Inheritance War, giving his father Huo Zheng a massive headache.

Huo Zheng also wanted his son to participate in the Inheritance War, but his disobedient son refused to take any action, frustrating him to no end. If the older generations had been allowed to participate in the Inheritance War, Huo Zheng would have already made a declaration.

Though, as an aside, the Yang Family’s Young Lords had heard that Huo Xing Chen and Yang Kai had some grievances, so many of them had gone looking for him to see if they could use this to persuade him to join them, but none of them had succeeded, instead, all of them found themselves dragged into the red light district, only to emerge a few days later, dizzy, and hungover, sighing as they shook their heads.

Qiu Family.

In his study, the Qiu Family Patriarch Qiu Shou Cheng sat atop his chair. He looked around thirty years old but in fact was over fifty; however, he was born with fair complexion and a tender face, his skin color was much paler than that of a woman, so he appeared much younger than he actually was.

In front of him were two people, a young man and a young woman.

The young woman was none other than the Qiu Family’s First Young Lady, Qiu Yi Meng, the young man the Qiu Family’s Young Lord Qiu Zi Ruo, the two are were half-blood siblings, each having a different mother.

As the Inheritance War was about to start, the Qiu Family naturally had to choose a team.

But Qiu Shou Cheng, like many others, didn’t know much about the various members of the Yang Family younger generation so although he had been collecting some intelligence about them, there was still too little for him to make a decision.

For the other seven great families, their main purpose in participating in the Inheritance War was to hone their junior’s skills, winning or losing had very little effect on their foundations, but if there was a choice, who didn’t want to win? So this matter still warranted some careful consideration.

Qiu Shou Cheng stroked the goatee on his chin and pondered silently for a long time before finally asking, “Meng’er, what are your thoughts on this Inheritance War?”

When he heard his father ask this, Qiu Zi Ruo’s face cramped slightly.

In the Qiu Family, although he was the first heir, but regardless of his personal strength or methods, neither was comparable to his half-blooded elder sister’s. If anything big happened in the family, his father would always consult with his elder sister while he would have to sit by and listen to learn from it.

For his entire life, it had always been so!

Qiu Yi Meng smiled lightly and replied, “According to the intelligence I’ve gathered, the Yang Family seems to have eight Young Masters who want to participate in the Inheritance War! Besides the fourth eldest Yang Xin Wu who has already died, from oldest to youngest, their names are, Yang Wei, Yang Zhao, Yang Tie, Yang Kang, Yang Shen, Yang Ying, Yang Quan and Yang Kai!

Qiu Shou Cheng nodded lightly, not interrupting, motioning her with his eyes to continue.

“The Second Brother Yang Zhao and Fifth Brother Yang Kang are blood related brothers while the Sixth Brother Yang Shen and Seventh Brother Yang Ying are also blood related. These two pairs probably won’t attack each other until the last possible moment, instead they are likely to support one another due to their blood ties.” Qiu Yi Meng’s thoughts turned rapidly, continuously speaking with as much precision as possible, “Furthermore, there are four people from the remaining seven families who have already declared their support for one of the Young Lords, Meng Family’s Meng Shan Yi has allied with the Eldest Brother Yang Wei, Ye Family’s Ye Xin Rou has chosen to support the Second Brother Yang Zhao, Gao Family’s Gao Rang Feng has allied with the Fifth Brother Yang Kang, and finally Kang Family’s Kang Zhan has declared his support for the Seventh Brother Yang Ying. The power of the seven families cannot be ignored as their support will play a large role in the final result of the Inheritance War.”

“Good, because the Yang Family is based in the Central Capital, they have no choice but to deal with the other seven families.” Qiu Shou Cheng nodded, very satisfied with his daughter’s intelligence gathering and thoughtful analysis, but remembering that she was his daughter at not his son, he couldn’t help feeling a bit regretful.

After glancing towards Qiu Zi Ruo briefly, Qiu Shou Cheng sighed quietly to himself.

“So, from a superficial perspective, Yang Zhao and Yang Kang currently have the edge because both brothers have secured one of the seven families as a support.”

“Hm, superficially?” Qiu Shou Cheng listened to his daughter’s tone and asked with a smile.

“In actual fact, this is not the case. Forget about the fact that they are ultimately still rivals, even if they were one force, I’m afraid that their position in this Inheritance War is far from secure. Over the years, for the Inheritance War, the participants from the seven families have never been too strong. The mainstay of the forces they sent out has been members of their younger generation. This is done to avoid breaking the balance and also to avoid causing too many casualties, a kind of unwritten rule, so in addition to the Yang Family Blood Warriors, the Eight Great Families won’t invest any manpower with cultivations greater than Immortal Ascension Boundary Fifth Stage.”

