Martial Peak

Chapter 400 – Brothers Meet

From the Bamboo Knot Gang, Yang Kai didn’t expect too much, only asking them to inquire about intelligence and pass on information.

It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that the gang was a loose collection of rabble, any decent master could easily destroy them. If it weren’t for their other utility value, Yang Kai wouldn’t have paid them a second glance.

Pang Chi accepting the huge sum of money he had presented without hesitation was a type of statement expressing his loyalty, Yang Kai naturally understood this.

Walking out from the Bamboo Knot Gang, Yang Kai mounted his colt and started heading back.

Halfway home, he suddenly heard someone call out to him from above.

Looking towards where the voice came from, Yang Kai’s eyes eventually fixed on a window of the second floor of a nearby restaurant where his brother Yang Zhao was smiling and waving, “Little Brother Kai, come up here.”

Yang Kai frowned, not having expected to meet his brother here; however, he had no reason to refuse so he leapt off his Cloud Treading Colt and strode over to the restaurant.

When Yang Kai stepped onto the second floor and entered a private room where Yang Zhao sat, he was immediately greeted by several sharp glances.

“Second Brother,” Yang Kai politely greeted him, quickly sweeping his eyes around, a little startled by what he saw.

Although most of the people present were unfamiliar to him, but from the dress and temperament of these Young Lords and Young Ladies, Yang Kai could immediately judge that their backgrounds weren’t small.

“Come come come,” Yang Zhao enthusiastically pulled Yang Kai over, pointing towards a youth sitting at the other end of the table, touching the chin with one hand and smiling, “Do you remember who this is?”

Yang Kai glanced over before smiling slightly, “Fifth Brother!”

The Yang Family’s younger generation fifth eldest, Yang Kang, was Yang Zhao’s blood related brother, Yang Kai naturally recognized him but he didn’t expect that he had already returned to the Central Capital.

Yang Kang looked over at Yang Kai but didn’t say a word, only nodding his head lightly, his expression neither warm nor cold.

When brothers meet, their interactions should not be this dull. Of course, Yang Kai did not say anything in return to the obvious contempt he was thrown with.

Everyone else in the room stared at Yang Kai with a playful look, seemingly wanted to observe his flustered and embarrassed look, but seeing his completely indifferent expression, all of them couldn’t help feeling disappointed.

Yang Zhao on the other hand didn’t seem to notice the awkward atmosphere at all, still very enthusiastically introducing Yang Kai to everyone.

Sure enough, the youths here were all children of the Eight Great Families.

Kang Family Kang Zhan, Gao Family Gao Rang Feng, Ye Family Ye Xin Rou. These three were all leaders of the younger generation of their respective families. At this moment, they were meeting with a Yang Family Young Lord, so it was obvious they were intending to participate in the Inheritance War.

The only uncertainty was whose side they would take.

When the introductions were completed, and everyone was seated, Yang Kang suddenly smiled and stared at Yang Kai, “Brother Kai, I heard that you only spent half a day in the Dragon Transformation Pond.”

Yang Kai nodded, “Yes, I had a problem with my aptitude, there was no benefit in staying.”

Yang Kang chuckled and said dismissively, “For you that’s already quite good, no?”

“Little Five!” Yang Zhao snorted and glowered at him, immediately patting Yang Kai’s shoulder and said comfortingly, “Your Fifth Brother has always been straightforward like this, don’t mind him. The Dragon Transformation Pond also isn’t as magical as rumors make it out to be, I stayed there for four days but didn’t gain much benefit from it.”

“Second Brother is amazing!” Yang Kang looked shocked, “I couldn’t stand it after only three days.”

“I heard that your Yang Family’s Dragon Transformation Pond could not only cleanse one’s body but was also a good place to test one’s aptitude, right?” Ye Xin Rou pursed her lips smiled elegantly.

Kang Zhan and Gao Rang Feng also showed interest in this topic, Kang Zhan even interjecting, “I also heard that the longer you stay in it, the better your aptitude is.”

Yang Zhao looked at Yang Kai a bit awkwardly before nodding slightly, “What you say isn’t wrong, but in fact, it’s not that simple. No one can know for certain what a person’s aptitude is, so how could a trivial Dragon Transformation Pond really test it?”

“But the shorter one can insist, the worse their aptitude is, that much is true.” Yang Kang’s face smiled broadly as he stared at Yang Kai. “Little Brother Kai shouldn’t worry too much. When we last met I recall you couldn’t cultivate at all, yet now I hear you’ve entered the True Element Boundary. This is already a great fortune for you; one should know how to be content with what they’ve been given.”

“You should also have some discretion, right, Fifth Brother?” Yang Kai shot back. Yang Kang shaming him was obvious, how could he not see it? Towards this cousin of his, Yang Kai was neither close nor hostile, but Yang Kang’s harsh words and thinly veiled contempt were still quite uncomfortable to listen to.

Facing such provocation, Yang Kai didn’t bother giving his cousin any face.

It seemed like Yang Kai daring to talk back to him had stunned Yang Kang quite a bit, the three young children from the Eight Great Families were even more surprised, none of them having expected the Yang Family’s youngest to be so overbearing.

Yang Zhao staggered for a moment before letting out a laugh, “Now now, don’t fight, the Dragon Transformation Pond is just a puddle of water, the future of my Yang Family can’t be decided by something so simple.”

“Indeed,” Kang Zhan nodded slightly before grinning wryly, “All you Yang Family children are savage tigers. For these past few years the Central Capital’s younger generation has been dominated by our seven families, but now that all of you are back, it seems we’ll have to surrender the stage.”

