Martial Peak

Chapter 393 – Parents

Yang Family Home.

The news that the two Young Lords had returned had quickly spread, the two Golden Feather Eagles circling above the family’s compound were the best evidence.

At this time, a man and a woman were racing towards the Dragon Transformation Pond.

Both of their expressions were a mix of nervousness and anticipation, as well as some awkwardness.

The middle-aged man was better, somehow forcing himself to remain calm, but he still couldn’t restrain himself from trembling slightly, his face occasionally showing a joyful expression.

On the other hand, the woman, while flying, was constantly wiping her red puffy eyes, silently crying, her tears spilling out over the ground.

After a while, the middle-aged man couldn’t stand it anymore, sighing lightly, “Su Zhu, why are you crying? Our son returning home is a happy occasion!”

Dong Su Zhu continued to wipe her tears as she choked on the words she tried to say, “I… I just can’t help it… tou… you think I want to cry… these tears… they just came out… oh… I… I…”

Yang Ying Feng was dumbstruck, “If our son were to see you now, he would probably think I’ve been bullying you at home.”

Dong Su Zhu suddenly flew into a rage, “Haven’t you been bullying me!? Tell me what happened last time with that damn fox? Why was she shouting “Big Brother Yang” so intimately! Hmm?”

Her words were extremely sharp and articulate, no longer crying in the slightest, where did her incoherent appearance disappear to all of a sudden?

The Yang Family’s Fourth Master staggered, his face turning beat red, his expression becoming somewhat sullen, “That, that was just a misunderstanding…”

“Misunderstanding?” Dong Su Zhu replied indignantly, suddenly wearing a pitiful expression, “When I married into the Yang Family I was only eighteen years old. I’ve been by your side now for over twenty years, yet I haven’t experience much joy in my time here! Instead, it has been constant toiling and hardship but now, even at this age, I still have to worry about my husband being seduced by some vixen… Had I only know so… I never would have agreed to come to the Central Capital to participate in that Inheritance War, making me meet such an unconscionable man again… wu wu…”

As she spoke, Dong Su Zhu rubbed the corners of her eyes again as she quietly observed Yang Ying Feng’s reaction.

“I swear to you it was just an accident!” Yang Ying Feng’s forehead suddenly oozed cold sweat. Although Dong Su Zhu was not young now, her age classifying her as middle-aged, but through some strange natural coincidence, until now she still appeared no different than a young woman in her mid-twenties. The long years seemed to have left no trace on her at all.

And although Dong Su Zhu wasn’t young, she was still very lively, often saying things and acting in a manner more appropriate for a young girl, making those who knew her not know whether to laugh or cry.

In fact, various anecdotes often occurred when this husband and wife pair went out together.

When people who weren’t familiar with the pair came up to them, they would respectfully say, “Greetings Yang Family Fourth Master, greetings Young Lady Yang…”

Each time Yang Ying Feng would feel like holding his head and ask, “Who is this Young Lady Yang?”

To his question they would politely reply, “Isn’t this the Fourth Master’s daughter? Truly a Dragon father and Phoenix mother will not give birth to a chicken daughter. The Forth Master must be incredibly proud of this Young Lady Yang.”

Facing this unbridled praise, Yang Ying Feng’s face would change from purple to blue.

Dong Su Zhu on the other hand, instead of correcting these newcomers would instead grab hold of Yang Ying Feng’s arm with a smile, nodding lightly as she enjoyed their misunderstanding, seemingly hoping these people would say even a few more sweet words.

As the number of such experiences increased, the Yang Family’s Fourth Master also grew experience in handling such affairs. Whenever an unfamiliar person walked up to him at a gathering and wanted to exchange greetings, Yang Ying Feng would take the initiative to say, “Greetings, I am Yang Ying Feng, this is my wife Dong Su Zhu!”

This would precipitate an odd reaction from these strangers, many of them thinking that the Yang Family’s Fourth Master was a weird person, seemingly afraid that the world wouldn’t know he was an old cow chewing on tender grass, therefore actively introducing himself so.

Maybe it was the Yang Family’s temperament… was just weird.

How these great family direct descendants acted was really not easy to comprehend.

This latest issue brought up by Dong Su Zhu had actually happened three years ago. The woman who had a good impression of Yang Ying Feng had long since disappeared from his mind, but Dong Su Zhu was still holding on to that incident, and every time she felt depressed she would invariably bring it up.

What’s more, because of the Yang Family’s Fourth Master’s mild temperament, he would always suffer a loss!

It was clear that he wasn’t in the wrong, it was that other woman’s one sided attraction to him, but as long as Dong Su Zhu mentioned it, Yang Ying Feng immediately became as obedient as a grandson, apologizing so profusely it was almost embarrassing to watch.

“It’s nothing more than a misunderstanding, you don’t have anything to worry about, all that happened was I helped her when she was in trouble. In fact, I didn’t say more than three sentences to her!” Yang Ying Feng continued to wipe the cold sweat from his forehead, nervously explaining himself over and over again.

By this point, he had actually lost track of how many times he had apologized for this…

“…really?” Dong Su Zhu sniffled, her expression looking like it was on the verge of breaking out into tears again at any moment, “You aren’t lying to me?”

“I’m not lying, from the moment I met you till the moment I die I have and never will lie to you!” Yang Ying Feng pounded his chest and declared in a heroic manner.

“Fourth Brother is really good to me!” Dong Su Zhu extolled, suddenly bursting into laughter.

The Yang Family’s Fourth Master nodded and grinned, his smile quite similar to Yang Kai’s, just lacking a certain demonic quality.

“…you won’t tell our son about this, right?” Yang Ying Feng suddenly thought of something, hurriedly asking.

