Martial Peak

Chapter 354 – Are You Threatening Me?

The bonfire crackled as countless pairs of eyes concentrated on Yang Kai. Concern, surprise, shock, fear, humiliation, anger, a myriad of different emotions all surged forth at once.

One of the Thunder Light Sect’s people quickly stepped towards Yang Kai and with an ugly expression said, “This friend, if you wish to discuss things, can you first let our people go?”

The Soaring Rainbow Court’s response on the other hand was more visceral, and someone yelled in panic, “Quickly release Li Fu Senior Sister!”

Li Fu was a Heaven-sent female in her Sect, and was looked up to and admired by countless numbers of her fellow brothers. At this moment, seeing her enchanting face being stepped on by this brat’s smell foot, how could any of these young Soaring Rainbow Court disciples possibly tolerate such a grave offence?

What was this? It was an unforgivable insult!

Yang Kai however didn’t even blink. His eyes remained cold as he grinned, “Is there anything to discuss?”

“This friend, we haven’t acted against you yet you’ve so severely injured two of our members, don’t you think you’re being a bit excessive?” The young man from Thunder Light Sect replied in a dignified manner.

“Oh really? Interesting!” Yang Kai grinned fiercely and glanced over towards Guan Chi Le, “Senior, what do you think?”

Out of everyone present, only Guan Chi Le was an Immortal Ascension Boundary master, so naturally no one else understood just how dangerous the last few moments were for Yang Kai.

The two Soul Skill attacks from the Thunder Light Sect and Soaring Rainbow Court Elders were undetectable to those who hadn’t cultivated their Souls yet. If Yang Kai hadn’t already cultivated his Divine Sense and been in possession of a defensive Soul Skill, it was almost certain that he’d already be dead.

To all the other juniors here, it had only seemed like Xie Rong had shouted, and then Yang Kai took the lead, making his all out attack seem rather arbitrary and overbearing.

However, Yang Kai and Guan Chi Le were clear about just who the first one to strike was.

Guan Chi Le was also somewhat confused; he didn’t understand how Yang Kai could still be alive, much less completely unharmed. When he heard Yang Kai’s question though, he quickly gathered his wits and stood up, and his expression was no longer the casual one he had been wearing. A touch of curiosity and admiration were apparent in his gaze when he looked at Yang Kai again.

After a moment of indifferent silence, Guan Chi Le smirked, “If it was I, I wouldn’t tolerate it either!”

“Haha, what Senior said is good!” Yang Kai laughed heartily and increased the amount of pressure he was applying to Li Fu’s face again.

“You… you dare do this to me!” Li Fu wailed and shrieked, as dirt and sand filled her mouth the moment she opened it. Her once pretty face was now bloodied and battered, and her eyes were filled with humiliation and unwillingness.

Overall, her strength wasn’t high, her aptitude also wasn’t very good, but in a second-class sect like Soaring Rainbow Court she was still considered one of the elite; with the addition of her innate beauty, naturally she was able to command the wind and rain and had grown a proud and arrogant attitude. Except for young talents like Xiang Chu, other males of her generation weren’t worthy of her attention and instead would fawn over her endlessly. When would she have ever suffered such humiliation?

Tasting the sand in her mouth and imagining how the face she was so proud of was being trampled on, Li Fu almost fainted from anger.

“Shut up!” Yang Kai spat as he shot her a cold glare.

“Go to hell…” Xie Rong obviously was unwilling to be controlled by others, cursing with all his might.

But before he could say another word, his face was greeted by Yang Kai’s fist.

With a loud bang, Xie Rong’s face was planted into the ground and at least five or six of his teeth were shattered, as his mouth filled with blood.

Frightened by this ruthless display, he didn’t dare speak again.

“Stop!” It wasn’t until that moment that the two Immortal Ascension Boundary masters from Thunder Light Sect and Soaring Rainbow Court managed to arrive. After the two of them had been counterattacked by Yang Kai’s Soul Skill, they immediately realized that the situation wasn’t good and hurriedly rushed over; however, they still failed to arrive in time.

