Martial Peak

Chapter 332 – Shocked

After the two factions came together and briefly discussed their plans, they decided to move out immediately.

Chen Yi reluctantly took the lead while next to him were two Free And Unfettered Sect disciples, a man and a woman. Behind them the rest of the group dispersed in the fan-shaped arrangement, ready to enter the battle at any moment.

Soon after setting out, the group came across two purple Evil Spirits. Their dense Evil Qi auras were several times more violent than the previous red Evil Spirits, and their bodies were also significantly more opaque. Even their facial features were more clearly defined.

Sprouting from their forms there were even two tentacle-like appendages with vaguely defined fingers, a ghastly sight to behold.

“Here they come!” Chen Yi called out, as his True Qi surged.

“One for each of us!” Yu Qing said lightly, as the Ghost King Valley and the Free And Unfettered Sect disciples broke formation, each group taking on one of the two Evil Spirits.

Piercing cries and eerie howls sent shivers down everyone’s spines.

In an instant, everyone viciously attacked the two purple Evil Spirits.

The Ghost King Valley disciples used a variety of Yin Qi Martial Skills and coordinated teamwork to pin down their target.

Similarly, nearby, the Free And Unfettered Sect disciples used their own Martial Skills to suppress the Evil Spirit. The only difference being that their Martial Skills weren’t as ghastly as Ghost King Valley’s, but instead somewhat pleasing to the eye.

Yang Kai only remained in the rear and did not actively participate in the fight. From time to time, he would send out a strike or two, but for this first contact, he wanted to observe the extent of these purple Evil Spirits’ strength.

After a moment, he basically understood their bottom line.

These purple Evil Spirits were indeed much more difficult to deal with than the red Evil Spirits. The seven or eight Ghost King Valley disciples together, although firmly holding the upper hand, didn’t dare rush their assault and chose to steadily consume their opponent’s power bit by bit.

Such Evil Spirits, if three of them rushed in, Yang Kai estimated that these Ghost King Valley disciples wouldn’t be able to cope.

The two groups fought for a long time, and eventually managed to kill their respective Evil Spirit. Each of them obtained an extremely potent Evil Spirit Essence. Both of their factions each looked extremely pleased as they held their Purifying Spirit Bottles and prepared to collected this treasure.

Working together, both parties had achieved a significant victory.

The scene was quite harmonious as a feeling of cooperation floated in the air.

However, Yang Kai was acutely aware that Leng Shan had constantly been wary of Free And Unfettered Sect’s movements, even while they were engaged in combat and never once dropped her guard towards them.

After successfully killing these two Evil Spirits, the Ghost King Valley disciple who was specifically responsible for collecting its essence was about to receive it, when a female disciple from Free And Unfettered Sect, giggled, fluttered over and directly absorbed it into her body.

Immediately floating back to the Free And Unfettered Sect camp, her pretty face wore a proud and satisfied expression while her male companion beside her planted a kiss on her lips and praised, “Baby, you’ve got guts.”

“Hehe, I just want to help make you stronger.” The woman said flirtatiously.

“Yu Qing!” Chen Yi couldn’t help but shout, “What’s your meaning?”

Yu Qing however just chuckled, “I don’t mean anything.”

“That essence was obviously ours, yet you blatantly rob it from us?” Chen Yi coldly glared at him along with all the other Ghost King Valley disciples.

“Chen Yi, I don’t understand what you mean. Free And Unfettered Sect, Ghost King Valley, aren’t we all one group? Eeryone here is now sincerely cooperating and helping one another, us receiving this essence is the same as you receiving it, right?” Yu Qing offhandedly said, completely devoid of any kind of remorse.

“If so, if you kill and Evil Spirit we can openly take its essence?” Chen Yi stared gloomily, his tone extremely cold.