“Brother Kang is far too modest, the Central Capital is so big, and my Yang Family can’t possibly swallow it all. The future here will be shared between all of us.”

Gao Rang Feng’s brow wrinkled suddenly and asked, “How many of your Yang Family’s direct descendants have returned already?”

“Four,” Yang Zhao’s expression quickly became solemn, “In addition to the three of us, Fourth Brother Yang Xinwu has also returned, but Fourth Brother was seriously injured on the way back, almost killed. Right now the Elders are trying to heal his wounds but I’m not sure what the situation is right now…”

Yang Kai’s expression also became cold while Yang Kang’s face became very ugly.

On the way back, all of them had been ambushed by a number of masters, but their luck wasn’t bad and they had all managed to return safely, but Yang Xin Wu didn’t manage to escape unharmed.

“The tallest tree must face the wind,” Yang Zhao smiled helplessly, shaking his head slowly, “But now, the family has sent out more masters to rendezvous with the others so I believe that everyone else shouldn’t encounter too much trouble. There was also news that big brother Yang Wei will soon arrive.”

“Big brother is back?” Yang Kang asked anxiously.

Yang Zhao glanced at him with a grin, “It’ll still be about two to six days before he arrives at the Central Capital.”

Yang Kang’s look suddenly turned bitter, obviously somewhat worried about Yang Wei’s return.

“It seems the Central Capital is going to be lively again,” Ye Xin Rou smiled coyly, “Liu Qing Yao won’t be lonely anymore, hehe.”

When Ye Xin Rou mentioned Liu Qing Yao, everyone, including Yang Zhao, suddenly wore a dignified expression.

The Liu Family’s Liu Qing Yao was the Central Capital’s first Young Lord. Although he was still a member of the younger generation, it was rumoured that he had already reached the Immortal Ascension Boundary Third Stage. Such aptitude was difficult to encounter even once in a hundred years. Liu Qing Yao would certainly have an unparalleled influence on the Central Capital for decades to come. For this time’s Inheritance War, whoever could win him over would secure themselves a big boost.

“I really hope the Inheritance War will start as soon as possible so we can witness the methods of your Yang Family’s descendants!” Kang Zhan smiled sharply, his expression filled with enthusiasm.

“Haha, brothers and sisters…” Yang Zhao smiled heartily, “I’ll do my best to not let you down.”

Gao Rang Feng nodded, “I only hope when the time comes, if we happen to be on opposite sides, you’ll show us some mercy!”


Not long after the discussion ended, Yang Kai got up and left.

Looking at his disappearing back, the Young Lords and Young Lady from the three families felt slightly surprised. Yang Zhao and Yang Kang hadn’t made any overt overtures, nor did they show any obvious intentions, but all three of them knew that since the two of them sat here, they clearly had some thoughts about winning them over.

They also at least spoke some flattery.

But Yang Kai was different. From beginning to end, he said nothing about the Inheritance War or anything else for that matter; didn’t he have any ideas about them?

Was his display arrogance or confidence? Or perhaps he had already given up from the start?

The three youths all had slightly wrinkled brows as they pondered over this mystery.

Perceiving the three youth’s moods from their expressions, Yang Kang snorted disdainfully, “Second Brother, it’s not that I’m intentionally aiming at Ninth Brother, I just don’t believe people like him should participate in the Inheritance War so he won’t embarrass himself.”

Yang Zhao couldn’t help chuckling at these words, “Fifth Brother, you shouldn’t underestimate our youngest brother, he definitely has some means.”

“Means? What means? I can’t see anything worth mentioning.”

Yang Zhao’s expression suddenly became awkward as he muttered, “Let me ask you, the two Blood Warriors who escorted you home, how did they act towards you?”

Yang Kang wore a disgruntled look as he bitterly said, “Don’t mention them. I actually feel like it’s a relief to be away from them. Those two were like stone statues the whole time, all but ignoring me entirely, no matter what I said to or asked them. It really makes me wonder if they see me as a Young Lord or not.”

Yang Zhao showed a meaningful smile after a while and said, “The two who came with me acted similarly right up until the end, but the two Blood Warriors who came back with Ninth Brother were actually respectful and polite to him. Well, surprised?”

“What? Impossible! The Blood Warriors all have eyes on top of their heads, how could they possibly act respectfully towards him? Brother, are you sure you’re not mistaken?”

Yang Kang obviously didn’t believe what Yang Zhao had said, shaking his head almost unconsciously.

“That’s why I said our little brother has his means.” Yang Zhao quickly affirmed.

Yang Kang expression was stunned, his brow suddenly furrowing, not knowing what to say or think. It was only after a long silence that he muttered, “Second Brother, you think too highly of him, with such terrible aptitude, no matter his means, he’s still destined for mediocrity at best.”

As the two brothers spoke, the other three juniors in the room all smiled lightly and listened, showing no intention to interject. They too thought that Yang Kai’s performance today was too bland, unlike how a Yang Family Young Lord who would participate in Inheritance War should act.

But thinking so, they also felt somewhat suspicious, wondering just how the Yang Family’s youngest lord was intending to contend during the Inheritance War.

The Yang Family Fourth Master’s residence.

When Yang Kai arrived back home, it was already dark, but upon entering the main house, the head servant came over to him in a flurry and anxiously said, “Thank goodness you’re back Little Lord.”

Yang Kai was surprised and curiously asked, “What happened?”

“Master and mistress had some kind of accident,” The servant said as he hurriedly pulled Yang Kai towards the dining hall, “Please come quickly.”

“An accident? What exactly happened?” Yang Kai’s expression suddenly became anxious, quickly releasing his Divine Sense to quietly observe the entire mansion, immediately locating his father and mother’s position.

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