*Shua shua* The two Elders appeared at the same time and stood roughly five meters in front of Yang Kai, glaring at him coldly with a touch of wariness apparent in their eyes.

Guan Chi Le also moved at that moment, quietly putting himself between the two of them and Yang Kai.

Yang Kai raised his eyes and observed these two.

The strength of these two weren’t very high, even lower than Guan Chi Le. Both of them had apparently only recently broken through to the Immortal Ascension Boundary.

After all, the real masters had already been recalled so those who were left behind were only responsible for supervising the remaining juniors and didn’t need to be that strong.

The three people glared at each other, and the atmosphere grew heavier by the moment.

After a long silence, the two Elders shifted their eyes towards Xie Rong, who was bloodied, and Li Fu, who was sunk into the mud, and couldn’t help but feel a burst of anger.

Seeing their juniors bullied so brutally made their expressions darken. What’s more, this had happened because the two of them had sneak attacked this young man yet had instead been injured when he struck back.

“We understand,” said the Immortal Ascension Boundary from Thunder Light Sect.

“Just some tit for tat!” Yang Kai replied sarcastically.

The Soaring Rainbow Court’s Immortal Ascension Boundary coughed and hesitated, “Young man, you should first let them go, this scene isn’t pleasant to look at.”

“That’s your business, not mine!”

The Elder’s face sank slightly and said, “Are you determined?”

The Thunder Light Sect’s Immortal Ascension Boundary Elder was also displeased, and his expression became cold, “Young man, the things just now was these two old masters’ responsibility, so how about you release our juniors? You should know, as long as we stay on the front lines, we’ll all need to rely on each other at some point.”

Everything that was being said had an air of ambiguity, so the others present only thought they were discussing the impoliteness of Xie Rong and Li Fu, but Yang Kai knew that they were actually referring to the attack these two had launched against him.

Grinning fiercely, Yang Kai shook his head, “Some things can’t be solved before everyone has arrived.”

“What is it you want?” The Thunder Light Sect’s master expression sank even more. Although he knew that Yang Kai wasn’t simple, he also didn’t fear him, but with Xie Rong and Li Fu’s life in his hands, lowering himself to this point was something he had to do.

“I don’t want anything!” Yang Kai sneering again and again as his True Qi violently circulated about his hands.

What Yang Kai really wanted was to clarify why these two people had tried to kill him!

He had only arrived here today with the Hu Sisters, so it made no sense that he had would suddenly provoke such intense murderous intent.

Although he had an idea about what was happening, Yang Kai also thought that his idea was somewhat embarrassing. In short, someone was jealous of him!

“This old master advises you to release them quickly, or you’ll definitely regret it for the rest of your short life!” The Elder from Thunder Light Sect suddenly said, no longer trying to be polite with Yang Kai, and he circulated his True Qi as he spoke to indicate what would happen if Yang Kai didn’t let their people go immediately.

“Are you threatening me?” Yang Kai frowned, and his expression became cold.

“You can think of it like that!” Thunder Light Sect’s Elder replied.

“And you?” Yang Kai turned his eyes to the master from Soaring Rainbow Court.

However this person simply snorted, saying nothing, obviously signaling their agreement.

“Good!” Yang Kai nodded lightly. His expression suddenly became ferocious as he shaped the True Qi in his hands into a pair of swords and swiftly slashed at Xie Rong and Li Fu’s shoulders.

With two crisp sounds, the faces of Xie Rong and Li Fu suddenly went pale, and after a brief stunned silence, terrified screams burst from their lips.

Each of them had lost an arm!

“You…” The masters from Thunder Light Sect and Soaring Rainbow Court stared at Yang Kai in horror and disbelief. Neither of them had ever dreamed Yang Kai would act so mercilessly.

Guan Chi Le also couldn’t help feeling like he was staring at a madman, and his eyes filled with shock.

The same went for all of the juniors present.

Yang Kai face once again became indifferent, and he stared with scorn at the two masters before him as he coldly snorted, “Next time, I’ll strike their chests!”