“As long as you have the ability, feel free, haha!” Yu Qing laughed maliciously, “Well, don’t be so angry, it’s just one Evil Spirit Essence, compared to that, wouldn’t Ghost King Valley much rather obtain access to the Yellow Spring Pond? Rest assured, once this little incident is settled, the Yellow Spring Pond will be opened to you for one month just as promised, you have my, Yu Qing’s word!”

After the Yellow Spring Pond was brought up again, Chen Yi’s brow wrinkled, clearly hesitating, but eventually he simply grunted, “I’ll hold you to that!”

Chen Yi didn’t want to make too big a deal about this; Ghost King Valley disciples really had no immunity when it came to the Yellow Spring Pond, if it weren’t for Free And Unfettered Sect’s strength, Ghost King Valley would have fought against them for control of it long ago.

The two groups continued to move forward, but the harmonious atmosphere had now been completely shattered.

Yang Kai walked beside Leng Shan and quietly inquired, “How come that woman directly absorb that essence into her body? I can’t sense her having cultivated some kind of Secret Art that can restrain that Evil Spirit’s energy.”

It was precisely because she had directly inhaled the Evil Spirit Essence into her body that the Ghost King Valley’s disciple didn’t have an opportunity to collect it. After all, it took a brief moment to prepare and use the Purifying Spirit Bottle required.

“Because she’s a Charmed Slave…” Leng Shan whispered, “They’re willing to accept any kind of damage or torment if it helps the male disciple of Free And Unfettered Sect they’re assigned to. Don’t underestimate how these bastards, Free And Unfettered Sect’s men, use a special Secret Art on these Charmed Slave to brainwash them so that even if they ask for their lives, they won’t even hesitate.”

“What?” Yang Kai exclaimed. This Free And Unfettered Sect seemed to have some formidable methods, a technique to dominate a woman’s mind and body to the point she was willing to offer her life with a single command.

“En, that Charmed Slave will definitely receive some heavy injuries, but she doesn’t care, and that Free And Unfettered Sect disciple also doesn’t care, one is willing to offer, one is willing to receive, that’s how the men of Free And Unfettered Sect work. Each of them has more than one Charmed Slave so even if one of them die, they won’t even bat an eye.”

“Animals!” Yang Kai scorned.

“You flatter them, they are far worse than animals!” Leng Shan sneered.

As the two of them talked, Yang Kai really saw the woman who had just inhaled the Evil Spirit Essence unscrupulously kiss her male companion, which appeared to be a passionate exchange from the outside. Their tongues intertwined as thin transparent threads of liquid stretched between their mouths and a mass of energy was transferred from her to the male Free And Unfettered Sect disciple’s body.

As they finally parted, a look of satisfaction appeared on the man’s face, and his pale complexion seemed to be a bit healthier, while instead the woman appeared unwell as traces of blood leaked from her mouth.

However, it really seemed like she didn’t mind as she gently wiped her mouth and lovingly gazed towards her man with a look of bliss upon her face.

When Yang Kai saw all this, he couldn’t help but shake his head secretly. These Charmed Slaves of the Free And Unfettered Sect were quite pitiful indeed.

Half an hour later, after Ghost King Valley’s disciples managed to kill another purple Evil Spirit, a female disciple from Free And Unfettered Sect sprang forward in an attempt to seize the Evil Spirit Essence again.

Seeing this unrestrained display, Yang Kai frowned, shot forward, and arrived at the essence before the woman. He stretched out his palm and directly absorbed it.

“Hm?” Yu Qing raise his brow in astonishment when he witnessed Yang Kai’s actions but said nothing more and instead revealed a devious smile.

Their Free And Unfettered Sect’s women didn’t care about harming themselves, so directly absorbing the Evil Spirit Essence on the spot and suffering the backlash while they refined it in order to benefit their male companions was no big deal.

However, Yang Kai was obviously not immune to this danger. Therefore, Yu Qing was secretly gloating to himself, thinking that this reckless Ghost King Valley disciple was simply cutting off his nose to spite his face, so he was happy to just sit back and watch.