“As a result, the Yang Family Young Lords personal connections from their outside life experience are the more important factor. Those who made many friends and allies and can draw in support from them will have the advantage. Additionally, most of these Young Lord’s mothers are from first-class families. These families will definitely favour the Young Lords who share blood ties with them and will send out a substantial amount of support to try to protect them.”

Qiu Shou Cheng casts a glance at his daughter and couldn’t help smiling happily.

“Father, daughter doesn’t know who will be the ultimate victor in this Inheritance War, but I do know that the Yang Family Third Brother Yang Tie will be the first one eliminated!”

“Oh, why?”

“Because he doesn’t have a single Blood Warrior protecting him! During his outside life experience it seems he didn’t gain much, thus he didn’t have enough merits he could use to exchange with the Yang Family for a Blood Warrior. With no Blood Warriors guarding him and his personal strength not being outstanding… his future prospects are worrying. I am afraid he will be defeated on the first day.” Qiu Yi Meng spoke confidently, her tone never wavering, “The second one will definitely be the Eighth Brother Yang Quan. He doesn’t have the support of one of the seven families and his mother comes from a second-class force so he cannot count on much support from them.”

“Then, the third?” Qiu Shou Cheng grinned as he asked.

“Daughter doesn’t know,” Qiu Yi Meng smiled calmly, “It’s not easy to judge amongst the rest, Fifth Brother Yang Kang, Sixth Brother Yang Shen, Seventh Brother Yang Ying are all possibilities.”

“Hm?” Qiu Shou Cheng couldn’t help but frown, a hint of confusion appearing on his face as he stared at his daughter with some doubt.

Qiu Zi Ruo, who had stayed to the side and didn’t talk, suddenly laughed and said, “Elder Sister, the third person to be eliminated is clear, how come Elder Sister can’t see it?”

Qiu Yi Meng smiled as she glanced towards Qiu Zi Ruo. “Oh? What is little brother’s opinion?”

“It’s not my opinion,” Qiu Zi Ruo smiled faintly, “It’s just that it is obvious.”

“If you think so, talk about it.” Qiu Shou Cheng looked indifferent and nodded to his son.

“Yes!” Qiu Zi Ruo glanced at Elder Sister and said confidently, “The third person to be eliminated must be the youngest, Yang Kai!”

“Why so?” Qiu Yi Meng smiled indifferently, seemingly aware that he would say this.

“Similar to what Elder Sister said just now, this Yang Kai doesn’t have any blood related siblings to help him, nor does he have an ally amongst the seven families. Even if his mother’s family sends some people, at most that is only the help of a single first-class force, nothing to fear. On top of that, he is the youngest among the brothers, almost the same age as me, his personal methods are no doubt lacking, so the third to be eliminated must be him!”

Qiu Zi Ruo spoke with absolute certainty, like he was already witnessing the scene of Yang Kai’s defeat.

Qiu Yi Meng simply continued smiling though, not refuting her younger brother’s argument, instead turning to look at Qiu Shou Cheng and asking, “Does lord father think so as well?”

Qiu Shou Cheng paused for a moment before nodding slightly, “En, I have the same idea as your brother. In addition to the reason your brother has stated, according to the information I’ve gathered, after his return to the Central Capital, he has never been seen communicating with any of the seven families, all of his brothers have at least made some effort to win over their support, the only reason I can think of is that he has no confidence in himself and has simply given up on this times Inheritance War!”

Qiu Yi Meng firmly shook her head though, “Father, I must disagree with father here, on the contrary, I intend to have our Qiu Family support him instead!”

Qiu Zi Ruo gawked for a moment before turning to his sister, “Elder Sister, are you alright? How could you make such a poor decision?”

Qiu Shou Cheng also knit his brow as he said, “Meng’er, I know that you are acquainted with Yang Kai and have even traveled together with him for a time, but I have already received a message from Lu Liang about how he acted in the Lu Family. Because of the details Lu Liang reported, I am not too optimistic about him. If you want the Qiu Family to support him, you’ll have to give me a reason to do so, otherwise, it is impossible for me to promise you. Although winning or losing the Inheritance War will have no effect on my Qiu Family’s foundation, but there will inevitably be some losses along the way.”

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