“Hmm… That all depends on how you behave in the future. If one day I’m not happy, maybe I’ll have to have a chat with our son, you know, when you chat, some things come up unexpectedly.”

*Cough, cough, cough…* The Yang Family’s Fourth Master suddenly felt uncomfortable, thinking about the grand image of him in his son’s heart crumbling into dust… that would certainly be terrible day.

As she spoke about her son, Dong Su Zhu’s face became a little more proper, muttering lightly, “Over the past few years, I wonder if my son has brought home a wife with him.”

“No, I heard from Tu Feng that he came back alone, but Tu Feng told me that there seems to be a woman who has a crush on him.”

“How many women?” Dong Su Zhu asked interestedly.

“How many?” Yang Ying Feng’s brow twitched, suddenly loudly declaring, “Of course there is only one, if he dares mess around, I’ll break his legs!”

Dong Su Zhu’s smiling face quickly became cold, saying to her husband with deep meaning, “If you dare do so I’ll twist off your… leg.”

Yang Ying Feng’s neck shrank unconsciously, suddenly dumbstruck.

Why was it that him speaking a mere three sentences to another woman had let her hold a grudge for three years, but when it came to their son, she had no problem if he brought home more than one wife?

Wasn’t that too much of a double standard?

As they approached the Dragon Transformation Pond’s restricted area, Dong Su Zhu said in a fluster, “Husband, quickly tell me, are my clothes in order? How about me hair, it’s not a mess is it? Is there anything out of place?”

The Yang Family’s Fourth Master nearly choked, “Why are you worrying so much about your appearance? This isn’t a blind date or something.”

Dong Su Zhu spat disdainfully, “Seeing my son after so long is far more important than some blind date.”

After thinking for a while, Yang Ying Feng felt that what his wife said was somewhat justified and helped her arrange her clothes, half nervously asking, “How about me, do I have any problems?”

“Your beard is a little thick, but that’s alright.”

“En.” Yang Ying Feng gave a satisfied nod.

Both husband and wife stopped at the edge of the Dragon Transformation Pond’s restricted area, each of them holding their breath as the stared towards the thick fog bank, standing up straight, waiting awkwardly.

It was as if they were here to receive some great master!

After waiting for a while, Yang Ying Feng suddenly said, “Su Zhu, our son should now be cleansing himself in the Dragon Transformation Pond, the process should take at least one or two days before he comes out, what should we do in the meantime?”

“Do you want to go back?” Dong Su Zhu seemingly casually suggested.

“Good, there are some things I should attend to, when I finish, I’ll come meet with you!” Yang Ying Feng nodded and turned around to leave.

However, after only making it a few steps, the Yang Family’s Fourth Master suddenly felt a cold murderous glare piercing his back, sending a cold shiver up his spine.

Yang Ying Feng couldn’t help freezing in place, hurriedly turning back, his expression quite dignified as he walked over and stood shoulder to shoulder with Dong Su Zhu, gently holding her hand as he stared forward.

“What’s the matter?” Dong Su Zhu smiled blankly at him, her tone as soft as water.

The Yang Family’s Fourth Master snorted once and said, “I suddenly thought that it’s better for me to wait here with you. In any case, those other matters aren’t that important; I can handle them some other time.”

“It’s alright, I can wait alone.” Dong Su Zhu looked at Yang Ying Feng gently and spoke incomparably sweetly, her face filled with tender affection, “If you’re busy, you don’t need to worry about our mother and child, when my son comes out I can simple take him with me to the Dong Family, there’s no need for him to take part in this nonsense Inheritance War.”

“No need.” Yang Ying Feng shook his head like a rattle, “I’ll wait here with you.”


Inside the Dragon Transformation Pond, half a day later.

Yang Kai couldn’t stand it any longer.

The Dragon Transformation Pond had no effect on him, so all he could do was quietly cultivate by circulating his True Yang Secret Art. Although cultivating here was faster than normal, but it wasn’t anything significant. If it were any other time, after discovering this place didn’t provide him any benefits, Yang Kai would have simply left.

However, when he remembered the dismissive look on the faces of the three old men outside, Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling a little stubborn.

Glancing across the way, he was surprised to find that Yang Zhao’s condition hadn’t changed much, still desperately struggling to clean his body of impurities. Shaking his head helplessly, Yang Kai quietly jumped out from the Dragon Transformation Pond.

Mid-air, after circulating his True Qi, steam gently rose from Yang Kai’s body, his clothes drying before he touched down next to the water.

Xiao Zheng Qing and the other two men looked towards Yang Kai blankly.

As they had said, the Dragon Transformation Pond was a place to test a person’s aptitude. The better their aptitude, the longer they could stay in the Dragon Transformation Pond and the greater the benefits they would obtain.

The three old men had been guarding this place for many years and had seen many Yang Family disciples entered the Dragon Transformation Pond, but even those with the worst of aptitudes would insist for at least a full day and night before coming out.

But now, incredibly, someone had actually only managed to last less than half a day before jumping out on his own.

This kind of performance was really too unsightly.

Xiao Zheng Qing and the other two old men had very high positions in the Yang Family so naturally there was no need for them to give Yang Kai any face. What’s more, the three of them weren’t very optimistic about Yang Kai from the start.

“Already coming out?” One of them snorted coldly, their expression quite disdainful.

Yang Ka’s brow wrinkled, but although he was unhappy, he didn’t talk back, simply saying, “Three Seniors, what instructions do you have?”

“None! You may leave.” Xiao Zheng Qing said casually.

Yang Kai nodded and quickly cupped his fists to the three masters before turning and striding away.

As for the slight chuckling sounds behind him, Yang Kai simply turned a deaf ear to them.

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