“Seems I owe you two essences now.” Yang Kai returned with wry grin.

“No need, better to have Brother Yang take it than to have those bastards pick it up for free.” Chen Yi laughed, also not giving it any more thought. He knew that Yang Kai cultivated a Secret Art which completely restrain the Evil Spirit’s energy, so even if he absorbed and refined it on the spot, he wouldn’t suffer any harm.

Leng Shan also nodded lightly, agreeing with Chen Yi, and since neither of them had any opinion, naturally the rest of the Ghost King Valley disciples didn’t say any more. Instead they just directed hostile glares at the Free And Unfettered Sect disciples.

For the next half a day or so, whenever the Ghost King Valley group killed an Evil Spirit, Yang Kai would swoop in and absorb its essence. He had even considered swiping the Evil Spirit Essence from the Free And Unfettered Sect’s group, but because he didn’t want to add on to Leng Shan and her group’s troubles, he finally restrained himself.

Seeing Yang Kai, in his mind, go so far to spite Free And Unfettered Sect, Yu Qing couldn’t help but stare at him coldly with a devious grin on his face as he taunted, “Little brat, I’d like to see just how long you can endure! After absorbing so many essences without refining them, sooner or later you’ll fall onto the Demonic Path!”

In reply though, Yang Kai merely grinned, “No need for you to worry!”

“Good, we’ll see!” Yu Qing’s said as a cold light flashed across his eyes.

The path they walked upon had been quiet for some time now, and they had actually stopped encountering Evil Spirits since a while back.

The two groups exchanged glances, as both of them were confused about what exactly had happened.

Suddenly, as they were proceeding forward cautiously, from somewhere not far away, an intense burst of extremely rich energy welled up.

This energy was similar to the Evil Qi given off by Evil Spirits but much more concentrated. It was like the warning signs of the advent of some terrible monster, and it immediately caused everyone present to pale in fright.

A moment later, this sudden burst of Evil Qi suddenly disappeared and the surroundings once more became extremely calm.

The group all turned to one another, and all of them understood the look in each other’s eyes.

The more dangerous the situation was the greater the benefits there were to be had. Both the Ghost King Valley and Free And Unfettered Sect disciples were people with keen senses for these kinds of things, but remembering how oppressive that Evil Qi was, all of them couldn’t help but have some reservations.

“Do we go and check it out or not?” Yu Qing asked after some hesitation.

Chen Yi was also indecisive and turned to look at Leng Shan.

Leng Shan’s brow furrowed, apparently weighing their options.

But before she had enough time to think it through, one of the Free And Unfettered Sect female disciples suddenly screamed, “Evil Spirits!”

“What? Where?” Yu Qing quickly asked as he glanced around.

“Behind us!”

As these words were uttered, everyone turned back to look and suddenly felt a burst of cold wind hit them from behind, which caused them all to tremble unconsciously.

Half a kilometer behind them, a cluster of vague purple shadows emerged, sending out sharp howling cries as they raced towards them. Looking at their numbers, it was clear that there were at least a dozen of them.

A dozen purple Evil Spirits. Even if the Ghost King Valley and Free And Unfettered Sect disciples truly banded together, they would definitely be unable to cope.

“How are there so many!?” Chen Yi shouted, as his face instantly drained of all colour.

“Who cares! Run!” Cheng Ying quickly shouted.

Without any hesitation, the entire group hurriedly displayed their Movement Skills and fled forward away from the oncoming Evil Spirits.

“There’s more around us!” As they ran, Yu Qing suddenly shouted.

Sure enough, as all of them scanned their surroundings, they really found a large number of Evil Spirits floating around them. A shocking number of purple figures seemed to be traveling in exactly the same direction as them. It seemed like every purple Evil Spirit within a several kilometer radius was rushing this way, probably attracted by the sudden burst of Evil Qi from before.

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