“You dare!” The Thunder Light Sect and Soaring Rainbow Court Elders roared furiously, if Yang Kai really ran them through, how could Xie Rong and Li Fu possibly survive?

“You think I don’t!?” Yang Kai smiled viciously.

The two Elders could barely contain their rage. However, neither of them saw any trace of hesitation or doubt on Yang Kai’s face, nor did they hear any hint of deception in his voice.

Since he dared speak such a threat, he dared carry it out.

The two old men suddenly realized that the young man in front of them didn’t fear them at all. If he did, he wouldn’t have been so decisive. Moreover, his personality was one that would only eat soft food but refuse hard food. Them threatening him had only served to stir up his anger.

“Speak! What do you want in order to end this?” The Soaring Rainbow Court’s Immortal Ascension Boundary master took a deep breath and asked in a low growl.

“You two can’t give me the answers I want.” Yang Kai grinned meaningfully, and his gaze shifted slightly, as he stared towards somewhere in the distant darkness.

In the direction he was glaring, Xiang Chu couldn’t help rubbing his nose, and a wry smile blossoming on his elegant face.

“Young Master…” One of the Immortal Ascension Boundary masters behind him whispered, and his brow furrowed slightly, “Is he looking at you?”

“En.” Xiang Chu gently nodded, “Does he know that I’m here? How did he find me?”

“That young man’s intuition is far too keen!”

“Perhaps.” Xiang Chu felt this was all a bit too strange, but he couldn’t come up with a better explanation. Puzzling over it for but a moment, he once again wore a carefree smile and boldly stepped out of the shadows.

Soon after, Xiang Chu appeared in an inconspicuous place nearby and shouted, “What happened? Why did I hear the sounds of fighting?”

Seeing the man in charge of the camp appear, the tension between the two sides suddenly eased slightly.

However, the disciples from Blood Battle Gang and Storm Hall couldn’t help showing worried expression, while those from Thunder Light Sect and Soaring Rainbow Court sneered happily.

These youths all felt that since Yang Kai had blatantly attacked Xie Rong and Li Fu he would certainly receive some kind of punishment.

“Young Master Xiang!” The three Immortal Ascension Boundary experts present all quickly greeted Xiang Chu.

Xiang Chu only nodded lightly before smiling towards the Hu Sisters gently.

Xie Rong and Li Fu grit their teeth and endured their pain, calling out, “Young Master Xiang, save us! This man wants to kill us!”

As soon as they spoke though, Yang Kai sent out two palm strikes to their faces.

Two loud bangs harshly resounded through the night air.

Seeing this, Xiang Chu couldn’t help but frown slightly as the stared a dozen or so meters ahead at Yang Kai.

A trace of dissatisfaction flashed across his eyes but it was immediately hidden.

“Young Master Xiang, the situation is…” The Thunder Light Sect’s Elder quickly approached and tried to explain what had just happened.

However, Xiang Chu raised his hand to stop him before sweeping his eyes across the crowd, finally fixing his gaze on Hu Mei Er and asking, “Mei’er, can you explain what exactly happened here?”

Hu Mei Er was so concerned about Yang Kai right now that she didn’t even care that Xiang Chu had called her by her given name and instead immediately began recanting the events that had transpired just now.

“Is this true?” After listening to Mei Er’s version of events, Xiang Chu turned to the people of Thunder Light Sect and Soaring Rainbow Court and asked.

All of them suddenly hesitated, not knowing how to answer, and all of them simply directed their eyes towards their Elders.

Seeing this reaction, Xiang Chu sneered, “Oh? This young master asked a simple question yet none of you dares to answer?”

The crowd quickly lowered their heads and whispered, “Yes.”

Xiang Chu grinned and said, “So that’s the case. Then the cause of all this was Xie Rong and Li Fu’s inappropriate actions. Although everyone is from different forces, since we’ve gathered together here to fight against the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land we are all part of the same team. Each of us is supposed to help and support one another yet you sought to provoke others and then were taught a lesson because your real skills were inferior. I believe everyone understands who is at fault here. Why haven’t all of you hurried to apologize to Storm Hall and Blood Battle Gang’s disciples?”

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